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Con Artists

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signed up for the 2.5% credit card, which i was excited about. turns out these folks are just con artists. you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get everything started, set up a savings acct, deposit monthly, keep a balance, the list goes on and on. i finally got everything set up and had to call customer service a few times. they don't have a direct customer service, it is farmed out. once you finally get one of their reps, you then get transferred 5 times for your question. in the end, i only got the 2.5% for a few months, then they stopped giving me the full cash back, dropped me to 1.5%. when i called, they said i hadn't met some other criteria, that i was on a limited time 2.5% cash back plan. canceled the card and account, can't say enough bad things. complete waste of time dealing with these crooks. back to my fidelity card and will trash alliant every chance i get to review.

Abusing Exceptions To Check 21 Act Funds Availability Rules

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The are misapplying exceptions to Check 21 act by using extraordinary hold time max of 7 business days on checks and accounts that do not meet criteria for exceptions to funds availability rules. When pushed, they can’t justify grounds for the hold or cite a reason that isn’t actually accurate for the check or account in question. I’ve reported them to my state attorney general and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I advise you and everyone else with this complaint do the same. It has become a consumer-abusive pattern for Alliant to apply holds longer than Check 21 rules for funds availability. The holds have gotten longer and more arbitrary over the last 4 years. They’ve even tried to put long holds on ACH transfers which should have immediate availability.

They aren’t complying with rule for checks under $5000 to make $200 available on 1 business day, $600 on second business day, and full check amount on 3rd business day. These are federal max hold times except in cases with specific exceptions with the federal max for a check with extraordinary risk being 7 business days. They apply that 7 day max to almost everything with zero portion available. I deposited a $600 on 07/02, it cleared the bank of origin on 07/03- Alliant has a hold until 07/13 and has made $0 of funds available.

ACH Transfers Outbound Limited

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Excuse if repeating what is already known. ACH outbound from savings account on collected balances today, was limited to $25000 (per month?). Requested Tuesday during business hours and will not appear in account in safe bank until Monday. No holidays in between. Somewhat restrictive.

Worst Credit Union!

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This is one of the worst credit unions ever! Transfers to and from an external bank takes almost a week! After that, there's a so-called "general hold" before your funds are available. To make things worse, there are all types of fees involved. Will not recommend such a credit union for banking purposes!

Horrible Customer Service

Poorly trained customer service team with absolutely no soft skills whatsoever. Tried to fund a new account and the customer care supervisor made my 74 year old mom cry. Who would have guessed someone could turn a boring phone call into a high stress and brutal engagement with a customer. All that was needed was to set up an online account… I sent in a letter to their Contact Us page but they claim they never got it (despite the site saying it was sent successfully). These guys are special and not worth giving my hard earned money to. Good luck if you bank there. You better not be an immigrant or speak English as a second language or they will try to beat you down.

Account Just Left In Limbo

Opened an Alliant CD Mar 22. Received welcome emails, PIN mailing, etc. Money never pulled from my external funding bank. Finally got a CSR who said there was a type o in the funding account. So no one tells us over the last 10 days (despite 3 phone calls to inquire)? Meanwhile, rate has expired but they'd be happy to open another account for a longer term. I'm confused. This is the second or third institution where the CD application just hangs in space for varying reasons. Citibank- same issue. Had to reach out to Executive response team to get confirmation that the account opened was never funded. Does no one review issues? How much money is never invested due to lack of completion of applications?

Its All Great As Long As You Agree With Them

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Everything works great with this bank until it doesn't. I use this as a fun money account. I ordered something expensive off amazon that never arrived. I did everything that Alliant told me to do, despite it taking the better part of year. The banks response was they denied my dispute because I had actually made the purchase. the argument was NOT that I hadn't made the purchase. it was that it had not arrived and Amazon was NO help. closed my account same day and went somewhere else that offered same services. F Alliant.

Fantastic Credit Union

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I am a previous Bank of America customer, and have been using Alliant for nearly two years now.

It has been an enjoyable experience and great service.

Plaid integration DID have some issues at one point but they have come along way.

No Rationale For General Hold On New Funds Deposit

I transferred via ACH $75K cash into a new savings account with the intent of immediately opening a second CD account. However, I was denied this option because the entire deposit was placed on a general hold for about 10 days.

There was no rational logic provided to me regarding the general hold on the new cash deposit. I already have another $250K CD with Alliant, so again, I don't understand the logic of placing a general hold on new cash moved via ACH to open a second CD account.

The representative who took my call was terrific overall and placed me on hold several times to provide my different rationales to management for why the new cash deposit should be immediately used to open a new CD account.

Nevertheless, the representative wasn't successful, and I was told that I'd need to wait until the general hold was removed before I could transfer the funds from savings to a new CD account.

No cyber security or other monetary-related security issues were provided to me to substantiate the general hold policy on the funds.

Uncalled For Hold Times At Alliant CU IMO

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My experience opening new CDs at credit unions is that they credit your deposit subject to collection of the funds. That means you start earning interest right away. Also, you don't miss the juicy rate they're offering for a "limited time only".

I sent a medium sized deposit (a bit under 100K) to Alliant CU to take advantage of a 5% APY 6-month limited time offer. I find out today that my funds may be on hold for 10 days and I can't open the new CD until then.

In all my years of banking I've never had a bank not credit my cashier’s check subject to collection. Meanwhile they probably collect interest on my deposit and my great CD deal may evaporate. This seems like bush league banking at its worst to me.

ps. This is the deal Suze Orman is touting on her and Alliant's websites.


I called back today and tried again through a representative instead of their online procedure and got my CD. So all is well and I can now rate them 5-stars.

Word of caution: If you deposit your funds via mail be sure to enclose a note saying you want a CD along with the term, rate, etc.

Stay Away!

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Really dreadful experience and a bunch of incompetent people there. Totally agree with other reviewers. Not worth the time and/or the effort.

Non-Existent Customer Service

Alliant is to CU's what Comcast is to cable, which is to say they have awful customer service. Because of that I only use their credit card services. Calling with an issue always results in a referral to their "back office", a group which never responds and never helps.

I spend around $10k a month on their Visa card, always pay the balance off - automatically and I keep thinking they will eventually treat me better but, I’m consistently disappointed.

