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Capital One 360’s Financial Independence Days Sale


Capital One 360

Update 7/1/2013: The Financial Independence Days Sale has begun. Please refer to my Financial Independence Days Sale review for the full details.

Capital One 360 is continuing the Independence Day promotions. On Capital One 360’s home page, they’re advertising the upcoming “Financial Independence Days Sale”, but as usual, there are no promotion details. The sale begins on July 1st 12:00 AM ET and ends on July 3rd 11:59 PM ET (next Monday through Wednesday). We'll have to wait for Monday before we can learn all the details.

Update: I just received this from my Capital One 360 contact. It provides a few details about the upcoming promotion:

– Customers who open their first 360 Checking Account can earn a bonus of $100 for 5 card transactions and/or any CheckMate* deposits within 45 days of opening the account.

– Customers also have a chance to double their deposits during the promotion and through July 18. Customers who make a deposit using CheckMate will be entered for a chance to double that check amount, up to $3,000. For those on Twitter, customers can also follow @capitalone360, tweet what they would love to double using #DoubleYourDough and @capitalone360 for a chance to win $2,000.

The conversion of ING DIRECT to Capital One 360 was completed on February 1st. It wasn’t clear if they would continue all the past ING DIRECT promotions, but it looks like Capital One is letting Capital One 360 (the new ING DIRECT) operate like it has in the past.

For the 4 years, ING DIRECT has offered promotions on Black Fridays (after Thanksgiving) and before the Fourth of July. You can see what they offered in past promotions in my old posts:

Note, the Electric Orange (EO) account is now called 360 Checking. Nice EO bonuses have been common. The size of these bonuses have often been larger than the standard bonuses that are regularly offered. However, these bonuses have only been for new EO/360 customers. Readers have commented that the bonuses were only for those who NEVER had opened an EO/360 Checking before. Apparently, Capital One 360/ING DIRECT has been very strict about this.

Most of the past promotions have been for new customers, but last year they did include some promotions applicable for existing customers such as the refer-a-friend promotion and the debit card cashback bonuses.

The 2009 Black Friday had the best promos for existing customers with a competitive rate on its 1-year CD. We haven't seen another CD promo since then, so I'll be surprised if we see one this time. With a 1-year Capital One 360 CD rate that's currently only 0.40%, I don't have much hope for a good CD deal. Its CD rates have been uncompetitive (compared to other internet banks) for the last several years. It’s strange that Capital One 360’s savings account currently has a higher rate than its 48-month CD.

You can see how Capital One 360 checking compares to Ally's checking account in my new internet checking review.

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Comment #1 by Anonymous posted on
Careful with these.......they like to offer promotions without bothering to tell you that if you have had one will not qualify. Not even in the fine print. I will not do business with them again.

Comment #2 by RJM posted on
I just noticed that they are now giving away your first book of checks free at Cap1.

Used to be $5 and additional orders will still be $5.

I hadnt ordered any because of the $5 before but for free, I went ahead & did it. I dont write many checks but last month between transfer outs and 2 checks, I almost reached my limit of 6 transactions per month at my ALLY money market.

I also have an Ally checking but I prefer INGs setup more so I pay my bills & stuff from ING.

I like to call them ING still because Cap 1 has such a negative impression with me.

I swore I was going to close my accounts because of a past wrong by Cap1 a dozen years or so ago over a late fee on a credit card. I wasnt late. They said I was and refused to remove the late fee. Closed the acct and have been bad talking them ever since.

I did remove 99.7% of my money however. And now I just keep a little in my savings & even less in my checking. And I use it for billpay.

Allys billpay & transfer system is harder to navigate & get used to.

I like INGs but ING only allows 3 connected outside accounts.


Comment #3 by Anonymous posted on
..this 360 Checking account would be grrrrreat IF it reimburses ATM fees charged by ATM owners. I'm sick of trying to figure out where all the free Allpoint and CaptialOne Bank ATMs are. 1 or 2 reimbursements per month would make this more attractive than say Ally Bank's Interest checking or money market account.

Comment #4 by Anonymous posted on
If one has a Capital One checking account, but is not and has never had a 360 account or ING account, is this promo available? 

Comment #5 by Anonymous posted on
#4-I would guess you qualify.......But don't count on it. They don't even put it in the fine print.  You pretty much have to just open the account and then see what happens. I did......and then these "people" told me I don't qualify. Really angered me. I can certainly understand that they don't offer it to people that have already had one......but they don't say that!!!!  Just put it in the fine print and it would not bother me. I will not do business with them again. Their loss. I'm not rich but I keep a decent amount of money in banks. Not theirs ever again!!

Comment #6 by Maecl posted on
Another 4th promo that offered nothing for me.  I was hoping for a decent CD offer.

Comment #7 by Anonymous posted on
Really?  Who cares?