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5.10% 13-Month / 5.28% 6-Month CD at a Colorado CU (Elevations).


Update 1/19/08: The rates have fallen. Please check with the credit union's website for the latest rates.

Elevations Credit Union is offering three certificate specials. Two of these have a yield of 5.10% APY and terms of 13 and 5 months. The minimum deposit is $10,000. The third is a 6-month Jumbo CD with a yield of 5.28% APY. The minimum deposit is $100,000. These specials are also available in IRA, ESA and HSA accounts

The credit union has long been offering a 9% 9-month CD with a $2,000 maximum balance. I just did a new post on this 9% CD special. Please refer to that post for membership and credit union details.

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