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Don't get an auto loan- They charge daily interest on your vehicle from the loan amount. IT WILL TAKE YOU YEARS TO PAY THIS OFF. Please go somewhere else!! I've been having my loan here for 13 months at this bank. My owned balance hasn't even moved hardly. DONT DO IT! I would give ZERO stars to this bank if it would let me. And yes, it is legal what they are doing. "BUT DOESNT MEAN YOU HAVE TO DO IT!" BTW their reviews below are fake.

Hope this place goes under.

Incompetent & Rude

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Affinity federal credit union was a complete waste of my time. For over two weeks I’ve been piece Mealing them everything they have wanted in regards to a loan application.
I am extremely well organized and have given them everything from 13 months worth of bank statements, cover letters, tax returns, my apartment lease showing how much I’ve paid for in rent, and that’s still not good enough. …They kept asking to see proof that I’ve paid my rent and wanted 12 months worth of canceled checks.
Unfortunately I don’t live in 1985, and I don’t know anybody who pays for rent with a check. I explained to her that this is all done electronically, and that she could see all of these payments done within the 13 months of bank statements. I couldn’t have been more clear how she could find this. But nope, she didn’t wanna do that.
Then she asked for a lease so that I could prove it, and I sent her a lease.
The next day she emailed with another request saying she needed proof that I’ve paid my rent, once again, and for the third time I told her how to find this.
The next morning she emails back saying they won’t be proceeding forward and that they will no longer be excepting my phone calls until I give them the documents they requested. Won’t be accepting phone calls? lol.
I really don’t know how one person, could be so incompetent. I can’t give you something that doesn’t exist.
I thanked them for wasting my time time and told them that if they weren’t bright enough to figure this out they weren’t worth me doing business with. And mind you, my credit score, income and my rental payments are impeccable.

The Worst Credit Union In The World!

The customer service reps are rude, mean, disrespectful I have never in my 55 years been so disrespected. They hung up on you after already being on hold for 36 minutes.

I hate this company, their fees are awful. Wish I could give 0 stars

Flemington Branch - So Rude And Unprofessional

They just don't care about the customer and they are not going to go out of their way to even wait on you.

Worst Credit Union Ever!

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I have an auto loan with this company for the past 2 years. I was medically retired not too long ago, so my bills stayed the same but my pay decreased by half. I am a full time student now, trying to get a job that will help. I have spoke to this company time and time again. I was caught up with all payments, September 20th my car is REPOSESSED for being 2 weeks late! This company knows my families story. Not only did they reposess my vehicle, but they took it to a facility over 1 hour 30 minutes away. My payment is due on the 2nd. Today is the 20th. Rediculous, No compassion, Worst place ever, definately do not recommend this place. As I can see I am not the only one either. Best thing that could happen is for everyone to pull all their money out and get a different bank, refi with another bank for car loans, mortgages, etc. Put them in a stressful financial situation and let them see how it feels.

Horrible. Very Rude, Unreliable, And Unprofessional

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I was surprised how rude and unprofessional the staff were. They did make any effort to help you when you turned to them for help. They would not follow through on promises, or show any care or concern for their customers. Very unreliable. I would never recommend them to anyone.

