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Totally Inept

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This company recently took over a fairly decent credit union that we have banked with for years, and have completely screwed it up. We're closing all of our accounts as soon as possible.
WE DON'T RECOMMEND THIS CREDIT UNION !!!! They don't accept responsibility for their mistakes and the word accountability isn't in their vocabulary. They deflect their ineptness and will blame customers even in light of overwhelming evidence to the contrary....if the word "accountability" isn't in your vocabulary, this is what you do. Their recent transition to a new web interface and mobile app have been fraught with a myriad of problems. The webpage, as of this review, has two warning messages:
1. Their system upgrade is complete, and are experiencing call volume that is higher than usual.
*** Clearly their customer base isn't important enough to bring on additional personnel in preparation for fallout from the upgrade.
2. They are having service issues with ATM's at 7-Eleven's. Hmmmm....

After 30 Years

ACU Completely screwed up a simple transaction and refused to admit their screw up. I had documentation showing they were at fault. I had substantial assets deposited with them, but I’m now switching to a new bank. This is after being a member of ACU for 30 years. Do not trust this institution. They have become rude and uncaring. But most of all, they have become inept. I’m through.


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All I needed was a new debit card sent to me because I accidentally misplaced the one they recently sent me. Yet it seemed like NO ONE could help me. I called locally, and then the woman hung up when I was looking for a number on the back of the card she had asked for. I paused for maybe 5 seconds trying to figure out what number, but I don't think she understood that I lost the new card. I wasn't trying to activate it. So I looked at my old one...and as I was looking she said, "thanks for calling have a good day''. So now I'm just in shock because she didn't even solve my issue. Terrible customer service. I called back, and the guy told me I needed to call a different number. He was too lazy to transfer me. Luckily, my boyfriend could see how frustrated I was, therefore, he called and complained. Finally, got my problem solved, but the woman was very rude and had an attitude. I have now learned I can only go inside instead of calling because clearly they can't do their jobs over the phone. I'm also thinking I need to switch to banks.

Worst Fing Bank Ever

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I been with them for 6 years and I was injured in a car accident and couldn't pay a loan that was suppose to been cover by them if I was to be out of work so my wife goes to get money out her account so we can move in to our new home and they tell her she can't have any of her money cause she is on the account with me and I have a late payment I will never bank with them again soon as this loan is done me and my wife friends and family will be done banking with them...FUacu

Unpleasant Customer Service

I had not had any issues with ACU until today! I feel the customer service rep was unprofessional. Usually when I speak with the reps and I'm pleased with my service. Unfortunately that was not my experience this afternoon. It's important to be considerate and understanding when speaking with members. But it's another to speak to them as if you have total control and can take things away. I work in customer service and I would never have spoken with a customer the way I was spoken to today.

Just Another Credit Union

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Every direct deposit checking account has that "deal" that makes it look better than it actually is. This "deal" shrouds the catch, but that is to be expected.

I have once entered this bank before, thinking I could get something opened up to prevent cashing in any checks from work. The environment was fair and quiet--as expected from a building like this one. I walked up to the desk clerk and asked if I could have a word with somebody about opening an account. She called one up immediately and I was sat down in about three minutes. I gave the normal personal information and was talked to about every possible option, particularly with overdraft. It was similar to how "Chase" held it all; both banks had the option to either reject before overdraw or allow it and pay a fine after a specific amount of money was spent. I took everything into consideration, each time I did I was given ample time and space. The clerk I was with made sure I would be able to make every decision count and even made sensible suggestions that would normally go against a "corporal bank decision". For example, she recommended that I force a rejection before an overdraft would be made, rather than give the same response from everybody else: allow it. After comparing to a couple other banks, particularly PNC, I declined but thanked the clerk for their time and walked out. I got nowhere, but I didn't leave dissatisfied. Everything was paced well throughout and I was shown their website and was asked to look through it as a "test" of sorts--I suppose it was new at the time.

The Customer Service was near top-notch. Getting to somebody was quick, the environment was welcoming, and everything was spoken in a calm manner. The only problem is that facts are much harder to drive when you're talking about possible service fees after non-use and without enough funds to keep it maintained. It's not an easy art to master and it was somewhat apparent with the person I was with. For this, I give a 4 out of 5.

The website seems inviting enough, but it looks unusually confusing. I understand the "appeal to everyone and make it easy" direction, but this website takes it just a touch too far. Much like other websites, it leaves out more necessary information that you'd have to call, which means listening to a machine and being on hold for at least 20 minutes. For this unnecessary leave-out, I give the Website Experience a 3 out of 5.

The other banks and Credit Unions basically offered much of the same deals as this bank and were usually on par with others. There isn't much to say about this one. The fees were the same, and that's what mostly matters. Due to the "average-ness", I give the Competitive Product section a 3 out of 5.

Once again, we go back to the fees. As mentioned above, they're like most other competitors. Once again, a 3 out of 5.

