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Terrible Customer Service!

At first, I was impressed with ING Direct.  I use another internet bank and I thought the features that ING Direct offered were better... until we began using them.  We access our account from multiple locations and used their person2person payment feature and apparently that triggered some security flags so they locked the account.  We call them up and the security personnel were very rude and obnoxious and wanted us to justify every payment and who it was for... as if it was any of their business!  Needless to say, we are moving our money OUT of ING Direct!



 i'm not sure how other banks work, but my original bank lets me access my money almost immediately. i've now been waiting 3 full weeks for my money to become available with ING. The second it does, i'm shutting the account down and moving it back to my old bank. Ridiculous. 

Their security is a bit odd too. Talk about complicated. I can't even begin to remember all the random numbers i was assigned. Never again. 


Shoddy business practices, horrible customer service!!


I should have read the reviews first before trying to open an account with these idiots!  

I tried opening an account with them online first, and the security questions the asked, i answered correctly, but was still denied an account.  I thought that was strange, so I called them and asked to see if I could open an account over the phone.  After getting all of my personal information, they put me on hold for a few minutes, and then hung up on me.  I called back, and the next person I spoke to had no information on the first call I made then he put me on hold for another 5 times trying to "verify" information which I had already answered several times!  I confirmed my information 5 times, and then he screwed whatever I was saying up and said I said "such and such" when I said "no such thing" etc.  He also accused me of being suspicious since my "email" doesn't match my name.. WTF????

So after being put on hold again, I said I was not interested in opening an account with them, and to please delete my information online and with their company.  Well, of course they wont' do that.  Then he say's "well, we have to invesitgate you account anyway" which is not only against the law, but there in no reason to since I am withdrawing my application.  So I talked to the manager "christine" and she refused to give me her last name or the company's full legal address so I could made an express complaint.  Again, since they are incorporated they are required to give that information to the public, but she refused. Then she said again, that I would not be able to remove my profile or application from their company. I have no idea how many times they checked credit, gave my information to anyone, or whatever they decide to to do with it, but I think I should have to right to remove my personal information from their bank if I want to, since there was no account.  I wouldn't trust these guys with your information, or for that matter your money!  Also check out these other bad reviews online!  


Bad service, bad company.  I am glad I avoided signing up with them in the first place!  HALLALLUYAA

ING Direct Posting Order Of Transactions

I have been with ING for 7-8 years with an electric orange and 3 savings accounts.  I have been lucky that I never needed to know the way they post transactions in the electric orange accounts.  My son lost his job and I have paid his truck payment for several months.  This has put a strain on me and I didn't watch that my mortgage was taken out via bill pay a day before I meant for it to due to this extra truck payment.  When I got the email that the mortgage payment was sent I knew my account would be low in case that truck payment went through that day so I transferred money from a savings account to checking.  The payment posted 3 days later.  I thought nothing of it since the truck payment takes forever to post (its through Chase bank so they wait to see if they can grab an insufficient funds fee by waiting up to 14 days to post).  Then my son got a letter from Chase saying the payment was returned and they would try and put it through again.  I emailed ING to find out the issue.  They said when the mortgage payment was paid there was not enough left to pay the truck payment and my deposit from savings came later in the day.  Never have I heard of banks not batching the transactions for a day and posting them during the night.  The fair banks then post the deposits first and then the debits.  Or like BOA post the highest debit first to make the most fees for insufficient funds.  I never could get an answer as to why ING does not batch transactions.  I don't understand how they can not batch.  I don't know what the point of this is since they didn't get a fee from me for the returned payment but of course Chase charged for it.  So the only thing I can figure since there is nothing in their FAQ's and I never got an answer is that they post debits and credits on a minute by minute basis.  I also get emails almost daily from ING but never got an email about the returned payment.  I was told to check my spam folder as if I didn't already do that.  So because my deposit from savings was in the afternoon and I suppose the truck payment was presented earlier than that, it was returned.  What is funny though is on my account the deposits ARE posted before the mortgage payment on that same day even though they say it was presented before the deposits and thus resulted in the other payment bouncing.  Customer service tries to make you feel like you are a moron even though you are asking intelligent questions.  Perhaps them getting bought out by an unscrupulous financial institution has caused this dirty dealing but I have left BOA and Chase due to their nasty tricks and it is time I now leave ING.  The interest rates are certainly not enough to keep me there.  Does anyone know of a bank that treats its customers fairly and honestly and that their customers are intelligent beings and not idiots?  Why are those qualities so hard to find anymore?  But so long ING and good riddance. 