Alliant - Fraud Again & Retaliation

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10/19 - Update - Just logged on and saw the stolen $249.03 posted 10/18 to my Ck Acct available balance ! Scheduled a transfer out for this. Now just waiting for my final savs div on 10/31 so I can do final transfer out and close membership.

10/17 - Update - On 10/10 I initiated a dispute with Alliant for the six fraudulent transactions totaling $249.03. There has been no response from Alliant. Also, during this past week I transferred all my money out of Alliant except for the minimum $5 in savings I need to maintain until this is resolved. I also closed the Alliant Visa credit card I had with them that I had not used in over a year because of the fraud I dealt with back in 6/2021.

As of today Alliant still owes me the $249.03 stolen plus the substantial savings account dividend I will be owed on 10/31 because my "daily average minimum balance" during Oct. is way more than the $100 minimum required.

10/10 - Update - I log onto Alliant and see that they sped up the fraudulent transactions and posted these on 10/9 (instead of 10/11 per below). Alliant has now helped criminal "Atheer Telecom Iraq" steal a total of $249.03 from me. And still no phone call from anyone at Alliant who will get my money back.

10/7 - 8:15AM - I received an automated phone message from "Alliant VISA Credit Union Fraud Prevention Services" saying that I need to call 866-395-3394 to "verify" some transactions on my card# (my debit card). I thought this was some kind of scam. I have NEVER used Alliant's debit card for any transaction. I logged onto my Alliant accounts and saw 3 fraudulent transactions in my checking acct showing pending date 10/11. The description showed Atheer Telecom and 3 "check card" trans of $82.19 for a total of $246.57 being taken from my "available balance"!! I immediately called the above phone # and went through the automated system to indicate that I had NOT initiated these transactions! The phone system stated "Card Blocked" after each declined trans and told me to call Alliant 800-328-1935 to have these trans removed from my acct. I called Alliant and spoke to 2 reps who tried to reach a supervisor to help. Then eventually a supervisor Christina called back. I told her about my call to the Alliant Fraud Serv and that these were fraudulent transactions and I had never dealt with Atheer Telecom (? totally unknown entity). I told her I never used the debit card. I asked her to remove these trans and put the money back into my available balance today 10/7. Then the hell continued. She claimed these trans were already authorized(???) even though I told her these were not authorized. She told me they would have to let these trans go through and only then could I dispute these. She told me she could try to contact a "specialist" to remove these or one of her supervisors....and of course she couldn't reach any of them while we were arguing back and forth. She claimed her supervisor would give the same answer as she. I asked her to have her supervisor and the specialist call me....she said she left messages for them to call me....have not heard back. I told her if the money wasn't back in my available balance today (10/7) that I would close all my accounts and membership with Alliant, which is exactly what I will do.

Another important factor in this. And I don't think this is just a coincidence. As I explained to Christina, I had just received a new debit card in the mail just a week prior. The current card was expiring 10/31. (I had not activated it.) I told her that I think someone at Alliant initiated this fraud...maybe someone involved in handling the new card. There is no online presence of this card except at Alliant. It has been sitting in my Alliant paper file in my home for years...UNUSED. Only myself and employees at Alliant have access to that card #.....and I did not do this!!!

I will keep fighting until I get the $246.57 back from Alliant.

Note - The "again" I refer to above related to fraudulent Alliant Visa credit card transactions totaling over $500 that I had to deal with back in 6/2021 that took months to resolve.

I am done with Alliant. Two strikes and they are out. I have never had any fraud on other accts for the 50 years I've had dealings with FI's.

Fails At Account Opening

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I tried to open a savings account to check them out before opening multiple share accounts. The online process seemed smooth but as soon as I submitted the application it was rejected. They couldn't verify my identity. Two calls to CS got no resolution. No reasons could be provided, no chance for escalation. The only option offered was to wait 30 days and reapply to find out if they reject me again. Disrespectful.
Afterwards, out of curiosity I pulled my reports from 2 credit bureaus. Both had no problem identifying me, of course. Still had "exceptional" credit and all payments everywhere on time, etc... Alliant seems really not up to the job, or perhaps they are just harvesting sensitive personal data.

Savings Rate 1.60% As Of 8-16-2022

Just noticed rate increase in account

Emotionally Draining

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My mother (who banked with Alliant) passed away several months ago. The way Alliant has handled the matter is appalling to me and my family. I’ve spent a collective 4+ hours on the phone with 20+ “customer service” representatives trying to iron out very basic things such as getting a bank statement for the month of her passing. One representative admitted to me that sometimes they just transfer customers to other departments because they don’t know what to do. On top of this, we’re still receiving solicitations in my deceased mothers name with offers for things like auto insurance. Very emotionally draining. FWIW, all other financial institutions my mother had ties to were professional and compassionate.

36 Month CD With Flexible Terms

I just opened a new 36 month CD and found out that you can select a term from 36 months to 47 months and still get the 4.6% APY Rate. The rate for the 48 month is 4.2% so if you are looking for a 48 Month term you should go with the 36 month term and then select a 47 month term to take advantage of the higher rate

Alliant Difficult -Lacks Tech Improvements

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As long as things are kept simple, Alliant was just ok. An issue arose today that should have been easy to resolve, but Alliant put unnecessary red tape into place for adding a Joint Owner to a CD.

Opened a CD with a sizable amount. Soon after, I went online and tried to add my spouse as Joint Owner. Spouse has a Roth CD with them and is Joint Owner of sizable Savings account and a checking he's already in their system.

Not good enough for them. An email requested that we perform an online verification which we completed using spouse's passport. The screen's error message said more id was needed: signed social security card, picture license PLUS a bill with our address. After spouse blew up, I called a rep who researched it. Reason: Our id process didn't match their records( maybe phone #???).

As of May 2022, Alliant still doesn't have a secure portal to upload documents, therefore, we have to mail or fax all of it in. Our other CU's and banks have a secure portal, but not them. It's been 6 hrs and the rep has yet to send me instructions on using secure email. Customer service has really declined!

Goodbye Alliant....we'll start moving Savings, Checking and other funds to Ally or PenFed.

Alliant Credit Card Cash Back Rewards A Scam??

