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written by Ken Tumin

Banks and credit unions are battling it out for deposits...\r\nSee More\r\n


Banks and credit unions are battling it out for deposits. Competition among financial institutions provides investors a broad menu of choices when it comes to certificates of deposit (CDs). We track daily rates from thousands of institutions to help you compare the best CD rates and find the best deal on your next CD. This table compares CDs of all maturities, making it easy to find the highest CD rate regardless of term. The highest rate CD often doesn’t have the longest term.

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Banks and credit unions are battling it out for deposits. Competition among financial institutions provides investors a broad menu of choices when it comes to certificates of deposit (CDs). We track daily rates from thousands of institutions to help you compare the best CD rates and find the best deal on your next CD. This table compares CDs of all maturities, making it easy to find the highest CD rate regardless of term. The highest rate CD often doesn’t have the longest term.

\r\n","StateBlurb":"Compare certificate of deposit rates in [state]. Rates on CD products can vary greatly between banks. That is why we check both national and local banks every day to provide you with a wide selection of CD rates available in [state]. If we have missed a local bank in your area please contact us and let us know by using the email link below.","Active":true,"MinAmount":0.0000,"MaxAmount":999999999.0000,"MinTerm":1,"MaxTerm":9999,"AdditionalProducts":"2,1","Tags":"-youth,-club,-misc,-business,-relationship,-health","PageTitle":"Best CD Rates for [date] | DepositAccounts","StatePageTitle":"[state] Certificate of Deposit Rates","DefaultAmount":25000.0000,"Meta":"Compare CD rates for thousands of banks and credit unions in the U.S. to find the best certificates of deposit available.","StateMeta":"","Article":"","ShortName":"CD-Rates","IsSectionIdNull":false,"IsNameNull":false,"IsInformaCodeNull":false,"IsUrlNull":false,"IsBlurbNull":false,"IsStateBlurbNull":false,"IsActiveNull":false,"IsMinAmountNull":false,"IsMaxAmountNull":false,"IsMinTermNull":false,"IsMaxTermNull":false,"IsAdditionalProductsNull":false,"IsTagsNull":false,"IsPageTitleNull":false,"IsStatePageTitleNull":false,"IsDefaultAmountNull":false,"IsMetaNull":false,"IsStateMetaNull":false,"IsArticleNull":false,"IsShortNameNull":false,"FullUrl":"/cd/","TagArray":[],"NegativeTagArray":["youth","club","misc","business","relationship","health"]},"Ad":null,"NationalRate":3.9805,"Score":50.0},{"Account":{"CharterType":"Community","CharterDmas":",803,804,","CharterAffiliations":"","AdCopy":"","TrackingPixel":"","Tags":"","EstimatedEpc":0.0,"PromoText":"","BlendedApy":false,"EstimatedEarnings":0.0,"DisplayName":"Side Share","ProductGroupId":0,"ProductGroupName":"","BankId":18807,"SectionId":2,"Id":67807,"BankUrl":"altura-cu.html","ProductName":"Side Share","BankName":"Altura Credit Union","Apy":0.1,"RewardRate":0.0,"MinAmount":0.0,"MaxAmount":999999999.0,"ClickUrl":"","LastUpdated":"2023-12-03T21:40:07.31","InstitutionType":"CU","Term":0,"MaxTerm":0,"States":"CA","OnlineStates":"CA","OtherAccounts":null,"TierGroups":[{"DisplayName":"Deposit Rate","Tiers":[{"Id":108900,"Min":0.0,"Max":999999999.0,"Apy":0.1}],"Id":40945,"Tags":"","TierType":"deposit"}],"HqRates":false,"Ewp":0,"Variants":"","ReviewCount":3,"HasLogo":true,"FederallyInsured":true,"CuOpenStates":"CA","DmaCodes":",803,804,","Locations":22,"HasSelectedTier":false},"ComparisonAccount":null,"Product":{"Id":9,"SectionId":2,"Name":"Best High Yield Savings Accounts","InformaCode":"DP02001","Url":"","Blurb":"
written by Ken Tumin

Interest rates on savings accounts vary greatly, which means you need to shop around to find your best rate available. It’s possible to find rates over 5.25%, while the average savings account rate stands at around 0.48% (as of November 2023). This is why we check rates daily at more than 5,000 U.S. banks and credit unions, to make it easy for you to gain the best possible return on your savings. The savings account table below allows you to compare savings account rates offered by financial institutions such as online banks, credit unions, community banks and the big nationwide banks.

