Navy Federal Credit Union

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820 Follin Ln SE
Vienna, VA 22180

Navy FCU is a Virginia-based federal credit union serving millions of members who are, or are related to, service members and employees with the Department of Defense. The credit union offers a range of depository banking and lending products, as well as business and investment services, and is considered the largest credit union in the world.

On its personal banking side, Navy Federal Credit Union offers checking, savings, Money Market, Certificate, and IRA accounts to serve consumers’ savings needs. A variety of checking account options offer flexibility and include accounts designed for active duty members, students, and members looking for higher interest returns. Navy’s active duty checking has no balance minimums, refunds ATM fees up to a certain amount, and gives free military-themed checks for the life of the account. The student checking differs from the basic checking account only by offering ATM fee refunds. Overdraft protection options are available on all of Navy’s checking accounts.

The credit union’s basic savings account has no monthly fees and a low initial deposit requirement. A savings account is automatically opened by the credit union when membership is granted. Money Market savings accounts offered by the credit union earn more than a basic savings account because of minimum balance requirements. There is also a Jumbo dividend rate for Money Market accounts with over $100,000 balances. Certificates and IRA Certificates are available in term lengths that range from 3 months to 7 years. Navy’s Special Certificate account earns a competitive rate of interest, but has a low maximum balance cap. Its standard Certificates and IRA Certificates have no maximum deposit caps. has recognized Navy’s Certificates repeatedly in the past.

Navy FCU online banking offers a secure and convenient banking platform on which members can perform account management tasks like transferring funds, paying bills, ordering checks, and making loan payments. Free Direct Deposit makes it easy to seamlessly deposit paychecks and Navy’s mobile banking services provide remote deposit to make depositing any check quick and simple. Scan deposits can be accomplished via a scanner attached to a computer and are free for personal account holders, $1 per month for business account holders.

Navy FCU was originally established in 1933 as the Navy Department Employees’ Credit Union of the District of Columbia. After dissolving in 1947, the credit union was rechartered as a federal credit union and named Navy Department Employees Federal Credit Union, until transitioning to its current name in 1954. Today, Navy FCU is headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, and employs over 10,000 people who serve more than 4 million members. The credit union serves its members through numerous locations in states all across the country.

Field of Membership Restrictions

Membership in Navy Federal Credit Union is open to members of active duty Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Army and Air National Guard, Department of Defense Officer Candidate/ROTC, Department of Defense Reservists, retirees from military service, Department of Defense civilian employees and contractors and retirees, U.S. Government Employees Assigned to Department of Defense Installations. Military veterans who were honorably discharged are also eligible. Membership is also open to immediate family of current members or those eligible for membership.
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Navy Federal CU "Courtesy" Program To Waive EWP When Reinvesting Share Certificate Proceeds Prior To Maturity Has Been Discontinued - 11/3/2023

First, I want to apologize in advance if this has been written up by someone else. I did a quick review of the DepositAccounts' Navy Federal "Related Posts", "Reviews" and "Forum" and did not see it explicitly addressed. If I missed it, please ignore this redundant post. According to a Navy Federal CSR, as of July, 2023, Navy Federal discontinued the "courtesy" program that enabled a customer to open a new share certificate and transfer the accrued balance in an existing share certificate prior to its maturity date to the new one while waiving the Early Withdrawal Penalty (EWP). In order to waive the EWP, this process required the maturity date of the newly opened certificate to be later than the maturity date of the existing certificate. Even though this program was referenced on DA and other blogs, it was not documented on the Navy Federal web site and, according to Navy, was done as a "courtesy" prior to its discontinuance. I asked the CSR if this was considered a temporary or per

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Navy FCU has finally made a move upward, but only on their 12 month certificates! TYPE NAME AMOUNT PREVIOUS APY NEW APY CD 12 Month $1,000 - $19,999.99 4.40% 4.90% $20,000 - $99,999.99 4.40% 4.90% $100,000+ 4.45% 4.95% 12 Month EasyStart $50+ 4.35% 4.85% 12 Month EasyStart Special $50 - $3,000Maximum 4.85% 5.30%

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I thought I'd throw this on here in case anyone needs a laugh on a rainy August Monday. Their tag line saying that they tripled their rate grabs your attention and then the rest continues to be disappointing for them during this rate cycle. Their certificate opening page now states this: Lock In Sky-High Rates Dreaming of sunny beaches, a fabulous retirement or something special? You could be earning more on your hard-earned money—with extra flexibility to choose your rate and term.

