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I have visited them several times just to make a wire transfer and STILL nohting


Boo Hiss - Avoid At All Costs (Even If You Work For FFX)

Their auto pay is truly automatic. They just gave away $70 to a creditor that I haven't owed money to in YEARS randomly. It's not like I still had auto pay set up or anything. This is not the first problem I've had with them. They routinely pay creditors late and then blame me for the fact that their software stinks. Avoid their automatic banking at all costs. There are way better banks out there that will treat your money with care. These guys are amateurs compared.

CD's Continue To Disappoint.

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After nearly a decade we still have not been able to see a rise in CD rates beyond 3%. This is horrible for savers and retirees.

Ran By A Bunch Of Idiots

If you value your money do not use Apple Federal Credit Union. I’ve had so many issues with Apple FCU it’s not funny. I’ve had to argue with them too many times about my account and the customer service people are extremely RUDE! They will say you have overdrawn your account and start pulling funds from your savings account and open end loan. Even after you show them proof they will not fix the problem so needless to say I’m closing my accounts with them. I’ve never had issues like this until they took over another bank little over a year ago and this has happened twice and they refuse to acknowledge they have an issue.

What A Mess

Their online banking and automated service is bad beyond imagination.

NEVER Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will NEVER take out another loan through Apple FCU.... we originally had our loan with Synergy One and they were AWESOME, but Apple bought them. So we paid the loan off at AFCU this past July and about a week or so later we got a letter from them (but not the Title for our Vehicle) saying that they released our Lien. I immediately called "customer services" to ask where my title was (we had the registration, so clearly the title had been processed!). Well, the dimwit on their end of the phone told me that I just needed to take that letter to DMV and have them print me a new title - no concern for the hour (or more!) it would cost me to go to the DMV, and certainly no concern for the fee involved with getting a new title. I was NOT happy, but what choice did I have? So, off I go to DMV.... about 45 minutes later, I left DMV with instructions that I had to have AFCU release their eLien off of my record so that they could mail me my title.... you would think that I was not the first eLien AFCU had ever encountered, and why it took me calling them twice and then sitting in hell at the DMV for them to finally do something to get me my title is beyond me. In the end, my advice is that their customer service is NON-EXISTENT and I will never deal with them again just based upon how dismissive they were of my plight. All they had to do when I called the FIRST time was call DMV to see if they missed something.... I guess it's just the world we live in today, but companies can only get away with this crap if consumers let them. I'm done!

Not related to Apple despite what the name implies

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I originally signed up for AppleFCU at the suggestion of my high school business teacher. I was fully expecting this was just another promotional where she can get bonus income for signing students up, but I was rather impressed with the quality of service from AppleFCU. One of the most useful feature for me back when I was a poor high school student was that AppleFCU does not require minimum balance. Furthermore, there were no fees or service charges. The ATM conveniently placed right in front of the bank was easy to access and easy to use. This was quite beneficial to me at the time because I at most usually had less than 2000 dollars in the bank at any given time and would regularly dip below 1000 dollars when in between part time checks. At any other bank, such as Suntrust and Bank of America, falling below 1000 dollars would result in crazy charges.

While the product was excellent the mobile experience was a damn shame. There was a clear lack of talent on the mobile developement of AppleFCU because of the extremely poor GUI of the application. For example, the application does not have a logout button, instead you have to keep pressing back on your phone in order to log out. The application also the tendency to log out every 5 minutes while checking online bank statements.

It's a very small bank, as such, I can imagine how selective they were when selecting their tellers and front desk staff. They are much more friendly than I expected from a bank, and they have no problems starting a maintaining a conversation when I am there depositing my checks. When I visit the bank it is always an enjoyable and relaxing experience. The lines are pretty much nonexistent due to the fact that this is very small bank compared to suntrust across the street and bank of america 5 blocks down the road.

I Have Been A Member For Over 6 Years And Have All My Loans And Deposits With Apple!

I became a member of Apple 6 years ago when I switched from the credit union I had in college because they were too far away and too small.  I got my first car loan with a credit union after a really bad experience with the dealership and locals banks, so I wanted to do business with another credit union when I switched.  I was so happy to find Apple!

I have had my direct deposit into a special FREE checking account there for years, and I get free bill pay and checks.  I also get a modest interest rate back for my balance, which I think is 0.4% right now, but better than I can get anywhere else that I've found.  I read the reviews about the check holds, and I have had that experience in the past, but when I talked to a manager, she released the hold because of my history with Apple.  I think the holds are standard for all banks and credit unions, but if you talk to the right person you can usually get it waived.

I recently refinanced my car for 72 months for 2.74%!  This ended up saving me almost $50 a month, and they let me go 3 months until my first payment, which was right at Christmas. 

I also have a mortgage with Apple.  The only thing I don't have is their credit card.  They have asked me to get their card a few times (when I refinanced my car and when I got a line of credit for my account), but I'm happy with my Bank of America rewards.  They told me they would have the same rewards soon, so I might check it out.

