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Cashing In CDs

They made my 85 year old Father, in a retirement home, try to answer multiple choice questions then after I assisted him with the answers they put a hold on his account.  The reason is he needed assistance in answering the questions;  he's 85 and wasn't sure if they purchased his last house in 68 or 69.  Some of the questions go back 45 years asking about things he couldn't remember.  All he wanted was to have a check sent to the address they have on file!!!!! Now I have to take him to a local agent so he can get his own money.  If I wasn't around he wouldn't understand what needs to be done just to get his money.

If you bank with this company good luck getting your money if you forget things in your past!


A Great On Line Bank!

    I started online banking with B of A in the 90's and was very pleased with the many advantages online banking offered. The cobo of brick and motor branches and ATM's everywhere made them hard to beat. I was very happy and reluctant to even consider any other bank even with my State Farm Agent's encouragement to check out SFB. However the day he said that I could use any ATM with any bank, etc. and SFB would return the charges to me, I took the time to check out SFB. I started with a Visa card to see how the internals of the Internet transactions were handled. I had big doulbs that this up start bank (1999) could really compete with my cutting edge, and mega size bank.

To my surprise and delight SFB surpassed all my expectations. The first thing I noticed was they provided just the right amount of security on my SFB Visa card and lower interests rate than B of A or other cards. Security is a big issue for me, I want it but not at the expense of needlessly shutting my card down or phone calls with every potential security breach. I was amazed with their spot on security detection.

Not only did they offer all the benefits of B of A but offered big advantages. The biggest advantage was being able to use any ATM, anywhere and pay no charges.SFB paid much higher interest rates on all my checking and savings accounts. The only draw back to this bank is if you or your business deals in cash. You will need to look around to find an ATM that will accept a cash deposit for your cash deposit needs. It's not a problem for my needs. If you can't find a local ATM that will accept cash deposits for SFB, you may want to maintain an account with the likes of B of A to handle your cash deposit needs.

One last thing, the service is great day or night, you get to talk to a real person quickly, that you can understand, and not have to wade through deep accents.

Mortgage Refi

I dealt with a guy named Chris.  Don't waste time with these clowns.  He tried to jack up my rate.  When I got the paperwork the rate was higher than posted on the website even tho my credit was 810 and he did not respond to my calls.  These guys want a perfect scenario and don't consider any variations.  Also, they will sell your info and do the credit inquiory without the consent.

Poor Privacy Safeguards

They printed all of my personal information including full social security number, date of birth, drivers license number, address and account number and put it in the regular mail.  They said it was for a signature card.  Can you imagine if someone had intercepted my mail or it was delivered to the wrong address or got lost?  Everything was printed out and would have been great for someone wanting to steal my identity.

Online Banking WAS GOOD BEFORE "WE LISTENED TO YOU" Now It Is Useless

Before 2012 state farm bank was working perfectly, you could pay insurance online, cash state farm dollars online to apply to your premiums. now i have to pay by check because the software no longer works for online payments (a blank page comes up when you try to pay) and my state farm dollars "disappear" when i try to use them, but nothing is applied to my premiums. they have obviously hired a new programmer who wants to make a name for him/her self by taking something that had zero problems and screwing it all up. i may cancel my credit card accounts. now i am getting 'cannot access server due to technical difficulties" this is a major messup on state farms behalf. very frustrated!!!!!

Do Not Use For An IRA CD

State Farm says you can go to the local State Farm Insurance Agent and complete all the paperwork to open an IRA account.  They do not have a clue how to file the forms or transer to another institution. The rep had to call State Farm Bank and speak to an IRA specialist.  The forms were still filled out wrong and the transfer never was received by the bank holding the closing CD.  I had to pick up the check and open at another bank.

Save Yourself The Headache

If you want to deal with poor customer service whenever you're in a pinch, SF Bank is your best bet. I've been on the phone with several representatives trying to get a new debit card. The short story is, my account was hacked and it has been one ordeal after another getting State Farm Bank to do anything about sending me a new card, replacing the funds, or even getting a representative to care at all. And since there are no brick and mortar buildings, good luck with ever having immediate access to your account or dealing with a person face to face. Save yourself the headache!


***BEWARE**** BASED ON MY EXPERIENCE WITH THEM, YOU WILL VERY LIKELY REGRET EVER DOING BUSINESS WITH THIS BANK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

State Farm Bank Loan

I contacted State Farm about a auto loan. I have used them over the years. This time I was lied to about the loan and its terms. Then they tried to cover it up by refusing to talk to me with the excuse they were not allowed to talk to me about it. I pushed until I got answers. I will never use State Farm Bank again.