Well, let's say it's not a scam. But they send you long letters about how to obtain the maximum cash reward. And once you do as requested they try to explain to you that there are more criteria and you won't get the full reward. If you just hold them by their own requirements and they run out of explanations, they just tell you "but that's the way it is and there is nothing we can do"
Extremely poor customer service and deceiving business practices

Great For Savings Account

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I have a HYSA with Alliant CU for past 10 months and they are awesome. No fees, and when i do transfer to this account it's like 24 hours. This is my emergency savings, and i do direct deposit. Easy to link to other banks, and i got an ATM card so i can deposit cash I need this, ATM like 5 min away. Ally Bank doesnt have that ability which is why i closed Ally Bank, Alliant way better. I talked to customer service 1 time, when I set up account and spelled my name wrong, it was less than 3 min hold and account fixed quickly, after i submitted DocuSign. Super friendly and helpful.

Thank you Alliant CU. Love you guys

Best Bank Ever!

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This is the best bank in America. Ignore all the bad reviews. They have the best credit card, the best checking account, and the best savings account. This bank is about to take over the world. Go to hell BofA! All the big banks suck. Charging you to have the privilege of lending your money at interest to other people! They are the scum of the Earth. Banks like Alliant give me hope that there are still good people in the world.

Worthless Credit Union

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I have a used truck loan at Marine Credit Union with a 4.9 interest rate, credit cards with PenFed Credit Union. I have been with Alliant Credit Union the longest and its really hard to get approved for anything with good credit. To me they are totally worthless. I'm not sure why anyone does business with them. They say on most website reviews they are horrible but a few give them a great rating . I found out those with the great ratings are getting a commission on you joining. DON'T JOIN, there are so many other really good Credit Unions that really give you quality personal business. I highly recommend looking into PenFed

11 Years Of Great Service

As an ACH hub, checking provider, universal atm provider (including low fee overseas), competitive savings provider, Alliant is tops. Bill pay when it has to send a check instead of an electronic payment is a bit slow but still useful. The app is great. Customer service on the phone is good, too. I have been a very satisfied member for 11 years.

Alliant Credit Union Is HORRIBLE

NEVER again will I use this bank. As soon as I get my money that they are currently holding "hostage", I will never use them again. Customer service is a joke. They are unhelpful and act as if they're better than you. Most horrible mess I've ever gotten myself into.

Only If You Enjoy Pain/Incompetence

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I've done business with Alliant for a long time, although I currently have a small account, just in case I want to come back to them in the future. Got a notice from them to sign into my account to agree to updated privacy notices. But it wouldn't recognize what I knew was the correct password. Did a 'change password' and it recognized it once, but then refused to do so subsequently. Spent 20 minutes with a rep who verified that it wasn't recognizing even *their* temporary passwords, and said give her 'a few seconds' to trouble shoot it. 10 minutes later, I got disconnected with a 'fast busy'. Called back, said I needed to speak with a supervisor ASAP. After 10 minutes on hold, supervisor answered, and it went immediately to a 'fast busy' and hung up on me. Rinsed and repeated. 10 minutes later, got hold of a super, saying I needed 2 things: 1. A 1099 which I've not received. She offered to give me the amount over the phone. I explained to her the IRS doesn't take my word for earnings. and 2. I wanted to close my account, as these kind of screwed up system errors, disconnections, and the lack of callbacks (they have my phone number) was not something I wanted in dealing with any institution. So I'm out, and glad of it.

Alliant Credit Union Is Very Mediocre

Alliant has horrendous digital capabilities. Mobile is below par and the online site is always down. Used to have great rates but now they are mediocre. So not worth the hassle. Would NOT recommend.

Overall Very Good!

Not sure why Alliant Credit Union gets low marks in some reviews here. They have always been very helpful when I contact them. Their rates are competitive and their website and mobile app are top notch. ACH transfers move very quickly with Alliant. I would not hesitate recommending Alliant.

Alliant Credit Union Owns Your Money, Not You

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I have been with this credit union for a couple of years now. Overall, they have not been great. In fact, they have gotten worse and worse as time has gone on.

The customer service has declined greatly. Their departments do not speak to each other anymore (much like ATT).

In the past they provided a resolution center to dispute charges. They have done away with this, so, if a company who has at one point had access to your CC# decides to charge you, Alliant says it's your problem.

The real reason I'm leaving this review (and leaving Alliant) is a combination of a lack of competence, honesty, and professionalism in handling wire transfers.

I recently attempted to transfer funds to a trading account and they refused to wire my money even though I gave full authorization.

So, it's my money, but I am not allowed to transfer to a financial institution of my choice. Their policies change constantly, it doesn't matter what the original terms are that you agreed to. I don't understand how this is legal, but I don't think they care. They have your money, and you're only allowed ot use it in a way that's to their liking.

When I asked them for a list of authorized financial institutions I could transfer my money to, they said that there was no list.

They pick and choose how much money you are allowed to spend and what you are allowed to buy...with your money. This is how banks have always operated under the excuse "it's for your security," but Alliant is taking it many steps further.

When I asked for some sort of explanation, all I got back was "it's our policy."

This is why banks need to be a THING OF THE PAST.

If you want a bank that's sticking to an antiquated, impersonal, and corporate model of banking, go with Alliant Credit Union.

If you're someone who thinks that you should be in charge of your own money, then I STRONGLY recommend that you not put your money in Alliant Credit Union's hands. Like Hotel California, your money may never be able to leave.

Worst Bank Ever

This is the worst bank ever! Do not deal with them--you would sincerely regret it. They sent back my checks and deposits, including checks that had been deposited to my account. Try some other good credit union or bank but not Alliant. They would just create unnecessary problems for you.

Sneaky Company...I No Longer Trust Them

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This company is the worst credit union I have dealt with. Their online customer service was unhelpful when trying to login to their glitchy app. I have still have issues with the app. It's a completly online bank, the online app NEEDS to work! Now, they have secretly lowered the interest rate on their high yield savings account TWICE in the last month. They gave no warning. I dont trust this company anymore, and will be moving my money elsewhere. At least be honest.

