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Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union

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2.00%5-year CD60 Months CD
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0.15%SavingsRegular Share Account

Overview / Commentary
1500 Elmerton Ave
Harrisburg, PA 17110

Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union is headquartered in Harrisburg and is the largest credit union in the state of Pennsylvania. It is also the 27th largest credit union in the nation. It was established in 1933 and as of June of 2016, it had grown to 650 employees and 421,794 members at 22 locations. Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union has an A health rating.

Field of Membership Restrictions

Membership in Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union is open to Pennsylvania residents who are members of Pennsylvania Recreation & Parks Society ($20 membership fee). Membership is also open to Pennsylvania state or local government employees, municipality or school district employees, students, faculty, staff and alumni of universities in the Pennsylvania State System, and over 1,000 Select Employer Groups.
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Reviews (8)

Great Credit Union

Posted by: patbb | Jul 21, 2016

I have been using this credit union for many years and it has always been the best. Whenever I experience a problem, they resolve the situation quickly. When traveling overseas, they were easy to deal with back in the 1990's. They were so accommodating in setting up an account for my daughter to use while abroad. They waive their fees for ATM transactions. I have used them for a car loan for my daughter, and it was so easy to do. I have an IRA and multiple other accounts with them.

Online Process

I think the online needs a lot of work . It lockes you out to much.

PSECU Review

Posted by: rh | Oct 19, 2014

The Pennsylvania State Employee Credit Union (PSECU) is a great credit union to deal with. Unlike many major banks today, they do not charge bogus fees for such services as opening a checking account. The credit union will even refund some ATM fees charged by other vendors. PSECU is a member owned credit union. Each year, the credit union returns a portion of the profits back to their members in the form of a dividend. Also, their loan rates are cheaper than most major banks.

They can do no wrong

Posted by: P-ManDee | Jun 29, 2014

I haev been using this CU for over 20 years and have never had a bad experience. Multiple vehicle loans and account types have always given me near the best rates with customer service to back it up. Mobile apps that allow for check deposit, balance checking, online bill pay (has been here LONG before any of the big boys) have kept me a member for a very long time. Customer service has always been top notch. From unlocking passwords to answering questions I could not ask for more.

I can't think of where they will innovate next but I look forward to it.

Worth Keeping Our Accounts, Even Living Far Away

Posted by: gopens | Jun 4, 2013

PSECU is a wonderful financial institution.  Their customer service has done an excellent job handling occasional issues over the past 10 years we've been with them.  For example, when an internet service provider (ISP) charged our credit card for a service we never received, I spent several hours on the phone with the ISP and they would not refund the money.  One call to PSECU and 20 minutes later, PSECU credited the disputed amount back to me and said they would take care of working things out with the ISP.  I never heard anything more and didn't care about it, because PSECU had already made things right with us immediately.  

We now live in California--the nearest branch is in PA--and we've stayed with them for our primary checking and savings accounts because their online banking is phenomenal!  Could not give a higher recommendation!

PSECU Is Reliable With Financial Transactions

Posted by: Flash20 | Jun 5, 2015

I am pretty happy with PSECU. I have a checking account with them that also serves as a debit account. I have never had a problem with them involving my money or any transaction I made. I did have a problem that involved them but they handled it very professionally and was a great help to me. Someone stole my debit card and they managed to get my PIN number as well. They then made two false deposits into my account and immediately withdrew the money. I didn't have much in at the time which is why they made the false deposits. This happened in the middle of the night. PSECU called me the next day to ask about the situation. Since I had nothing to do with it they investigated the issue and got to the bottom of it. I lost no money and was not penalized for anything. They gave me a new checking account and debit card since my information was jeopardized. I am very happy they handled it the way they did. It is not their fault someone stole my card and my PIN number. I am also happy that they were not accusatory towards me. As for the rest of using their services, I have had no problems. I don't have a withdrawal minimum like a bank account I used to have. I am not charged for not using my debit card enough. Hopefully I have no future problems but I am confident that it will be managed well if I do.

PSECU is Willing to Help

Posted by: mkonenouwi | Jan 7, 2015

I currently do not have the best credit. In fact it is bad enough that most banks and credit unions won't give me a loan. My credit was never messed up due to using a credit card. I never had one. But I do have an unpaid health bill and several other bills that have gone to collections that I have not yet paid. So they put my credit into the poor zone. I needed a vehicle just so I could get to work so I could then pay those back bills and try to fix my credit. I am fortunate as PSECU was willing to give me that auto loan. My interest is relatively high, but I can't really complain given that my options were very limited. I think part of why they accepted me for a loan is that I do have prior history with them. They were my credit union when I was in college a decade ago. Anyway, I was starting to lose hope in being able to get a car loan. I was starting to think of extremes like a pay day loan, which has really high interest rates. I went into PSECU after I had tried several banks. I am not sure why I decided to go to banks first. Credit unions serve many of the same functions and are often better at meeting their members' needs. Anyway, I explained why my credit was poor. That I was injured when I was not insured and that I did not have the money to pay the bill at the time. That I was laid off from a job and was not able to pay a few bills when that happened. That my credit rating is not due to me being an irresponsible user of credit cards. I then stated that I have a job pending if I can get a vehicle and gave them my prospective employer information. I just needed a car so I could get to that job. I believe they may have bent some rules. I did not technically have a job. It was a job I would have if I could get a car. But I could not get a car without a loan. They were able to give me the loan and from that point I was able to start getting my life back to normal. So I am very grateful for PSECU.