\r\n","StateBlurb":"Compare rates on personal savings accounts in [state]. We check both the national banks and local banks in [state] every day to provide you with the most current savings account rates available in your area. If there is a local bank you would like to see listed here, let us know and we'll do our best to add it.","Active":true,"MinAmount":0.0000,"MaxAmount":24999.9900,"MinTerm":0,"MaxTerm":0,"AdditionalProducts":"","Tags":"-business,-health,-edu,-youth,-club,-retirement,-reward,-misc,-relationship","PageTitle":"High Yield Savings Accounts – Daily Rates | DepositAccounts","StatePageTitle":"[state] Savings Account Rates","DefaultAmount":25000.0000,"Meta":"Compare savings accounts from banks and credit unions across the country and see who's currently offering the best savings account rates.","StateMeta":"","Article":"","ShortName":"Savings","IsSectionIdNull":false,"IsNameNull":false,"IsInformaCodeNull":false,"IsUrlNull":false,"IsBlurbNull":false,"IsStateBlurbNull":false,"IsActiveNull":false,"IsMinAmountNull":false,"IsMaxAmountNull":false,"IsMinTermNull":false,"IsMaxTermNull":false,"IsAdditionalProductsNull":false,"IsTagsNull":false,"IsPageTitleNull":false,"IsStatePageTitleNull":false,"IsDefaultAmountNull":false,"IsMetaNull":false,"IsStateMetaNull":false,"IsArticleNull":false,"IsShortNameNull":false,"FullUrl":"/savings/","TagArray":[],"NegativeTagArray":["business","health","edu","youth","club","retirement","reward","misc","relationship"]},"Ad":null,"NationalRate":0.4928,"Score":50.0},{"Account":{"CharterType":"Community","CharterDmas":",803,804,","CharterAffiliations":"","AdCopy":"","TrackingPixel":"","Tags":"","EstimatedEpc":0.0,"PromoText":"","BlendedApy":false,"EstimatedEarnings":0.0,"DisplayName":"Ascend Checking","ProductGroupId":0,"ProductGroupName":"","BankId":18807,"SectionId":3,"Id":374593,"BankUrl":"altura-cu.html","ProductName":"Ascend Checking","BankName":"Altura Credit Union","Apy":0.2,"RewardRate":0.0,"MinAmount":50000.0,"MaxAmount":999999999.0,"ClickUrl":"","LastUpdated":"2023-12-03T21:40:07.31","InstitutionType":"CU","Term":0,"MaxTerm":0,"States":"CA","OnlineStates":"CA","OtherAccounts":null,"TierGroups":[{"DisplayName":"Deposit Rate","Tiers":[{"Id":635916,"Min":50000.0,"Max":999999999.0,"Apy":0.2},{"Id":635917,"Min":10000.0,"Max":49999.99,"Apy":0.05}],"Id":273092,"Tags":"","TierType":"deposit"}],"HqRates":false,"Ewp":0,"Variants":"","ReviewCount":3,"HasLogo":true,"FederallyInsured":true,"CuOpenStates":"CA","DmaCodes":",803,804,","Locations":22,"HasSelectedTier":false},"ComparisonAccount":null,"Product":{"Id":13,"SectionId":3,"Name":"Standard Checking Accounts","InformaCode":"DP01001","Url":"","Blurb":"
written by Ken Tumin | Updated on September 21, 2022

Checking accounts are a dime a dozen. Banking institutions offer checking accounts with branding such as Gold, Silver, Green, High Interest, Free, Student, Sports Teams, etc. The vast majority of Americans have, at some point, opened a checking account at one of the 14,000+ banking institutions across the country. The abundance of choices represents bonus features that accompany the primary purpose of checking: to provide security for cash and easy access to funds when needed to complete a transaction.