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Reviews (198)

One Of The Nation's Best Credit Unions

Posted by: |

Been with NFCU nearly 40 years. My experience with their banking services, CDs, IRAs, and credit cards has been outstanding. I've held accounts at several other CUs, and Navy Fed's website functionality and customer service is well above anything else I've tried.

Definitely 5 Stars, No Complains

Posted by: |

Their customer services are amazing, very polite and friendly, and they alway provide helpful information you need. CD rates are very competitive. highly recommended!

Easy Join, Extremely Hard After That

Becoming a member and joining was a breeze. Then it went off the rails. I wanted to get the 17 month CD and I wanted to make it a joint CD. I'd have to fund the CD, and they use Western Union speed pay for that, not the normal ACH from one bank to another. That was odd to me and then I'd have to mail in a form to make it joint and another form to add a POD. I asked if I could mail a check for the CD along with the paperwork for the CD, POD, and joint owner all at one time. I could, BUT it all goes to different departments so it does not all happen at the same time. Was told that I could send in the POD form now to cover any future accounts with them and then all $ would be covered in the event of my death. Problem is I'd want to make my husband the POD until the CD was open and then I'd want him the joint owner with a different POD. At that time I'd have to try and change the POD also. Decided that it was too much trouble for me at this time. They were all very nice but it's an extremely odd process.

Nfcu No More

Posted by: |

I am upset and appalled at what has become of nfcu. I am a marine with a DR of 100% I have a 500k house 2 refinanced cars thru nfcu 3 direct deposits blah blah blah. I have been loyal from day one now I can't even use my debit card. bought a gift card. that don't work. I'm so upset that I'm taking over 105k/yr plus refinances out of these shit bags. starting tomorrow whoever is their strongest enemy is where I go. I got no explanation. no anything. I wasted all these years with them and Noone I know will ever go with nfcu. horrible scam ridden disgusting people in charge



Health Grade Components

NCUA #5536
Year Chartered1947
Primary Regulator
Profit Margin
Return on Assets - YTD1.19%
Return on Equity - YTD9.51%
Annual Interest Income$0
Assets and Liabilities
AssetsQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$165.3B$159.7B
LoansQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$116.4B$101.2B
DepositsQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$144.5B$135.3B
Equity CapitalQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$20.72B$24.42B
Loan Loss AllowanceQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$0$1.81B
Unbacked Noncurrent LoansQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$1.41B$941.1MM
Real Estate OwnedQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$0$0
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Always verify rates and promotions with the bank or credit union. We are not Navy Federal Credit Union; we are a rate comparison website and cannot provide official rates or promotions.

* The APY shown varies based on the deposit amount. Expand the listing to see APYs for other deposit amounts.

Navy Federal Credit Union Savings Account Rates

0.25%--IRA Share Account
0.25%$5-Share Savings Account

Navy Federal Credit Union Money Market Rates

2.25%*$1m*-Jumbo Money Market Savings Account
OTHER TIERS: 0.25% Up to $100k | 1.65% $100k - $250k | 1.85% $250k - $500k | 2.05% $500k - $1m
2.25%*$1m*-Jumbo IRA Money Market Savings Account
OTHER TIERS: 0.25% Up to $100k | 1.65% $100k - $250k | 1.85% $250k - $500k | 2.05% $500k - $1m
1.50%*$50k*-IRA Money Market Savings Account
OTHER TIERS: 0.95% $2.5k - $10k | 1.06% $10k - $25k | 1.10% $25k - $50k
1.50%*$50k*-Money Market Savings Account
OTHER TIERS: 0.95% $2.5k - $10k | 1.06% $10k - $25k | 1.10% $25k - $50k

