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5.10% 14-Month CD at a CU Open to All.


The Unified Federal Credit Union has two great CD specials: 5.10% APY 14-month CD and a 5.35% APY 30-month CD. On the promotion page, there's no description of the minimum required deposit. The standard minimum for CDs of terms of 12 months or more is $1K. IRA accounts are not eligible for this promtional offer.

The Unified FCU is another credit union like Self-Help or Penfed that anyone can join. Here's an excerpt from the credit union's introduction page:

Unified FCU serves employees of our corporate sponsors, those working within a ten-mile radius of downtown Amesbury, Massachusetts (including southern New Hampshire) as well as members' families.

However, virtually anyone can now join Unified FCU through our relationship with the Wakefield Repertory Theater (WRT). Membership in this non-profit theater group qualifies anyone for membership at our credit union. To make matters easy, Unified will pay for the first year's annual dues of $15 to WRT and do all the necessary processing. Once you are a member of Unified, there is no obligation to continue membership at WRT.

As is typical with a credit union, you have to fund a savings account, but the required amount is only $25. Unified FCU doesn't seem to have an online ACH transfer system. It does provide wire transfer forms and instructions. To avoid wire transfer fees, you may be able to link an online bank with this credit union's checking or savings account. Then you could fund a CD from this account. When the CD matures and you wish not to renew, you should be able to specify that the funds be deposited to the checking or savings account where they can be pulled from your online bank. One thing to note, however, is that these special CD rates are for a limited time. Except for the 5-year 5.12% APY CD, the standard CD rates are low. You'll want to make sure you initiate the CD in time.

Credit for this deal goes to Scott who left a comment in my Finding Bank Deals page. Thanks!