Unprofessional And Sneaky

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I had my credit card information stolen which resulted in 3 fraudulent charges of 100.00, 100.00 and 99.98 all in the same day.
After I reported it my account was credited and then the following month it was back on my statement again! I called and a representative apologized and said that the credit would be reapplied to me. It was. Now for my most recent statement they put it back on as a charge again!
I really have to keep an eye on these guys as they look, to me, like thieves.
Interestingly, I was out with a friend just last week and he told me that his card was hacked and had 3 charges, some involving Quik Check, and his were like mine. 100.00 100.00 and 99 and change. His also were all in one day. My point being if I can see this as a purchasing pattern I'm sure that Alliant has seen this before too.
I think that they know it but they just want me to pay for their negligence by not having a system that catches this type of fraud.
I intend to file a complaint at and/or the State of Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.
But who needs this headache? I can only hope they get a fine, they should.
If you aren't careful you might be helping them pay for their ambitious rewards program.

Mobile App Issue

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There is an issue with a mobile app transfer vs a web transfer to an external bank. The cutoff time for the app is earlier than the web. I am still testing to determine the real cutoff time for the app. I tested it again today and at 9 minutes until noon it set the transfer date to tomorrow and would not let me change it back to today. On the web, I do not have the issue. I having been emailing them about this. The first time I emailed they said I set the date to the next day. I emailed back and it has been two weeks so I guess they are ignoring me.

The Absolute Worst

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I have been transferring money between credit union and bank held instruments for many years. These people are rude, have terrible listening skills and should be avoided at all costs. The few basis points higher is just not worth the aggravation.

A Superb Choice.

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This Credit Union is the only bank you will ever need for all of your financial needs. ACH transactions to and from generally get posted within a day. Lot of ATMs around(Any Credit Union ATMs or any Citi ATMs, located at CVS, are part of its network).
Very Good Interest rates on Savings and Checking account. Their Teen accounts are very perfect for my two teens.
I do have experience with Alliant for last couple of years and I am happy for all the services.

Sujit Pal

Make Them Your "Main Bank" -- Anywhere In The US

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Open to everyone, Alliant is a great place to make your primary institution.

In a nutshell, while they may not be at the VERY top for a particular deal (savings rate, CD, etc) they always seem to be in the TOP GROUP for most things -- good enough to where I stay with them for my main bank because they are such an easy, great credit union to deal with.

I'm a rate chaser, so often my CDs are at places that have one-time CD specials, instead of Alliant.. but those places usually never seem to be good places for your "main bank". Alliant is. Everything from rates to ease of banking (even if you don't live anywhere near a branch), to 24hr excellent customer service, to policies that are actually CUSTOMER-FRIENDLY (in everything from their Funds Availabiltiy policy to their way of resolving disputes). In other words, the exact OPPOSITE of a place like NavyFed, or other places with terrible policies. Alliant treats you right -- and unlike many other institutions, their computer systems are easy-to-use and up to date, and their Cust Service reps are totally on the ball.

I belong to 10 credit unions now, as well as a couple of banks. So I know my stuff. I'll have a credit card at one CU, a CD at another CD, a CD at yet another CU, etc.. but for my "main home", it's Alliant. I have savings accounts there, checking accounts, CDs, other services from time to time... when I move money it goes through Alliant.. and if I ever need a loan, they're one of the FEW places I'd feel comfortable in dealing with. They are professional all the way around, and you get that professionalism WITH great rates AND great policies.

No bank or CU can be ALL things to all people, but Alliant gets it right for the vast majority of things. I have no qualms about walking away from a CU or a bank (I've done it many times), but I'm still at Alliant... and while I patronize other places as well, Alliant is still my "home base." Check them out, you'll be glad you did.

Superb Credit Union

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Allliant has the best ACH transfer process without a doubt. Every other account (bank/CU) I have is registered with Alliant so that I can easily transfer funds into/out of any other institution in two business days.

Good credit union!

I started using Alliant Credit Union and so far I really like it. It was easy to join through the Freelancers Union. So far, I've found they have responsive customer service and a very large ATM network in comparison to the large Wall Street banks and other credit unions. I can get money for free from a variety of ATMs found in busy stores, and they will rebate out of network ATMs next day too. The online banking website does need some work however as it seems a bit outdated and is not the most user friendly in comparison to other banking institutions. Alliant, however, does have really high interest rates for its accounts, including a high rate for Savings and Checking. The Checking account does require having some activity each month, but not hard to do when you can just schedule transfers in and out from other accounts or use the Bill Pay feature (which is a bit clunky and could use some improvements).

Good choice for my family needs

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My experience with this credit union is mainly based on my use of the savings account. It typically has high interest rates that are comparable to other national banks. The website has enough features to meet my needs that I do not usually have to call or email for support. The electronic transfer facility on the website allows me to define external institutions and transfer funds to and from the credit union very easily. I can also deposit checks via the phone application.

Great Backbone Bank

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I've had Alliant for many years. There rates are generally good for checking and savings (though a little behind now). The ACH is amazingly fast but am not happy about the reduced limits which makes it less useful. They are very responsive and it and handle questions quickly. I have my paycheck deposited into the checking account and use the bank for most of my banking. Last year I signed up for the Signature credit card which is free for the 1st year and gives 3% cash back. I'm going to stay with this card even with the $59 annual charge (even though I've never paid an annual fee for any other charge). The 2nd year on they give 2.5% cash back on ALL transactions which makes the break even point an average of $1,000 a month in charges compared to fee free 2% cash back cards. So if you charge less than $12,000 a year you're better off with a 2% fee free card.

Alliant CU

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Alliant CU is one of the two or three best CUs in the United States, and their policies for ACH transfers are exceptional.


this is the worst bank/credit union i have ever dealt with by far. if you need any customer service they are worthless. They sent me to a collections agency after i had an account open for two weeks because they suspected fraud. Even though the purchases were legit. DO NOT JOIN THIS CREDIT UNION, you will regret it. They are a complete joke.

Great Credit Union

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I've had an account at Alliant for about a year, and I've been very happy with them. The interest rates aren't the highest on the checking & savings, but they're pretty good, and better than you'll find at most other banks/CUs. Online banking is decent, although the billpay section is a little disappointing. They don't use the Checkfree/Fiserv interface most people are used to, and don't offer the ability to receive E-Bills. (They do offer electronic payments to most payees though) The ACH ability is awesome, with fast posting and great limits. I think the only product they don't offer that I'd like to see is a PLOC.

