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5.35% 11-Month CD at a Chicago Bank (Park National)


Park National Bank is offering a special 5.35% APY certificate of deposit with terms of 7 or 11 months. The interest is paid at maturity. It requires money new to the bank.

The bank has several branches in Chicago, Illinois and in the Chicago suburbs. It has been FDIC insured since 1934.

There's another good Chicago CD special that a reader mentioned at Parkway Bank. Here's what the reader reported:
There is a 1 year flex cd at 5.3% at Parkway Bank in Chicago. It is not on the bank's web site but it was advertised in the Chicago Tribune. When I called the bank, they told me the cd was tied to the Fed rate - if the Fed rate went up the cd rate went up. However it could only go up .25% and I think they said that you could only raise it once.