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Wells Fargo Account Holders: Take Note

Thursday, September 19, 2013 - 8:26 AMWells Fargo Bank - Details
Lately I've been hit with numerous requests to convert from mailed statements to on-line only. Normal procedure for me is to just hit the button "not now" or "remind me later". Yesterday I got an e-mail from Wells Fargo indicating that my account statements would in the future be "on-line" only. This as a result of their initiation and thru no effort on my part. Well that didn't seem right without any prior notification or justification. A call to Wells Fargo and the subsequent conversation with a CSR reulted in a she couldn't explain why the email was sent as there was no record on her end and that the only way WF would change statement preferences is if the account holder requested it. I told her it hade been done and that I had to go in the "my preferences" section of the account and change it back. I then asked to confirm that the action was indicated on her end and that if I understood everything the action would not happen again unless I requested it and or WF sent me notification that it would take place and give me options. That was confirmed.

Account holders at WF, take note of any notices or alerts you get through e-mail. You might find things happening that you may not desire.
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