No Door To Knock On

  I have been with ing a few years everything seemed ok until I actually needed customer service to resolve a transaction dispute, this simple matter has now gone on for over two weeks several forms, faxes and snail mail all sent to minnesota, over half a dozen conversations with different bank reps each conversation becoming more bizar than the last with more hoops to jump through, enough is enough :  I am sure this small propblem would have been solved with one visit to a local bank branch !!!  do your self a favor find a brick and morter bank and sleep well knowing what state your money is in

Great Bank If You Like The Inability To Access Your Funds Quickly

ING was recommended to me by a friend because their savings accounts are fee-free. After having some issues with Citizens, I thought, OK - I'll open it. I technically opened my account on March 18th. Before I could make any transfers, I had to wait for two small deposits to be made to my checking account and then I had to verify those. It was my assumption that once my account was verified, I'd be able to transfer funds with no problem.

Well, I was completely wrong. After verifying my account today (6 days later), I was shocked to see that the deposit I'd made from my checking account wouldn't be available until April 11th (9 days from now), and when I called ING to explain that I was not aware that there was a 10 day hold on new accounts and that I urgently needed the money prior to the 9th, I was told there was nothing I could do about it other than opt for a debit card to get the funds or that I could wait until the 11th for the funds to become "available" and then transfer it back to my checking account - But that it took 2-3 business days for the transfer to happen, ultimately leaving me stranded until April 12-13th (assuming it's even done in a timely manner).

So I asked if there was a supervisor I could speak to or someone who might be able to reverse the payment, release the funds, or close the account. After being placed on hold for 10 minutes, I finally got the supervisor - A very rude gentleman who did nothing to help me or explain why they conducted business this way. I asked for information and he flat out told me he couldn't give it to me (he wasn't allowed to do so for some reason and there was nobody that would or could) and that this was their policy regarding new accounts. Now, I understand there are policies but to be given NO information as to why it's going to take me nearly a month to get money that is already mine to begin with completely blows my mind. No explanation, no sincere apology - NOTHING.


ING is just another crappy bank spewing BS about how awesome they are and how much they care about their clients but in reality they could care less. I have never felt such harsh coldness from a supervisor before. And I will be closing my account when the holding period is over, and I will never, ever reccomend this bank to anyone - ever.

Do Not Use This Bank! They Will Discontinue Your Account Without Warning And For Apparently No Reason.

I opened an account with them. Placed a deposit of $1000 in the account to open it. I had the account for about 3 weeks and made  afew minor card purchases. Next thing I know I recieved a message from them saying that my account will be closed within 30 days. No reason given, no chance to appeal and no answers from customer service.

Here is the message I received:


As stated in the Account Terms and Conditions you agreed to when you opened your ING DIRECT account(s), we can close Customer accounts at any time, for any reason and without advance notice. After reviewing your activity, we've determined it's in the Bank's best interest to close your account(s).

Your Electric Orange(SM) and Debit MasterCard® will be closed 30 days from the date of this email.

As with all account closures, the funds - plus any interest earned - are sent to your linked external checking account on file. If you don't have a link on file, we will mail you a check. No additional activity can take place and no new accounts can be opened.

Thank you,

Member FDIC

So in concluson, if you are looking for a reliable bank, it would be wise to look elsewhere.

Here is a link from someone else whp has had trhis happen to them.

ING Direct

On June 16, 2011 ING Group reached an agreement to sell ING DIRECT USA to Capital One Financial. It is expected that the sale transaction will close by year-end or early in the first quarter of 2012.

Terrible Banking Experience.

