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Too Many Hoops/ACH Limits

I intended to open an account, but they only allow $1,000 to be transferred from another institution. Since I wanted to open a CD with $20,000, I called to find out how to do that. I got no satisfaction and decided to cancel the application. Today I received a notice that they rejected my membership application! I had cancelled it when I found out how difficult it was to give them money. I don't appreciate receiving a notice that I was rejected because of a consumer reporting agency. Apparently they didn't need any money. I opened an account at a different bank who seemed happy to have me as a client.

Often Has Good CD Specials

I joined for the chip-and-PIN card to travel in Europe, and it's worked well for me. Like many credit unions, they wanted a bit more documentation (pay stubs, etc) than is typical for large national banks, but that was a price well worth paying because the large national banks still love chip-and-signature and it can be hard to get a card that works right in Europe.

I also occasionally take advantage of CD specials, like the current 3% holiday special (available in your choice of either 3 month or 84 month terms, but nothing in between).

Unlike some other reviews, I didn't find the membership process to be too bad, but there wasn't a high volume of new members stampeding for a special when I joined, either.

Tips For Opening Account

I applied online, do not live near any branches.

ACH Limits: The maximum ACH limit on application is $1,000, and is not disclosed until the last page of the application. Once opened, the maximum ACH transfer through Andrews is $5,000 per day and $25,000 per month. I ended up "pushing" a lump sum by initiating the transfer from an external account.

Opening Share Certificate: Once the money was in the Base Savings account, I called to have a Share Certificate opened. I tried numerous times during the afternoon with no success beyond being on hold. Finally I called one morning around 9am eastern time and reached someone. The transfer was quick and easy. I was told that department opens at 8am eastern time.

Confirmation: When opening a share certificate by phone, request the confirmation be sent by email. This can be sent instantly. Andrews is the only credit union I have seen which does not list the rate paid for the share certificate online in the account's summary. So, be sure to get a copy of the confirmation. If not sent by email, it is sent by postal mail.

Good luck to anyone. I was opening short term CDs so was not very aggressive in getting it opened, but am glad to have finally opened at least some of what I wanted.

Best CD, Inconsistent Customer Service

Posted by: gnarlycow | Dec 22, 2016

Andrews' 7-year holiday special CD is the best at this time, with 3.01% APY and 180-day interest early withdrawal penalty. Even if I withdraw everything after two years, the effective APY is still >2%.

I applied for membership online. They asked for ID verification docs which I uploaded right away. After that I didn't hear from them for a whole month! I then left them a message asking what was taking so long. It turned out they wanted one more thing from me - proof of address. Once I uploaded that, they approved my application.

I went to a local CU branch and deposited a check to my Andrews' savings through co-op. Then I called Andrews to open the CD, but the first rep told me they cannot open new account over the phone... I just thanked her, hung up, and called again. This second rep was fantastic; took care of the opening process under two minutes.

Long Wait For Application Process, Long Wait If Calling During Week Days, Very Limited ACH, Representative No So Helpful

I applied online. the application has not been approved after more than 1 week.

I also don't like their customer service on phone. I called about if I can use my other bank to do ACH deposit/withdraw, and how long it normally takes application to go through and what is my application status. the representative put me on hold, and the phone disconnected after me on hold for 45 min. I was on hold already for 40 min before talking to the representative. So, I called total of 3 times, 1st time total of 45 min on hold, 2nd time almost 1.5 hours. And representatives are not so helpful. mostly "can't help" or "I need to transfer you".

I just called today to cancel the membership. and they need to transfer me, and the main office just closed 15 min ago. So, they will call back by next Tues, and they don't give their main office number for me to call.

The short term CD rate is good, but doesn't worth the hours of waiting on phone and ended up no help or results. However, if you have a local branch, it's probably easier to open an account that way. Hopefully their branch employ is more helpful.

Long Wait For Application Process

Put my application to join credit union, been over 2 weeks. Wrote message to see what is going on still no reply. Call up put on hold forever I got tried of waiting

Great Rate - 3% 84 Month CD

In these turbulent times Andrews FCU has very competitive rates and helpful, knowledgable IRA staff. I completed, printed and mailed in their online form with instructions to move my IRA from Betterment. It all worked very smoothly and the whole process took two weeks by US Mail. I recommend you provide Andrews with wiring instructions to speed up the process.
Become a member of the American Consumer Council to be a member of Andrews Federal Credit Union if you don't have a branch nearby.

