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It's Official: ING Direct Now Offers Paper Checks



ING Direct was a little late in finally releasing its paper checks. We had been told that paper checks were going to be released on July 27th, but the release was delayed. I'm happy to report that it's now officially released. You can read all the details about the paper checks at this ING Direct help page.

The info that I was told in July was accurate. You can only order checks directly from ING Direct, and the cost is $5 for a book of 50 paper checks. When you receive the checks in the mail, you have to activate them before using them. If you don't, the checks will be rejected. According to ING Direct, this is done for security reasons:

We take security and privacy very seriously. Activating your checkbook ensures us that you received the checkbook and prevents someone else from writing checks if your checkbook is lost or stolen before you activate it.

This American Banker article (hat tip WhataBummer) describes why ING Direct has given up on being totally paperless:

"there was enough demand [for paper checks] in the market, unfortunately," says Todd Sandler, ING Direct's head of product strategy. "It's not something that our customers want; it's really something they need. ... Customers begrudgingly feel that they need to have paper checks until the rest of the world catches up."

It's nice to see that ING Direct recognized this need for an occasional paper check. I would prefer if the checks were free like what Ally Bank offers. However, if you keep $100K or more in this account to take advantage of the top rate, you might not mind the $5 fee in exchange for the extra security.

The article also mentioned another recent security addition at ING Direct, its Personal Finance Access Code that can be given to aggregators like for read-only access to the account.

In my opinion, it's nice to see ING Direct is focused on security. Hopefully, this will continue as it merges into Capital One.

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Comment #1 by Anonymous posted on
I will go with a bank that offers a high rate and free checks.

Comment #2 by Bancxman (anonymous) posted on
I received mine in the mail this morning. Activating them took virtually no effort. They're also the same tacky orange color as everything else associated with ING. Not letting customers order refills from mail order printing companies could be a problem though. Let's see what, if anything, Capital One does about that. Personally, I always saw ING as sort of a counterweight to Capital One. Now that they're one company, I would expect to witness a decline in deposit rates and an increase in the cost of everything else.

Comment #3 by chimay palmer (anonymous) posted on
chimay palmer
aka t maker when will the bank  failure list be ready ? 

Comment #4 by RJM posted on
The case for capital one keeping the good rates is they have pretty good rates themselves. Particularly the costco deal. (Im not a costco member, sams is closer)

Theres no question I would NOT open a capital one account because of their treatment of me as a credit card customer many years ago.  But, I might just stick with ING for now.

Years ago, they forced me to pay a fee that they wouldnt waive because they said they didnt get my payment on time.

Im positive I sent it. So I closed my account.

Comment #5 by Bancxman (anonymous) posted on
My point was that Capital One had to compete over the internet for funds with ING.  Hence the higher rates. Now that ING is gone, there's one less major competitor.  Because of recent expansion, Capital One also has a more complicated business model. This includes over 1,000 physical branches. That's a lot of overhead.  One way to cover some of that is to cut interest rates and increase service fees. Since loan demand is slack, they can run off a lot of ING's customers and still come out ahead. I don't see anything positive coming out of this merger or, for that matter, the wave of bank mergers that have swept the industry over the last two decades. It's time to start enforcing the antitrust statutes.

Comment #6 by Anonymous posted on
With over 7,000 banks still remaining in the US, not to mention an untold number of credit unions, I think one would be hard pressed to argue that any two banks merging violates antitrust law.

There are already limits in place on what percentage of deposits a bank may hold in various markets.

Comment #7 by Bancxman (anonymous) posted on
Anonymous 6 - I'm calling you out on your comment.  Show me the legal authority which restricts the percentage of deposits that a bank may hold in in a market.  And I don't mean the 30% restriction on deposits in a state (which some states have waived) or the 10% restriction on nationwide deposits.

Comment #8 by palmer chiamy (anonymous) posted on
palmer chiamy
lighten up bank man life is 2 short kick back w a couple of cold ones

Comment #9 by PAXIL (anonymous) posted on
i agree with ocho head out to buzzys bacxman

Comment #11 by The Walking Dead (anonymous) posted on
The Walking Dead
So, tell 'bank man' to lighten up and meanwhile he can be another of the doped masses to just chill out while the whole world comes apart at the hinges. Yeah, let's head out to Scrappy's and get a Corona or Bud and give it all up! Do any of you folks realize that ignorance over finances has helped lead us into this economic Hellpit? That and the most probable idea that there are also those that actually orchestrated the financial system to fall apart. Yes- orchestrated. If people can still be thinking that no one would be nefarious enough or powerful or secretive enough to do this then perhaps they can have tea with Alice, the rabbit, Mad-Hatter, and some others through the looking glass-- since everything IMPOSSIBLE that is happening now and especially over the last decade or so, is merely all fantasy.

Why I say this is that maybe people need to WAKE UP. At least this guy seems to maybe care about some kind of financial integrity or give some kind of flip. But, maybe he should just grill a hot dog and chug a few beers- since it all doesn't matter anyway. Really, those that make the inane comments-- are you the ones that are of a political party (any party) that when they tell you to jump you say "Oh! Tell me how high, PLEASE!!!"? Oh, and the only people to blame for the financial crisis was the bankers. Government has nothing to do with it. They are the savior. Their hands were not in the cookie jar- only another fantasy.

Another thing- I remember when Bush was in office- people were so concerned about infringement on civil liberty with the 'Patriot' Act. Well, then those of other political party give a ---- when their guy does it. And the war thing too- which I am against. Evil Republican goes to War and gets blasted. Democrat makes more dumb war decisions and gets a pass. I say to hell with both of them and their ideologies. I won't even go into the idea that there are other people behind this that have little political loyalty. Oh, yes- NEW World 'Order'. Another figment of the imagination- no mind that New World Order isn't necessarily an identifiable group, but what the state of our world has increasingly become-- what we are LIVING IN! If people want to continue ignoring the multiple elephants in the room, well, I guess that- sadly- kind of DESERVES slavery.

Anyway, let's just drink a few beers, watch another stupid big-budget movie, cheerlead one of the failed political ideologies like a robot, 'social' network (ha, ha), and more beers and whatever else people might brainlessly do. I forgot about watching sports. You know- I don't think even having **** or being a real living being is the same anymore. It's all compromised. At least smoking is banned everywhere. We are all saved and have nothing to fear because of it. (sarcasm.?!)

Oh, long story short- maybe the guy is not just a neanderthal. I'm not a financial person, but perhaps people SHOULD give an iota of attention to it. Better censor my comment since free speech is a myth and there can't be any friction or bruised feelings. Oh, Big Brother-- another fictional entity. Never would happen to our world/ country. Well, take care.

Comment #12 by prozac thats (anonymous) posted on
prozac thats
buzzzys for a black and tan vaya con dios

Comment #13 by Anonymous posted on