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Achieva CU Membership Requirement

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Achieva CU requires a $15 payment to their 'Achieva Foundation,' as stated on their website

I Was Bamboozled, Don’T Let It Happen To You

I Got Swindled. I have had an Achieva credit card for a while. I kept getting ads to open a new one with 0% APR for 15 months and free balance transfers. I had some credit cards with high APRs so I saw this as the opportunity to get rid of them and move the balances over, while not being penalized for doing so.

I was way wrong. Instead of giving me a new credit card, Achieva just extended my credit limit. Nothing else has visibly changed about my account. Same old APR, I got hit for the balance transfers, and now my payment is $1000 A MONTH. Not to mention I get reminders for all of my upcoming due dates by every other company except Achieva, and it takes almost a week for them to receive an online payment. In 2023. Ridiculous. When I asked them about setting an alert or reminder they are no help whatsoever, they just tell me it’s in my “online banking.” It’s pretty clear that it’s not easily accessed because they would rather dock you the late fee. What’s also ironic is that a few days after I paid I got an email with a link telling me that if I paid immediately via the link, I could pay a convenience fee and avoid the late fee. Meanwhile I had just paid and my money was floating in the ether somewhere. I have been assessed the late fee even though I paid before they acknowledged that I was late and sent over that “convenience” link for payment.

Achieva is, for lack of a better word, screwy and deceiving. I feel like I have been terribly misled and I will be transferring my balances to other cards and closing this account.

Trickery And Deceiving

The trickery of a so called safe place.
Watch out for the charges Privilege pay and Courtesy debit pay (They are overdraft fees) You think your account is being debit from a recurring bill or something of that nature. I was enrolled in overdraft protection without my consent. They could not provide me with a form with my signature saying that I opted in. They use trickery on their mobile app putting the privilege pay debits in when you are in the positive so it does not look like a overdraft fee.
I called Achieva and was basically laughed at and chastised. I try to explain to them I have a primary bank else where and I used this as a credit card/car payment account .
If you have fees do to trickery or were enrolled in overdraft with out consent please look us up on face book members against Achieve credit union so we can work to get our hard earn money back. It doesn’t matter if it only happened once or twice. The credit union make millions of this deceiving tactics.

Unsafe! Unexpected And Excessive Fees

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After years of satisfactory banking, and wonderful branch personnel, corporate leadership suddenly began doing very concerning practices designed to artificially generate excessive and unexpected fees. My routine, regular scheduled payments were suddenly changed to dates up to 2 weeks earlier than they were scheduled (before scheduled deposits were made). This was done without my knowledge nor authorization. When I wrote to them with concerns, they again cancelled a regularly scheduled payment which would have resulted in late fees if I had not caught the behavior. I was doing my online banking one or twice/ month. But I had to increase it to checking every few hours so that I could catch the repeating errors and avoid the associated fees. Finally, to regain organization, I changed banks.

Ira Cds $25 Charge To Close IRA SA Account

Just opened an Ira CD in a branch today. I wanted to point out that there is a $25 charge to close the SA account associated with the CD. That is the savings account you have to open before you open the IRA. the CSR said You can just keep it open with no funds and there will be no charge. Not sure if you can or not. There is a lot that these reps did not know about.

Acheiva Credit Union

Worst company ever for all banking, loan and financial services! Not true to company integrity and the core values they try to portray. They are not at all customer oriented and have no remorse for tacking on fees caused by their own company mishaps. They will do whatever it takes to reach into your future's wallet and their company representatives have a major lack of knowledge and customer service skills. It's no wonder their locations have been closing down with no word about it out to their clients!

Long Time Customer

Achieva was called Sarasota Coastal Credit Union when I joined many years ago. My account number had five digits. In all these years I have never had a problem with this institution. The staff has been friendly and efficient, so what more could one ask? Well, I did recently. I wanted to refinance my home and contacted their mortgage agent, Jason Anger. We started the process and it sailed along beautifully until an issue came up that all but froze the process and seemed no resolve could be found. Well, Jason did not give up. He kept digging and calling on other resources and got us to our goal of a closing. I cannot say enough about how grateful I am to Jason and those who assisted in this.

