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Justice Federal Credit Union0.55%$100k-12 Month Share Certificate w/ JNA Relationship
Justice Federal Credit Union0.55%$100k-12 Month IRA Certificate w/ JNA Relationship (Traditional,Roth)
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Hot 1-Year CD Rate at Justice Federal Credit Union - Easy Membership


Justice Federal Credit Union

Update 3/2/2011: The 1-year CD rate has fallen. If they offer deals in the future, this reader's review may change your mind about trying to join.

Justice Federal Credit Union is offering two very competitive rates on its 1-year CDs and IRA CDs: 2.00% APY for a $500 minimum and 2.10% APY for a $100,000 minimum. These rates are listed in the credit union's deposit rates page as of 2/13/2011.

As a comparison to internet banks on 2/13/2011, the best 1-year CD rate is 1.45% APY at Incredible Bank. For other easy-to-join credit unions, the best 1-year CD rate is 1.75% APY at Connexus Credit Union (requires an active checking account).

In December I had posted on their hot Anniversary CD special. That special didn't last long. However, they are still offering a generous refer-a-friend bonus. When a friend or family member joins and opens a savings account and one other account, you are rewarded with $50 and the new member receives $25. You can refer up to 3 people. Please refer to their membership drive page for the full details.

Membership Eligibility

JFCU membership eligibility is based on employment in Select Employer Groups and membership in certain law enforcement organizations. A list of eligible law enforcement associations is available at this section of the membership page. A couple of these associations allow anyone to be a member for a fee. Once you are eligible, the instructions for joining provide an application that can be downloaded. Membership requires a minimum balance of $5 in the share savings account.

In 2007 JFCU had a very popular CD deal with a 6.25% 24-month CD. Many readers went through the membership process which wasn't easy. To review the issues, please refer to this post and the comments. Below is a list of the important membership issues from that post:

  • Hard credit pull by Equifax is done
  • National Sheriffs' Association (NSA) and National Native American Law Enforcement Association (NNALEA) are part of JFCU's FOM
  • NSA membership costs $35, and you can join online.
  • NNALEA membership costs $15. In 2007 readers reported problems with the NNALEA online application.
  • Notarized copy of driver's license was required
  • Proof of association membership was required. For the NSA, you must include the membership number.

In my December post, the reader pearlbrown provided some additional membership details:

If you join the CU through one of the two associations named, here are more details of the process as discussed with a CSR a few moments ago.

1. Join the NSA or NNLEA association. Be sure to get your association membership number.

2. Call JCU and open a savings account with them, paying their joining fee. However, the account is not considered opened until (a) JCU receives in the mail the documents evidencing your association membership and (b) their management has reviewed the application. This could take a couple of days.

3. You will need to also send in a notarized copy of your ID (ex.: driver's license). Funds can be wire transferred in.

Branches are located in Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia. Many of their branches have restricted or limited access. They are members in the Shared Service Center which allows you to perform many banking transactions at credit unions around the country.

JFCU has an overall health score at of 4 out of 5 with a Texas Ratio of 13.62% (excellent) based on September 2010 data. Please refer to our financial overview of Justice Federal Credit Union for more details. The credit union is federally insured by the NCUA (Charter # 151).

Searching for Top CD Rates

To search for nationwide CD rates and CD rates in your state, please refer to the best CD rates section of

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Comment #1 by KM (anonymous) posted on
This is very tempting. Since the NNLEA is cheaper I would probably try it. Does anyone know if online application will give you all you need immediately to be able to submit the JFCU application?

Comment #2 by Anonymous posted on
I became a member of NNLEA in December to take advantage of the anniversary CD special.  The online application process was simple.  Got an immediate acknowledement of membership application by e-mail.  However, it took 2-3 days and some e-mail correspondence to get a membership number from NNLEA.  Justice Federal will not process your account opening application without a membership # from NNLEA.  The e-mail acknowledgement from NNLEA alone is not adequate.

Comment #3 by RJM posted on
Notarized copy of driver's license ??

Are they kidding ?



