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Utah Community Credit Union Reviews

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Beware Of UCCU Utah Community Credit Union

What a waist of time going into UCCU credit union in Utah for a boat loan.  I had everything in line with great credit, W-2's, and everything; after two hours they can back an said sorry we really don't like to loan on that high of an amount on a boat loan.  The Manager of the Springville, UT location didn't know what he was doing or how to calculate income from a business tax return.  They should have told me right up front they wouldn't loan on that amount, and I would have been happy, but to make me wait for 2 hours was ridiculous.  I would never waist my time again going to Utah Community Credit Union.  I even call the corporate offices before I went an told them of the situation to make sure they offered boat loans and the amount I was looking to finance.  The operator said we offer loan amounts up to your request.  They need to be upfront with there customer and every employee needs understand all there policies so it doesn't waist our time or there's.

The Worst Service I Have Ever Experienced In My Life!

I am trying to purchace a home and have been trying to work with one of their loan officers but this partular loan guy That I have been working with does not EVER answer his phone.  He is impossible to get a hold of in a timely fashion. If I have a question and call him first thing in the morning, the soonest he gets back to me is at the very end of the day, when it is too late to get anything done. If I dont answer the phone when he calls I have to wait another 24 hours to hear back from him. It is just rediculolus!

So I decided to seek help with the issue from one of the managers. The manager was unsympathetic to my issue but decided to talk to the guiy and then came to me and said basicly that he is doing a great job for you and you are just a complainer.   And in doing so he made the loan guy angy and even more difficult to work with.

So I told the manager that I wanted to switch loan officers and the manager refused to let me work with anyone else.  He put a block on my account so I would HAVE to work with the unprofessional loan officer that wont answer his phone.

The management here are not interested in giving good customer service or treating their clients with respect. They believe that they can just treat you like crap because they have good rates and you are left at their mercy.  

Well sorry NOT!  I will be getting a loan somewhere else.


I have been with UCCU for many years and finally have had enough! This place is an absolute joke! I applied for a home loan with Linda Nichols at the 800 South Orem Branch, and she was very unprofessional throughout the whole process(even when I go in there for daily transactions I feel like some teenager is helping me.) Linda miscalculated my info multiple times giving me inaccurate information. She kept bringing up options that would cost me more and would be horrible idea but might close the loan faster here and get her paid faster. To top it all off, she ordered an appraisal without any approval and then after we had told her that Mountain America could much more for us and had their head on straight, she tried to charge us all of these fees. I talked to 3 different lenders which is how I could compare here to the others I worked with who were above and beyond.

On another occasion at the Provo Stadium branch, went in to pay of an auto loan and had to pull teeth just to get a memo stating that the loan was paid off. They said that it shouldn't be needed, even though that is what my loan officer at another institution required for my home loan. Again, if your looking for a piggy bank than these guys might get you by, but if your a responsible adult who cares about his money, and interest rates, and wants a bank that has your best interest in mind rather than their own selfish interests in signing up just another account, or locking you into a poor loan and holding back the savings to up their commission, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN OUT OF UCCU! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Awesome, Fair, Credit Union!

Approved my auto loan at a great rate when Navy Federal Credit Union gave me the runaround for a week. One of the few credit unions where you can still sit down face-to-face with a loan officer and receive loans from people instead of computers.

Best Credit Union In Utah Valley

I have been with this credit union for 10 years. I have received great customer service every time I've been in, and was instantly financed for a new car. My rates were low, payments manageable, and on the rare occasion my payment was late I didn't have a late fee - they have a grace period! I have used 3 different locations; UVU, Orem, and Provo, with service being quality at each. They don't have hidden fees or minimum balances, which is why I've moved from Chase to this business.

For everyday banking and loans this is the best choice in Utah valley.

FYI, The boat guy has spammed his "story" everywhere, with different variations on where he went to get his loan after UCCU...and apparently he even went back to UCCU. He's not a long time customer of the credit union, and I would doubt his story.