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HSBC's New Website - Not Much Change for Current Customers


I was a little concerned when HSBC mentioned it was updating its website. I was worried that it may cause problems like we saw with EmigrantDirect last summer. But it turns out the change seems to be only related to the front pages and not the account system. Here's how HSBC described the changes in an email:

* smart tools and calculators that make planning easy.
* updated FAQ’s to help you find answers fast.
* easier navigation for quick account access.

In my opinion, there's not much to help current customers. The FAQ's are a little easier to view. I didn't find the calculators useful. I was hoping for some kind of new promotion like they did about this time last year (a 4.80% promo rate.) The only current promo I'm aware of now is their 5.25% 6-month CD.

Late last year HSBC did add a new level of login security as all banks had to do to comply with new federal regulations. HSBC added the Site Key to the login which requires you to use a virtual keyboard to enter the Site Key. This is in addition to having to type in your password. Previously, the Site Key was only used to enter the bank-to-bank transfer page.

Over the last few weeks, I've been locked out of my account twice while trying to log in with this new Site Key system. You get locked out after 3 bad login tries in a row. I've never had this happened to my other accounts, so I was a little upset. According to the CSR, the trouble may be due to my original Site Key being the same to this new login Site Key. Mine weren't the same, but were similar. So I changed the Site Key to be entirely different. Hopefully, this will fix this login problem for good.

As we learned when EmigrantDirect was inaccessible, it's not a good feeling when you can't access your money.

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