I am a high school chemistry teacher in California. 

Repeatedly, ING Direct has made it difficult for me and others like me to access our own funds. 

With practices that are unorthodox, it hides its traditional, outdated logic behind its internet sensation. 

Please be wary. 

Review Of ING Bank

INGs  low interest rates is not only the problem, but not permitting

ITF  or P.O.D accounts is another major reason that I do not bank with ING.

ING -- If Only Your Rates Were Better!

ING has by far the coolest and most enjoyable online presence and interface of any bank I know.  Attracted by those hypnotic bouncing orange balls and a $50 account-opening bonus, I opened an Electric Orange Checking account a few months ago.  The account opening went smoothly and the bonus arrived as promised after I made the required debit card transactions.  By then I was hooked on the wonderous online interface, which includes easy ACH transfers.  But I'm not sure I will end up being able to make all that much use of the bank.  When it comes down to it, the rates are just not good enough to offer much motivation, and there's nothing else, like out of network ATM rebates, to draw me in.  I fear ING is going to turn out to be another one of those supercool things that I want to love, but just can't justify in economic terms.  For now, though, I'm content to hang onto my account and keep my eye on the bouncing orange ball in case any good deals come along. 

Don't Bank With Them

I get tons of spam email from them all the time. They place holds on deposits. I had enough funds to make a payment but since there was a hold on my deposit I missed my payment on bill pay. They never called or sent me a email to let me know. I got a letter in the mail from my creditor saying they never received the payment. I called ING and they had no reason for the F-up. If your looking for a good bank try Bank of Internet. They double the interest rate that you get from ING and it's a flat rate not a teir Intrest rate like ING. Don't be make a mistake like I did.

Do Not Honor Contract/Do Not Inform Customers On Policies/Do What They Want On The Fly

In 2009 my house burned and I broke both of my arms. I applied for a 2 month mortgage payment deferral. ING put me through hell getting them the paperwork and my right humorous healed crooked because I wasn't supposed to move. They approved the deferral. The approval letter states, "This amount will be payable at the end of the term of your load." No where did I sign anything that said I had to pay back the deferred amount in order to get a rate renewal. Since then, I have made all of my payments and paid down my principle significantly and made a lump sum $10,000.00 principle pay down. I have gotten rate rewals since the deferral and since the $10,000.00 principle paydown. I recently applied for a rate renewal, and I received a terse email saying I wasn't eligible because I have to payoff the 2 deferred payments first. They have never informed me that this was a condition. They have never informed me on how to make payments toward the 2 deferred payments. I pay principle and interest every month on my mortgage and I have never been informed on how to buy down the deferral or that it would prevent me from getting a rate renewal. When I applied for the deferral, I was never advised that this might prevent me from getting a rate renewal. When I paid the lump sum of $10,000.00, I was never advised that any of the funds needed to go toward the deferred amount. I have on ING letterhead that the deferral was due at the end of the term of the loan. The managers will not budge, nor will they say to whom they report.  This is predatory and it cannot be legal. ING is doing what they want, as it works for them. Their objective is to get me to the end of my 5 year arm and jack up my rate 2% and not offer a rate renewal until I cough up $7112.00.

Now that ING Direct has been bought by Capital One, they are the bank with the one star rating. I'm going to continue to fight this. They can't just do what they want when they want without informing the customer of the reprocussions.

Happy Account-Holder Since 2003

I opened an account at ING Direct in 2003 because of their high rates. Since then they haven't always been the highest, but they've stayed competitive, and I'm quite content.

Since I opened my account, I've gotten married, and my wife moved her money there. We've also opened an account for our daughter, now two years old. I have other family members with accounts there, too, and as far as I know, they're quite satisfied.

The free mail-a-check option is something I use every month to donate to a non-profit, and the interface for moving money around is quite easy. When I've had problems, I've always gotten very helpful customer service folks. I'm sorry there are folks who've had bad experiences with ING Direct, but I'm a very satisfied depositer!