Just Joined And Opened 7 Yr 3% IRA CD

Posted by: DaveJ | Jul 28, 2016

This month I joined and yesterday wired $$$ into my Roth IRA. My experience is similar to poster kainen with a couple differences. I joined the Am Consumer Council for free using the discount code "consumer".
I then joined Andrews with $5 ACH 'ed into my share account. I then contacted them by e-mail with questions. With no answer for a day or two, I called. After 20 minutes of hold and transfer,
I " finally" got the IRA dept. and a quite helpful and knowledgeable CSR who helped me with all my questions. After questions of if the rate would be good when my CD came free and I transferred around the first of month, she said if I joined, and then filled out a IRA application and emailed it into the IRA Dept., she would open the CD and wait for the money to be sent, insuring the rate for me. I was skeptical, but it worked exactly as she said. Due to the large(for me) amount I decided to wire it($20 bucks from sending CU)and it was deposited into my account that day.She also gave me her direct dial phone number and answered every time I called except once during her lunch.
Overall, a fairly easy, 1000 mile away experience.I'm not sure if we can get private messages, but I'll share her name and number for anyone wanting to open IRA and save you some time, I just don't want to post it on the forum.
Almost forgot, thanks Ken for this site. I learned of this rate and CU from this site.

You Can Not Open Account If You Have Moved

Posted by: John Simon | Feb 2, 2016

I have moved and apparently AFCU refuses to allow me to change/edit address on my application. Have several other accounts and never been through this much hassle.

Not Happy With Andrews

Posted by: klink | May 28, 2015

Attempted to open account online. Process is not explained in a logical order until to late. Funding the accounts is impossible because of the limited amount you can ACH transfer. Wanted to open a basic share acct. (Req), then get a mil. special cert. $4000.00 offered until the end of the month. Could only transfer $1000.00 based on their system. Nowhere during the process was it said that once your application was accepted with the link to the account you are sending money from and an amount and an e-mail with acct. information had been sent to you confirming all this did you get the email requiring that a photo, scan or fax of your mil. ID and drivers license was required. Process would have taken well past the dates the Cert. Special was being offered. Jeers to Andrews. Be aware that if you wish to be a member read the fine print and be prepared to open in a branch or wait for their schedule of events.

New Customer

Posted by: Anon456 | May 22, 2015

A bit difficult to use the web site, and it is SOOOOO slow. You may need to ONLY USE IEXPLORER to get the site to work properly.

Great Credit Union, Saved Me From Horrid Experience

Posted by: StephenM2 | Feb 2, 2015

I have nothing but good things to say about Andrews Federal Credit Union. For a while I was paying abysmal interest rates on four student loans through Sallie Mae - around 15%. While I never missed a payment on them or any credit card, I was not getting anywhere trying to consolidate them. I came across CUSTUDENTLOANS and they were willing to consolidate them through Andrews Federal Credit Union. I went through with it and they offered me a fair 7% interest rate. I've called them a couple of times for questions about the loan and their customer service agents have been nothing but pleasant to me, compared to the demons who worked at Sallie Mae. I haven't had any payment problems (like Sallie Mae hitting me with late fees even though I paid before the due date) and am happily paying off my loan. My only criticism is their online student loan payment website is extremely difficult to use. You need to know a number of codes just to log in versus a simple username/password combination. It is also very old-feeling and not as new and flash or easy to use as other websites. That is a small price I am willing to pay for a great interest rate and great customer service. I highly suggest you try them out if you are in a similar situation. You won't regret it.

Worst Credit Union EVER

Posted by: GeorgeJ | Jul 19, 2013

I joined AFCU after being told they offered Chip and Pin DEBIT cards for use in Europe.  I applied for a checking and savings account online and sent in my money.  After waiting several weeks and not hearing anything I sent a total of three e-mails asking for my account number so I could sign up for online banking.  Finally got the number.  I then asked by e-mail how to apply for the Chip and Pin DEBIT card and was told to apply for the Global Trek CREDIT Card.  I sent another e-mail, being very specific about my wanting a DEBIT card and was assured that was the way to do it.  I attempted to apply online for the Global Trek card and was asked two security questions.  One was a question I had not answered during the application process and I was never able to open the application.  I sent another e-mail to AFCU using another e-mail address and asked if they offered Chip and Pin DEBIT cards and was told they did not.  I sent an actual letter to a specific person in management telling that person of my frustration with their incompetence and never heard back.  I then sent an e-mail to that person complaining about not getting a response to the letter and never heard back from that.

Do yourself a favor and avoid this place.

Andrews FCU Receives High Consumer Ratings From American Consumer Council

Posted by: tomhinton | Mar 18, 2013

During the past year, hundreds of consumers who are members of the American Consumer Council have told us how pleased they are with the outstanding service and friendliness provided at Andrews Federal Credit Union. In an era when banking is difficult and its hard to get loans, Andrews FCU consistently receives the top ratings from consumer-members of the American Consumer Council.  We're pleased to recognize Andrews FCU for its commitment to service and helping consumers participate in our nation's economic recovery.

