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Union Bank (San Francisco, CA) Reviews

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Bank Account Fee's

Union bank changed their accounts earlier in 2012, and it has been a terrible experience from that point.  I've been with the bank since the 1990's, but now i'm incurring $8 fees per accout, per monthly cycle, even though the total balances of all accouts result in the fee's being waved. I've had to call 5 times since the change, plus numerous email exchanges. Just went online and noticed that I got hit with another fee in one of my accounts that the CS rep has fixed "Twice".


Think i'm done. As much as I hate the hassle of moving accounts, and setting up all the auto debits from different creditors, it's simply too much of an annoyance to stay anymore. 

Very unfortunate, I was happy with Union bank up until the change.  it's no longer pleasant to do business with them.  Guess I'll check out a local credit union...

Union Bank Also Known As Frontier Bank "Beware Just A New Name Of What FDIC Bailed Out"

Union Bank  also known as Frontier bank in the northwest committed consumer fraud by changing loan documents and misrepresenting a loan to myself. I had to pay an attorney to get them to correct that was intentional paper switch (addition of cross collateralization) of loan documents.  They also have even continued to make loans to a person of which that committed and admitted to bank fraud of about 1 million dollars in King County Superior Court. Frontier bank was bailed out by the FDIC and now is called Union bank. I recommend you stay away from this bank it is the same bank with the same employees who crippled our economy with their bad lending practices. I would recommend that you invest in banks that have good ethics not Union bank.

Worst Bank I Have Dealt With In Every Aspect

UBOC has the worst customer service and huge fees for anything! Simply having a checking account now they are chargining monthly fees without any notice whatsoever. They say you have to go to the home branch you created it at to figure it out. I have closed my account and will NEVER bank there again and will advise everyone else to follow suit. Chase has provided great customer service and no service fees I appreciate them more and Bank of America isn't bad either. Hope this helps give you an idea of where to put your money


Been with them for 5 years - were fine in the beginning then suddenly things started looking suspicious. Come find out they were sold to Frontier Bank a year ago and we were never notified. Accused us of money laundering! Sent us a letter from the Deport Fraud Management closing our account and denying us access to our account to get our money until the end of the month! Left our account open only to accept our social security, retirement checks and paychecks. Last night asked a question about a suspicious post for "debit claim" - took 3 people to tell me they didn't know what it was and to call back today to see if anyone could answer that question - I told them to get the answer and I will call back Monday expecting an answer. Horrible service and explanations. If we are money laundering where are the law enforcement officials? We never have more than $5000 in our account at any one time and that's only when we get all our checks in at the same time. Don't use them!

So Far Online Banking Is Terrible

Santa Barbara Bank & Truswt was taken over by Union Bank.  They said the transfer would be seemless.  I spent 5 hours on the phone and in the bank branch one day trying to access my accounts online and spent 6 hours the next day trying to be able to download into Quicken.  I was told after all that time to call Quicken as they said Quicken does not recognize Union Bank.  If that is the case, then Union Bank should call Quicken and work it out with them and not take up their customer's time trying to work out the problems with the transfer.

Just Closed 7 Accounts, They Have No Clue

they took over the frontier bank, never had any problems. then out of the blue they are telling me that i cannot do, that i have been doing for 30 years....and will continue to do with other banks.....and they really don't care.  probably the total average balance if you add all three acounts together was 185,000 or so, so probably small for the bank, but i think it is significant.  i hope i can learn not to treat my customers the way they treated us....


Looking For A Home Loan - DO NOT Go With Union Bank

We have been trying to obtain a loan modification from Union Bank for over a year now. We are small business owners that have been hit by the economy like so many others. We need a modification to stay in our home. There is a narrow 31% DTI (debt to income ratio) a customer has to fit into in order to qualify for a loan modification. After going back and forth with Union Bank for a year, we DO fit into the 31% ratio but now they suddenly tell us that we are too upside down in our house for them to help us. Basically what this means, UB has run the numbers on their end and it makes better finacial sense for Union Bank to have us short sale or foreclose vs. giving us a lower interest rate to stay in our home.  We are currently at a 6.25% interest only loan and they stand to lose too much money if they modify a customer that truely needs it. They would rather have a customer out of their home for their own benefit.  This bank does NOT care about its customers and only cares about the bottom line. Buyer beware!!

Union Bank - Stay Away

Union Bank is AWFUL.  Would give 0 Stars if possible.  They recently started re-ordering your debits and make largest ones hit first (didn't other banks get in trouble for this years ago).  This is just a FYI as I don't make charges that won't clear but I do not feel that manipulation on your transactions is on the up and up.

Union Bank has just recently started holding direct deposits in pending status for 2 days after they have received direct deposit.  My direct deposits have been done for over 2 years and this "holding" has only consistantly started occurring within the last 3 months.  