I have had a savings account with ING for 5 years. I recently tried to add my husband to the account. This should be an easy process instead it was complete harassment. We tried at 4 different times to add him, from phone calls answering all 5 of their security questions from each of us, verifying our family's names birthdays, SSN's etc etc. We were each on our laptops with their customer service on the phone and it kept saying 'unable to process'. Then they would call us when we were away from our computers and ask us specifics in transaction amounts from random months such as February???!! It was complete harrassment, I have no idea why they were making the process so completely difficult. We asked to speak to a manager, he said his name was Jeff and it sounded like he was smiling through the phone the more frustrated we got. I closed the account immediately when the smart a** customer service mgr gave us attitude. We placed our $30k back in a bofa savings acct. Maybe we were small potatoes to them with our mere $30k. SO glad I did not decide to transfer our checking to them, they are a nightmare!


Just Plain BAD, Cust. Service Is Non Existent, And Being A Saver Is Fine, When It Is YOUR Choice

worst CS experience ever! I have been a "saver" since 2006 and have always loved ING direct. Until now. I ordered a new card 2 days ago and was told to keep using my current card till the new one arrived. Now twice in the last 48 hours my card has been rejected....which was embarrassing. So I called ING and their options were "wait 2 business days for funds....." Which basically translates to I have no access to funds till monday (at the earliest). Word to the wise, do not put all your eggs in this basket, least you end up stranded with no cash. Lesson Learned, back to a brick and mortar bank for me. ING was a great experiment, but FAIL!!!

Problem With ING & Internet Explorer At Anything Above 100%

The last 4-5 days, everytime I go to ING with either my laptop or my desktop, it freezes either the ING page or the entire computer up. Sometimes you cant even shut down the ING page.


They are aware of the problem but advise customers to use 100%.

Great, If I could see like I was 25 that would be no problem.


I presume this problem affects INGs best customers. Seems like they would want to fix it sooner rather than later.

Don't Let ING Control Your Money. Make A Good Choice For Yourself Where You Put Your Money. YOUR CHOICE....

I got a letter from Ing telling me I have not  used my account in a while, I have to transfer a $1.00 from a different account.  I told a nasty women employee from ING Direct, I know about my account, it is my choice when and how much money I need to transfer when I want to transfer MY MONEY - NOT ING'S MONEY.  I told her to put my response in their notes.  Which I found out she didn't, from Supervisor Lindsy employee number 5088.   I asked Lindsey to read me the nasty employee response.  She did once,  I wanted to document what was in the notes,....MY ACCOUNT Lindsey didn't want to re-read the response. I received a letter from ING telling me they closed my account without my permisson, and she tells me I have to write Customer  to get my account opened again.  They closed it without my permisson, and sent my money to a linked accout and, I not knowing where my money is. This is so wrong... They don't know whcih  account I choose to use.  Lindsey would not tell me who I spoke with, which is wrong.  ING is also affiliated with Capitol One I found out.  This is something ING should fix, not me but, .......  I want all to see this matter was handled.  

Another matter the supervisorLindsey told me, I don't have an email account, which is a lie, I use to get emails from ING direct but I changed my internet provider, and not all companies have my new email address.

The Supervisor Lindsey said to me You don't bank on line, (How does this supervisor know my business?????)

I told her she does not no my situation, my old computer went in for service and Sony sent me back someone elses computer, not mine.  The Lemon Law was suppose help me get back my hard drive and didn't.  I recieved email notice someone was trying to hack into my other accounts.   

I had no computer for two years. This is not the whole story Best Buy damaged my screen, and would not replace my computer, or give be my money my computer was only two years old and still under warrenty. Sony only wanted to fix this hung of junk they sent me that would never function write.   People need to see how these companies treat people so they buy their products somewhere else.

                                                                                          Linda Magness

P.S.  I was told by this web site I can't just post my blog I had to pick a star rating... This is how they treated as me as customer since Febuary 12, 2001

Horrible Customer Service

I filled a dispute with ING on a merchant charging me for a service I never used. I completed all of the information ING needed along with providing them written documentation from the merchant that I was refunded. This back and forth process has escalated all the way until March 2012. ING was of no help being as though I was the customer. SO despite of having written evidence from the actual merchant, ING still charged me for the amount the merchant claim to have refunded me for in January 2012. After speaking with their nasty and direspectful customer service that act as if I were the victim in this situation I threatened to close my account and they seem to not care.

