CFG Bank

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1422 Clarkview Road
Baltimore, MD 21209

CFG Bank is headquartered in LUTHERVILLE and is the 4th largest bank in the state of Maryland. It is also the 295th largest bank in the nation. It was established in 1997 and as of March of 2023, it had grown to 245 employees at 2 locations. CFG Bank's money market rates are 12X the national average, and it has a B+ health rating.

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CD Rate Increase 9-15-23 - 9/15/2023

On their homepage, CFG posted increased rates for their 12-month and 18-month CD's today. 12-month APY is now 5.67%. The 18-month APY is 5.47%. It appears that the 36-month and 60-month rates have stayed the same.

CFG Money Market Increased To 5.20% APY - 8/25/2023

CFG posted a raise in their Money Market rate from 5.17% APY to 5.20% APY. Their CD and other account rates don't appear to have changed. My account showed the change this morning.

CFG CD Rates Lowered .2% Apy - 7/7/2023

CFG Bank has lowered all CD rates across the board, .20 apy. 12 month CD: 5.25% apy-> 5.05% apy 18 month CD: 5.0% apy -> 4.8% apy 36 month CD: 4.5% apy -> 4.3% apy 48 month CD: 4.4% apy -> 4.2% apy

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12/19 - CFG Bank Increased To 4.15% APY
12/12 - CFG 4.05% APY
12/2 - CFG Bank Boosts Money Market and CD Rates
12/1 - CFG Bank Increased To 4.00% APY
11/14 - CFG Bank Boosts All CDs and High Yield Money Market Rates
11/13 - CFG Bank New Rate For HYMM
11/7 - CFG Bank Increased To 3.63% Simple and 3.70% APY
10/31 - CFG Bank HYMM Ups Simple Interest Rate To 3.49%
10/28 - CFG Simple Interest Rate Increased To 3.25%
10/20 - CFG Bank APY Increased To 3.15%
10/12 - CFG HYMM Increased To 3.05% APR (Maybe 3.10% APY)
10/7 - CFG APY Is 3.03% (Correction)
10/6 - CFG Increased To 3.02% APY
10/1 - CFG Bank Now 2.86% Straight Rate (Maybe APY is 2.90%)
9/22 - CFG Increased To 2.74% APY
8/27 - CFG Bank Drops All CD Rates 15-30 Bps
8/24 - CFG Bank Taking New Account Sign-Ups Again
8/11 - CFG Has Temporarily Suspending New Sign-Ups
8/8 - CFG HYMM Now At 2.55%
8/8 - CFG Bank 12-Month CD Rate Soars Upward
8/2 - CFG HYMM Increased To 2.30% APY
8/1 - CFG Bank Boosts Rates On All CDs and High Yield Money Market
7/28 - CFG Increased To 2.10% APY
7/23 - CFG Bank High Yield Money Market Account Is New Rate Leader
7/22 - CFG HYMM Increased To 2.05% APY
7/19 - CFG Increased From 1.72 To 1.87% APY
7/8 - CFG Bank Now 1.72%
7/1 - CFG Bank Hikes Rates of Money Market and 13-Month Penalty Free CD
6/30 - Increase In High Yield Money Market To 1.65% And No Penalty CD To 1.70% APY
6/24 - CFG Bank Rate Increased To 1.30%
6/6 - CFG Bank Ups High Yield MMA and 13-Month Penalty Free CD Rates
6/3 - CFG Bank HYMM Increased To 1.17%
5/16 - CFG Bank High Yield Money Market Is New Rate Leader
5/11 - CFG Community Bank Money Market Rate Up To 1.02% APY
3/28 - CFG Bank Raises Rate On 13-Month Penalty Free CD Again
3/11 - CFG Bank 13-Month Penalty Free CD Is A Near Rate Leader
2/14 - CFG Bank Increases No-Penalty CD Rate
11/20/20 - CFG Bank's Latest Biweekly Rate Cut
11/8/20 - CFG High Yield Money Market Account Dropped To 0.76%
10/21/20 - CFG Bank's Latest Biweekly Rate Cut
10/7/20 - CFG Bank's Biweekly Rate Cut
8/31/20 - ANOTHER CFG Rate Cut!!
8/20/20 - ANOTHER CFG Rate Cut
8/8/20 - CFG Down To 1.04% APY
7/16/20 - CFG Bank's Now Weekly Rate Cut
7/9/20 - CFG's Latest Biweekly Rate Cut
6/23/20 - CFG Bank Dropped To 1.25% APY
6/11/20 - CFG Savings Drops To 1.36%
6/11/20 - CFG Bank Dropped To 1.36% APY For $25,000+
5/29/20 - Now It's CFG Bank's Turn To Lower Its Savings Rates
5/8/20 - High Yield MM Dropped To 1.62% ($25K Minimum)
5/8/20 - CFG Bank's 13-Month Penalty Free CD Is Available Nationwide
5/1/20 - CFG Bank 12 Month CD Drops To 1.60% APY
4/23/20 - CFG Bank 1.73% APY $25K+ High Yield Money Market [Not On DA MM List]
4/10/20 - CFG Bank MM Rate Drops to 1.73%
3/5/20 - CFG Bank Another Rate Cut From 2.05% To 1.90%
2/24/20 - CFG Bank Money Market Down To 2.05%
2/20/20 - CFG Bank High Yield Money Market Available Nationwide
2/19/20 - 2.15% APY $25,000 Deposit No Longer Listed On DA MM List
1/15/20 - Yet ANOTHER Rate Cut (The 4th In 3 Months!) At CFG Bank
12/12/19 - CFG Dropped To 2.25% ($25K Minimum)
10/25/19 - CFG Community Bank Offers Three Competitive Online Only CDs
10/24/19 - CFG Community Bank Rate Lowered To 2.35% APY For Balances Over $25K.
10/11/19 - CFG Community Bank Rate Dropped To 2.45% APY
10/2/19 - CFG Community Bank's High Yield Money Market
10/1/19 - Money Market Now Yielding 2.5% For Balances Greater Than $25K
12/15/18 - CFG High Yield Money Market Online Only At 2.40%
4/17/17 - CFG Community Bank Adds Relationship Money Market
2/20/15 - CFG Community Bank Offers Competitive 13-month One-Time No Penalty CD
7/23/14 - CFG Community Bank 12-Month One Time No Penalty Withdrawal CD
11/4/10 - 1.70% No-Penalty 9-Month CD Continues In Maryland
8/11/10 - Special No-Penalty 9-Month CD at CFG Community Bank in MD - Local Only