Must Go To Branch To Open Accounts

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You cannot open a CD online. You must visit a branch office.

Credit Union?

I'm a big credit union fan, but this is more like a huge bank. Turnover is extremely high, leaving inexperienced and overworked employees in the branches. They bought a bank, and those poor employees have to run their old bank and achieva at the same time - it's not going so well. Products and fees are comparable, so without the service and low fees you would expect from a credit union, they really don't have enough to offer.

No Human Experience Is All Automated

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I've been a member of Achieva Credit Union for some years now and I thought it was a wonderful option to a bank. I actually left Wells Fargo because of the unfair fees and unorganized transfer when they purchased from Wachovia. In the past year Achieva has increased their fees from $5 to 34 and tends to apply them worse than any Bank. I have 4 accounts in a line of credit with them and they still charge me a $34 fee is something is even a dollar more than I have in the account. This is done in real-time basis they do not do deposits and payments at the end of the day like most banks. I also should only be getting an $8 fee and they should be transferring the money from one of my four accounts I've been in there several times trying to get this corrected and it's still not working and I do not enjoy spending my lunch hour at it you giving you every week. They have caused me so much stress over the past year that I have got to move somewhere else. They've implemented machines and computers and no longer have a personal touch today I have five $34 fees on my account as the day progressed. They admitted this is all done by a computer there is nobody actually looking at my account saying this is a well-known customer and she's going to make a deposit at the end of the day like she does every week. Look elsewhere. I want to several other Banks to get information on services and fees and SunTrust told me that they do a personal relationship with their customers and would call them before they ever considered charging such a thing especially to a long-time customer.

Achieva is A OK!

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We financed our last vehicle through Achieva Credit Union. I found their self service desks very easy and quick to use. At the same time, when I needed a live person to assist me, getting to one was equally as quick and easy. We are getting ready to purchase a new vehicle. I will absolutely make Achieva my first stop when I shop for getting the best possible rate.

YUCK!!! Go Elsewhere To Get Better Banking Services

Achieva CU is extremely unprofessional, charge excess fees on overdraft when monies were placed in to bring account balance to positive. BEWARE!!! Achieva Credit Union will steal your hard earned money, BEWARE!!! This is done multiple times, this is how they make their money and will throw you under financially in an already tough economy if you're not prepared!!! They will make sure that when you put money in your account, they FIRST put the charges through THEN they will apply your credits in order to literally charge you a $34.00 fee on EACH transaction before applying your credits. They will do this over and over and claim "it's your fault not the credit unions". I have seen as many as up to 20+ overdraft charges on an account before they finally will apply your credit to stop the charge overdrafts. This is terrible business and it's no wonder they are growing so fast! Back a few years ago, they were a very good financial institution to have and I have recommended a very large amount of friends and family to them. Since they have been treating me this way, I have since been told by many friends and family that they have now switched back to traditinoal banks that do not treat their "members" this way. Do your homework before opening an account with them if you value your hard earned money...they will steal it! Kelly, Operator Number d16 is whom I warned about this review over the phone, but she apparently called me incorrect bluff. Good Job Kelly, you're an assett to Achieva, i'm sure of it! We have several accounts with them and are taking them all elsewhere, good luck, we recommend a local small bank, and not one that has their eyes on becoming big (stealing in order to get there). Here is their unprofessional response, which they did NO research on the account before running their mouth as this incident over the weekend was the first on the account: Control your spending habits AUTHOR: coast - () SUBMITTED: Tuesday, December 03, 2013 “This is done multiple times... they FIRST put the charges through THEN they will apply your credits in order to literally charge you a $34.00 fee on EACH transaction before applying your credits” Your account went into overdraft mode because you authorized debits and withdrawals against unavailable funds. If funds are available when debits and withdrawals are authorized, an account will not overdraft regardless of what order the transactions are processed. “I have seen as many as up to 20+ overdraft charges on an account before they finally will apply your credit to stop the charge overdrafts.” You are a habitual offender. You need to get your spending habits under control. DOES THIS SOUND LIKE AN ACTUAL PROFESSIONAL RESPONDING TO AN UPSET CUSTOMER????????? This person needs to be terminated and used as an example of what NOT to do in order to de-escalate a banking customer that has been with them for over a decade and a half!!! WOW!!!!

