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Centennial Bank and Trust

Overview / Commentary
707 17Th Street, Suite 2950
Denver, CO 80202

Centennial Bank and Trust is no longer doing business under that name because it has been merged or acquired. See the successor institution Citywide Banks.

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Reviews (7)

Service 2Nd To None

Posted by: Anonymous | Dec 14, 2011

Opened an account at Summit Bank & Trust's Broomfield office recently and was blown away by their service quality. Personal banker named Ashley helped me find the right checking account, added a debit card and internet banking for me, and in less than 20 minutes I was on my way. When I got my debit card they were able to assist me in getting my PIN changed to one I wanted. The bank not only has a warm feeling about it, their staff is friendly and knowledgeable. On top of that, my new Cash Rewards account is earning me 3.03%. I should have left US Bank a long time ago.

Great Local Bank

I began banking with Summit Bank & Trust after I moved to the area from Atlanta.  With the banking debacle I was/am not interested in banking with one of the mega banks.  I wanted a strong bank with a community bank feel.  I found this at Summit Bank in Erie.  The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.  After one or two visits they recognized me and call me by name.  I was pleased to open a "free checking" account, that really is free. 

On several occasions I was away on business and they helped me over the phone and over email with my account.  I've been able to make wire transfers without being there face-to-face.  This is a refreshing difference from my big bank experience, which did away with this and required me to sign in person for wire transfers.  My drive-thru experiences are equally as strong.  The staff is always very pleasant, and even my dogs like going the drive-thru, as they get doggie treats. 

I use on-line banking for transfers between Summit and my other banks, located out-of-state.  The transfers are a breeze, and more importantly, there is no charge.  My Atlanta bank charged me $3.00 for every transfer outside the bank, and it took several days.

Another plus that I like is that when I make a deposit it goes into my account immediately.  It doesn't matter if it is after 2pm (a cutoff time for a lot of banks, big and small), or if it's Saturday at 11:45am.  This is great for my personal cash flow.

All in all, I am extremely pleased.  I haven't had one complaint since I began banking with them.

Was Impressed...

2/2012 - went to go in to open an account, I didn't know it but the woman has started the "process" based on the information that I gave her over the phone, so when I went in with kids in tow, I was in and out in about 5-10 minutes. I couldn't believe it! My cost to open the "free" account was $25, $10 for checks. The drive thru has been very friendly and helpful. The one thing that I do not like is I live in a big apartment complex right across the street, apparently my ATM Visa card got sent back to the processing center, I was never called.  I asked about it in the drive thru and I was told it was "resent" to me and to wait another week. So I waited, no card. So I called my personal banker, no call back for 2 days. I said, then when she did call back she asked me to wait another 5 biz days, I agreed, that came and went. I called and said I wanted my card overnighted, she called back and said a "rush" was put on the card and that I should expect it by Friday and I could come to bank to pick it up. Today is Saturday 3/31 (account opened 2/28), no card, no call to follow up. So needless to say, strong start, very poor finish... and the girl said "oh you will love us for our customer service"...  ya

Lack Of Professionalism By Summit Bank

Posted by: Ankrum | Jun 18, 2011

I used to bank at the Summit bank in Thornton.  Although I though the majority of employees who worked there were friendly and helpful, a quasi-managerial employee was incompetent, and dishonest.  When I complained about her behavior, I was told to leave the bank.  If I ran my business like that, I would be out of business in a year!

Not A Good Bank

Posted by: eriegs | Jun 10, 2011

We banked at the Erie branch. Had a good relationship until a couple of days ago when they started charging our customers to cash our checks. They provided no notice of this policy change and refused to talk to us about it. We chose Summit Bank two years ago because they did not charge this fee. Management was very rude and informed us that we were not important enough to them for them to discuss this matter with us.

This is not a bank that I could reccomend in any way, except to stay away from.

Better Banks Available

Posted by: Anonymous | Jan 7, 2011

Customer since they opened. Quality of staff and service has gone downhill. There are a lot of better banks...looks like they are struggling. Too bad - used to be good community bank.

Charge Excessive Fees

Posted by: jd | Aug 25, 2010

Bank posts debits before deposits. Excessive fees, inflexible staff.


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