Comment #4 by Anonymous posted on
This is an exceptional deal for JFCU members and should not be passed up.  Persons not currently members should join, in my view, to take advantage.  Just be aware that joining JFCU is not what I would call "easy".  I would call it, instead, "doable".  Be prepared to hurdle a few annoying barriers, that's all.

I joined JFCU via the NSA some years back during their blowout CD deal.  It was an experience, let me tell you.  But I persevered and I'm glad I did.  If you decide you want to go for this, do NOT delay.  Get started today.  Delaying your decision, or putting off a decision, will not favor a happy outcome.  You need to give yourself time for everything to happen.

Non members unwilling, or just too lazy, to run the JFCU gauntlet should consider as an alternative the Ally Bank 5 year CD.  With the 60 day Ally early withdrawal penalty, after just one year you will end up with the rough equivalent of what this JFCU CD offers, while avoiding the hassle of having to join.  But aside from Ally, I don't think there is today the equal anywhere of this JFCU deal, for one year money.

Of course the paltry returns on short term CDs have to stop somewhere.  This JFCU deal could be only the first of many;  or not.  We shall know in the fullness of time.

Comment #5 by KM (anonymous) posted on
Does the online NSA membership application get you the necessary member number immediately, or are there days of delay as reported for NNLEA? I'm wondering if the extra $20 is worth it.

Comment #7 by Anonymous posted on

There is some delay, depending on how busy they are.  I agree with #4 in that, if you want to go for this JFCU deal, it would be best to move out pronto.  Don't dawdle.  You could end up spending your membership money and then missing out on the deal.  I'm a JFCU member.  In the notice they sent on this 2% deal they described the offer as being "limited".  I guess all deals of this kind are limited.  What we don't know is exactly how limited the deal is.

At the same time, and meaning no disrespect to him/her, I think that the alternative pointed to by #4 is pretty obvious, and quite good.  I believe interest rates are headed up.  But if I am wrong, going with Ally has the added advantage of providing wanted, desirable, alternatives a year from now.  You can do the Ally deal today, with no membership needed, at what is essentially the same interest rate offered by JFCU.  So what's not to like!!

Comment #8 by me1004 posted on
For those who live near one of the various branches of JFCU, the membership process can be easy. The only issue will be joining one of the outside groups and getting thee membership number. 

I called the Los Angeles office today. Seems if you go into the branch, all can be done and opened on the spot, and no notarization of your DL is needed since you will be there to show it in person. And at the branch, she said they do not do a hard credit check, only a soft credit check; thus, your credit rating will not get dinged. 

Unfortunately, the issue is the outside group. I called the National Native American Law Enforcement Assn. -- three times. Each time I was told the only person  who can talk tome about a new membership was not at her desk. They said  I could leave a message and she would get right back to me. I left three messaged starting at about 10:30 a.m., and the day has come and gone with no response! 

I note, from the Website, there are three ways to sign up: online, but they don't provide for you to pay at that time with a credit card so you face delay for lack of payment; via mail, in which you can include your credit card info on the application or a check; and via fax (toll-free number), in which they provide for payment via credit card. I want to ask if I can do it via phone, and hopefully get the membership number while on the phone. My fear is that if I do it via fax, it will get handled about as quickly as they havee returned my multiple phone calls!

Meanwhile, I hope this promo rate holds for at least two weeks, because my money won't be available until then! And I don't want to pay my $15 to NNALEA now, instead want to wait until the last minute -- because I don't want to pay it at all if the rate changes. I wish this option were just included with signing up for the JFCU like some credit unions do.

Comment #9 by tommy posted on
THE NNALEA is $15.00 plus $2.50 FOR SHIPPING & HANDLING.  No... you will not get membership number, only  order receipt, that is not good enough, spoke to csr at justice. you will get a welcome letter from NNALEA, then you make a copy and mail it with your appl, check, notarization drivers license, after they receive everything, take 3-5 days to process,  meanwhile rate can change, even they receive your stuff and its sitting there waiting to be process rate can still ready to mail my stuff, but i don't have my membership number from NNALEA..