Achieva treats their customers that they had for over a decade (sorry, previously pinellas county teachers credit union)...(usually you treat them with a little more care). The fact that it even comes down to this is appauling.

No Reason For This

There seems to be an issue with getting money out of my acount they called several times to make sure it was me making the charges getting stupid.  The last straw was I had a zero balance on my charge card went to get my vehicle from maintenace and they rejected my card.  heres what I think of them.

in•ept (?n'?pt, ?'n?pt)


1. lacking skill or aptitude, esp. for a particular task; maladroit.  

2. generally awkward or incompetent.

The Best Bank/Credit Union Out There

I was absoulutely fed up with my bank (Regions) and decided to join Achieva. I went in, and spoke to them and they were wonderful. They approved my loan requests (which Regions did not) and set up my accounts exactly the way I wanted them. .25 cent debit? Who cares, just run it as a credit card, no fee.

Very easy to deal with and highly recommended.

You Call This Customer Service?

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I joined some 20+ years ago when it was Pinellas County Teachers Union. Things sure have changed and not for the better. A 25 cent pin fee? What the hell is that? As a small business owner, I pay a fee every time you use your card in my establishment, that is double dipping! I have called corporate, Andrea Gregor at 727 431-7352, when trying to get information about some paperwork. I've never received a return call! The manager at the Dunedin branch is dumber than a box of rocks and soooo rude to boot! Maybe that's okay in your native country but that won't fly here. I would give a negative "star rating" if it were possible!!


I had been with SCCU for approx 15 years , they were taken over by Achieva ( a buyout) when  my income dropped ,like so many others and my house was over mortgaged and some health issues put me behind the best they would do in the way of a modifacation was to drop my payments for one year. The people working ther are also some of the rudest you will ever talk to, as one put it when we were discussing my mortgage , WELL GET ANOTHER JOB, what a bunch of self absorbed no good bastards. I'm sure that they got my loan from SCCU at a deep discount but will not work with you to create an agreement to help. Feels more like extortion than anything else, pay us or else,your credit everything will be ruined, as they said to me ,why should we lower your principle? Pure banking pieces of shit if there ever were.  I'm sure that I'll end up losing everything and ending up in bankruptcy . THANKS ACHIEVA. I wouldn't put  a dime in these bastards credit union. Do your homework,.

Less Than 1% Auto Fiancing On Approved Credit?

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25 cent charge on debit fees? Just punch it as credit and you don't get charged, found nothing wrong about this company and offers good customer service. I don't understand why people post bad things about a fee that can be waived just by running the debit card under credit.

Best credit union is probably Alliant credit union, but Achieva is local and I like talking to a local credit union, and it's still 100,000 times better than Bank of America BY FAR! I'll be opening an Alliant account soon, but having a local one isn't a bad idea as well.

Member Since 1998

Achieva has joined the ranks of the financial institutions that have total disregard for the wage-earner.  Last year while unemployed I was still able to pay most of my credit obligations, including the one owed to Achieva.  I was working on a work-out plan with my mortgage holder, who, of course, reported that I was behind on my mortgage resulting in a crashed credit score.  Even though all my other credit obligations reported that I was paying as agreed -- and never missing a payment to Achieva -- Achieva closed my credit account.  This was immediately after I refused to allow them to grant me the "benefit" of automatically overdrawing my checking account with debit-card purchases.  The twenty-five cent charge for debit purchases is a bogus fee.  Achieva recieves a fee from the vendor for every debit-card transaction they process.  Are they in good financial shape?  You betcha!  Like every other thieving financial institution, they are balancing their books on the backs of those who can least afford it.  I'd give them a negative star rating if I could.

Achieva Credit Union

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I have been a member of Achieva for over 15 years. In the last few years, their service has gone down hill. No response to complaints and total arrogance towards customers has left me in a positon to remove almost all funds and only keep open a small auto loan.

The final straw was their implementation of a $.25 charge on all debit transactions where you use your PIN number.

I stopped carrying cash probably 5 to 6 years ago and used my debit card exclusively. with this fee, the charges add up quick.

I have switch all accounts over to Wachovia.

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