But which do you choose? Compare personal checking accounts from banks and credit unions. Below, you’ll also find some of the history, features and benefits of checking accounts.

\r\n","StateBlurb":"Compare rates on personal checking accounts in [state].. Our system checks the rates of many national banks as well as regional banks in [state] every day to provide you with a single list of current interest bearing checking account rates in your area. If we have missed a local bank in your area please let us know by using the email link below.","Active":true,"MinAmount":100.0000,"MaxAmount":999999999.0000,"MinTerm":0,"MaxTerm":0,"AdditionalProducts":"","Tags":"-reward,-business,-health,-youth,-club,-misc,-relationship,-cashback","PageTitle":"Compare Checking Account Rates in [date] | DepositAccounts","StatePageTitle":"[state] Checking Account Rates","DefaultAmount":10000.0000,"Meta":"Compare checking account rates for thousands of banks and credit unions across the country and discover which have the best checking accounts available.","StateMeta":"","Article":"","ShortName":"Checking","IsSectionIdNull":false,"IsNameNull":false,"IsInformaCodeNull":false,"IsUrlNull":false,"IsBlurbNull":false,"IsStateBlurbNull":false,"IsActiveNull":false,"IsMinAmountNull":false,"IsMaxAmountNull":false,"IsMinTermNull":false,"IsMaxTermNull":false,"IsAdditionalProductsNull":false,"IsTagsNull":false,"IsPageTitleNull":false,"IsStatePageTitleNull":false,"IsDefaultAmountNull":false,"IsMetaNull":false,"IsStateMetaNull":false,"IsArticleNull":false,"IsShortNameNull":false,"FullUrl":"/checking/","TagArray":[],"NegativeTagArray":["reward","business","health","youth","club","misc","relationship","cashback"]},"Ad":null,"NationalRate":0.2458,"Score":20.0},{"Account":{"CharterType":"Community","CharterDmas":",803,804,","CharterAffiliations":"","AdCopy":"","TrackingPixel":"","Tags":"","EstimatedEpc":0.0,"PromoText":"","BlendedApy":false,"EstimatedEarnings":0.0,"DisplayName":"Smart Money Market","ProductGroupId":0,"ProductGroupName":"","BankId":18807,"SectionId":5,"Id":67811,"BankUrl":"altura-cu.html","ProductName":"Smart Money Market","BankName":"Altura Credit Union","Apy":0.2,"RewardRate":0.0,"MinAmount":50000.0,"MaxAmount":999999999.0,"ClickUrl":"","LastUpdated":"2023-12-03T21:40:07.31","InstitutionType":"CU","Term":0,"MaxTerm":0,"States":"CA","OnlineStates":"CA","OtherAccounts":null,"TierGroups":[{"DisplayName":"Deposit Rate","Tiers":[{"Id":108906,"Min":50000.0,"Max":999999999.0,"Apy":0.2},{"Id":108905,"Min":10000.0,"Max":49999.99,"Apy":0.15},{"Id":108904,"Min":0.0,"Max":9999.99,"Apy":0.1}],"Id":174056,"Tags":"","TierType":"deposit"}],"HqRates":false,"Ewp":0,"Variants":"","ReviewCount":3,"HasLogo":true,"FederallyInsured":true,"CuOpenStates":"CA","DmaCodes":",803,804,","Locations":22,"HasSelectedTier":false},"ComparisonAccount":null,"Product":{"Id":22,"SectionId":5,"Name":"Money Market Accounts","InformaCode":"DP02001","Url":"","Blurb":"
written by Ken Tumin | Updated on September 21, 2022

A money market account (MMA) has a unique set of features that makes it a hybrid of a savings account and a checking account. Money market accounts offer high interest rates, and also easy access to your money.


The money market accounts listed in the table below are sorted according to rates, from highest to lowest. This table lets you compare money market accounts from banks and credit unions — use the filter box to customize your results. Read on to learn more about the history, distinct features and benefits of these accounts.