Navy Federal Credit Union Checking Account Rates

0.45%*$25k*-Flagship Checking
OTHER TIERS: 0.35% $1.5k - $10k | 0.40% $10k - $25k
0.45%*$25k*-Business Premium Checking
OTHER TIERS: 0.35% $1.5k - $10k | 0.40% $10k - $25k
0.05%--Campus Checking
0.05%--Active Duty Checking
0.05%--Free Easy Checking
0.01%--EveryDay Checking
0.01%--Business Checking
0.01%--Business Plus Checking

Navy Federal Credit Union CD Rates

5.30%$50$3k12 Month EasyStart Certificate Special
5.05%*$100k*-12 Month Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 5.00% $1k - $100k
4.95%$50-12 Month EasyStart Certificate
4.55%*$100k*-18 Month Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 4.50% $1k - $100k
4.45%$50-18 Month EasyStart Certificate
4.25%*$100k*-24 Month Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 4.20% $1k - $100k
4.25%*$100k*-3 Year Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 4.20% $1k - $100k
4.15%$50-24 Month EasyStart Certificate
4.05%*$100k*-5 Year Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 4.00% $1k - $100k
4.05%*$100k*-7 Year Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 4.00% $1k - $100k
4.05%*$100k*-3 Month Certificate Special
OTHER TIERS: 4.00% $1k - $100k
0.50%*$100k*-6 Month Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 0.45% $1k - $100k
0.40%$5-3 Month - 5 Year SaveFirst Account
0.40%$50-6 Month EasyStart Certificate

Navy Federal Credit Union IRA Rates

5.05%*$100k*-12 Month IRA
OTHER TIERS: 5.00% $1k - $100k
5.05%*$100k*-12 Month ESA
OTHER TIERS: 5.00% $1k - $100k
4.95%$50-12 Month EasyStart IRA
4.95%$50-12 Month Easy Start ESA
4.55%*$100k*-18 Month IRA
OTHER TIERS: 4.50% $1k - $100k
4.55%*$100k*-18 Month ESA
OTHER TIERS: 4.50% $1k - $100k
4.45%$50-18 Month EasyStart IRA
4.45%$50-18 Month EasyStart ESA
4.25%*$100k*-24 Month IRA
OTHER TIERS: 4.20% $1k - $100k
4.25%*$100k*-3 Year IRA
OTHER TIERS: 4.20% $1k - $100k
4.25%*$100k*-24 Month ESA
OTHER TIERS: 4.20% $1k - $100k
4.25%*$100k*-3 Year ESA
OTHER TIERS: 4.20% $1k - $100k
4.15%$50-24 Month EasyStart IRA
4.15%$50-24 Month EasyStart ESA
4.05%*$100k*-5 Year IRA
OTHER TIERS: 4.00% $1k - $100k
4.05%*$100k*-7 Year IRA
OTHER TIERS: 4.00% $1k - $100k
4.05%*$100k*-5 Year ESA
OTHER TIERS: 4.00% $1k - $100k
4.05%*$100k*-7 Year ESA
OTHER TIERS: 4.00% $1k - $100k
4.05%*$100k*-3 Month ESA Special
OTHER TIERS: 4.00% $1k - $100k
4.05%*$100k*-3 Month IRA Special
OTHER TIERS: 4.00% $1k - $100k
0.50%*$100k*-6 Month IRA
OTHER TIERS: 0.45% $1k - $100k
0.50%*$100k*-6 Month ESA
OTHER TIERS: 0.45% $1k - $100k
0.40%$50-6 Month EasyStart IRA
0.40%$50-6 Month EasyStart ESA


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