Criminals & Theives

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Affinity has done nothing but ruined our lives. PERIOD. My spouse worked there for over a decade & they then froze his salary for years, gave him a promotion with more work promising higher pay but never fully trained him nor gave him the raise. We were unable to buy food or get heat into the house. Fast forward to my husband not having his job there anymore-Affinity came after us like flies on.....over the mortgage payments and car payments. They came after me like crazy for late car payments, lied to us telling us the car was to be repossessed in 10 days just to get our payment, they harassed us at home via hundreds of e-mails and phone calls per week and sent some strange guy to our door who left a plain white handwritten envelope also harassing us, like the some bounty hunter. We tried to get a modification, took months and all the while the other dept was forging ahead with foreclosure. They took my payment for our car & 20 days later came and repossessed it out of my driveway, then they had no idea where it was towed to, they lost it. Finally found it & with a lawyer got it back. They wanted a payment to start the modification & took it out of my personal checking acct without my authorization, almost $4,000 taken from my bank account with just my name on it then they froze my account. Then the modification expired. Then they sent their lawyers after us again after bankruptcy going after my car again claiming we didn't make a payment on the mortgage when in fact we did & gave proof of it. I also found out, and this is the best, that they put through the loan application for our car which had my FORGED signature on it as a co-signer, I'm currently in the midst of getting a lawyer over the forgery. I disputed it on my credit report but of course Affinity contested it...of course. There's more but I'd need a week to write it all. They are nothing but thieves and crooked as any bank can be. They will not work with us anymore to do another modification on the mortgage. We cannot afford food or heat right now and we have done nothing but tried desperately to keep the house and the only car we own but they are waited with baited breath to get it all and they probably will. As soon as the mortgage is late 3 months they will come take our car, then take the house. They have taken not only our material posessions but our lives as we knew it, we have been ruined by this credit union, we've been reduced to losing everything we own as well as being robbed in our bank accounts. They also wiped out my 7 yr old's small bank account we had for him with some money as a start up account back when we were waiting on the modification the first time, this after they wiped out my husband's checking of every single dime had had to his name in it and then froze both accounts. And the scumbags had the nerve to send us a Christmas card this year. We work 7 days a week and do what we can and then some, the only thing we haven't given them yet is our blood. Nothing but scumbags out to ruin an average middle class family that is struggling and doing illegal practices all the while. I have been depressed over this, I cry often, they have ruined us & at our age we will not recover as easily. My husband now cannot get a job because of his credit, Afinity will not take the car off my credit report even though the signature was forged & I'm having issues getting a job because of my credit no with the car on the credit report. They will ruin you until you become depressed & want to end it all. They are pure scumbags.

Not The Greatest Bank To Deal With On Hard Times

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I recently fell on hard times being unemployed a year and a half.  I was able to work out payments with my other credit card lenders.  Even Bank of America was able to reduce my payments on my loans.  I tried numerous times to work out payments that were manageable with Affinity due to my situation.  They would not work with me to the point that I had their lawyers after me.  I fell on hard times and after being loyal for many years they do this to me.  Shame on you Affinity Federal Credit Union for being so money hungry when honest people like me are willing to pay something but fell on hard times.  Your customer service also stinks where you don't put the customer first.  I am glad I grabbed my money out of my bank accounts before you had a chance to take all of it.  You would have taken all my unemployment payments.  (by law you are not supposed to do this but you will do it anyway to screw your customers. ) Screw you guys. Shame on you for taking that guys kids money on the dad that had a late mortgage payment.  Once I am done paying everything you will lose me as a loyal customer and will make sure to spread word of mouth how bad you are.  Bank of America even treats their customers better.  I had a $499 month loan and they allowed me to pay $250 now a month. Everyone has complained about Bank of America.  Everyone should look at not joining any credit union especially Affinity Federal Credit Union.   They dont want to work with their customers even in hard times.  AFFINITY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION SUCKS DONT EVER SIGN A LOAN WITH THEM OR BANK WITH THEM THEY WILL TAKE EVERYTHING !!!

HATE HATE HATE Their New Online Banking

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If I could give them zero stars right now, I would.

Mortgage Dept Is A Nightmare

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I've had accounts and loans with Affintiy for 11 years and never had a problem. And as long as you don't have a problem they are great but if you should ever fall on difficult times this is not the lender you want to be dealing with. My motgage was 45 days past due and their mortgage guy went into all of my minor childrens accounts and cleaned them out without any notification. Even my oldest child whose account was set up when he was a minor and was working and putting his money into his account had it cleaned out one week before his college tuition was due. I understand collecting a debt but this was only late payments I was not in forclosure and never was. This was a company I had an eleven year relationship with and numerous loans that I had always paid and they treated me like a criminal. I could write pages on how their mortgage guy treated me and to this day I cringe when I have to walk into that bank to pay my mortgage. I cannot wait to refinance my loan to get away from these people.

Affinity Credit Union Is A Joke.

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I work the hours that they are open, including Saturdays, the only way for me to deposit my pay, which is cash, is through one of their ATMs. I deposited $450 last Saturday and was, and am still, only alowwed access to $199 of my cash deposit. WHY? I asked them. The customer service rep told me that they place a 2 business day hold on all checks AND cash. WHAT??? On cash?? I've heard of some realy, realy dumb things in my life but this takes the cake.


Then yesterday, when I wanted to see what my account balance was over the phone, the one time that I want to talk to an automated teller, I have to hit a prompt for this and a prompt for that, then I have to talk to someone, then I have to answer 3 questions before they can tell me my account balance.


Nedless to say Affinity is a waste of time and money and I will be closing my account once the rest of my cash is available to me.

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