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Con Artists

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signed up for the 2.5% credit card, which i was excited about. turns out these folks are just con artists. you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get everything started, set up a savings acct, deposit monthly, keep a balance, the list goes on and on. i finally got everything set up and had to call customer service a few times. they don't have a direct customer service, it is farmed out. once you finally get one of their reps, you then get transferred 5 times for your question. in the end, i only got the 2.5% for a few months, then they stopped giving me the full cash back, dropped me to 1.5%. when i called, they said i hadn't met some other criteria, that i was on a limited time 2.5% cash back plan. canceled the card and account, can't say enough bad things. complete waste of time dealing with these crooks. back to my fidelity card and will trash alliant every chance i get to review.

Abusing Exceptions To Check 21 Act Funds Availability Rules

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The are misapplying exceptions to Check 21 act by using extraordinary hold time max of 7 business days on checks and accounts that do not meet criteria for exceptions to funds availability rules. When pushed, they can’t justify grounds for the hold or cite a reason that isn’t actually accurate for the check or account in question. I’ve reported them to my state attorney general and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I advise you and everyone else with this complaint do the same. It has become a consumer-abusive pattern for Alliant to apply holds longer than Check 21 rules for funds availability. The holds have gotten longer and more arbitrary over the last 4 years. They’ve even tried to put long holds on ACH transfers which should have immediate availability.

They aren’t complying with rule for checks under $5000 to make $200 available on 1 business day, $600 on second business day, and full check amount on 3rd business day. These are federal max hold times except in cases with specific exceptions with the federal max for a check with extraordinary risk being 7 business days. They apply that 7 day max to almost everything with zero portion available. I deposited a $600 on 07/02, it cleared the bank of origin on 07/03- Alliant has a hold until 07/13 and has made $0 of funds available.

ACH Transfers Outbound Limited

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Excuse if repeating what is already known. ACH outbound from savings account on collected balances today, was limited to $25000 (per month?). Requested Tuesday during business hours and will not appear in account in safe bank until Monday. No holidays in between. Somewhat restrictive.

Worst Credit Union!

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This is one of the worst credit unions ever! Transfers to and from an external bank takes almost a week! After that, there's a so-called "general hold" before your funds are available. To make things worse, there are all types of fees involved. Will not recommend such a credit union for banking purposes!

Horrible Customer Service

Poorly trained customer service team with absolutely no soft skills whatsoever. Tried to fund a new account and the customer care supervisor made my 74 year old mom cry. Who would have guessed someone could turn a boring phone call into a high stress and brutal engagement with a customer. All that was needed was to set up an online account… I sent in a letter to their Contact Us page but they claim they never got it (despite the site saying it was sent successfully). These guys are special and not worth giving my hard earned money to. Good luck if you bank there. You better not be an immigrant or speak English as a second language or they will try to beat you down.

Account Just Left In Limbo

Opened an Alliant CD Mar 22. Received welcome emails, PIN mailing, etc. Money never pulled from my external funding bank. Finally got a CSR who said there was a type o in the funding account. So no one tells us over the last 10 days (despite 3 phone calls to inquire)? Meanwhile, rate has expired but they'd be happy to open another account for a longer term. I'm confused. This is the second or third institution where the CD application just hangs in space for varying reasons. Citibank- same issue. Had to reach out to Executive response team to get confirmation that the account opened was never funded. Does no one review issues? How much money is never invested due to lack of completion of applications?

Its All Great As Long As You Agree With Them

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Everything works great with this bank until it doesn't. I use this as a fun money account. I ordered something expensive off amazon that never arrived. I did everything that Alliant told me to do, despite it taking the better part of year. The banks response was they denied my dispute because I had actually made the purchase. the argument was NOT that I hadn't made the purchase. it was that it had not arrived and Amazon was NO help. closed my account same day and went somewhere else that offered same services. F Alliant.

Fantastic Credit Union

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I am a previous Bank of America customer, and have been using Alliant for nearly two years now.

It has been an enjoyable experience and great service.

Plaid integration DID have some issues at one point but they have come along way.

No Rationale For General Hold On New Funds Deposit

I transferred via ACH $75K cash into a new savings account with the intent of immediately opening a second CD account. However, I was denied this option because the entire deposit was placed on a general hold for about 10 days.