With the combined score, this averages at about 3.25 our of 5, but because the scoring system only allows whole numbers, it rounds down to 3 out of 5. I honestly think if The American Credit Union merely dropped some of their fees slightly, trained their employees how to sweet talk and sugar coat a bit more, and touched the website up, it would be a much better place of business. Until then, that has yet to come.

Short Use, but very good experience.

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My job is in insurance sales and a client was signing on, but had requested me to come out to site and have a number of meetings with employees. Because of the size of the company it was going to require a number of meetings spread out. I was relocated to Tacoma for a month early in 2014. I stayed in a hotel, and many of my day to day expenses were covered, but I still wanted to have social outings. Not wanting to have a lot of cash in my pocket I came across America's Credit Union. I should note, that I had a very bad experience with a hotel deposit box that has left me extremely distrustful of hotel fiduciary responsibility. I met with an account manager and explained my situation to her, I was set-up with a checking account, she did not order checks for me, since by the time I got them, i would have 2 weeks to use them up, and my account is "just for security". I felt much better having my money in a bank rather than just sitting in my hotel room. Most of the tellers were polite and friendly, rarely I came across one, and notably only one, that was professional, but wasn't as friendly as the others. I never had a significant issue with the account and was always pleased with the level of service. There were lines when I went in and the overall availability of products seemed in line with what I have seen elsewhere. What set it apart, was how nice most of the employees were. I was also surprised at the acceptance of my account, especially how short term it was. The account manager didn't complain about the paperwork, she never once made me feel that my account was a burden, I have had that happen at banks I knew I as going to be at long term before, knowing the short term arrangement, she was very professional and courteous. I am happy with my current bank, but for the time I utilized America's Credit Union I was quite pleased with the service.

ACU Review - 5 Stars

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I have been with America's Credit Union for about 5 years now, and couldn't be happier. I switched from Well's Fargo due to a dispute over account fees and monthly charges due to the way the accounts were setup. I would constantly have to go into the local branch to fix something in person, and even then I left confused/unresolved half the time. After a few weeks of research and looking at options I decided I wanted to go with a credit union not bank, and ACU was the choice I went with.

With ACU those fees are gone, including overdraft protection fees (as long as I maintain X balance). Everything is simple and pain free. Albeit I don't have a location near me to visit in person, I have never had an issue I couldn't solve with a simple phone call (which I did have to do when it came to transferring to a different bank account directly/setting up a monthly auto-pay, and also there were some issues setting up direct deposit).

America's Credit Union, University Place Washington

Americas Credit Union several options for saving money. My favorite option I noticed was offered by ACU is the Christmas Club savings account. This account is designed more so for those who have issues with money, where when they see they have money they want to go out and spend it. It was also very convenient as well. In November each year ACU either Mails you a check with the funds you saved during the year in the Christmas Club Savings Account or they automatically deposit it into one of your other bank accounts without you having to prompt them to do so. I used this program last year and it worked out quite well for my family and I. Thanks to this program I was not short on money for the holidays and I was able to get my son and his mother everything that they wanted for the holidays.

I truly enjoyed my banking experience with Americas Credit Union. I would recommend them to anyone who has a family that needs to put away some money for the tough times in the year. Though they do not have a great rate of return on checking and savings accounts, anything is still better than nothing. I didn't really make much on the money I put aside for Christmas last year in that savings account, but I did make enough to buy an extra gift for my 2-year-old son.

Customer service is above par for a bank. They are very quick at conducting transactions and the wait usually was not very long every time I had gone in to make a deposit/withdraw.

I will say I did experience a few issues with the online banking experience. I had bills set up to pay automatically from my account, but not once, but twice during my 2 years I banked with ACU I had issues. But I had a conversation with the branch manager and he was very cooperative and willing to do what he could to rectify the issue. I got it completely cleared up and even had the fees I was charged returned to me. Overall once the auto payments were property set up I was easily able to get my bills paid on time and not have to worry about it again. I would also say that ACU has convenient locations all over the Lacey/Fort Lewis McCord area. There are also numerous ATMs at various locations to easily access your money.

Overall I will give them 4 stars out of 5 possible for their rating.

Winning in Washington

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I was looking to bank with a company local to me in Washington. My parents have an account with America's Credit Union. They have had a good experience and suggested that I also open up a checking and perhaps a savings account with them. I went in to the Union Avenue location in Tacoma to open my accounts. I was seen shortly and the woman who helped me open my account was friendly and helpful. In the six months since then I have not had any problems at all with my credit union, I have even suggested it to others!

Review of ACU

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I generally use my online banking when I am out of the house away from any type of desktop or laptop, so access is usually by handheld devices. Compared to previous online banking systems that I have used in the past this one far exceeded my expectations.

Great Credit Union!