Worst Teller customer experience: When I tried to make a $80.00 cash withdrawal to keep $40.00 and put $40.00 into another account that I am not on. Simple right? $80.00 out of my account.  Keep $40 cash and hand deposit slip and $40 for another account deposit on an account I am not on. (Not possible for me to do a transfer to the other account because I am not on the other account).  The teller rudely help up my $80 withdrawal slip in front of my face and ripped it up.  Told me I didn't do it correctly and made me fill out 2 withdrawal slips from my account each for $40.   NEVER in 4 years have I been told I filled out my withdrawal slip incorrectly when doing this very same transaction. To make me fill out 2 withdrawal slips like this was beyond reasonable for a simple transaction.

DAY I DECIDED ENOUGH!   Had a Union Bank Rep do a pending debit "release" directly with the merchant on the telephone who was trying to credit my account back for a charge that had not gone through yet (in pending status) and UNION BANK put the "released" charge through the account anyway and debited the account and paid the merchant.  Now Union Bank is claiming that it is the merchant's fault and they committed fraud. HUH? recap: Union Bank Rep does a release on the pending debit directly with the merchant on the phone and Union Bank pays the mrechant and it's the merchant's fault!!!


They are now telling me that for me to have the money they paid the merchant, I have to file a claim against the merchant for the fraudulent charge which can take anywhere from 10-90 days.   Have they lost their friggin minds?  The merchant didn't commit fraud.  The merchant was crediting the account back and Union Bank PAID them after they "released" the charge.   


STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANK!  They "play" with your money at your loss and expense and blame everyone else.

Please Send Me All Possible Information is my address and i would like all of the information that you have on banking and the best credit rates.


I just got off the phone with First Bank, the people who manage the UBOC credit cards.

I have on NUMEROUS occasions, called regarding my payments not going through on my UBOC credit card. The reason why this card was even appealing to me was that it was associated with my bank, which I actually really like. First Bank, on the other hand, is the worst CC company to ever work with. Not only were my payments not going through, my online access was blocked because of non payment. They said that they are sure they called me. I have NO phone records of them even trying to reach me. I have more than 20 times of the account balance in the bank, I can pay my balance but now, they not only can I not use the card, my credit has been affected.

I plan on reporting this to my credit agency, the BBB and if I have to, I will get my attorney to send them the message that this is not the way to keep my business!!!

Excellent Service And Rates

Although we are a small business, we have been with Union Bank for 2 years now, and the customer service is excellent.

Caveat Emptor=Buyer Beware

I recently open an account with Union Ban and never had any issues with customer service. When I started using there online service I notice I was being tracked by cookies. Union Bank allows Core Metrics Foresee Results to track you while you are signed into their "secure web page". I have never heard of a bank using cookies to track while I am viewing my personal financial information.

When I ask why the first response I received was "you can delete cookies". After speaking with three people no one could answer why they were tracking me and using cookies while I was view personal financial information.

Caveat emptor=Buyer beware.

Sick Of Union Bank

I have been banking with union bank for 12+ years. They used to be fine in the beginning, but have gotten worse and worse over the years. They do shady stuff like backdate purchases you made to occur after an overdraft, so you get charged fees for them, even if the purchases were made well before the account was overdrawn.

A few months ago, someone got a hold of my card and made some unauthorized purchases, and they refused to refund them back, all they did was cancel my current debit card, which was no help at all.

Another time, I called to stop payment on a check, and they stopped payment on the wrong check, causing my account to get overdrawn, and they refused to do anything about it or refund the overdraft fees.

Today was the last straw- they allowed a post-dated check to be cashed, again overdrawing my account, and wouldn't do anything about it either.

History Doesn't Matter

After being a longtime customer (15+ years) of Union Bank I asked for help on my mortgage. A full year of communication resulted in none other than, "Well, we have no programs to help you, so just pay." I never missed a payment, had two homes and lines of credits on both. I had business and personal savings and checking accounts and a credit score of 790. After missing my first loan payment, UBOC called at day 10 and said they would mess up my credit. It is now 1-1/2 years later, I'm losing both homes, have closed all my accounts - was forced into bankruptcy because of threats that UBOC made and will have two foreclosures. They don't care, don't want to work with you and will mess you up however they can. I've gone from incredible credit to pond scum and I do blame UBOC for their lack of vision. I just needed a temporary modification - it had nothing to do with the fact that my house (which they approved with no paperwork) is worth less than half.

Go with a smaller local bank. Go with a military bank, if you can. Do not work with Union Bank, plus their rates stink.

Carlsbad, CA Manager Is Not Too Intelligent

They are hard to work with. I paid in advance for foreign exchange money that they forgot to order. They put holds on almost all checks, even government checks. I am in the process of transferring banks after almost 20 years.

Screwed Up My Debit Card, Plus Access Code, Unhelpful

This bank is deteriorating, with a lot of newbies who don't know what they are doing, and they have no professionalism. You are on hold forever, and transferred and transferred, while they then tell you (after tons of questions to verify who you are) that they cannot help you stay away from this pile of losers. But Chase is awful too.