There was no rational logic provided to me regarding the general hold on the new cash deposit. I already have another $250K CD with Alliant, so again, I don't understand the logic of placing a general hold on new cash moved via ACH to open a second CD account.

The representative who took my call was terrific overall and placed me on hold several times to provide my different rationales to management for why the new cash deposit should be immediately used to open a new CD account.

Nevertheless, the representative wasn't successful, and I was told that I'd need to wait until the general hold was removed before I could transfer the funds from savings to a new CD account.

No cyber security or other monetary-related security issues were provided to me to substantiate the general hold policy on the funds.

Uncalled For Hold Times At Alliant CU IMO

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My experience opening new CDs at credit unions is that they credit your deposit subject to collection of the funds. That means you start earning interest right away. Also, you don't miss the juicy rate they're offering for a "limited time only".

I sent a medium sized deposit (a bit under 100K) to Alliant CU to take advantage of a 5% APY 6-month limited time offer. I find out today that my funds may be on hold for 10 days and I can't open the new CD until then.

In all my years of banking I've never had a bank not credit my cashier’s check subject to collection. Meanwhile they probably collect interest on my deposit and my great CD deal may evaporate. This seems like bush league banking at its worst to me.

ps. This is the deal Suze Orman is touting on her and Alliant's websites.


I called back today and tried again through a representative instead of their online procedure and got my CD. So all is well and I can now rate them 5-stars.

Word of caution: If you deposit your funds via mail be sure to enclose a note saying you want a CD along with the term, rate, etc.

Stay Away!

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Really dreadful experience and a bunch of incompetent people there. Totally agree with other reviewers. Not worth the time and/or the effort.

Non-Existent Customer Service

Alliant is to CU's what Comcast is to cable, which is to say they have awful customer service. Because of that I only use their credit card services. Calling with an issue always results in a referral to their "back office", a group which never responds and never helps.

I spend around $10k a month on their Visa card, always pay the balance off - automatically and I keep thinking they will eventually treat me better but, I’m consistently disappointed.

Alliant - Fraud Again & Retaliation

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10/19 - Update - Just logged on and saw the stolen $249.03 posted 10/18 to my Ck Acct available balance ! Scheduled a transfer out for this. Now just waiting for my final savs div on 10/31 so I can do final transfer out and close membership.

10/17 - Update - On 10/10 I initiated a dispute with Alliant for the six fraudulent transactions totaling $249.03. There has been no response from Alliant. Also, during this past week I transferred all my money out of Alliant except for the minimum $5 in savings I need to maintain until this is resolved. I also closed the Alliant Visa credit card I had with them that I had not used in over a year because of the fraud I dealt with back in 6/2021.

As of today Alliant still owes me the $249.03 stolen plus the substantial savings account dividend I will be owed on 10/31 because my "daily average minimum balance" during Oct. is way more than the $100 minimum required.

10/10 - Update - I log onto Alliant and see that they sped up the fraudulent transactions and posted these on 10/9 (instead of 10/11 per below). Alliant has now helped criminal "Atheer Telecom Iraq" steal a total of $249.03 from me. And still no phone call from anyone at Alliant who will get my money back.

10/7 - 8:15AM - I received an automated phone message from "Alliant VISA Credit Union Fraud Prevention Services" saying that I need to call 866-395-3394 to "verify" some transactions on my card# (my debit card). I thought this was some kind of scam. I have NEVER used Alliant's debit card for any transaction. I logged onto my Alliant accounts and saw 3 fraudulent transactions in my checking acct showing pending date 10/11. The description showed Atheer Telecom and 3 "check card" trans of $82.19 for a total of $246.57 being taken from my "available balance"!! I immediately called the above phone # and went through the automated system to indicate that I had NOT initiated these transactions! The phone system stated "Card Blocked" after each declined trans and told me to call Alliant 800-328-1935 to have these trans removed from my acct. I called Alliant and spoke to 2 reps who tried to reach a supervisor to help. Then eventually a supervisor Christina called back. I told her about my call to the Alliant Fraud Serv and that these were fraudulent transactions and I had never dealt with Atheer Telecom (? totally unknown entity). I told her I never used the debit card. I asked her to remove these trans and put the money back into my available balance today 10/7. Then the hell continued. She claimed these trans were already authorized(???) even though I told her these were not authorized. She told me they would have to let these trans go through and only then could I dispute these. She told me she could try to contact a "specialist" to remove these or one of her supervisors....and of course she couldn't reach any of them while we were arguing back and forth. She claimed her supervisor would give the same answer as she. I asked her to have her supervisor and the specialist call me....she said she left messages for them to call me....have not heard back. I told her if the money wasn't back in my available balance today (10/7) that I would close all my accounts and membership with Alliant, which is exactly what I will do.