For years I used another bank but decided to switch from a regular bank to a credit union. I am so happy with my decision to switch because I absolutely love America's Credit Union. My old account was with a "big name national bank" and whenever I had a problem it was a hassle to get it fixed such as my direct deposit not being in my account on time every week. There were so many more fees associated with that bank than with this credit union. The fees I pay now in comparison to what I was paying are minimal. I am saving so much money now that I switch to this credit union. The customer service is above and beyond what I have experienced with other banks and it makes everything so much easier. When I was switching over, the customer service representative did most of the work for me. I look forward to switching over all of my accounts to this credit union now. I have told all of my family and friends about how amazing this credit union is and how easy it has been to transfer everything over.

ACU Works For You!

#1) I talk to real people. Smart people. People to whom I can relate.
#2) My valuable time is not wasted by inefficient IVR and impersonal call center processes. When I call, I am immediately routed to someone who can help. And if they can't, they transfer me - quickly - to someone who can.
#3) Decisions are made quickly, logically, and contextually.
#4) Creative financial services options - far superior to any I've seen with a big bank.
#5) They play fair. Rates are reasonable, and I feel like we're in a proper business relationship - they're of course profiting from me, but they're not bleeding me dry.

Terrible Customer Service

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I am not at all satisfied with the customer service at this bank. I needed to get a loan to cover my expenses for college that the grants that I had didn't cover. I sat down with a representative from the bank to apply for the loan and make sure I understood the terms and conditions. I have had a credit card since freshman year of high school to build my credit score. I knew that that probably wouldn't be enough of a credit line to approve my loan so I had my dad listed on the loan along with me. They told me that because my dad didn't have a large enough credit line that I was going to need someone else to cosign for me. I feel like this was just a stupid excuse for the representative from having to deal with me because his demeanor during the whole ordeal was standoffish. I hated their customer service and I would not recommend this bank to anyone except my enemies.

America's Credit Union

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America's Credit Union is one of the best banking experiences that iv'e had. I have had to deal with a lot of different banks and this is for sure one of the most professional and friendly banks that I have had to deal with. The staff has always been exceptionally friendly, and even just as important, they know exactly what they are doing and seem to be trained 100%. On my most recent visit, I had enough things to do at the bank that would take about 20 minutes at my previous bank of laketrust. America's Credit Union gets me in and out very quickly however and I was able to go into the bank and get out within the span of about 10 minutes. I feel like I save so much more time with America's Credit Union, and I feel much safer with them doing my banking experience simply because of how trustworthy and professional they act.

Enjoying it

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I enjoy this credit union, I like it's small town appeal whenever I walk into I'm always helped within 5 minutes. The actual location of the credit union is, pretty far, but the co-op too it is right by my house so it makes it extra convenient. They we're also pretty nice with my overdraft fee that I had acquired once. I also got a great interest plan when I signed up when I was 16. Also the just released an app for it which makes it really convenient to log in whenever you need to check your accounts, or move money around. Overall I've enjoyed my experiences with this credit union, also they we're pretty quick to handle my brothers, card theft, some had stolen my brothers card and used all the cash in it about a thousand dollars and the credit union fixed it pretty quick.

pleased customer

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I have been pleased so far with the service that I have received from America's Credit Union. I opened a checking account with them because they had a very enticing promotion. They give you $100 for opening a checking account if you set up direct deposit. I thought this was great deal because my employer offers direct deposit. The account has been very convenient for me in accessing my money with 24 hour access to my account. When I first opened the account I called customer service to ask some questions. They were very pleasant and were able to answer all of my questions. I have not had any random fees show up on my account. They also have a service called "the christmas club". This is a clever way to save money for the holidays. It is an account that is set up to help you save and when the holiday season comes around they mail you a check so that you are able to do your holiday shopping. Overall great financial institution.

America's Credit Union - Gets the job done.

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I have overall had a very positive experience with America's Credit Union. That being said I never really gave America's Credit Union any issues either. Their fees (when there were any) were reasonable as I know banks are a business too and need to make money to pay employees and make a profit. I had to call customer service a couple of times to remove random charges from account but they were extremely helpful and never once gave me any more trouble than is to be expected. To go into more detail about this experience, I randomly had a $50.00 charge to my checking account (not a lot I know but still, money I didn't spend) so I called their call center and of course had to get through the automation and whatnot at the beginning. But eventually I got on with a real person and told them the situation. They saw that the charge came from a service I do not use regularly and then removed the charge and even said that in the event it happened again they'd both replace my money and refund me the amount charged on top of that. So to finish, I don't have any complaints and will continue my service.

A look at America's Credit Union

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What can I really say about ACU? I haven't had any major negative issues with ACU in my experience, but something about the bank just feels a bit cold. Most of my experiences with their employees have been kind of bland and very boring. Their customer service over the phone is kind of aloof and off putting, almost like talking to a computer most of the time. Other than that though, the bank is quite efficient and I have had no problems with it from a technical standpoint. Their website functions almost perfectly, and I have had no issues with my account in terms of security or convenience. If you're looking for a bank that does what it's suppose to do, but no much else, then this bank is perfect. Their rates and fees are pretty standard and reasonable. Although their customer service is lacking in soul, I do feel a sense of security and ease with this bank which is why I continue to use it. I feel safe and I can trust this bank.

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