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425 Walnut Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

US Bank (OH) is headquartered in Cincinnati and is the 2nd largest bank in the state of Ohio. It is also the 5th largest bank in the nation. It was established in 1863 and as of March of 2014, it had grown to 64,215 employees at 3,117 locations. US Bank (OH) has a A+ health rating.

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US Bank's "Power Up Your Summer" with $150 Bonus for New Checking - 7/23/2014

Earn up to $150 when opening a new checking account with US Bank and automatically be entered for a chance at winning a 2014 Tesla Model S or $100K cash.

US Bank Fees Increase 300% For Small Retirement Accounts

Per the letter recieved dated 5/10/2011:

"A US Bank IRA continues to be a great way for you to save for your retirement. The annual fee for your IRA plan is increasing from $10 to $30. The balance requirement to waive this fee is also increasing from $5,000 to $25,000 for IRA plans and from $1,000 to $5,000 for Coverdell Education Savings accounts (CESA). In the past, your fee may have been waived automatically if you were over age 70 1/2 and receiving automatic distributions from your IRA plan. This automatic waiver will no longer be applied."

With the low interest rates being offered some folks may actually be losing principle to these fees now. This is a very unethical action of this large bank and will affect many account holders. It shows how a bank can take advantage of loopholes to literally take small investors funds who trusted that their IRA CD was securely invested to grow at a advertised interest rate.

Either this bank has become greedy and is willing to sacrifice ethics to its small account customers, or it has some major financial problems that it is desperately trying to remedy.

Here are some actions that all of us can do to try and stop this and similar actions of these institutions:

- Spread the word to other savers through social media, word of mouth, AARP or other media.

- Sell the stock of unethical institutions like this.

- Withdraw any accounts that you can afford to do so (withdrawl penalties may be assessed).

- Contact your congressman to show this as an example of why tighter bank regulation is needed.


I Think US Bank Is Great


I'm a 65 year old male who spent 40 years working in commercial banks.  I retired 3 years ago but prior to retiring I spent alot of time researching local banks for the best checking account plans at the lowest cost.  I found US Bank to be the best for my needs (close to home, numerous ATM's nationwide, and very few charges with a direct deposit).   I've found their staff to be friendly and knowledgeable. US Bank has very low rates when it comes to savings and CD's but that's common with most local banks and credit unions these days.  If you want the better rates go with Ally or American Express.


Jim B

Pueblo, Co

Customer Service

Here is what happened:

I went to Europe over the summer. My card was also locked two weeks before I returned home after making an online purchase from SLP Performance. (I wanted the parts to be shipped to my house and waiting when I got there). After getting back I called and had it unlocked. No problems, they verified who I was and unlocked it. Two days later My card is locked again.

Going online to "Online Banking" I verify that there is in fact money in the account. While I was online checking this I noticed that I was receiving "Maintenance Fees".

While I was away I stopped receiving direct deposit from work into my checking account. (No work, no pay) For a Gold Package Account you need to receive $100 electronic deposit every month to waive service fees. (I had a "Gold Package")

I called Customer Service and got the Fees Waived and the card unlocked. While on the phone the customer service representative told me I should switch to a student account to avoid fees in the future. I told her I was O.K. with the account I had. She went on to explain what a benefit a Student Account would be to a student.

After several minutes of her persuasion and reassurances that there would be no more fees or hassle from making the switch I agreed. Yippy, I now have a student checking account. I can use any ATM anywhere at any time free of charge.

From the time the account was changed I have been receiving "Maintenance Fees" to my savings account. I know I should watch this more closely but I usually just use my checking account and keep tabs on it.

After all of the hassle I have had and the number of calls I have had to make and the time spent on the phone with representatives I decided I would like to try another more locally owned bank.

When the phone finally stopped playing elevator music and I was connected to a real live person I was told the fees could not be reversed and there was nothing he could do about the money. He said he had spoken to his manager and there was nothing he could do about it.

I asked if I could speak directly to his manager. Susan (Milwaukee Area Customer Service) answered the phone and asked what she could do for me. She verified who I was and her understanding of the situation. Her reply to my request was that because I was closing the account they had no incentive to refund the money. If I would be so kind as the keep the account and simply transfer back to the "Gold Package" she would be happy to refund the money.