Thomas Hinton, President & CEO, American Consumer Council

Great Place To Bank

Posted by: mainhatten | Oct 1, 2012

I joined AFCU after my bank (Community Bank) failed to pay my rent as set up in an automatic withdrawal for three straight months. 


Shortly after I joined I had to depart on a short notice deployment and needed to change an account at the last minute.  It was a weekend and luckily I had the business card with the local manger’s cell phone number. I called her at home and she promised to take care of the issue. My wife was worried that it wouldn’t workout but it did and I will be always grateful for the support I received. Would have never happened at by previous bank.


I have since switch all my banking to AFCU (credit card, auto loan, savings).  I know the employees, they are integral part of our community here overseas and that makes a big difference.  They are always doing something for service members and their families; attend our community meeting and events.


Their World Visa Card has very competitive rates and for a long time it was the only chip card available to Americans here in Europe which is important since most places do not use swipe readers any more.


If you are looking for a new banking facility, particularly if you are going to be overseas I highly recommend Andrews Federal Credit Union.

Too Many Hoops To Join And Get A Credit Card

Posted by: rt | Sep 27, 2012

I applied and got approved for an AFCU credit card two months ago.  However, I was told that I had to become a member before I could actually get the card.  So I completed the on-line membership application and provided another credit card to pay the membership funding fee.  One month later, no credit card arrived and when I called the credit union, they say that they do not have a record of my application although it was done online on their site and they cannot do anything with the confirmation number that I received from them after I completed the application.

This is 2012, it should not be this hard to apply for a credit card and to join a credit union.  They should be able to do better than this.

Don't Waste Your Time On Andrews Credit Union (Or Give Them Your Money)

Posted by: Anonymous | Jun 14, 2012

This credit union is an example of why our country has problems. I applied for a GlobeTrek credit card with a credit limit of $5,000 and was turned down. First they lost the application, then they didn't have enough information, so I faxed 26 pages! Then I was turned down. I am retired and worth over $2 million. I live off my investments. My house is paid for. I have no debts. Credit score of 831. The reason is I cannot prove my income. It's Social Security and withdrawals from accounts that have been invested wisely. I don't have an actual list of my withdrawals that are done through my broker, therefore I'm a bad risk. At the same time other credit card companies send me a least one offer a week for credit cards with much higher limits than this rinky dink operation. This proves the banks (credit unions) are not lending money.

Never again will I waste my time with Andrews Credit Union, and I am closing my account.

Great Experience

Posted by: Anonymous | May 2, 2012

I have been a member for over five years and have had great customer service. I can handle most of my banking by phone, online banking or in person. Best of all, if I travel, I can access my account at any CU Services participating branch.


Posted by: bh20508 | Apr 19, 2012


Very difficult to get credit card even with close to 800 credit score and no debt. Application is very difficult to get through with lots of paper work.  After being approved for credit card with very low limit and lots of phone calls and paper work I now need to join. That has now become more hoops to jump thru as it just doesn’t seem to work online. I hope they don't lose all my stuff like the other reviewer.  At this point I still have nothing.   Could have gotten several cards by now from banks but I want their chip and pin card. I am not sure why anyone would really want to join other than a real specific reason because service is no different than a bank, put on hold and waited every time when I called and rates are about the same. My banks don’t have fees as long as you have a savings. So more than ever I don’t get credit unions.  I must be missing something.

Customer Service

Posted by: Ads | Mar 22, 2012

It's a great credit union and decent customer service, at long you are the member, not his or her spouse, otherwise you are in trouble! It's sad because I really like Andrews Federal Credit Union. The customer rep was super rude and didn't want to talk to me, only to my husband. Luckly, my husband contact a supervisor and we solved the situation. After that, I remove my salary from there and open an account in other bank.

Lucky, My Application & Deposit Was Apparently Lost In The Mail Or By Them....

I completed their on-line application which failed to process and directed me to fill out a paper application and mail it in.

A letter arrived 2 weeks (little slow) later asking me to send in a copy of 2 seperate forms of ID and an initial deposit.

I did this via the USPS w/o using tracking/delivery confirmation (my mistake) as the CU says they never received my information/deposit.

Lost or stolen ID and check? Odds tend to favor.... yes indeed. Placed a fraud alert with credit agencies and stopped payment on the check after 3 weeks and hope the mail was lost vs. stolen.

The "lucky" part...is their rate tanked during the above, and I obtained a full 1.08% increase with another credit union which I have written a very favorable review on this site previously. 

BTW, the last ACU CSR stated if I stopped payment on my initial check and they later processed it, (after explaining all the above to 3 CSR's) I would incur a return check charge with them...DAH!

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