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I Opened The 4% High Yield Checking Account About Two Months Ago And Am Very Impressed With The Bank

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 - 8:55 AMCambridge Savings Bank
I opened the 4% high yield checking account about two months ago and am very impressed with the bank. The on-line process to open the account was easy. It took about a week to get the debit card that is required to get the high interest rate. I had a couple of questions in the first couple of weeks that I e-mailed to customer service through their site, and I received clear answers right away. Their web site is excellent (though I have not been able to get bill pay to work in firefox; I have to use Internet Explorer to use bill pay) and easy to use.

If I have complaints, it's that the $5.00 monthly fee if you don't make 20 debit payments a month is not clearly disclosed until after you open the account. Also, I use Quicken, and it was a little confusing to set up web connect: it requires a separate password. At this point, I can get my Cambridge Savings Bank transactions into Quicken but they all must be matched manually, something that is not a problem at any other bank.

In summary, the traditional banking services have been excellent, setting up the account was pretty easy, customer service is top notch. Some minor issues related to Quicken exist; I'll blame that on Intuit and give the bank an excellent rating.
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