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Lol, Sounds Like "Sean From San Francisco" Might Be An Employee At This Company Or Have A Family

Thursday, February 4, 2010 - 9:33 AMBank of the Sierra
Lol, sounds like "Sean from San Francisco" might be an employee at this company or have a family member that works at it.  I see this kind of stuff on Yelp and other websites all the time so it is easy to spot.  Notice how he didn't address Essie's specific problem and just made a generalization about how great the company is?  (While making a sales pitch I should add about the interest rate and how is better than your typical savings account).  “Sean” says:  “I do not agree with Essie.  The bank provides 4.09% return on the checking account, which far exceeds my savings at Wells Fargo (0.5 %).”  Essie said nothing contesting this.  This is a classic sign:  don’t address specifics of a person’s complaint, make generalizations about how great the company is, and pitch the products.

The reason Essie received the B.S. denial is because they make no money off savings accounts--at least not as many fees as they collect from debit and credit transactions from checking accounts.  (Though I would recommend she verify her information with all three credit agencies and not just one).  This is why they make stipulations about using your debit card so many times in a month to qualify for the 4.09%--something they can take away at anytime and likely will within a few months--so that it is worth it to the bank to give you that interest rate.  But hey, if you can get a return from having one of these accounts, meaning the interest you receive out weighs the transaction fees you accrue from using your debit card (usually around $1.00 - $2.00 per transaction) then why not? 

I, however, will not be doing business with a company that feels the need to have one of its goons pretend to be an actual consumer.  I'd advise everyone to stay away from such shady practices.
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