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Santander Bank, N.A Reviews

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Love them

I been using Santander for 3 years and they are a great bank and I have a few accounts with this bank. They have always taken care of any issue i have had. When i needed to open up a business checking account witch was my 2nd account i needed a tax id number so they went online and helped me get the id number. To me that's great cause some banks will tell you do it yourself. They have never charge me any hidden fee's.

Dishonest Bank Practices Toward The Poor

I have been banking with Sovereign Bank on the East Coast, (NJ, PA) for a very long time, but since this bank added Santander Group I have noticed the rude customer service via their 1-800#.  This bank also has dishonest bank practices since the name change to Santander Group especially toward the poor.  I keep a running total of all my banking yet they continue to charge me $35.00 fees stating my account had insufficient funds.  The dispute is they say that all my checks came in the same day my direct deposit came in, but the twist here is that they always say the check came in last, how am to believe them when this happens continually.  There is a very tricky game they are playing with customers accounts especially when it relate to the very poor who live from paycheck to paycheck.  When you call the customer service representatives they don't even try to understand what is going on they just see what is before them on the computer.  Sovereign Bank seems desperate and they would rather steal from the poor and justify why they their not giving your money back.  My husband closed his account 1 year ago because of this, but I tried to stay with them because I felt I could be very careful watching my account, but I find that they have a secret way to bounce your account anyway.  I closed my account with them today and the woman at the bank fought with me toe and nail because I wanted to close it.  Tell me what is their problem?  If you have not had a problem with them yet, keep on banking it is in the making.  

Bank Elsewhere

Unfortunetly 0 stars is not an option. I have had nothing but problems with them. They don't care about their customers once they have hustled you into opening with them in the first place. They are not helpful at all and have no problem saying the customer is wrong. They can not take credit if one of their employees makes a mistake. I am now in the process of switching banks and can not wait to actually like where I bank!

Always Friendly And Not So "By The Books" As Other Banks

I've always had a good experience with my Sovereign.  They've "stretched" the rules for me on more than one occasion when I've had overdrafts.  And they're always friendly, which is the main reason I don't go anywhere else.

Online Banking Is Unusable

SALES REP LIED. WEBSITE IS UNUSABLE The bank's sales rep, Jessica Davis, said she knew us from our old bank, PNC. I told her that my biggest problem is that PNC charges $3 for each check viewed on the bank statement. She promised that Sovereign never charges for viewing checks. I just found out why! You are not able to view copies of any deposited checks whatsoever.

The website itself shows recent activity without balances. I need to go to 3 different websites, all with different logins, to deposit checks, look at my current accounts, or view my statements. It took 3 months to get my first bank statement. If you use the edit function to change a payment, it automatically creates a 2nd payment and the first payment never shows up in "HIstory" until after the payment is made.

I was told by Jessica that there was a $5,000 minimum balance to avoid fees. She said that if we used our debit card from one account that the fees would be waived. It turns out that there is a $10k minimum and you must use a debit card 3 times a month from every account you payroll accounts. When I confronted Jessica, she said I should have read the paperwork she sent after we signed the accounts.

If you manage your accounts with online banking -- don't use Sovereign bank.

Phone Calls Dives Me Crazy

They will not stop calling for non account issues. I recommend that you before you think about doing business with them. They have to listen to the customers!!!

Poor Service

Sovereign Bank this year made everyone switch their Visa debit cards to Master Cards. Since this time they have messed up my accounts. Sovereign sent several new cards and mixed up the accounts. Sovereign Bank is taking one checking account I have had for almost 10 years, and with out my knowing switched the cards to withdraw money out of a different checking account. The reason for this that I got from CS, and the 800 # on the back of the card, was that the older account was not a Primer account. NO ONE NOTIFIED ME OF THE SWITCH. And they linked two separate cards to one account, which they say they don't do (like two cards with the same name to one account, But they did). Now I have spent endless hours on the phone being bounced around for their incompetence.The last conversation I had was today with a Louis Rodrigus X 106519. He was going to get back to me. I will be following with the banking commission if I do not get a call back. Customer Service needs major improvement and will be looking into banking with a new bank after this is all over.