My second incident: I was moving my monies back into my old account I made a mistake and had the funds transferred to the wrong account. Right after I noticed I contacted the customer service since I wasn't able to delete my mistake. They tell me with in minutes they could not cancel the transaction that it was already transferred. How is that and it is no evidence of it being in the account I transferred it to, so again I am resolving my own issue without them. I manuever somethings around to correct the problem. After today March 19, 2012, I have transferred all my funds into my original account and will no longer be using any of there services.

SO BYE, bye, ING. It was a good start with this bank but since Capitol One has taken over they seem to have taken a fall in their customer service and satisifaction. I will no longer bank with them. I am off to searching for a bank that values their customers.

ING - Direct - The Good & The Bad

re. Mortgages:

Good - Low ARM rates, limited escrow & no upcharge for cash out (75% LTV)

Bad - 2 week wait for a low appraisal (usually 3 business days), house apprasier called at 10am to try to schedule a 2pm same day appraisal,  CS people are clueless - zero value add & a million underwritting questions at the 11th hour - very, very unprofessional


Great Bank!

I've been an ING Direct Saver since 2003, and have never had a problem with this bank.  I was initially attracted by the fee-free savings account, and the fact that they offered a higher interest rate than most brick-and-mortar banks.  Granted, the interest rate has fallen drastically in the last few years, but that's happened across the board with all banks.  Gone are the days of rates over 6%!  The wait period between when funds are deposited and when they become available can be a bit of a hassle - but I tend to use my savings account for longterm savings/as an emergency fund, so I am not withdrawing from it on a regular basis.  Overall, it's a good bank with easy online access from anywhere, with slightly higher rates than most small-town/local banks.

Good Bank, Great Customer Service

The rates a bit low but aren't all rates low now?  Their interface is very easy to use and the customer service is exceptional.  By the way, does anyone know if ING are having their Black Friday specials?


7 DAYS TO CLEAR A CHECK IN 2012?????? First of all, its' 2012 and they take 7 days to clear a deposit??  My other banks take 1-2 days to clear.   Next let's talk about their customer service which is god awful!  I called to see if they could make an exception so I could pay my real estate taxes and explained that I would have used my other bank account had I known they took so long to clear.  THEY SAID NO!!  I have been a good customer for years!  They wouldn't even increase my line of credit temporarily to help me out. This is not the first time I have had problems with their customer service management team. They are not helpful at all.   I am closing all of my accounts with them.

What A Useless Bank! Don't Get A Mortgage With These Idiots

I am pulling out my hair because I made the mistake to leave the 5 major banks and go with these chumps. My really inept broker got me ING telling me they are an "A" lender and they gave a good rate. In the process i have had to jump through so many hoops and they have called my employment multiple times when I have given them all the necessary documents. I think monkeys work at ING.  Very useless bank.

Easy To Put Money IN, Hard To Get It Out - Customer Service Terrible

It was easy to put $ in - they transfered it out of my bank account. When I wanted them to RETURN some of that money months later, however, they would not transfer it back. For "security reasons" they needed me to spend hours on the phone with their terrible customer service, and wait weeks. There is no "security issue" in taking the money from my (real) bank checking account, but somehow they can't transfer it back to the very same account.

ING Credit Card

Never had a problem with ING. Good customer service. One can call and have monies moved from savings to checking instantly and use the ATM right away. Also now that Capital One purchased ING you can use any Capiyal One ATM with no charge along with any ALLPOINT ATM.

Fanstastic Bank

Great rates, great website.  No ridiculous fees.  I don't know how their customer service is, because I've never had to call - that's exactly how I like it.

