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106 South Main Street
Akron, OH 44308

Firstmerit Bank is an Ohio-based bank and one of the largest located in the Midwest United States. It offers personal and business banking products, as well as investment management and brokerage services. The bank has built itself on a strong focus on serving the financial needs of its community and offers strong lending strength to its customers.

On its personal banking side, Firstmerit offers several depository products to provide vehicles for saving money and growing wealth. Its checking account options offer the most liquidity and vary in features depending on what services a customer wants with it. Several checking accounts earn interest and offer a limited supply of checks. Savings account opportunities come with monthly fees that can be waived by meeting certain requirements, and a health savings account provides a way for customers to save on medical expenses. Firstmerit’s Money Market accounts offer increased rates of interest as account balances grow, but have a monthly fee if minimum account balances are not kept. Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are available in term lengths ranging from 30 days to 5 years and have minimum initial deposit requirements. On the business banking side there are many similar products, including a business resource center offering helpful resources and guidance for business management decisions.

Firstmerit Bank online banking provides a secure platform for customers to manage their accounts and perform activities like viewing transaction history, transferring funds, making loan payments, and paying bills. Mobile banking services include an mobile-optimized website and mobile banking apps that make it easy and convenient to bank on the go from smartphone and tablet devices.

Firstmerit Bank is a subsidiary of Firstmerit Corporation, a bank holding company originally established in 1890 as the First National Bank of Akron. Firstmerit acquired Citizens Bank of Flint, Michigan in April of 2013 and began operating its branches. It is headquartered in Akron, Ohio.

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Reviews (8)

Love Ths Bank!

I don't understand the negative reviews. I have been with this bank since 7/2011 and have always had a good experience with them. The branch in Oak Lawn, IL is small and everyone knows me. I always get a "human" when I call direct. My "main" bank is driving me crazy (after 25 years) and I probably should give all my business to First Merit, which I'm debating as I write this.

Firstmerit Is My Favorite Bank

Posted by: mmhwahm | May 28, 2011

FirstMerit Bank is a local bank in my community that I like being with. They have accounts made for a person like me with a low income. I don't have to worry about a monthly bank fee being charged to my checking account like other banks just because I have a small bank balance. I'm able to see my bank transactions and pay bills online if I want. They have tellers that are notary of republics and have a call center of people to help me if I have questions. They also have more branches for me to go to than my credit union does. Products they offer that I have used include: a CD, car loan, a savings account, and a couple of checking accounts. They seem to still want to remain a local bank even though they are branching out and I like that about them.

They Are Complete Crap

Posted by: Marshall | Dec 31, 2015

This is the second time they have over charged me, calling it a "Valid fee" since their Mobile online banking is completely false. You can't use it to tell how much you actually have since they delay their charges doing the most to the least so they can screw you over more.

Closes Accounts Without Notification

I will never bank with FirstMerit again. They closed my checking account, that had money in it, without even notifying me that it would be closed for inactivity. They never gave me my money back and claimed they took it for inactivity fees. This policy was never told to me when I opened an account or this situation would never have happened. My direct deposit tax return now has no where to go because of their horrible customer service. Their agent had the nerve to tell me I could open another account but they would not reopen my original account or return the money that was in it. I will NEVER bank with FirstMerit again and will let my family, who has been on the fence about a lot of their new policies, to withdraw all their business as well.

Extremely Disappointed

I've had a checking account there for about a year or so with no problems.  Then I asked a cashier to withdraw a certain amount of money from my debit card - this is where my Social Security goes to - and she wasn't able to.  Okay, so I came back in a couple of days and tried again, with the same result.  I don't know why, maybe she pushed a wrong button or something?  I have no problem using this card at the grocery stores, etc., but here at the First Merit bank it was no good?  Therefore, I was unable to make a deposit. 

Subsequently my account was closed, and the remaining balance of $21 was withheld allegedly for the bank fees.  How do you calculate the bank fees to be exactly $21, beats me.  When I contacted the headquarters (in downtown, I think) for an explanation, I was given none and was referred back to the branch in question.  Excuse me??  Any reputable bank headquarters would have dealt with the issue, but not this one.

I don't recommend anyone to trust their money to this bank.  JMO

Customer Service

We have been with First Merit nearly 20 years in Mentor, OH.  It's been okay - until recently. Seems like staff is always the issue. After 15 years of depositing payroll checks sometimes three times a month, the new teller said I had to have a two day "hold" on my check.  "Why?" I asked.  It seems that since I work out of the area (nothing new) and that check is from another bank (Again, nothing new), First Merit has to "Hold" it until it clears.