PS.  i sent them two different E-mail, to two different people, both of them bounce back, undeliverable

Comment #10 by opera ghost (anonymous) posted on
opera ghost
is that tommy lawlor

Comment #11 by KM (anonymous) posted on
I ended up going with NSA yesterday fearing extra delay from NNLEA. Even so NSA takes at least 2 days to turn around an email verification which JFCU says I need. They said the member number was not sufficient. So I have at least another day to go before fedexing in my application.

Comment #12 by me1004 posted on
Oh, also, if you go into the branch to open it, they said all they need is the e-mail you get sent upon signing up for your membership in NNALEA. I pointed out that others had said that was not enough, but she said it is enough -- at the branch. Again, the rules at the branches are notably looser than when you sign up online or via mail.

With the delays in signing up via mail or online, I don't see how anyone can proceed on the basis of a promo. Between waiting days -- or maybe weeks -- to get your outside group membership in the mail rather than just proceed with the e-mail they send, and then another 3-5 days delay in signing up with JFCU, the promo rate is not likely to still be offered -- and your money will have been spent for naught! And mind you, while JFCU is holding your money for those 3-5 days, you do NOT get any interest on it! Interest starts only AFTER that 3-5 days approval process, so they told me. And that's BUSINESS days, so is more like a full week.

Comment #13 by Elvis (anonymous) posted on
I was looking at the non-IRA CD rates a few minutes ago.  When I opened the page, it was showing the 2.08/2.10 APY for the 12 month CD - 100k .  The screen updated itself and the rate dropped to 1.98/2.00.  This happened right around 12 noon today.

Comment #14 by Bancxman (anonymous) posted on
Are you sure that you weren't looking at the column for regular 12 month CDs?  I opened a 12 mo. jumbo CD at the U.S. Courthouse Branch yesterday afternoon for 208/210.  This was after calling JFCU to confirm that this rate was still being offered.  In addition, I checked the JFCU website this morning and it's still showing that rate.

By the way, the best way for non-law enforcement depositors to enroll online for a JFCU membership is through the National Sheriffs Association. All you have to do is fill out the application and the site will instantly process your $35 credit card payment and send you a receipt and membership number by email.  JFCU accepted the email from me as proof of membership eligibility without further inquiry.

Comment #15 by Rich (anonymous) posted on
DO NOT use NNALEA if you want a timely response. I called twice, and the membership person never picks up her phone or responds to pages. They don't respond to emails. If you expect or need a timely response, you simply won't get it.

Comment #16 by lisapomme posted on
I tried to open a CD at JFCU by joining NNALEA online.  Same problem as the others reported.  JFCU insist on a welcome letter or membership card where as I cannot even get a membership number out of NNALEA.  They charge $2.50 for shipping and handling.  I have never seen shipping and handling charged for joining an organization.  In any case, paying the $2.50 seems to make them the slowest and most nonresponsive organization to let new members have their paperwork.  When I spoke to the JFCU rep, it sounds like the rates could well have changed by the time I have jumped through all the hoops to open the CD.  Next time I would think twice before parting with $17.50.

Comment #17 by me1004 posted on
For those near a JFCU branch, you do not need the welcome letter. The branches are more flexible than online. I have been in touch with the Los Angeles branch, and they repeatedly have assured me all I have to do is show that I paid, that my initial e-mail receipt is all they need, not confirmation letter or membership number.

When I paid online a little bit ago to join NNALEA, I immediately got two-mail recepits for the purchase, clearly stating that I had paid my NNALEA dues. I again called the JFCU branch and told thaem what I had, and they said that is all I need, jsut bringin a printout.

I note, NNALEA is a disaster to deal with! I called them every day this week, and even sent e-mail via their Website. I only finally late this morning -- after four days of effort -- finally got to speak with someone. She told me I would NOT get an e-mail after making payment online. She agreed that if I sent her a copy of the payment page, she would send me an e-mail -- in about a week or so -- but it would not include a member number! She said the assn. takes about three weeks before they send out a membership packet with member number!