Another important factor in this. And I don't think this is just a coincidence. As I explained to Christina, I had just received a new debit card in the mail just a week prior. The current card was expiring 10/31. (I had not activated it.) I told her that I think someone at Alliant initiated this fraud...maybe someone involved in handling the new card. There is no online presence of this card except at Alliant. It has been sitting in my Alliant paper file in my home for years...UNUSED. Only myself and employees at Alliant have access to that card #.....and I did not do this!!!

I will keep fighting until I get the $246.57 back from Alliant.

Note - The "again" I refer to above related to fraudulent Alliant Visa credit card transactions totaling over $500 that I had to deal with back in 6/2021 that took months to resolve.

I am done with Alliant. Two strikes and they are out. I have never had any fraud on other accts for the 50 years I've had dealings with FI's.

Fails At Account Opening

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I tried to open a savings account to check them out before opening multiple share accounts. The online process seemed smooth but as soon as I submitted the application it was rejected. They couldn't verify my identity. Two calls to CS got no resolution. No reasons could be provided, no chance for escalation. The only option offered was to wait 30 days and reapply to find out if they reject me again. Disrespectful.
Afterwards, out of curiosity I pulled my reports from 2 credit bureaus. Both had no problem identifying me, of course. Still had "exceptional" credit and all payments everywhere on time, etc... Alliant seems really not up to the job, or perhaps they are just harvesting sensitive personal data.

Savings Rate 1.60% As Of 8-16-2022

Just noticed rate increase in account

Emotionally Draining

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My mother (who banked with Alliant) passed away several months ago. The way Alliant has handled the matter is appalling to me and my family. I’ve spent a collective 4+ hours on the phone with 20+ “customer service” representatives trying to iron out very basic things such as getting a bank statement for the month of her passing. One representative admitted to me that sometimes they just transfer customers to other departments because they don’t know what to do. On top of this, we’re still receiving solicitations in my deceased mothers name with offers for things like auto insurance. Very emotionally draining. FWIW, all other financial institutions my mother had ties to were professional and compassionate.

36 Month CD With Flexible Terms

I just opened a new 36 month CD and found out that you can select a term from 36 months to 47 months and still get the 4.6% APY Rate. The rate for the 48 month is 4.2% so if you are looking for a 48 Month term you should go with the 36 month term and then select a 47 month term to take advantage of the higher rate

Alliant Difficult -Lacks Tech Improvements

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As long as things are kept simple, Alliant was just ok. An issue arose today that should have been easy to resolve, but Alliant put unnecessary red tape into place for adding a Joint Owner to a CD.

Opened a CD with a sizable amount. Soon after, I went online and tried to add my spouse as Joint Owner. Spouse has a Roth CD with them and is Joint Owner of sizable Savings account and a checking he's already in their system.

Not good enough for them. An email requested that we perform an online verification which we completed using spouse's passport. The screen's error message said more id was needed: signed social security card, picture license PLUS a bill with our address. After spouse blew up, I called a rep who researched it. Reason: Our id process didn't match their records( maybe phone #???).

As of May 2022, Alliant still doesn't have a secure portal to upload documents, therefore, we have to mail or fax all of it in. Our other CU's and banks have a secure portal, but not them. It's been 6 hrs and the rep has yet to send me instructions on using secure email. Customer service has really declined!

Goodbye Alliant....we'll start moving Savings, Checking and other funds to Ally or PenFed.

Alliant Credit Card Cash Back Rewards A Scam??

