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MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Reviews

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What a bank should NOT be

This bank was horrible.Unexplained late fee's,Fee's at other atm machines just to check my balance,Horrible costumer service.Just horrible.Take your money elsewhere!

Mid Florida Credit Union in Polk County, FL

Mid Florida Credit Union is a very nice banking alternative in central Florida. Our family have banked with them for at least 10 years now. We have gotten a really competitive-rate loan from them, also had a safety deposit box. Their savings and money market accounts have no monthly fees if you keep a small minimum balance ($100) - also you can access your accounts with debit cards. Their service staff is very community oriented, with popcorn served in the lobby, and friendly cashiers and service personnel to meet all your needs. I took off 1 point on customer service because they tend to be understaffed at times - we have had to wait up to half an hour to access our safe box on a few occasions. But overall Mid Florida is a really good place to do your banking.

Unprofessional Transfer From SCCU

They bought out my car loan from SCCU and I was never notified. I found out two months later when my car was repossessed. I was used to the payment being automatically debited and didn't notice I hadn't been paid. When I called the orignal bank and discovered it had been sold to MidFlorida. I called their customer service to get the information I needed to make the payment needed to reclaim. Apparently, they're trained over there to ask you chastising questions about what happened with the payment and make you feel as though whether they'll let you make the payments or not depends on your answers. It's already an incredibly situation for the customer involved. There is no reason to add to it. Just give me the information I need and leave the games out of it.  

Credit Uniion Switch From SCCU To Mid Florida

Mid Florida has handeled there takeover or switch from Space Coast to Mid Florida so poorly I am closing out my account from loosing trnsaction history records online to accidentaly debitting from my savings when I use my debit card to stopping my direct deposit and blaming my work when they showed me the proof that they submitted my information to the credit union a month ago bullshit this credit union suck.

Check Cashing

  I have an account with Mid Florida in Lakeland  and went this afternoon to cash several checks. One check was a Social Security Check plus several Charles Schwab Checks.   I was told they would NOT CASH MY CHECKS since I did not have enough money in my personal account and I could not use my business account. I have cashed  these same checks in the past several years, but not today. The teller was rude in my opinion and I will be closing all my accounts  this week.  I took the checks to my new bank BB&T and they were cashed with no problem.  I told the teller if she treated all there customers the same way she would not have a job.  She LACKED COMMON SENSE AND DOESN'T HAVE THE BRAINS TO KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS WRITE YOUR PAYCHECK.    D. SAYLOR

Free Is NOT Free..

Have several accounts with Mid Florida. Two "sub" accounts are bled dry as soon as I put money in them. One biz/one personal.I can put in the minimal amount,to "zero it out",or pad it.

Either way...the $$$ is a hurry.

This fee/that fee/the other fee.The money goes missing.

The commercials you folks see on TV about all the "free" stuff is BS.

They could not survive on free.

Believe half of what your hear...and all you see....(as in monthly statements).

Mid Florida flat out lies to their customers.

Avoid them like a STD.

Loan Department Is A Complete Joke!

After calling a local branch and explaining the car I was going to buy I was told I was approved for 10,000 on the exact car I was purchasing. I went and purchased the car and took the title to the bank and was then told I was only approved for $8500. They were not willing to help in any way whatsoever. Completely unacceptable!!!