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Fraud Activity

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this cu is extremely dangerous.beware.i was told that I can become a member here if I join usdaa th en I called usdaa they told me this was a scam and their are no memberships to their association and advancial cu refused to helpme out in any way.i bank all over the US and this was the worst experience I've ever had stay way from these people they are frauds

Advancial Credit Union

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The worst on line application, membership enrollment, I have experienced. See for yourself. Respond to phone calls, if ever, or the next day or later.

GREAT Customer Service Experience

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Customer service processed my application timely with full communication along the way, including follow-up calls to ensure satisfaction. Reminds me of the full service banking of the past. Cudos to your employees

Absolutely FANTASTIC Website/App

Sort of difficult to get them to open an account but once done I wired money from my Fidelity account.
It showed upon their website in an hour or two.
While waiting on hold to get someone to open the cd I looked around the website and realized you can open the cd in seconds online, can add or change POD status, and can add or change beneficiaries.

Probably the easiest app and website to use I have seen.
Interest can be toggled back and forth between adding to CD, transferring to savings or sending a check.

Great CU And Part Of Shared Branches

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Becoming a member was very straight forward. If you must meet the requirements, then fill out an application. The review and approval takes no more than 2 days and in some cases same day if you meet eligibility through an existing family if already a member. Once you are approved, then you will receive a link to register where you will find a copy of your application and account number. You then use that account number or use your SSN to create your account login that is instant. Once you have account login, then it will take a few days to enable you to link external banks so that you can transfer funds. After that you can open CDs or additional savings accounts. Customer service is great through chat and through video calls. You can find many CUs around you that are shared partners, which means you can use them as Advancial CU to deposit funds, to withdraw funds, deposit checks etc. However the only thing you can not do at a shared CU branch is open an account, and also limit how much funds you can withdraw. If you intend to open a long term CD, then the EWP is 365 days of interest. If you open a long term CD and decide to terminate after 6 months, then you will lose 6 months of interest, and you will be required to pay another 6 months of interest from your principal because the penalty is 365 days of interest. It's the same as other banks or CUs, but I thought to let someone know who does not know how EWP works. I do not know or understand though why this CU is rated B.

Now the bad part is they will restrict you for any large ACH transfer from external bank into your Advancial CU account. Transferring fund through check will be placed on long hold. This is because of you are new member, so if you intend to put your money back to work with them, then you will find problems doing so until your account is not new to them anymore or established with them with transactions history.

OKC Customer

Always the nicest, quickest, best of service at my local branch.
I wish their deposit rates were a little higher.

Awesome CU

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Just joined last month. Great CD rates. Had to complete a paper application, but customer service has been strong so far.


Advancial Credit Union offered a credit card which was the best I have ever seen. However, they did not let me (or anyone else) know of their policy changes which took place in the middle of a billing cycle.  I know they have the legal right to do this and whatever else I agreed to, but I believe they have the ethical obligation to give us a few day's warning. It would have been nice to have received an email explaining the changes a week or more before the changes took place.
Advancial's Visa Rewards Plus credit card offers 0% interest for one year on all purchases and balance transfers.  There is no balance transfer fee. The GREATEST benefit involved paying off the card.   I could make payments on this Visa card using another credit card or debit card!!!!  The restrictions on the payments were (A) The credit and debit cards used for payments could not be Visa cards.  (B) The maximum allowed per month to use credit and debit cards for payments was $10,000.  Needless to say, I paid off the card each month by first using many small (about $1) debit card payments to fulfill my Kasasa type requirements of having 10 debit card uses per month.  Then near the end of the month, I would use my CITI DOUBLE CASH credit card to pay the rest of the $10,000 allowed. So I paid off the $10,000 balance transfer in one month and got my Advancial credit card balance down to $0.  At that point, I could do another balance transfer with no fee and start the process over.  So each month I was making about $200 in cashback on my CITI Double Cash card by using it to pay off the $10,000 .  This could be done for a whole year. Note, I did not have to invest any money to make the $200 per month.  I think at the end of the year I could perhaps close the card and apply for another one and repeat this process.  I was also going to manage payments for friends and relatives after they opened the card.  Luckily, I never got to the point of having friends and relatives open the Advancial card. 

A couple of days ago I could no longer make payments on my Advancial card. New but undisclosed rules went into effect with no warning. These are : (A) no credit card payments are allowed at all  (B) Debit card payments have a maximum of 4 payments per month and a maximum total of $5000 per month. The golden goose died.

I would not recommend this credit union because they changed the rules without having the decency to let us know beforehand.  They may just change other rules too. If you want to take the chance, their credit card may still be worth getting today if you want a $20,000 "loan" interest-free for one year. (And you get $100 if you spend $500 in the 1st 90 days). Now I am planning to have my balance hover near my credit limit of $20,000 until the year is up and take advantage of the free loan. They may do what Alliant Credit Union did however and cancel your card without any reason.

Great CU So Far!

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Their process to open an account online is still a little cumbersome. After completing your application, they send you an email where you have to log into their secure email to get your account # and then use that to access your account. It's a small hassle. You also have to fund the account with a debit card for the $5 to open your share account. After that, you can open and fund a money market or CD account with money you ACH in from your other bank. It's nothing once you get the hand of it. CU are always a little different than banks because you are a shareholder, not just a customer.