\r\n","StateBlurb":"Compare rates on [state] money market accounts. Every day, we check both the national banks and regional banks in [state] to provide you with the most current money market rates available. We try hard to list as many local banks as possible so if there is one you would like to see listed here, please let us know and we'll do our best to add it. ","Active":true,"MinAmount":10000.0000,"MaxAmount":24999.9900,"MinTerm":0,"MaxTerm":0,"AdditionalProducts":"","Tags":"-business,-youth,-club,-edu,-retirement,-misc,-relationship","PageTitle":"Money Market Account Rates in [date] | DepositAccounts","StatePageTitle":"[state] Money Market Accounts","DefaultAmount":10000.0000,"Meta":"Compare money market account rates on more than 14,000 of the most popular banks and credit unions in the U.S. Discover which institutiuons currently offer the best money market accounts.","StateMeta":"","Article":"","ShortName":"Money Market","IsSectionIdNull":false,"IsNameNull":false,"IsInformaCodeNull":false,"IsUrlNull":false,"IsBlurbNull":false,"IsStateBlurbNull":false,"IsActiveNull":false,"IsMinAmountNull":false,"IsMaxAmountNull":false,"IsMinTermNull":false,"IsMaxTermNull":false,"IsAdditionalProductsNull":false,"IsTagsNull":false,"IsPageTitleNull":false,"IsStatePageTitleNull":false,"IsDefaultAmountNull":false,"IsMetaNull":false,"IsStateMetaNull":false,"IsArticleNull":false,"IsShortNameNull":false,"FullUrl":"/moneymarket/","TagArray":[],"NegativeTagArray":["business","youth","club","edu","retirement","misc","relationship"]},"Ad":null,"NationalRate":0.8401,"Score":20.0}];

Overview / Commentary
2847 Campus Pkwy
Riverside, CA 92507

Altura Credit Union is headquartered in Riverside and is the 25th largest credit union in the state of California. It is also the 175th largest credit union in the nation. It was established in 1957 and as of June of 2023, it had grown to 389 employees and 183,135 members at 22 locations. Altura Credit Union has a B health rating.

Field of Membership Restrictions

Membership in Altura Credit Union is open to those who live, work, attend school or worship in the California counties of Riverside or San Diego, or the Orange County cities of Anaheim, Garden Grove, Irvine, or Santa Ana, or the San Bernardino County cities of Fontana, Ontario, or Rancho Cucamonga.
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Reviews (3)

30 Year Member

Posted by: |

I became a member when this institution was the Riverside County Employees Federal Credit Union. The name has changed, we've merged with a few other credit union, but I continue to get good service. When there have been problems, and I can count them on one hand in30 years, a phone call or a quick trip to a branch is all it's taken to clear it up. Checking accounts are free with direct deposit. The ATM access is fairly good, stand alone network ATMs in grocery stores, 7 11, etc. Web access is good. I do wish they had a mobile app for Windows, but they've done fairly good with Android and iPhone. All in all I'm not changing banks anytime soon.

10 year customer honest opinion

Posted by: |

I joined Altura around 2006 because CU's (in general) are great to belong to since they are not for profit. I enjoined the small town feel of the branch I went to and being recognized by the few employees working at the branch less about a mile from my house. I even opened up savings accounts for both of my daughters at the same branch. It was convenient and had 2 ATM's with no lines....ever. I was disappointed when my wife's bank started doing mobile deposits and Altura did not.

After a few years of banking with Altura CU, they closed the branch close to me (one of 3 in the valley where I live). They then closed another branch, leaving only one branch on the far end of the valley from me. To serve a valley with a population of around 100k residents, this final branch had only one ATM. Even after adding a second ATM, there are often long lines. They started offering mobile deposits recently but it was "too little, too late". I recently switched to another national bank and am very happy there.

Overall, Altura is not a bad place to bank and the customer service (employees) is great. But overall, compared to many banking institutions I have done business with over the past 25 years, it is just average.