Great Banking

I've been with my financial institution, INGDirect, for, like, ever. The only one comparable would be my alternate bank, Citadel FCU

Not Perfect, But Still A Happy Orange Saver Since 2006; Electric Orange Checking Since 2009

Let me start off by saying, if you're looking for CDs (and at these rates today, why would you bother, parity over online savings accounts is almost nothing), ING Direct is probably not the place for you.

As for savings and checking, my wife and I really couldn't ask for more out of an online bank.  Yes, it took forever to get a mobile check deposit app, but otherwise, we can access our funds very quickly, the web site is top notch, it integrates well with other financial software (Yodlee Moneycenter for one, since they use Yodlee's security mechanism), I don't think we've had more than 2 disputes in 6 1/2 years and both were taken care of promptly, and NO FEES!  Maybe Ally or EverBank is better / slightly higher rates, but when you look at everyday checking concerns, ATM fees, international travel exchanges rates, etc, those small differences aren't enough to make me switch. 

Another thing that was handled well was the CapitalOne buyout.  I was worried for a while, but there's been no changes.  So long as ING Direct continues to offer the same services, and doesn't start up with any hidden fees, I'll remain their customer.

Great Bank

This is one of my favorite banks.  I have been with 6 other banks trying to find the right one.  I have had an account open with this bank for about a year now, and so far I have had no issues with them at all.  I have never had to call them, though so I can't rate the customer service.  My money transfers in decent time and the website is very easy to manage.  The security of the website is also amazing.  I feel that my money is safe with this bank.  I have no constructive criticism, I am impressed with this bank. 

ING Service

ING customer service gives you the run around, can't seem to get an answer and need to speak to several people before you speak to someone. What kind of business are they handling long wait time.

Great Bank With Great Interest Rates (Comparetivly Speaking Lol)

The intrest rate of this bank has always been one of the higehst for the 10+ years I have been a customer.  I have transfered money several times with no problems and the 2 times (in 10 years) I needed to call I got a "real" person who answered my questions no hassel.  I have been very pleased with my dealings with ING.  I hope the Cap.1 sale will not change anything.

Retirement Account

They make it very hard to get your money out. Expect to spend at least an hour. Go to the bathroom and eat first. You will wonder if the money is yours or theirs.

Retirement Withdrawals

If you want to withdraw money from your retirement account, go to the bathroom first, have your lunch and be ready for lots of music, redirects, hangups and excuses.


I have opened an ING DIRECT Orange Checking account in Jan, 2012. It was mentioned if anyone open that account automatically after 50 days,75$ will be deposited into the account after 5 debit transactions.

I have made 6 debit transactions by Feb, 2012, but till today they didn't deposit that amount.

When I called customer care they are asking stupid questions as below:

1. why didn't you call till today?

2. Did you use CODE?

3. Did you receive any letter from us?

Every time they put me on hold, and after 5 minutes they asked the above one by one questions.

At last they didn't deposit that bonus amount.

Please avoid open such account attracted to that bonus offers.

Great Experience

Just felt the need to write a positive review after seeing so many negative reviews. I have never had any issues with my ING accounts and the interest rates, while still low, are way higher than my local banks & credit unions. I've had both savings a checking account with ING for over 7 years and never had any problems. I never use my debit card, though, and have not ordered checks since I do keep a small checking account at a local bank for convenience.

I do understand the frustration of the holds being placed on deposits into savings accounts, however, if you instead transfer the money to a checking account it is available within a couple days.
I do not understand the complaint about "random numbers" being given. I have my log in number and password (which I chose). Yes each account has it's own number but you can give the account a nickname for easy distinction between accounts.

I have not had any issues with bill pay, always works.

Access Is Way Too Complicated

I have been with ING Direct for many years now. However, I have recently been very frustrated with the security. It is overly complicated. Last year, they required me to change my PIN, which I did. Well I forgot the new PIN, and since then, it has been complete hell trying to get back on line to my money. They had to send me a letter with a new PIN, and when I called back, I was unable to access my account again because they had an outdated phone number on file. I had mentioned this to the customer service rep when she sent out the new PIN to me. So because they had an outdated number, they said I had to go through security to get into my account. People move and change numbers, so why don't they use security questions instead? And why do they have to mail me a PIN? It took over a week for me to get the PIN because it was mailed. What if I needed to get money out right away? I appreciate that banks need to maintain security, but there is a balance between convenience for customers and establishing the appropriate controls around access. They have gone way too far, and they have made it way too complicated. There are easier ways to do this that will still provide the same level of security. I have seen several posts about this so maybe they will get the hint. At this point, I plan to move my money elsewhere. I can't afford to have money that I am not able to easily access.

