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Ameris Bank Does Not Protect Your Money!!!!

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I wish I could give them zero stars.. On March 19, 2023 $494.80 and 492.68 was debted from my account at a Pilot gas stationin Lincoln, Al for diesel. I explained to them that i was no where near that area nor do I live near that area. At that time the bank reversed the charges. On June 26,2023 the bank put the charges back on my account stating that I was the one that made the transactions. I would like to explain that I am a local truck driver and I do not travel that far out. If the bank would look at my transactions they would see that I have never been in that area.

Ameris Bank Charging Me After I Paid Off My Car Loan.

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Simply put the worst bank I ever dealt with. Last week I paid what I thought was my last payment. Then they said I owe them a 1000 dollars. I asked for what, if anything you guys should be sending me back money for good payment. They said I had few late payments. I told them I always sent in the late fee if I knew I was going to be paying late. She said sometimes I might have paid on the last date but after 7 pm, which means it will be late. So I told her count how many times I have been late and add it up. It came up to $375, so I told her initials (M.P) how did we come up to a thousand. She had no clear answer and said her allotted time of 10 minutes was up, and best she could do is send me an email of my payment history. I had never heard that before, allotted time is up, Ameris bank is a disgrace. I would give them half of one star, for at least picking up the phone.
signed Cyril Lee


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I had been with Fidelity for over 20 years and too have come from the merger of Fidelity bank. I have had to reset my password more than 20 times. . I used Ameris' ATM for a balance inquiry and was charge $2.00 then$3.00 to withdraw for a non Ameris ATM, $2.00 withdraw fee. That's $7.00 TO USE THEIR OWN ATM MACHINE!! When I called customer service, I spoke with customer service and It took 30 minutes just to reset my password!!! When it was Fidelity, due to Thanksgiving, i would have gotten paid on Wednesday. I'm still waiting for my direct deposit!! I'M OVER IT ALREADY!!!

Setting A New Standard Of Poor Service

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I am an ex-Fidelity customer that was sent across to Ameris Bank and the "seamless" move (their promise) has set a new standard in inefficiency and poor staff training. My login credentials are not being saved and despite escalated calls to re-set log-in details, I still have trouble accessing my account. After multiple corrections on their end I was eventually able to gain access and I was advised that "Bill-Pay" was the correct way to transfer funds to exterior bank accounts and it was set up accordingly with their staff, followed by a confirming email. After 4 days the funds did not appear - I was not notified of the failure. After another 3 calls I was advised that "Bill-Pay" was in fact not the correct vehicle and that I should investigate another route. It has taken me 10 days since the switch on Nov 4th to get my account in order and the transfer is still in doubt, confirmation will not be available until 11/18. The new online platform is un-intuitive and misleading and my patience is exhausted-I'm don with Ameris Bank!

Avoid Ameris

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Ameris bought my mortgage about 8 months ago. The first entry to my account was an error. They insisted that I had not paid my last mortgage payment to the previous servicer. (which was not the case) So they tried to charged me interest for that month even though I had already paid that month with the previous servicer. Dozens of phone calls to Customer Service, 4 phone calls with Supervisors, 3 formal "inquiries" over the next five months and they could not figure out the mistake. They kept coming back with "no you didn't pay that previous month". Even after I supplied bank statements AND statements from my previous servicer showing that payment was made. Finally, after about 5 months they assigned an individual to my account to try to get it resolved. Within a couple of days a dozen or so "corrections" appeared. Unfortunately, those were not correct and actually made it worse. After going back and forth, explaining and pointing out their mistakes and providing backup... about a month later they credit back to the starting point and re allocated the 5 months of payments. And they did it correctly. So after having 15 people tell me that my account was correct, they finally got it right. I almost felt they were just trying to wear me down and let it go.

So for two weeks all is well. During the time that they were trying to resolve the above problem, I got a notice from them that they were going to require me to have flood insurance. I have not had it with either of the two previous servicer, so not sure I buy that my flood rating was changed. But, after what we saw to those poor folks in Houston last year, we decided not to argue the point and just get it. We had to have another inspection and got some quotes. Prior to the 45 day period that they stated I needed flood insurance by, I decided to go with a specific insurance. I spent the next 30 days on two conference calls with their insurance department and my insurance agent. had 3 or 4 calls myself, and my agent bugging them every other day for payment. Except, they continued to not pay the insurance payment out of my escrow funds for about a month. In the mean time they placed "forced placed" insurance (at about 10 times what my regular flood was). After continuously requesting they pay the premium, they paid late and then hit me with forced place. After two weeks of calls emails and complaints, they credited a prorated amount. So I got ripped off because they couldn't make a payment as requested.

