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5.41% 8-Month Featured CD at Wachovia


Wachovia Bank
Wachovia is now offering a CD special similar to the CD special that World Savings use to offer. World Savings' website doesn't seem to be listing rates anymore. It now directs you to

This special is a 5.41% APY 8-month CD. The minimum deposit is $5,000 which is lower than the $10,000 that World typically required. You have to enter your zip code to see the rate table, so not all locations may have this same featured CD. I've verified that the CD was listed for a Texas and a California zip code. It can be opened from Wachovia's online application.

It's nice to see that Wachovia is offering the competive CD specials that World use to offer. I hope this will continue. I'm afraid that those secret World Savings CD specials that had extra high rates are likely gone for good.

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