Ease Of Use!!!

I've been an ING Direct fan for sometime now. In the beginning, it took a little time and effort to become accustomed to "their ways", but this was a tremendously much easier time than compared with the other 4 major banks that I tried. In the end, ING simplifies EVERYTHING, and makes the entire banking experience easy and fun. They are safe, provide good rates, EASY TO USE, and friendly. I need to say again, EASY TO USE. I have no idea why people complain about their procedures, when everything is so simple. Maybe different than what people are used to, but that changes with any bank. Overall, simple, safe, friendly at ING Direct.

My Husband Died, And These People Are Being Ridiculous..

My husband died earlier this year, and ING has been beyond ridiculous.
He and I had separate accounts (savings)..I had been with ING since 2006.

I "turned" my husband on to ING this past spring..To get him started/ hooked, I transferred , money from *my* ING account to the new one he opened..

Let me repeat that..*I* transferred some of *my* money to his new account.

It was *my* money to start with.

There is, of course, record *at* ING of this.

So, he passes away, and I need to close his account, and take his money and put it back in mine.

Simple, right??

You'd think, but the fine folks (koff) at ING can't seem to wrap their brains around this.

I sent them all required info, death certificate, letter of direction, etc..

First issue was "well, if you are/were married, why are the names on the account different (my last name). After telling him I never changed my last name, this is not the 1800's, we don't need to do that anymore (and, at this point, I was till polite, but getting irked)...they wanted a copy of the marriage certificate to verify that I wasn't lying.

Okay...sent them that.

A few days later, they call, and *now* tell me "well...we can't settle this account because we can't see the seal on the letter of direction/ affidavit.." I said, no, you can't, because it is an *embossed* seal..I told them where on the original document the seal was.

They didn't like this, and decided they MUST have the original....Fine (by now I'm getting ticked)..I ask them more than once, asked for proof that this was the LAST thing they'd want..they said we can't send you an e-mail saying so, but our calls are recorded, so, there will be a record of this conversation, and I'm looking at the info and that says that is all they need..

Okay...So, I pay $30 to overnight them my original..and guess what!!

THAT isn't good they want *more* verification...

I'm sure they are being "difficult" about this because they can...I can see no other reason...I was his wife, there were no children or heirs...They have death certificate, marriage certificate, letters of direction, affidavits...What, they need a DNA sample too????
I have told them, to look back and see that it was mine to start with, it was transferred from *my* account...I'm not trying to pull anything shady.

As soon as this gets straightened out I am taking all the money from this, and my account, and moving it elsewhere. I have called an attorney, which is silly for an amount this small, and I don't have a lot of money. But, it seems the only way to get this matter solved.

Horrible Bank

Takes at least 2-3 days before you can get access to your money.

Also, their life insurance policy is to automatically deny the payment after the person's death. My brother died a month ago, and his widow was told it is standard policy to deny the life insurance.

Electric Orange Savings Account Interest Rates Plummeted

When I first joined ING, the Electric Orange APY was 4.5. It is now, 4 years later, below 1. If I had tens of thousands of dollars in the accounts, it might make some sense; but, as it is now, my interest payments are so minuscule that it hardly justifies the time to check the balances online. The only real benefit, now, is that I can't get to the money quickly - so I don't tap the accounts for impulse spending.

Interest Rates Dropping Dropping Droooooooooooooping

I was attracted to ING by there 3.5% APY. Now a few years later they are down to 1%, not worth the hassle of not being at my local bank. Transfers also take a real long time to post to the available funds column. Pretty good customer service, but not enough incentive for me. I am closing my accounts.