Love them

I have been a member of Alliant Credit Union for the past 2 years, and this has been the best experience I have ever had with a financial institution since I turnd 18. I have been with numerous other banks in the past (including Comerica, Key Bank, and Webster Bank), but Alliant has topped them all. While business with Alliant is done mostly online, they provide a debit card that can access and provide use to any ATM within their wide network of credit unions. They have also frequently credited my account for use of ATM's outside their network (at, say a Huffington Bank, which is not a credit union) which, at least for me, is unheard of. There have been times when I had accidentally overdrawn from my checking account and, while the fee that Alliant charges is only $3 (compared to $15 from Webster Bank), they also allow about 24 hours for you to make your account right. They have provided good customer service, both via email and telephone, and in that one experience, the employee provided me with her personal work email so I use her as a point person--I've never received that level of service from any of the banks I have been with.

ACH Transfer Limits

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I find it unacceptable that Alliant will allow $100,000 ACH daily limit if money is pulled into your account, but only allows a $25,000 daily limit if you want to push an ACH transfer out.

I spoke with a representative today who said there are no exceptions. They will not raise the Outbound ACH transfer limit no matter how high your balance is or how long you have been a member.

Yes, Alliant is good in that if you put in for the ACH transfer before noon Central Time the funds will be delivered by next business day, but again, the lower Outbound ACH limit compared to the Incoming is not fair, in my opinion.

So, I give Alliant 5 stars for offering a 1% savings account and for their speedy ACH transfers. I give Alliant 1 star for the fact they only allow $25,000 per day to be pushed out via ACH.

The Only Place You Need To Get A Good Rate On Liquid Savings

I use Alliant as my banking hub -- all my money comes in to their high-yield savings account, and from there it goes where I need it. It serves that role perfectly, with fast transfers to many other accounts. Unlike some other banks that limit the number of external accounts, Alliant lets me have as many external accounts as I need.

Transfers are fast. When I joined, they were next day; now in some cases (especially to West Coast banks/CUs) they are same-day.

Great interest rates and creating savings goals

I have had nothing but good experiences with Alliant. Alliant allows you me to set up multiple savings accounts, which was the main reason I decided to open an account with them. I have separate accounts for travel, regular checking, Christmas gifts, and my house savings. This makes it easy for me to set savings goals and see my progress. The interest rate of .995% is very impressive for a free savings account.

Their site is very secure and easy to navigate, and it's very easy to transfer money between accounts AND between institutions (I have another checking account with JP Morgan Chase). I also like that I get a free credit score every quarter. The only thing I do not love is that it's difficult to transfer money between accounts when you're using the mobile app.

Overall I am very satisfied with Alliant Credit Union.

Declined To Get A Checking Account

I have no idea why any bank/CU would ever decline someone trying to get a checking account. Alliant, however, has declined my application. I have 750+ credit score and am trying to switch from Wells Fargo. Initially, I got the message they needed to review my information. 2 days later (as directed), I called - it was too late, so I could not speak with that department. The next morning, I called - it was too early, so I could not speak with that department. In the middle of the day, I finally found out they hadn't gotten to my information yet, but they would get to it immediately. The next day, I called again, and was finally told, my application was declined. Why? They wouldn't tell me. I have to wait for a letter in the mail a few days later. Huh? I have no clue. But, it is probably better to find out Alliant doesn't have good customer service, good hours for assistance, no convenient locations to address their poor phone communication, no online chat options, and extremely poor communication. Bank of Internet, here I come.

Good for a credit union

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I've been a member of Alliant CU for about 20 years. It has greatly improved over the last several years with their mobile app. They allow taking a photo of checks with your smart phone to make a deposit. (Note: I have only used the iPhone app). I can reach a manager quickly if needed. I once had a series of debit card overdraft fees assessed on the same day before a deposit posted in the evening. The manager credited the fees back without hesitation and didn't lecture me as has happened before at big banks "... of America". The fees for overdrafts (connected with your savings account) are very reasonable; I think $3.00 last I remember. They are not a bank so I don't expect them to lead with cutting edge technology. But they have everything I need since I never need to go to a branch. They also have a nice free credit score report and online budgeting tools. The rates are low for loans and pay interest on every dollar in your checking and savings- even if you paid a fee. I will consider them first when it's time for me to refinance my home mortgage. (Banks penalize you at every turn). Best thing: the app, low fees. Worst thing: few branches (no problem for me). Needs improvement: app sometimes doesn't recognize checks immediately but needs "review". But that is still much faster and more convenient than having to drive to a branch. Overall, I like them much better than a bank and plan to stay with them indefinitely.

Great Bank

I have been a customer of Alliant Credit Union for 10 years now. I have a savings account and an HSA through them. They are great to work with. When I call customer service for an inquiry of my HSA balance they offer to give a status of my other accounts as well while on the phone. Alliant's rates are competitive and I like their ATM fee rebates. My only complaint is that after all this time, they have never offered additional services to me such as credit card offers or auto loans.

Overall Good Experience

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I recently opened an account; primarily for savings/CD for parked rainy day money.

Was initially looking at Ally but it appears their rates..while good..are not topping the charts as much any more.

Alliant certainly is not at the top; but across the board on CDs, Savings, and Checking appears to have maintained "great" rates for most products.

Working with CS to open an account was easy. Web interface is easy. mobile app is not up their with Chase (the only other I've used regularly); but with alerts (text or email) present on accounts to keep me notified of peculiar activity; that is all I really need.

Great experiences with alliant credit union.

I have been a member of Alliant Credit Union for almost 20 years. I have savings accounts for myself and my 3 children. I have always been able to get returns on my account. I found it very easy to transfer money between accounts. I have also had great customer service experiences when I had to call about website issues. Usually password related. I love the quarterly statements I get. They are easy to read and explain the account details in an easy way to understand. I am proud to be member of Alliant and would recommend them to friends and family.

Great Credit Union

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Alliant Credit Union is a great alternative to using a big bank. I recently changed from a big bank to Alliant due to the fact that there was no personal service at the big bank. I was able to speak with a representative at Alliant right away about transferring my IRA funds to their bank. Everything was explained in great detail in a way that I could easily understand. The bank representatives where friendly and trustworthy. I have also had followed up with visits to and have been pleased with each visit. I plan to keep my money there long term.

