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ING People - Are You Staying Put Or Jumping Ship?

Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 8:45 AMING DIRECT
All the rage is on Twitter, which is understandable due to people's love for ING(me being one of them).

I'm not looking forward to the merger after me dealing with the Wells Fachovia debacle, and also being so happy with ING Direct.

Yeah, this is a business decision, it's all about money(literally), but Capital One isn't stupid.  They are new to the brick & mortar business, compared to the others, so I'm hoping they want to continue with the innovation and model that made ING Direct so popular.  They know ING customers and the dedication, I'm really banking(ha) on ING Direct(or what we know of it) to keep up how amazing it is, even being owned by Cap1.  Maybe Capital One will be improved thanks to this purchase?

I've decided to stay put to see what happens.  I just hope my e-mails from the bank continue to be comedic and orange, and not depicting Jerry Stiller, or barbarians.
mikeloganmikelogan5 posts since
Feb 16, 2012
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