Very Easy To Open CD

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very easy to open a CD, probably took less than ten minutes for initial submission, and just a couple more minutes to add beneficiaries. received confirmation email almost immediately, and online login instructions the next day. funds withdrawn from funding back quickly, without verification deposits. can't recall a more straightforward new account process, and rate over 5% apy for 12 month certificate.

Over A Week But No Account

I wanted a bank that had a high APY, I could remove a large portion of my deposit quickly if something should come up, was verified FDIC certified for my deposit, and customer service would service my account with actual US citizens (not foreigners who may or may not be extraditable if they committed crimes with my deposit). CFG was the bank that fit those requirements. Unfortunately, I should have put, "Would actually create my account" to my list of requirements. When I applied for an account, the web app gave me an "account number" on the spot. Their application requested a photocopy of my federal ID. Since I did not get a "Real ID" when I renewed my driver's license, I sent them a copy of our passports (you have to have an account connected to at least two people to open one). Three business days later, I got an email saying they still need a copy of our driver's licenses. I sent them the requested data the same day. It has now been 9 days and I still have no account, and nothing more has been said. I'm starting to wonder if they actually give people bank accounts anymore or are some of their employees just taking advantage of the surge in people setting up money market accounts looking to take advantage of the high interest rates right now, and just harvesting a bunch of identities to sell on some .onion site or some other dark web medium, leaving CFG to deal with all the lawsuits later. I'm kinda surprised at this point that they haven't asked for my health insurance card.

Until I hear otherwise, I caution you to look elsewhere if you don't want to end up as a statistic.

So, after calling back two more times, they said on March 16th that there has been a surge of people wanting accounts created, so they're just "waiting on the person working on it to finish." I understand they may not want to disclose the details of what they do, but it makes me feel like they have something to hide. They promised that the account would be created the next day. It was as they said, but since the next day was a Friday, I was not able to confirm their test ACH deposits until Friday, so the actual initial funding did not post to the account until today (Tuesday). Since I had no idea what to expect with account creation time frame, and I wanted to make sure the funds would be available, I initially signed up for the minimum $1,000 deposit. Since the deposit I want to make is > the $25K limit, I now have to call customer service to have my limit temporarily increased so I can TRULY make my initial intended deposit, which will hopefully get deposited tomorrow.
So, for those of you following along at home. From the day I signed up to the day I expect my full money to arrive, will have been 17 calendar days (16 if you tell them the full amount you wish to deposit up front) with multiple phone calls along the way.