I've had a pretty good experience

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I needed a secondary bank account, so I opened a supplemental savings account with them, and it's going really well so far. I don't have any monthly fees or minimum balance which are big points for me in a savings account. I have had quite a few bad experiences with hidden banking fees in the past, and I have yet to be charged for anything from Alliant. I'm able to deposit any money I want through their mobile banking, it's simple and quick and has been very helpful for me since I have a busy schedule. I'd definitely recommend Alliant to anyone looking for a new savings account.

One of the better credit unions

I was looking to join a credit union as I was tired of self interests of the Big Banks. I had heard that credit unions actually look out for their members. Did a google search that brought me to nerd wallets website. They named Alliant credit union as one of the better ones-with a great rate on a savings account and a great online mobile experience. I couldn't agree more. Their savings account APR is one of the better ones out there. The online banking and app is user friendly. I also love how on my savings account I can set up to 19 sub accounts I believe. On top of that, I discovered that Alliant also provides a FREE health savings account!

Definitely one of the better ones out there. They are really easy to join too. Give them a try. You will love them!

best bank ever!

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Wow! What can I say bad about Alliant? From the speedy service, to the lack of fees, to the helpful customer service, I would strongly recommend this credit union to anyone!

I Found A Home

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I have been with Alliant for about two years no and I honestly could not be happier. The company has some of the best customer service I have experienced, whether it be from a bank, credit union, or any other type of company. The biggest thing for me is that it is a credit union and that is what I feel very comfortable with. They also go out of their way to keep me informed about the services they offer. I am constantly getting email notifications on promotions and new services that pop up. I even got a call from a rep last week just asking how I am doing and if I was satisfied with everything going at Alliant. They asked if I needed anything and if they could help me. Now that is what I call great customer service!

My feelings towards my bank

I have positive feelings towards my financial banking as I have had good experience. Such as most of the tellers and other employees know me by name and are most of the time courteous towards me. I have a checking account there, and the interest rate is fair. There have been times in which I had to wait in line. I feel the best thing about Alliant is their security measures as far as making sure that I am the one that using the account through them. The way this works is that when they notice there is checks being cashed outside of my area. I get notified. Anything spent in another country the account automatically is stopped until I personally okay it. The one thing with them is I have noticed is that there is no after hours answering service.

Very Good, Helped Me Out In a Pinch

A short time after opening my checking account with Alliant, I ran into a situation where my car broke down on a road trip. The repair shop that was closest did not take credit cards so I was stuck trying to figure out how to put enough cash together to pay for the repairs. I went to a nearby ATM machine with my Alliant checking account debit card only to discover that I could not withdraw enough cash to cover the repair expense due to a limit placed on my card. I called Alliant's toll-free number and spoke with a very helpful gentleman who explained that the limit was placed on their cards to reduce fraud exposure in the event my card was lost or stolen. He also explained that he could adjust the limit and asked how much I needed to withdraw to cover the expense. Finally, he asked if I needed to keep the higher limit or if he should lower it back to the original amount after I made my withdrawal (again to protect against fraud). This gentleman was very helpful and made sure I understood why the limits were placed, providing a level of service I have never experienced with a bank. This experience is the main reason why my primary checking account is with Alliant and they can claim me as a satisfied and devoted member. Oh, and by the way, I was able to withdraw the money I needed from the ATM to get my car repaired and we got back on the road without any further eventualities.

What Is Going On Here?

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Alliant is my core account. That is now going into the past tense - I have voted with my feet after a nearly 10 year relationship.

I tried to transfer $75,000 out of Alliant using their EFT system, which was limited to a max of $100,000. Now Alliant has a maximum $25,000. outgoing EFT limit, but helpfully the inbound limit is $100,000.00. Truly a roach motel for money!
I inquired by e-mail to Alliant, as their phone system bounced my call twice. This is the email response.

I appreciate your feedback regarding the limit decrease. I apologize for the inconvenience and I have forwarded your feedback to the appropriate management.

This change was included in the statement message for September 2015. There was also a secure message emailed to members that initiated an outbound transfer over $25k this year.

Alliant periodically reviews our ACH limits and our members average transfer activity to maintain a competitive edge with other financial institutions while providing our members premium flexibility with money transfers. After a review of our existing ACH policy, we believed it necessary to make some additional changes to our existing transfer limits.

While we have no immediate plans to change the limits to the previous amount or a higher amount, we actively review trending for electronic funds transfer activity and will make adjustments when necessary.

Your inbound limit is still $100,000.00. The outbound limit has been decreased to $25,000.00.

Financial institutions may have different limits for inbound vs outbound transactions. Many of our members who purchase certificates want an option to transfer in larger dollar amounts to take advantage of our jumbo certificate rates. Additionally, to keep our members assets safe we must practice financial responsibility by placing a restriction on large dollar outbound transfers.

HSA with Alliant Credit Union a great choice

When I first set up my HSA account I chose my local bank up in Maine. There were monthly fees, minimum balances, and extremely limited investment options including a very low interest rate. I did some searching online and found Alliant Credit Union, which had excellent reviews. I opened up Checking Account, a Savings Account (for an added cash bonus!), and my HSA which is just a specialized savings account. Currently the savings account has the highest interest rate of any bank account I have, so I have begun keeping my liquid emergency fund cash in there. The HSA itself provides many mutual funds to invest in, which is my preference, and I split the investment between interest bearing cash account and mutual fund. The credit union overall has very limited fees which I don't think I've ever run into, and does have a mobile app so I can make remote deposits etc (although this would be the weakest part of the experience, the mobile apps feels very dated and sometimes difficult to use).

Excellent Credit Union Very Satisfied Customer.

Outstanding service, funds are available immediately, including mobile deposits. ACH transfer limited to 10K a day for the first 30 days, but after you have the account for 30 days increases to 100K per day. The customer service is excellent and very helpful.
Very good rates for the checking account and savings account. Next day ACH transfers (the way all banks should be), Excellent. No negatives so far with this Credit Union.

So Far So Good, Could Be Much Better

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I recently opened a new Alliant savings/checking accounts. Here are my impressions so far with their online and mobile systems:

Online account information and functionality is very fragmented and scattered.

Primary appeal of this account is next-business-day transfers. But that system is stretched over multiple pages unnecessarily, with completely useless selections before a transfer can be made (e.g. external vs internal Alliant transfers - that is not on one page yet for me it's the same thing; into/out of the Alliant account - should not need to be selected before the dropdown account list works).

