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Update on Wachovia Bank Promotions


Wachovia Bank
Wachovia has a new promotion for its High Performance Money Market Account. It's not listed on their website, but I called and was told that there's a promotional yield on this MMA of 4.75% APY for new customers with balances of over $25K. According to the banking representative, it's not an intro rate. This promotion started on Monday and is available through July 3rd. In March Wachovia had a similar promotion but with a yield of 5% APY guaranteed for 3 months for new customers.

According to the banking rep, Wachovia is still offering a 5.40% APY 7-month CD special. But it's only being offered in Texas. The minimum deposit is $5,000. I first posted on this in March. Last month two Wachovia branches in Irvine, California were offering a 5.61% APY 8-month CD (see post).

The best Wachovia deal is a $125 bonus for the Free Checking Account. This is available through June 24, 2007. However, it's only for those in California (see post). The $50 bonus that was available nationwide ended in April.

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Comment #1 by Anonymous posted on
has anyone tried the wachovia $125 deal? Seems like free $75 just for opening. The other $50 are too much of a hassle.

Comment #2 by Darvin (anonymous) posted on
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