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MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Reviews

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Check Cashing

  I have an account with Mid Florida in Lakeland  and went this afternoon to cash several checks. One check was a Social Security Check plus several Charles Schwab Checks.   I was told they would NOT CASH MY CHECKS since I did not have enough money in my personal account and I could not use my business account. I have cashed  these same checks in the past several years, but not today. The teller was rude in my opinion and I will be closing all my accounts  this week.  I took the checks to my new bank BB&T and they were cashed with no problem.  I told the teller if she treated all there customers the same way she would not have a job.  She LACKED COMMON SENSE AND DOESN'T HAVE THE BRAINS TO KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS WRITE YOUR PAYCHECK.    D. SAYLOR

Agree With Others

I have to agree with all previous post. Except the car repo that has not happen to me..Luckily my car is with another bank.  I have been with credit union since Eastern  and even when they went to SCCU the transfer was not this bad. 

I think I have finally gotten things straight but it's been awhile


Free Is NOT Free..

Have several accounts with Mid Florida. Two "sub" accounts are bled dry as soon as I put money in them. One biz/one personal.I can put in the minimal amount,to "zero it out",or pad it.

Either way...the $$$ is a hurry.

This fee/that fee/the other fee.The money goes missing.

The commercials you folks see on TV about all the "free" stuff is BS.

They could not survive on free.

Believe half of what your hear...and all you see....(as in monthly statements).

Mid Florida flat out lies to their customers.

Avoid them like a STD.

Unfair Treatment

Midflorida credit union is very disappointing compared to Eastern Financial Credit Union that I joined 16 years ago.
Black members are treated very differently than nonblack members, evidenced by the fact that some of my nonblack friends bank there and do not have to go through the same things as I do. I make deposits from my business account and even though it has overdraft protection, I have to wait for the teller to call the bank to see if I have enough funds to deposit a check. If there is not enough funds at the time they call, a freeze is put on my deposit for 3 days!!!! My nonblack friends with business accounts never encounter that problem!! Sad in 2013!!!
There should be an option for zero stars!!!

Loan Department Is A Complete Joke!

After calling a local branch and explaining the car I was going to buy I was told I was approved for 10,000 on the exact car I was purchasing. I went and purchased the car and took the title to the bank and was then told I was only approved for $8500. They were not willing to help in any way whatsoever. Completely unacceptable!!!