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4.75% 15-Month CD at Builders Bank in Chicago


Builders Bank
Builders Bank is offering a 4.75% APY 15-month CD. The minimum deposit is $2,500 ($500 for an IRA CD). This CD is listed in the bank's rate sheet (pdf). The listed rates are in effect through September 11, 2008.

My last report on this bank was in June when it was offering a 4% 12-month CD. In May its 12-month special CD yield was only 3.60%. So you can see how CD rates have gone up over the last four months.

A branch visit appears to be required to open an account. Branches are located in Chicago, Illinois.

The bank has a 3.5 star rating (good) at BauerFinancial and a 2 star rating (below peer group) at Both are based on 3/31/08 data. The bank has been FDIC insured since 1997 (FDIC Certificate # 34613).

Thanks to the reader who mentioned this CD in the finding deals post.

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