Pending vs transfer history pages is not combined into one for complete transfer list. Sometimes it's not clear where the transfer is listed so both need to be checked. Again, completely unnecessary.

Upcoming transfer activity is not listed above the account where they matter, instead, it's hidden away under menu options.

Account information is not shown above the transaction list (like Ally conveniently does): how many more withdrawals this month can I make in a savings account, for example? What is the APY percentage, again? A quick glance should be enough, no need for loading additional pages.

Bill pay is very basic, and initially incorrect. I have no idea if it will really be a paper check (unacceptable for me) or the bill transition into electronic delivery. e-bills are not pulled automatically. I see no e-bill pdf images. Sadly, bank of america wins in this area hands down, they are lightyears ahead of this system.

Mobile banking log in does not work with Touch ID. Typing of the password is required every time, no pin, no Touch ID. After the password, the same keyboard does not work to log in with pressing "Go". Actual log in button has to be pressed above on the screen. That's a limitation of lazy programming, I see no other reason. No way to do transfers on mobile (I mean real transfers, to/out of Alliant).

Alliant holds great potential (maybe more than any other bank), especially with the upcoming Apple Pay integration. We'll see what the future brings.

Credit union through my old employer

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I used to work for an airline here in the Chicagoland area. I was laid off. Alliant Credit Union came in to speak to us a couple times at work. They matched what we initially put into our new savings account up to $50, so it was worth it to give it a shot. I liked the availability to my old job. They were available in the airport, and right next door to our parking, so if we needed something we could go right there. I liked the way our checks were deposited, and the images on available check faces. I did not like the fees, and I left them when I left the airline, because they were no longer convenient for me.

Alliant always on your side!

Though I have only recently been using Alliant Credit Union, they have offered my top support for the questions I ask and get straight to the point. Their electronic transfers are really quick(when you send it before the afternoon, at least in my case since I'm Eastern Standard Time). Not to mention, they gave me my $50 bonus for signing up with them really quickly! The only thing I had to do was sign up for e-notifications and do one direct deposit a month for a high yield checking account at a rate of 0.65%. I have had such a great experience and recommend anyone who needs a great credit union to join Alliant!

Terrible Credit Union, Beware!

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Positively THE WORST bank I have ever dealt with. The representatives are rude, obnoxious and make you seem like they're doing you a favor even talking to you, even the supervisor treated me like trash (you don't do that to customers!) I only have one very old collection account on my credit report, and despite all of the positive open accounts they only seem focused on one collection account that is over 5 years old. Do yourself a favor and go with a bank that "cares" for you, like Capital One or Commenity Bank. Even GE Capital is better than these people. Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time with these clowns!

A Bank I Can Count On

I've been with Alliant Credit Union for a few years now and they have really done an excellent job. One of the things that I really like about this credit union in particular is that they have an excellent online system where I can check my account. Even better, their phone app is very useful. I don't have a smart phone, but I have downloaded the app on my boyfriend's phone and it makes it easy for me to transfer money into different accounts, view my balance, etc. I've only had one issue with this bank and that was because of some error that occurred with my paycheck - but it really wasn't even the bank's fault. The customer service was very helpful at that time to solve the problem. Overall this is a great bank and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Facilitating Crooks

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Please cancel previous 5-star review.

On credit card, charged an online item through PayPal. $43 appeared for as charge on card.

Within 60 day window, no item came. Crooks had wiped out everything in PayPal under my account as well as not sending. Charge reads merchant is PayPal and there is zero PayPal activity ever shown.

Banking practice is to complain first to merchant, which did not work as account compromised. THEN to credit card issuer, including evidence of compromise.

Alliant would not do chargeback, after trying procedure around and around including letter to CC Vice President. I am retired banking regulatory economist so know how to do things properly here---have advised many as to redress on their cards.

Alliant feels its own funds would be lost, that the customer is always wrong, and that large decade+long account is not worth $43. Cost it more in time to support fraud then for properly refunding.

2022: The savings account with bonus "open to everyone" is NOT ALLOWED for any account-holders of any other account. Just what you should expect for loyalty, right?

A Great All-Rounder For Everyday Banking

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I've had Alliant as my main checking and ACH hub for 2 years now. Opened an account because of the free HSA account, but soon trf'd all my transactions over to them.

1) Mobile check deposit - I actually get a handwritten paper paycheck (I'm the last person in America to get a handwritten paycheck)! Alliant makes funds available immediately upon submitting the deposit from my phone! Can't believe it!

2) I can set up umpteen ACH transactions, recurring or one-time. And I have 10 accounts linked. Never a problem. No costs.

3) Not that I ever use them, but they even sent a box of paper checks - free.

4) Secure message requests are resolved within minutes to at most a couple hours. Great customer service.

And I basically make the same amount of interest on my liquid checking as on savings (it's not much, but it's something!)

Plan to stay with this bank/credit union for the foreseeable future.

Now This Is What A CU Should Be Like! 5 Star!

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Great CU, the CEO values its members and the staff is helpful and kind.  Not to mention great rates, mobile banking, easy loan process with docusign and online tools, great savings rates, fair fees, tons of free ATYM's (over 70,000) and 24 hour live member service via phone that is quick and friendly.  Oh and they have mobile deposit and a nice online banking interface too!  

Wow! New Member But Impressed!

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I just signed up tonight online (I live out of state). I had a question while applying, and even though it's the middle of the night, they have 24/7 telephone support right here in the US (not some call center in India somewhere). THe fees (or lack of fees) is impressive. Free ATM usage, even at non-member ATMs (free at least on Alliant's end).  Free checking accounts if you want. On the CO-OP ATM network (among others), so you can easily find deposit-taking ATMs near you if you're not local to them. And though it's not advertised, as of this writing (Nov 2012), when I created my account and was ready to fund the $5 needed (to open a Share 00 savings), Alliant even supplied the $5 free to new member, so I didn't even have to fund it tonight! One of the reasons I'm joining is that I want to open up an HSA. Not only are their HSAs completely fee-free (free unlimited HSA checks, free debit card, no HSA transaction fees of any kind), but they're paying interest: 1.25% (just about the best you can do anywhere without a monthly fee). Not only that, but EVERYTHING is laid out right there for you to download. PDF forms for this, for that, for whatever you need. No need to try to find them buried in the site somewhere. And joining has been a breeze. Everything laid out nice and neat. To join takes just a $10 contribution to a VERY good cause -- a foster home organization. And at least as of now, Alliant will even give you free the mandatory $5 you have to have in your "00" share account.