I explained that the whole reason I had the "Student Checking Account" was because another customer service representative told me that this account would be best for me and that there would be no more service fees.

Even after my explanation that I was told to make this account change by a representative to avoid future fees. Susan said there was no incentive to reverse the fees. I said to her. "You are telling me you can not return my money because there is no incentive to correct your mistake?" She said yes, you are closing your account there is no incentive to refund the money. (Not exact words, I did not record the conversation and am writing this from memory)

I have had an account in good standing with U.S. Bank for over five years and am told there is no incentive to return money to my account that was withdrawn in error. I also feel that this error is on their end of the table. The reason I feel the error is theirs and not my own is because the change to my account was made on advise and reassurances from a U.S. Bank customer service representative. (I also explained this to Susan)

The only way to get the money put back in the account (Money Wrongfully charged to me) was to keep the account and have it transferred back to a "Gold Package Account". The very same account I was advised to change into a student account by a different representative.

NOW, the reason I am posting this is because I feel after several years of schooling for Business Management I have a small grasp of "customer service" and the "INCENTIVE" to keep customers satisfied. I was not really upset with the company or anyone in it, I only wanted to avoid further hassle while in school and working.

Now, after a very dissatisfying hour on the phone with the U.S. Bank Customer Service Representative, Susan. I feel I should share my experience with other U.S. Bank account holders, current and future to inform them of this situation.

I am very dissatisfied and would like to perhaps save others the same headache I have had. For those of you that have taken the time to read this entire re-telling, I thank you and ask that you please share this story with others.

Thank You,

US Bank

I've had nothing but positive experiences banking with US Bank. They have no fee checking and savings accounts, and the customer service is impeccable. Any time I've had a problem, the people at US Bank have been able to solve it quickly. I've had very few problems over the 10 years I've done my banking with US Bank. Their online banking is convenient and easy to use. I'm also pleased with how many branches they have across the country.



Data for Q1 2014

Institution Health


Texas Ratio


The Texas Ratio is an indicator of how much capital a bank has available compared to the total value of loans considered at risk. As of March 31, 2014 US Bank (OH) had $3.45 billion in non-current loans and owned real-estate with $44.28 billion in equity and loan loss allowances on hand to cover it. This gives US Bank (OH) a Texas Ratio of 7.78% which is excellent. Any bank with a Texas Ratio near or greater than 100% is considered at risk.

Texas Ratio Trend


The Texas Ratio for US Bank (OH) experienced no significant changes from 7.90% as of March 31, 2013 to 7.78% as of March 31, 2014, resulting in a positive change of 1.47%.This indicates that the balance sheet and financial strength for US Bank (OH) has had no significant changes in recent periods.

Deposit Growth


In the past year, US Bank (OH) has increased its total deposits by $18.23 billion, resulting in 7.24% growth for the year. A strong track record of growth is an indicator of consumer confidence and the bank's ability to strengthen its balance sheet. The growth US Bank (OH) has shown is excellent.



Both FDIC and NCUA consider capitalization levels of banks and credit unions to be of high importance. Higher capitalization allows for a greater buffer when cover loans that may fail in the future. US Bank (OH) has $367.1 billion in assets with $44.28 billion in equity, resulting in a capitalization level of 12.06%, which is excellent.

Institution Statistics

FDIC Certificate #6548
Year Established1863
Primary RegulatorOCC
Assets and Liabilities
Assets$367.10 billion
Loans$234.55 billion
Deposits$270.08 billion
Equity Capital$40.09 billion
Loan Loss Allowance$4.19 billion
Unbacked Noncurrent Loans$2.61 billion
Real Estate Owned$835.47 million
Historic Data - March 2013
Assets$345.79 billion
Equity Capital$38.51 billion
Loan Loss Allowance$4.19 billion
Unbacked Noncurrent Loans$2.61 billion
Real Estate Owned$885.11 million
Profit Margin - Quarterly
Net Interest Margin3.39%
Return on Assets1.41%
Return on Equity13.01%
Interest Income$2.97 billion

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US Bank (OH) has 3,140 locations. Click to view all US Bank (OH) locations.