Well, let's say it's not a scam. But they send you long letters about how to obtain the maximum cash reward. And once you do as requested they try to explain to you that there are more criteria and you won't get the full reward. If you just hold them by their own requirements and they run out of explanations, they just tell you "but that's the way it is and there is nothing we can do"
Extremely poor customer service and deceiving business practices

Nothing Is Perfect, But Alliant Pretty Darn Good

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I've been a member for 10 years. My old CU was put into receivership and Alliant became the new entity. I see these negative reviews and can only conclude the reviewers would have the same opinion no matter where they "banked". I dare anyone to walk into a local bank and get the rates that Alliant offers. Even one of your local CUs. Not possible
The only criticism I have is the website. It sets a cookie to verify you, and if your computer deletes the cookie, then you have to be reverified, and it's a pain.
Alerts and notifications are far better than the other CUs I have dealt with.

Great For Savings Account

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I have a HYSA with Alliant CU for past 10 months and they are awesome. No fees, and when i do transfer to this account it's like 24 hours. This is my emergency savings, and i do direct deposit. Easy to link to other banks, and i got an ATM card so i can deposit cash I need this, ATM like 5 min away. Ally Bank doesnt have that ability which is why i closed Ally Bank, Alliant way better. I talked to customer service 1 time, when I set up account and spelled my name wrong, it was less than 3 min hold and account fixed quickly, after i submitted DocuSign. Super friendly and helpful.

Thank you Alliant CU. Love you guys

Best Bank Ever!

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This is the best bank in America. Ignore all the bad reviews. They have the best credit card, the best checking account, and the best savings account. This bank is about to take over the world. Go to hell BofA! All the big banks suck. Charging you to have the privilege of lending your money at interest to other people! They are the scum of the Earth. Banks like Alliant give me hope that there are still good people in the world.

Worthless Credit Union

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I have a used truck loan at Marine Credit Union with a 4.9 interest rate, credit cards with PenFed Credit Union. I have been with Alliant Credit Union the longest and its really hard to get approved for anything with good credit. To me they are totally worthless. I'm not sure why anyone does business with them. They say on most website reviews they are horrible but a few give them a great rating . I found out those with the great ratings are getting a commission on you joining. DON'T JOIN, there are so many other really good Credit Unions that really give you quality personal business. I highly recommend looking into PenFed

11 Years Of Great Service

As an ACH hub, checking provider, universal atm provider (including low fee overseas), competitive savings provider, Alliant is tops. Bill pay when it has to send a check instead of an electronic payment is a bit slow but still useful. The app is great. Customer service on the phone is good, too. I have been a very satisfied member for 11 years.

Alliant Credit Union Is HORRIBLE

NEVER again will I use this bank. As soon as I get my money that they are currently holding "hostage", I will never use them again. Customer service is a joke. They are unhelpful and act as if they're better than you. Most horrible mess I've ever gotten myself into.

Overall Alright. App Could Use Improvements

The process was easy getting a checking account with Alliant. They seem a little behind with technology. Their app could use a little bit of improvement. They don't offer text banking to check your balance by a text. The app seems a little slow to quickly check your balance. I have been charged overdraft fees and had checks returned when mathematically I don't know how it was possible. Some banks/credit unions will give you until the end of the business day or until midnight to fix overdrafts. Alliant won't, and unlike a bank, they have no limit to the amount of overdraft fees. Customer Service seems alright, hold times didn't seem excessive, but it seems to be a long process of getting verified before they will talk to you. Rates on checking accounts are good. I never had an interest bearing checking account before, so it is nice to see some interest earned at the end of the month.

Only If You Enjoy Pain/Incompetence

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I've done business with Alliant for a long time, although I currently have a small account, just in case I want to come back to them in the future. Got a notice from them to sign into my account to agree to updated privacy notices. But it wouldn't recognize what I knew was the correct password. Did a 'change password' and it recognized it once, but then refused to do so subsequently. Spent 20 minutes with a rep who verified that it wasn't recognizing even *their* temporary passwords, and said give her 'a few seconds' to trouble shoot it. 10 minutes later, I got disconnected with a 'fast busy'. Called back, said I needed to speak with a supervisor ASAP. After 10 minutes on hold, supervisor answered, and it went immediately to a 'fast busy' and hung up on me. Rinsed and repeated. 10 minutes later, got hold of a super, saying I needed 2 things: 1. A 1099 which I've not received. She offered to give me the amount over the phone. I explained to her the IRS doesn't take my word for earnings. and 2. I wanted to close my account, as these kind of screwed up system errors, disconnections, and the lack of callbacks (they have my phone number) was not something I wanted in dealing with any institution. So I'm out, and glad of it.

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