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World Savings Changes Advertised Branch CD Special to 5.56% 5-Month


World Savings' new branch CD special is a 5.56% APY 5-month certificate of deposit. It has a $10K minimum and does not require new money. Rates vary some by state. For New York, the APY is 5.51%. This seems to replace the 8-month CD branch special that had rates up to 5.66%.

For those without a nearby branch, World has a 5-month Internet CD paying 5.26% APY. The best internet deal is the 13-month CD with an APY of 5.76% (see post).

The best World Savings deal is still their unadvertised, branch-only 6.01% APY 7-month CD (see post). Only targeted customers are sent mailers on these specials. However, if you know about the special, World Savings will often allow you to get one. A reader made the good point that "you need to "know" not "think" the CD exists. Showing signs of insecurity or seeking confirmation just invites the opportunity for refusal."

Comment #1 by Anonymous posted on
Expiration date for 7mo. 6% CD is 10/21/2006

Comment #2 by P.D. (anonymous) posted on
Yes, I just opened one (6.01% 7 month CD) on 10/04. It is still good to the Bay Area CA. Just ask.

Thanks so much.

Comment #3 by Anonymous posted on
For my 7-mo 6.01% CD here in Florida, I went in to update my Passbooks to see the interest on my other accounts there. When I handed her the book to update, I told her I would also like to open a new CD. After she updated the books she asked which CD I wanted. I plainly said "the 7-mo 6% CD". Without batting an eye she asked me how much and began processing the paperwork. I must have spent no more than 10 minutes there on a Saturday morning.

Comment #4 by Anonymous posted on
It had been only time time that I tried to get my World CD passbooks updated. It was during the middle of the following quarter, and the teller also posted all the earned but uncredited interest for that current quarter.

To this date I am not sure if she misunderstood by request, or did something wrong (I presume the experience was atypical).

Comment #5 by Anonymous posted on
I just purchased my 7-Mo 6.01% CD, but it wasn't effortless. The teller said, what rate 5.5? I responded NO!, the Unadvertised branch rate, 7mo6.01%. She looked surprised but processed the action. It pays to act confident, as we read it in the Best Deals. Thanks again..

Comment #6 by Anonymous posted on
Contrary to the previous notes, both my mother and I have had poor experiences. My mother took a flyer
sent to her neighbor, in to the World office in La Mesa California, they would not give her the 6.01% rate. The best they would do is the 5.56% 5mos. I had a CD mature in Del Mar,Ca. this past week, they offered me 5.26% earier in the week. I told the teller I wanted to close the account,I could get a better rate, or even bring new money back for the 6.01% 7 month.
She advised me that rate was no longer available at that branch. I then waited until the last day of my grace period and tried again, being told the new rate of 5.56% for 5mos is the best
they can do. I closed the account
Saturday. Lots of double talk from

Comment #7 by Bob (anonymous) posted on
Interesing. I opened a 6.01% 7mo in La Mesa, CA on 10/05/06 (thurday) with no flyer.

Comment #8 by Anonymous posted on
I just got off the phone with World Savings asking about the 4 mo internet 5.51% CD. They would not roll over a CD I had with them which came due today in order for me to get the 5.51%. Said it had to be new funds. So I closed out the CD acct and guess what? Although I opened the account with an EFT from a chkg acct at another bank, they would not EFT the money back to that same acct. Said I'd get a paper chk in 7 to 10 days. Because of that I will not be doing any more business with World Savings.

Comment #9 by Banking Guy (anonymous) posted on
Banking Guy
Sorry to read about this difficulty with World Savings. Perhaps the merger with Wachovia is starting to have a negative effect on World.