I was mildly outraged. Unbelievable to me.  I wasn't very nice to them when I stomed inside and am trying to convice my business partner to change banks.

It was a much more pleasant experience when the old timers were always there, but no one is left and we are just a numbered account. Sort of sad to see business run that way...especially when they have my money...

Terrible Customer Service, Website Errors On A Regular Basis

Posted by: Brody601 | Feb 27, 2013

I recently left First Merit after a LONG string of bad customer service experiences.  In addition to tellers that are not very knowledgeable, the website performance leave much to be desired.  More often than not, when attempting to log into the website, it immediately kicks you back to the log in screen after entering your ID and Password.  Additionally, many times throughout the day, customers are unable to access their account due to "regularly scheduled maintenance" errors. 

Online banking is not reliable with First Merit.  On more than one occasion, the bank failed to print all the necessary routing information on the payment to be processed for my water bill and cable bill.  The branch manager apologized and admittted that the error was the fault of First Merit, but that she couldn't do anything about the late fees generated as a result, instead insisting that as a customer it was my responsibility to make sure the payment went through successfully.

When leaving the bank, one of my accounts was not closed properly, allowing an automatic bill pay to be sent through and the payee being told there were insufficient funds (exactly zero, since I thought I'd closed the account) and me being charged a $25 NSF fee. 

Would not recommend this bank to anyone!  Their branches are not conveniently located, and the service is well below any other bank I've done business with. 


A Really Bad Experience...

Posted by: weldon | Sep 20, 2012

FirstMerit seems to have lost it's appreciation of it's customers. Here's the story...

In the interest of disclosure, this did not happen to me. It happened to a close teenage friend of mine. I am the manager of a business and do the business banking and my personal banking with FirstMerit so I tried to help him out as you will see below. On August 18, 2012 my friend (James Miller) went to the Berlin branch of FirstMerit to deposit a check of $504. It was a Saturday and James was aware that the check might not clear until the following Monday. James wanted the money deposited in his account that day or the check cashed as he had some large purchases to make that day. He asked the teller if there was any way to deposit the check directly into his account that day. The teller told him she could cash the check then deposit the cash into his account and the money would be available immediately. James said this would be great and made the deposit. Throughout the day he made 19 purchases with his debit card. On Friday of the next week James noticed online that his account was overdrawn. The teller had not cashed the check and deposited the cash the way she said she would and the check did not clear until Monday of the following week. FirstMerit charge James' account 19 overdraft charges at $35 each for a total of $665. James immediately went into the bank and talked to the manager at the Berlin branch. She said she would talk to the teller who processed the deposit and get back to James. She did not call back. James called or stopped in again and talked to the manager. The manager said the teller did not remember anything about the transaction. The manager said she could only refund James $180 out of the $665. That is when I got involved. I talked to the branch manager (she would never call me back when she said she would) and could not get anywhere with her. She got rather upset that I was pushing the issue when I did talk to her. I called corporate and tried to explain the situation but they said we had to talk to the branch manager and they could not do anything for us. With some research I got the branch manager's boss's number (district manager) and talked to her. She was nice but after looking into the situation said she could not refund any more than the $180.

Needless to say, we are quite upset that a teller error cost James $665-$180=$485 and several of James friends have pulled their money out of FirstMerit, closed their accounts and moved to PNC. I am considering doing the same for myself and the business I manage.

I would strongly urge you to think twice before opening an account with FirstMerit bank.


Health Grade Components

FDIC Certificate #6560
Year Established1866
Primary RegulatorOCC
Profit Margin
Return on Assets - YTD0.93%
Return on Equity - YTD10.16%
Annual Interest Income$1.84B
Assets and Liabilities
AssetsQ3 2016vs Q3 2015$100.4B$70.02B
LoansQ3 2016vs Q3 2015$69.06B$49.73B
DepositsQ3 2016vs Q3 2015$79.59B$55.22B
Equity CapitalQ3 2016vs Q3 2015$10.48B$6.01B
Loan Loss AllowanceQ3 2016vs Q3 2015$614.9MM$588.2MM
Unbacked Noncurrent LoansQ3 2016vs Q3 2015$458.5MM$407.2MM
Real Estate OwnedQ3 2016vs Q3 2015$71.3MM$24.9MM

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