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My Husbandjust Rolled Over An IRA With USAA

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 - 6:51 AMUSAA Bank
My husband just rolled over an IRA with USAA. We have been CD customers with USAA for a few years, I really like their customer service and we especially like that the employees are not given a bonus for the amount of accounts they "sell" giving us the feeling that they are there to help us and not the bank or there to earn a bonus for themselves. 

We did get a 7 year CD because we are near our RMD period. USAA bank will accomodate taking all the RMD required from all IRA's even from other institutions from their IRA CD without a penalty. Also any amount taken out for a Roth conversion can be taken out without a penalty as long as the minimum $250 was kept in the original CD. I was told that you could even convert the whole CD to a Roth if you wanted without penalty. This convienience is what we were especially impressed with.
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