For me, her misinformation was unfortunate. I got the e-mail right away, but I can't do this CD until my money becomes available in a week and a half. And the rate might drop by then. I did not want to make this purchase any sooner than absolutely needed, but with her one-week delay minimum, I figured I had to act today. Now, it seems I could have waited until at least next Friday, or even on that Monday morning before I go to the branch! **** her. I better not lose this rate after paying my $17.50!

Comment #18 by me1004 posted on
To update, now two hours later, I have an e-maikl from NNALEA givingn me my member number! Thsi is insan,e aftere insisting it would be a good three weeks before I got such. I NEVER woudl have signe dup today if I had any idea. Iwould have waited at elast untilnext Friday. DFamn customer service people giving out wrog info!

I'll bet I lose the rate before I can take the CD, but now am stuck with having spent $17.50 that I could have waited until the last minute to spend if they had just given me proper info!

But now everyone else can know that you can get the member number same day as signup! I thin I actually added a note in at signup asking for it promptly.

Comment #19 by tommy posted on
also update, 2/14 i applied on line for NNALEA total $17.50. got paid invoice only. on 2/16 i try to call and e-mail, both, (fail). on 2/17 i fax them the paid invoice and wrote on the invoice that i have not receive anything from them up to now. and told them i could not reach them by phone or e-mail.  last night i had a phone messg. they call me and said they were going to forward the fax to the right dept.. this morning i got e-mail from them with the membership number... at noon i got a letter from justice fed cr un saying, i need signed membership appl, initial funding, certified raised notary seal of state drivers license, proof of membership eligibility (copy of NNALEA Association Card and /or copy of NNALEA eligibility response). i call justice fed cr un and ask them if i can send them a copy of email membership number, they told me yes, so i send everything by express mail, another $18.30. Now will see if i made it on time. but i won't do this again, unless i get the membership on the spot after paying them.

Comment #20 by Anonymous posted on
For what it's worth, here is my experience.  There is a nearby San Diego branch, but it's restricted to FBI agents (!).  I decided to forego the hassles with mail, and drove to the LA branch.  I had the NNALEA membership number, which took 2-1/2 days to get by email (the acknowledgement came immediately by email).  I guess they knew about some of the lax (no pun intended) attitudes regarding the NNALEA membership noted above; although they accepted my email with the number on it, they insisted that I mail them a copy of the formal acceptance letter once it arrives.  While my husband and I were there setting up the joint CD, they mentioned that they have a "special" on referrals: the referred party gets $50 to set up a new account, and the referring paty gets $25, after ~30 days.  So I "referred" my husband and he set up a savings account for $5.  This made the trip, which ended up taking all day after a nice lunch and VERY tedious drive home in the rain, worth it.  Or "a wash", at least.  No pun intended.

Comment #21 by Bancxman (anonymous) posted on
Why do some of you persist in trashing NNALEA? This isn't a huge organization and I doubt if their primary objective is to facilitate memberships in the JFCU. Although joining is one means of attaining eligibility for membership in the JFCU, this is merely a collateral benefit. The real purpose of this organization is to support Native American law enforcement. It's not some front organization set up by a credit union to evade membership eligibility rules. (Although I admit joining a few of those.) So, I doubt if NNALEA can reasonably be expected to instantaneously process membership applications submitted by one time members intent only upon exploiting a loophole for joining JFCU.  Moreover, as I noted in my previous comment, for an extra few bucks, you could have joined the NSA and saved yourselves a lot of hassle.

Comment #22 by Anonymous posted on
I opened an account with Juctice cc and everything went very smoothly.  It took 1 1/2 days to get the NNALEA membership number via email, which I mailed to Justice cc, on Fri 2/25/11, along with a notorized copy of my drivers license, a signed account application and my deposit check. My account was opened on Moday 2/28/11.

Comment #23 by Anonymous posted on
This 2% special ended as of yesterday 3/1.  Today 3/2, the rate is back to 1%.