Spiteful Employees

Posted by: AD | Jul 6, 2014

I have been with PSECU for several years and I have had more negative experiences than positives. When dealing with any business, you never know who you will get on the other end of the phone, and with PSECU I tend to get females that have let the imaginary power they feel that they have go to their heads. Again there are some very nice people that work there, but they also have their share of spiteful ignorant individuals. I recently began to receive "larger than my norm (in their words)" deposits. Well for some reason that was a red flag to them and I was also making larger more frequent purchases. Well my card was declined several times when making these purchases because of the various fraud alerts they have set up. I would call them to have my daily limit increased and fraud alerts taken off and still would have a problem. When I would call PSECU, they would tell me it was declined due to a different type of alert and that they would maintenance my account. Well I just became frustrated with it and began to use a different bank for my deposits and purchases, to avoid the issues all together, but it was very frustrating and outright ridiculous. My most recent experience that has brought me to this review is also causing me to look elsewhere for my banking completely. My account is in my maiden name and has been since I opened it several years ago. I have paid my mortgage out of this account for many years as well. Well when I began to receive the large deposits in my account they were sent in my married name, so I received a call from one of the their “wonderfully spiteful representatives” telling me that they would send back any wires that came in my married named, so I needed to change the name on my account. I told her that I would love to change the name on the account (by the way I hyphenated my married name on to my maiden so it is very clear to see my maiden name to match it to my account), but the bank is an hour away from me and only open during my working hours, which causes a dilemma for me getting to them in order to change my name. The only other option is for me to mail and or fax a copy of my SS Card and license. I would be a fool to do so; anybody will tell not to fax, mail, or email a copy of either of those items unless you want someone to steal your identity! So I told the lady I would not be mailing or faxing my information, but I would try to get out there the next time I had a day off and they are open. She assured me that any wires that I had coming in with my maiden name only would be returned. I told her I understood and I made a phone call to remove my maiden name from the wires to avoid the issue (I ended up having the wires go to a different bank any way after all the issues of my card declining). So last week I received a letter from my mortgage company stating my electronic check was returned stating “no account/unable to locate account”. That is funny since I have been paying my mortgage from this account for years. This was spite from the “darling” woman at PSECU.


Health Grade Components

NCUA #64131
Year Chartered1933
Primary Regulator
Profit Margin
Return on Assets - YTD1.26%
Return on Equity - YTD11.67%
Annual Interest Income$86.4MM
Assets and Liabilities
AssetsQ2 2016vs Q2 2015$4.64B$4.39B
LoansQ2 2016vs Q2 2015$3.44B$3.23B
DepositsQ2 2016vs Q2 2015$4.11B$3.90B
Equity CapitalQ2 2016vs Q2 2015$500.0MM$462.4MM
Loan Loss AllowanceQ2 2016vs Q2 2015$50.6MM$57.1MM
Unbacked Noncurrent LoansQ2 2016vs Q2 2015$20.2MM$19.2MM
Real Estate OwnedQ2 2016vs Q2 2015$501.00K$312.00K
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Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union Savings Account Rates

0.15%--Regular Share Account
0.15%--Vacation Savings Share
0.15%--Christmas Savings Share
0.15%--IRA Savings Account
0.15%--Summer Pay (S5) Account

Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union Money Market Rates

0.20%$500-Money Market Account

Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union Checking Account Rates

0.10%--Checking Account

Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union CD Rates

2.00%$500-60 Months CD
1.75%$500-48 Months CD
1.50%$500-36 Months CD
1.05%$500-24 Months CD
0.85%$500-18 Months CD
0.75%$500-12 Months CD
0.35%$500-9 Months CD
0.30%$500-6 Months CD
0.25%$500-3 Months CD

Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union IRA Rates

2.00%$500-60 Months IRA
1.75%$500-48 Months IRA
1.50%$500-36 Months IRA
1.05%$500-24 Months IRA
0.85%$500-18 Months IRA
0.75%$500-12 Months IRA
0.35%$500-9 Months IRA
0.30%$500-6 Months IRA
0.25%$500-3 Months IRA

Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union has 22 locations. Click to view all Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union locations.