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6.00% 6-Month CD at a Georgia Bank (Midtown)


Midtown Bank Bank and Trust is offering a special 6.00% APY 6-month certificate of deposit (scroll down the bank's webpage to see offer). The minimum is $1K, and it requires a relationship offer with a checking account. Without the relationship requirement, the rate is 5.50% APY. The bank also has a 5.65% APY 1-year CD.

The bank is located in Atlanta, Georiga. I can't find on the website if they allow deposits by mail or by out-of-state customers. Being a small one-branch bank, it's likely only a local deal.

The bank is FDIC insured, and it has a safe and sound rating of 3 out of 5 stars (performing) at

Thanks to the reader who emailed me this special.