Closing Of Branches And Poor Website For On-Line Banking

Posted by: |

Closing the Temecula and Murrieta branches has left customers isolated and dependent upon the old branch ATMs and the on-line banking system. Now, the Temecula bank ATM has been boarded up, and the on-line banking since January 11 does not allow Verizon customers to log-in to do business with the bank. The bank says that it is Verizon's fault - speed of the internet service - but Verizon technicians find that the speeds are no different than they were a week ago. In today's market, this is poor business process for customers. Hopefully, Altura will do a better investigation of the program and will provide solutions and communication with customers with the options and results.

AA Temecula, CA


Health Grade Components

NCUA #62799
Year Chartered1957
Primary Regulator
Profit Margin
Return on Assets - YTD0.6%
Return on Equity - YTD11.22%
Annual Interest Income$44.5MM
Assets and Liabilities
AssetsQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$2.54B$2.41B
LoansQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$1.57B$1.37B
DepositsQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$2.16B$2.23B
Equity CapitalQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$135.1MM$145.4MM
Loan Loss AllowanceQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$0$11.1MM
Unbacked Noncurrent LoansQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$4.2MM$3.4MM
Real Estate OwnedQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$0$0
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Always verify rates and promotions with the bank or credit union. We are not Altura Credit Union; we are a rate comparison website and cannot provide official rates or promotions.

* The APY shown varies based on the deposit amount. Expand the listing to see APYs for other deposit amounts.

Altura Credit Union Savings Account Rates

0.25%--IRA Accumulator
0.25%--IRA Roth Accumulator
0.10%--Regular Share Savings
0.10%--Side Share
0.10%--Holiday Savings
0.10%$250-Business Saving

Altura Credit Union Money Market Rates

1.40%*$50k*-Prestige Money Market
OTHER TIERS: 1.10% Up to $10k | 1.20% $10k - $50k
0.20%*$50k*-Smart Money Market
OTHER TIERS: 0.10% Up to $10k | 0.15% $10k - $50k
0.20%*$2.5k*-Business Prestige Money Market
OTHER TIERS: 0.15% Up to $2.5k
0.10%--Business Smart Money Market

Altura Credit Union Checking Account Rates

0.60%$10k-Wealth Builder Checking
0.20%*$50k*-Ascend Checking
OTHER TIERS: 0.05% $10k - $50k
0.05%--Basic Business Checking
0.05%$250-Club Business Checking

Altura Credit Union CD Rates

1.25%*$100k*-60 Month Share Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 1.15% $1k - $100k
1.25%*$100k*-Business 60 Month Share Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 1.15% $1k - $100k
1.05%*$100k*-48 Month Share Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 0.95% $1k - $100k
1.05%*$100k*-Business 48 Month Share Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 0.95% $1k - $100k
0.85%*$100k*-36 Month Share Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 0.75% $1k - $100k
0.85%*$100k*-Business 36 Month Share Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 0.75% $1k - $100k
0.80%*$100k*-24 Month Share Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 0.70% $1k - $100k
0.80%*$100k*-Business 24 Month Share Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 0.70% $1k - $100k
0.70%*$100k*-50/50 Share Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 0.60% $50 - $100k
0.65%*$100k*-12 Month Share Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 0.55% $1k - $100k
0.65%*$100k*-Business 12 Month Share Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 0.55% $1k - $100k
0.55%*$100k*-6 Month Share Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 0.45% $1k - $100k
0.55%*$100k*-Business 6 Month Share Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 0.45% $1k - $100k
0.50%*$100k*-3 Month Share Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 0.40% $1k - $100k
0.50%*$100k*-Business 3 Month Share Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 0.40% $1k - $100k

Altura Credit Union IRA Rates

1.35%*$100k*-60 Month IRA
OTHER TIERS: 1.25% $1k - $100k
1.15%*$100k*-48 Month IRA
OTHER TIERS: 1.05% $1k - $100k
0.95%*$100k*-36 Month IRA
OTHER TIERS: 0.85% $1k - $100k
0.90%*$100k*-24 Month IRA
OTHER TIERS: 0.80% $1k - $100k
0.75%*$100k*-12 Month IRA
OTHER TIERS: 0.65% $1k - $100k
0.65%*$100k*-6 Month IRA
OTHER TIERS: 0.55% $1k - $100k
0.60%*$100k*-3 Month IRA
OTHER TIERS: 0.50% $1k - $100k


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