I'm someone who has a wonderful local credit union that I use for my everyday banking, but they don't do HSAs, so I did a lot of research, and found Alliant. They're as good, if not better, than my local CU, and who knows, in time I might switch most of my everyday banking to them. What I've seen so far has been impressive. The best way I can put it is, if *I* was suddenly the head of a credit union somewhere, this is the way I'd want to run it. Again, I've just signed up with them, but from what I've seen so far (from the great 24hr service to so many things being free without fees, to the fantastic, easy online presense they have making things so easy!) that I just had to come here and leave an initial review.

Folks, check this place out. It's impressive. You might just find yourself leaving your current bank and making that your new home. I can see by the other reviews here that others are just as impressed.

Good Rates And Great Internet Bank Features

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Opened Savings, Checking HSA at Alliant based on great reviews here, high HSA interest (relatively - everything is pitiful now!) and good mobile banking solutions (eDeposits on phone).

I have since started using this account much more than my ING.

1) my scanned paychecks are available within minutes to me (ING=3days)

2) I earn nearly as much on accessible checking account funds as I do at ING for Savings money, and it's more accessible.

3) ING checks are NOT usable for eChecks, which I occasionally do need utilize. Alliant's clear within a day or two, just like a paper check would.

4) ACH's and transfers are reflected next-day in most cases if initiated through Alliant.

So far, I'm very pleased with Alliant.

Absolutely The Best!

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I have been a member since 1966 (United Airlines Credit Union). Their services and people are the best. I am also a member of American Airlines Credit Union and Wings Financial Credit Union (Northwest Airlines Credit Union).

American Airlines CU has the best CD Ladder rates in this country, however, Alliant is better in every other category: checking rates, website, transfer of monies, IRA personnel, easy access, etc, etc. Wings is Okay, but does not compare to either Alliant or American.

Great Until You Miss A Payment

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If you have plenty of cash on deposit with Alliant, then their service is better than any bank's. But, if you miss a payment, their good service ends immediately.

Their practices at that point include:

-revoking self-service-telephone and internet access to your account so can no longer see your balances or track your due dates.

-restricting you from 24-hour telephone customer service so that you cannot attempt to reconcile your account in the evenings or on weekends.

-holding ALL your deposits 10 days, even cash ATM deposits, to minimize your ability to make timely payments, and to maximize their excuses to pile on maximum late fees.

-revoke your ATM access to prevent you making any cash payments or deposits.

Don't take my word for any of this. Ask Alliant yourself and be forewarned about how they handle missed payments.

Account Opening Process Not Very Friendly

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You want to open a checking account? Great! All you have to do is donate money to this charitable organization over here, then come back and fill out this absurdly complex account application (which you get to fill it out twice, because we're going to time out your session when you go ask your wife for her driver's license number), and then we're going to deny your account application without giving you any explanation of why.

Have a nice day!

Best Service Good Rates

I moved my IRA to Alliant and opened other 5 yr. cds. I use the ACH feature as my hub--usually transfers funds overnight as long as the request is there before noon CST. Checking pays almost same interest as savings as long as statements are electronic and there is 1 ACH deposit in cycle. Free atm use at the COOP network.  One thing I can't stand--the non-stop loud commercial announcements if I'm on hold. Fortunately don't have to call them often. Excellent web site with edeposit.

Best Credit Union EVER!

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I have been a member for a little over a year and I'm extremely pleased with this credit union. My latest encounter just prompted me to write a review even though this awesome credit union doesn't really need one. I just have a brick and mortar bank (Chase) to do all of my cash deposits so that I can transfer them into my credit union for a higher savings rate. Chase closed my account for no good reason, causing my ach transfers to bounce and incur fees. I contacted Alliant's customer service about my situation (which was NOT my fault) and they graciously reversed the fee and replied in ONE day.

Thank you so much Alliant!

Alliant CU - Review & Comments

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Alliant CU is our primary CU for everyone in our family. Alliant’s IRA department personnel have been very helpful with setting up accounts and handling transfers from other institutions.

I would highly recommend this Credit Union to everyone. We have been with Alliant since Feb 2009 and have checking, savings, CD's, Traditional & Roth CD IRA's and Education IRA's accounts.

Alliant CU - I'd Recommend It To Anyone

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This CU is so highly regarded here at depositaccounts and at FW that it hardly needs a review (which makes me wonder why I'm writing one, lol) I've had savings and checking accounts with them for about three and a half years. When I was doing the 0% BT game I had several hundred thousand dollars on deposit with them. I've never once had a problem. They always answer my emails the same day - often within an hour! As BankingGuy's weekly rate summaries show, their deposit account rates are always near the top of the list. They provide your credit score for free, and update it every 3 months. Your first order of checks is free. ACH transfers, both push and pull, are free. If you schedule a transfer before noon Central Time, the money will be in the requested account by the following day. There were 2 instances that they charged me fees for reversed transactions that weren't my fault. Both times I emailed them about it and both times they waived the fees immediately, no questions asked. They're big on education - an easy way to qualify for membership is to belong to your local or the national PTA. Every year they award scholarships to undergraduate college students who have accounts with them and computer certificates to children and highschoolers that are Alliant customers. Alliant CU is the former United Airlines Employees CU, which is why over half of their branches are located at airports. They have >80,000 surcharge-free ATM's and you can call them about your account 24/7. I've never seen them run a bonus offer for opening a new account, but with all the positive word of mouth advertising that they receive, they probably don't see any need to. The only reason that I'm giving them five stars is that I can't give them six!

Alliant Credit Union Saving And High Interest Checking Account

If you are looking for a good rate saving account so that you can freely take money out or deposit in, Alliant Credit Union is one of the best choices. the interest rate is 1.50% APY.

Or,  if you can set up a direct deposit, or reoccurance of monthly transfer from another bank/credit Union, you can get the high interest rate checking account with the same interest rate 1.50% APY, which is even better, as you are not limited to 6 withdraws as the saving account is.

Alliant Credit Union has kept their interest rate competitive over the years. Even though the interest rate dropped a lot compare to 2007 or 2008, it's still very competitive among all the banks and credit unions.

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