Amazing Financial Institution

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As a member of Advancial, I can honestly say they are an outstanding financial institution! From their friendly and helpful customer service to the products they offer, they are the best around. Their checking account earns dividends, there are no ATM fees, free checks, and you earn points on your debit card when you use it! In addition to their checking account, they have low rates on loans and competitive rates on CD’s. Advancial is hands down the best financial institution I have ever banked with!

Total Waste Of Time And Incompetent Customer Service

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Do not waste your time with this bank. Representatives are very rude and incompetent. Had to make several calls to straighten things, very frustrating and decided to move elsewhere. And it seems they do not really care. So, why should you?

Can't Join...

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Spoke with a CSR on 5/22/20. There is no way to join as a "member" of either Costco or Dog Agility. He very specifically said that one has to be an employee of the SEG or Assoc. not just a "member." I supposed one could try to join one of the Chamber of Commerce(s) might work, but it's pretty spendy to do over $100. May not be worth the brain damage, since, if this particular CSR was informed correctly, being a "member" might not be good enough.

Connex Membership DOES NOT Get You A Cd

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After reading field of membership on this website I clicked on the Connex link and joined. Then I filled out the advancial membership form online. I wanted to open a large CD quickly. When I called advancial to follow up on my application I was told that membership in Connex will not be suffice to become a member of advancial Credit Union.

Hate This Horrible Credit Union

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Horrible horrible. Will be closing out my accounts as soon as I cam for someone but if you need assistance after 5pm on a wk day ...forget it. They dont have a 1800 number that is answered on wkends either.
I login and am asked 6 security questions which i answered correctly and now I am locked out bc this stupid system and credit union online tells me I dont even know basic questions about myself that.
I dont care If I have to pay a lot more In fees. I'll be glad to after zero customer service

Don't Use This Bank

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I got a checked cashed with sister branch and 4 days after Advancial decided to put the check on hold. Talked to customer service and was told to bring proof of the check clearing and they would take off the hold. Once again customer service tellse something that apparently isn't true. This banks customer service is the absolute worst. Don't give them your money

Good CD Rates, Lot Of Hassle

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This is a primitive credit union. No online money transfers/ACH permitted until account has aged. If want to receive monthly CD interest, it is via mailed check only. Initial deposit for CD is via check or wire only; linking external accounts not available. Opening a savings account is mandatory for a CD. Will have to visit a bank location to open an account. Ask all your questions while at the branch; is a 10-15 minute wait on hold to speak with someone on the phone. Few consistent answers between branch and phone representatives.

Ridiculous Application Process Leading To ACCOUNT DENIAL

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I was declined for an account and the only reason provided is that I had "too many inquiries". The customer service rep, could not provide any additional information and would not allow me to speak to anyone else in higher authority. He said I would receive a letter in the mail explaining their decision.

Let me make something clear, I have an excellent credit score. I have never been late in paying a bill in my life. I have opened many accounts in the last year trying to maximize my interest income in this Fed induced market of perpetually meager interest rates.

And now I am denied an account with this CU for this dubious reason. This credit union is ridiculous.

Great Service

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I just opened checking ,saving and CD accounts with them at the branch in Dallas area .it was easy and fast ,I just needed to deposit $10 in saving to be aligable to open .great CD rates and free checking account. .

Easy Opening CD

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We were 1st assisted on line by Vivian M. who got us all the necessary forms and requirements in advance by email. Fortunately we live close to Dallas and simply went to their location at 1845 Woodall Rogers Fwy. We had to circle the building to find the entry which is actually on N. Saint Paul St. and unfortunately looks like a "Loading Zone" area rather than the entry to their parking garage. VERY tight turns in garage so do not go in a large pickup truck. They have a branch on the 1st floor. We went inside and Elizabeth L. was excellent at helping us and opening our account. VERY professional and knowledgeable.
Very pleased with excellent service and high rate on the CD. We plan to go back.

Great credit union

I have been a member of the Advancial Credit Union for over 10 years. I have relied on this Credit Union for a variety of financial products. It all started with a small deposit into a money market account. I would occasionally deposit money into this account, and tried to keep up with it. Later, I began using their checking account and a CD. I love the people and the helpful service. They are a great credit union.

Money Musketeers

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I deposit money for my child only to get a bank statement with money withdrawn from her account and we haven't been to the bank since October to deposit money. This is ridiculous that you can't trust the bank you been dealing with for 10 years. Then I call customer service and spoke with Vivian M and she hung up on me after asking for a manager three times. Then calling back to speak with Tammy for her to tell me she can't help and she has no manager because her managers Frank and Lauren has left for the day. This is the worst customer service that I have ever received the fact that they don't care that money is missing.

Great Place To Bank

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I've been banking with Advancial for over 15 years. I was first drawn to Advancial by its amazing rates. They pay much higher returns on deposits than anything in the marketplace. I have come to really appreciate the personal service approach of this institution and have been pleasantly surprised at the dedication the institution has to new technology. I have been using the Advancial app and now use it exclusively for my banking. It is so feature rich and way ahead of the apps I have for B of A and Chase. I have shifted all my banking to Advancial and can't say enough good things about this credit union.

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