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World Savings Changes Advertised Branch CD Special to 5.56% 5-Month


World Savings' new branch CD special is a 5.56% APY 5-month certificate of deposit. It has a $10K minimum and does not require new money. Rates vary some by state. For New York, the APY is 5.51%. This seems to replace the 8-month CD branch special that had rates up to 5.66%.

For those without a nearby branch, World has a 5-month Internet CD paying 5.26% APY. The best internet deal is the 13-month CD with an APY of 5.76% (see post).

The best World Savings deal is still their unadvertised, branch-only 6.01% APY 7-month CD (see post). Only targeted customers are sent mailers on these specials. However, if you know about the special, World Savings will often allow you to get one. A reader made the good point that "you need to "know" not "think" the CD exists. Showing signs of insecurity or seeking confirmation just invites the opportunity for refusal."