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$75 Checking Account Bonus at a Wachovia Branch in Washington DC


Wachovia Bank
Wachovia is having a new-branch special at one of its Washington DC branches. Sign up for any checking account with a minimum deposit of $100 by 4/15/2008, and you'll receive a $75 gift check card in the mail after 45 days of account opening. There is no direct deposit requirement. The new branch is located at 1804 Adams Mill Rd NW, Washington, DC 20009 (202-232-1605). This isn't listed at Wachovia's website. A reader commented about this special, and I just called for additional details. The reader mentioned that the branch has a "at work" free checking that's available to government employees and possibly to others. It's an upgrade from the free checking that provides the first box of checks free with discounts thereafter and some fee waivers for applications, HELOCs, loans, etc.

These new-branch specials seem common at Wachovia. In March I reported on one in California. So if you see a new Wachovia branch in your area, you might want to check if they have a similar promotion.

Other Wachovia Deals

I haven't seen any new online Wachovia checking account bonuses lately. They've often had online checking account bonuses for $50. Let me know if you see a new one. Wachovia still does have a $25 refer-a-friend bonus for opening a checking account. They have a decent deal with their new Way2Save Program. By setting up automatic monthly transfers, you can make about $72 more over the next year than what you would earn in a 3% savings account.

Wachovia's free checking account has the basic components of free checking: no minimum balance requirements, no monthly fees, etc. A reader in the previous post mentioned that Wachovia does a hard credit pull (both Experian and TransUnion have been mentioned). Unless you can get the "at work" checking account, checks are typically not free, but they are optional. Prices vary by state. A reader just mentioned that Wachovia offered 50 duplicate checks for $8. There is a $25 fee if the account is closed before 6 months. In addition to the hard pull, Wachovia also does a ChexSystem verification.

Thanks to the reader who mentioned this promotion in the finding-the-best-deals post.

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Comment #1 by Anonymous posted on
I am very skittish about doing business with Wachovia, which in reality is First Union beneath a different nameplate. I honestly believe First Union could be the only US bank worse than FNBO. They have a HORRID reputation, richly deserved. This is one "deal" on which I will for certain pass. Just hearing the name "Wachovia" is enough to leave me running for cover.

Comment #2 by Justin (anonymous) posted on
My 5.4% CD matured today at Wachovia (I bought it last year, of course). They offered me a renewal at just 3.1%. (They dropped their 3.75 CD special for right now.)

I said "no thank you."

Will switch to something like what Alliant CU is offering, but I am extremely pessimistic that Alliant CU will stay over 4%.

Comment #3 by Anonymous posted on
To anonymous 6.07pm:

I definitely think your wachovia experience depends on your local branch personnel.

Our local branches (Northern VA) are fantastic. Some better than others.

Free checking, we have 18 accts btw, immediate credits for any check deposits, free lock boxes, free checks, no minimums, ...

My point being, it all depends on your local personnel. Unlike Bank of America or Citi, where the bank products seem okay but the execution is awful by the locals, in my experience.

We've been with iterations of Wachovia since the 60's (no, I'm not that old, just have had a bank account from an early age), and I've seen Wachovia improve since the First Union/Wachovia merger.

Just my 2 cents.

Comment #4 by Anonymous posted on
There is no doubt, none whatsoever, that pre-takeover Wachovia Bank was a fine bank with a sterling reputation. That's one reason First Union wanted them. But it's equally certain First Union was and remains one of the VERY WORST banks in America. I disagree with the above poster. First Union was/is FAR worse than FNBO. And anything, even Wachovia, touched by First Union is tainted by their stench. Certainly it's possible, because of local people and circumstances remaining for example, that certain Wachovia locations appear to be doing business as usual. Just be aware that within the deep recesses of Wachovia, those regions which once were named "First Union", nothing has changed. I cannot employ the language here needed properly and adequately to describe First Union Bank. This is a "family" website and Banking Guy would (with justification) censor my writing. Suffice it to say you do not want to do business with anything that ever was or is First Union. If you doubt this, spend some time poking around the net and read the horror stories for yourself. There is a reason why, upon buying Wachovia, that First Union (a MUCH larger bank) assumed their name and cast aside the name "First Union". Think about it.