To be clear, my low rating on Customer Service is not the Customer Service team that you call on the phone, but their clear as mud explanation of what to expect when you sign up for an account. If they explained all this BEFORE you sign up for an account, and how long you can expect everything to take, instead of just leading you along, step by step, (and maybe giving you hints of things you do that can make it take longer or shorter) then this would have been a more pleasant experience for me.

Another tips for those of you who care to know such things, they don't automatically link the account you use for initial funding to your CFG account for future deposits or withdrawals, you have to add it yourself, and either give them your linked account's web username and password (OMG really? You just don't even suggest this kind of stuff. If my username and password got stolen from my linked account, guess who I will immediately blame?!) OR you have to do the same test ACH deposit confirmation they did for initial funding, which they dissuaded you from doing by warning, "it will make it take 1-3 days longer."

Overall. I think I like this bank, but they need to work on their communication skills.

CFG Bank, Beyond Terrible

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OK, I had the scathing review here, but as a surprise to me, a CFG representative reached out to me even after hours. He also explained that they are working to improve their system, which definitely needs a lot of improving.

So maybe they will be OK after all. It is a "we'll see" at this point, so I will come back and update.

Too Many Hassles And Limitations

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I have had nothing but difficulty opening an account at CFG. First, it asks for A Lot of personal info about how you intend to use the account. The bank should change its name to CIA Bank. Ok, I thought, nothing wrong with added security measures. Secondly, for some reason, CFG is unable to transfer funds into my account at Wells Fargo to verify ownership. Other online banks have had no problem. So, as a result I had to add a second external account to transfer funds. But, the deal breaker is after opening my account, I find they have put limitations on the amount of funds I can transfer into and out of my account. Its $25,000/day, $30,000/mo. into the account. Out of the account and into my external account its $5,000/day, $30,000/mo. Of course, there is no mention of these limitations when opening the account. As a result of these limitations, I am immediately closing my account. I am a real estate investor. When I need my cash, I need my cash within 2 days, not a month or more. I have an account at I have money at 5 of their member banks and credit unions. None of them have any limitations on the number or dollar amount of transfers into or out of the account.



Health Grade Components

FDIC Certificate #34294
Year Established1997
Primary RegulatorFDIC
Profit Margin
Return on Assets - YTD3.57%
Return on Equity - YTD39.24%
Annual Interest Income$89.9MM
Assets and Liabilities
AssetsQ1 2023vs Q1 2022$4.46B$2.78B
LoansQ1 2023vs Q1 2022$3.39B$2.02B
DepositsQ1 2023vs Q1 2022$3.97B$2.37B
Equity CapitalQ1 2023vs Q1 2022$403.1MM$255.7MM
Loan Loss AllowanceQ1 2023vs Q1 2022$53.2MM$38.4MM
Unbacked Noncurrent LoansQ1 2023vs Q1 2022$51.5MM$7.4MM
Real Estate OwnedQ1 2023vs Q1 2022$0$1.5MM
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* The APY shown varies based on the deposit amount. Expand the listing to see APYs for other deposit amounts.

CFG Bank Money Market Rates

5.20%$1k-CFG High Yield Money Market
4.37%$1k-Business Money Manager Plus
3.97%$250k-Business ICS Money Market

CFG Bank Checking Account Rates

3.27%$100-IOLTA – Attorney Escrow
2.00%*$50k*-Checking Plus
OTHER TIERS: 1.25% $1k - $5k | 1.50% $5k - $20k | 1.75% $20k - $50k
0.25%$1.5k-Business Interest Checking

CFG Bank CD Rates

5.67%$500$500kBusiness 12 Month CD
5.67%$500$500k12 Month CD
5.47%$500$500k18 Month CD
5.47%$500$500kBusiness 18 Month CD
4.70%$500$500k36 Month CD
4.70%$500$500kBusiness 36 Month CD
4.40%$500$500k60 Month CD
4.40%$500$500kBusiness 60 Month CD

CFG Bank Locations
CFG Bank11 W Ridgely RdLutherville, MD 21093
Baltimore Branch1615 Thames StreetBaltimore, MD 21231

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