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Checking Account Bonus of up to $100 at Webster Bank in NY, MA, RI and CT - Local Only


Webster Bank

Update 8/22/10: The promotion has been extended to last until 10/11/2010.

Webster Bank is offering up to $100 for opening a checking account and with some additional requirements. Details are listed in the bank's promotions page. Three different bonuses are available for three different checking accounts:

  • $25 for Totally Free Checking
  • $50 for Relationship Checking ($4K minimum balance to avoid $15/mo fee)
  • $100 for Premier Checking ($10K minimum balance to avoid $20/mo fee)

Offer is scheduled to end on 3/01/2010. One of the following is required to be done by 4/16/2010 to qualify for the bonus:

  • One Direct Deposit (PayPal transactions are excluded), OR
  • 5 Visa Check Card Signature purchases, OR
  • 5 online Bill Payments

If you meet the above requirements, the bonus will be transferred into the newly-established checking account by 5/14/10. Bonus amount will be reported to the IRS.

According to the small print, the offer is limited to residents of NY, MA, RI and CT. It appears that you can open the checking account online. The first page of the application has a box for the offer code, but I don't see a code mentioned in the promotions page. Opening at a branch may be easier. Branches are located in Southern New England and Westchester County, New York. Most of its branches are located in Connecticut.

The bank has been a FDIC member since 1960 (FDIC Certificate # 18221).

Credit for this find goes to Bank Perks.

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