All the while I had phone calls, conference calls and many many emails. The epitome of their terrible service is I would send an email asking 4 questions (to the person assigned to my account) and maybe a week or so later I would get a response not answering any of my questions. A normal response would be something like "I have sent the required information to the appropriate department". Maybe times it would take (up to 4) emails, with each one more direct and demanding to get a response.

Do not do business with this bank in any manner. Checking, Savings, Mortgage whatever. They are terrible!!! Many times I got different answer to the same question even among supervisors.


In over 40 years of personal, business and savings banking I am amazed that this bank managed to make a mess of everything...and I mean EVERYTHING they touched. From inept staff unable to set up accounts properly within weeks...yes, it took them WEEKS to get a business, personal and savings account set up, to failure to order checks properly, to placing fees on free accounts, this bank has made more mistakes than any I have ever seen. Matters had to escalate to a regional VP in order to finally get someone to move at more than a snail's pace and fix things. We will certainly never recommend this bank and will move our accounts as soon as possible. GO ELSEWHERE!

Party Over Here

I think its sad that all the fees you pay to this bank gose to fund all the game nite bring your own bottle parties at the lynn haven fl branch that are thrown after hrs inside this branch hosted by none other than jimmy barr the branch manager so we all are funding this kind of wastless time and use of the power i thinkbi will be looking to move my funds to another bank

No Customer Service Or Acess To My Account During Hurricane Matthew

Closed their customer service office and banks during hurricane Matthew. When I evacuated, fraud protection cut access to my funds off, I was stranded and no one to contact with zero cash!!!!!! Horrible, horrible customer service. Then, because I could not access my account, they charged me overdraft fees when I could not deposit my checks, auto-debits went through - would not refund. No chip in the debit card for international travel, 30 minute wait for customer service. Can't call your local branch directly. Horrible all around.

Wonderful Place To Bank

I became an Ameris Bank customer in 2011 and what an awesome experiance it has been.  When i walk into the bank i am immediatley greeted by the wonderfully happy tellers that work at Ameris.  My business is always handled quickly and are accurate.  There are abosultely no hidden fees and customers are treated with the utmost respect.  Online Bill Pay is absolutley free and very easy to use.  Their website is awesome and very easy to navigate.  Ameris Bank has thouroughly impressed me and will have my business always!  I highly reccomend becoming a member of this wonderful, fast growing Community Bank.

Overcharge For Services

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I had Darby bank in the past and then became Ameris bank, ok cool. I opened an account with Darby and was very pleased with their services and fees. Darby comes in and charges me fees without notice, I went out of the country for 6 months, I come back and Darby charges me $3 a month for the 6 months I didnt use my debit card... Really!? That had never happened before until they came in. Imagine in the thousands of customers they get a month at $3... No wonder Ameris is growing. To cash a third party check ?? OmG! Finger prints, and questions questions "where is the other person?" blah, blah and still can't cash or deposit checks that I have already cashed for people. First of all, if a person has an established account with you guys and enough money to back up the check if a problem, why treat a client this way? why run off your customers to another bank that can give that respect and value you can do as well. Until improvement, I don't care to bank with Ameris or recommend this bank to anyone.

Finally A Bank That REALLY Shows They Want Your Business

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While big banks are getting more of our hard earned money in fees... Ameris is doing just the opposite...they are getting the big banks clients! Hats off to the Greenville branch...not only did the bank manager consistently follow up with me, he continued to show me how they could save, not only my business money, but personally too! Needless to say...I am an Ameris client. And so are 4 of my staff! I love the personal touch, quick answers to questions, and they follow up on those answers. Thank You Scott and your staff! Love banking with you! Michele - Studio M

They Simply Suck.

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Online bill pay isn't free. Need I say more? They took over Darby Bank when it went under (it wasn't much better anyways), and all of my automated payments, i.e. credit card, student loans, etc. stopped. Now I am overdue and have to call each company individually to make payments (Sally Mae charges $14.95 to pay over the phone, don't get me started about them) Arg. Well, I feel better now.

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