Overall, I've been very happy and would recommend.  I already recommended to my dad, my sister, and my uncle, who all have accounts now.



My Primary Banking Institution For 6+ Years

I have banked with Apple FCU for over 6 years now, and I have all of my loans, credit cards, and even do my taxes through their Apple Services office at the main headquarters. Everyone I have dealt with has been extremely kind, friendly, and helpful at their main branch. I am not sure why everyone else has been posting about the number of fees Apple has. I banked with BB&T for over 8 years, and let me tell you about fees. Every time I have gotten an overdraft fee at Apple, I call into their Call Center and they ALWAYS refund the fee for me as a courtesy, which is awesome! BB&T never refunded one of my fees! I use Apple's Advantage Checking and since I have my direct deposit go into my account, it does not cost me anything. No maintenance fees or anything. Also, they gave me two free boxes of custom checks when I opened my account, which pretty much will last me forever. Not to mention I never get charged for ATM fees, no matter what type of ATM I use! ATM fees are covered entirely for my checking account, I love it! I doubt there are any other banks or credit unions that offer all of these benefits to their account holders. At the end of the day, I bank with Apple because they make me feel like I am taken care of anytime I need their help. Their rates are up and down, sometimes they are great and other times they are not so good. But I have had accounts with other banks and I can guarantee that you will never get the kind of service and attention that you will get from banking with Apple. I am looking forward to getting a mortgage and my first home soon, and when the time comes there is no question where I will be getting my loan from!

Apple FCU Has To Be The Worst Credit Union Around

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Last year when "big bank" bought my "little bank" and raised my safety deposit box fee from $35/yr to $85/yr along with some other unfavorable changes, I decided it was time to go the credit union route.  Good initial decision. 

I picked Apple because they had the closest local branch, and boy did that decision turn out to be a poor one on my part, should have done some research.  I have had so many issues with them (and I don't even have a loan with them - just check and savings accounts).  I could write for a couple of hours.  I highly reccomend that you research, review and talk to people about any Credit Union you may be considering.  I will be starting this research myself and as painful as switching financial institutions is considering all the direct deposits and direct debits I will have to change (again).  The 4 month of agoney associated with switching everything, is better than the eternal agony of staying with Apple.  On a positive note, their Saftey deposit box fees are reasonable for the NOVA area compared to banks anyway.

Apple FCU Is Number One With Me

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Been with them more than 25 years. Mortgage and four car loans all done without a hitch. People always nice and provide the service I need. Never missed a statement not once. I highly recommend.


From absolutely horrible customer service, to carelessness, to a huge mess of organization. This place needs to be removed from the public ASAP. There are months where I don't receive a statement, and randomly get a call from collections department. I have filled out an auto debit form for them to auto debit my loan payments, and they completely ignore it and send me to collections. This actually happened on two seperate cases. Their staff barely speaks english and acts as if you are begging them from service. I dont know how this place is still in business but it should be avoided at all costs! They need to get their **** together!

Poor Customer Service, Poorly Designed Online Account System

Had (note the past tense) over $40k in IRA CD's there and also had the regular share accounts.

I moved it all out.  Their "bonus rates" seemed above average, but don't be fooled.  The renewal rates are low, and they know it, so they place obstacles in your way to keep you from withdrawing funds after the initial bonus rate expires.  Their paperwork nightmare and customer service hassles were simply horrible. 

Can't ever get anyone who knows anything on the phone.  Punch in all the account numbers and verifications you want, some call center employee eventually picks up, asks you the same info you just punched into your keypad, verifieds a whole bunch more info, and then asks "how can I help you."  The asnwer will be that they cannot help you and they transfer you to somebody's voicemail. Never a person who's actually available. 

When you set up online banking, you cannot select your own password.  They will assign you one and mail it to you.  (yeah, snail mail.)  You cannot even change it after you get the mailed one, they have to assign you a 10-character password that's a jumble so you cannot ever remember it.  And they snail mail you that, too.  (Kinda defeats the purpose of online banking if you have to mail everything... what's the point of a secret password if I have to write it down in clear text on a post-it ...)

They require you to fill out forms for everything... accounts or funds transfers, etc.  But there are no blank forms available on their website.  You must go thru a poorly programmed "forms wizard."  You cannot access the forms wizard when logged into online banking, you must log OUT and go to the main webpage, and launch a wizard.  Because of that, you must always start the wizard from scratch and manually type in your name and address and other info (gee, I already have forty thousand dollars there, don't you people have this info???)

Their forms wizard also requires you to provide info that is NOT required by the IRS to fill out the form (i.e. email and phone number is not required by the irs when transferring IRA funds, just the account holder and trustee name, address, and account number -- but that Apple Federal CU wizard requires you to enter the info before proceeding to generate your form. )       

I filled out the form to withdraw my money -- the system wouldn't generate the form for that and kept asking me what date the periodic annuitized payments would begin.  I finally played along and told it to make one periodic payment of 100% on the date of today. Still no good, the "wizard" says you *cannot* do that.   (oh, yes I can!  Watch me!)

I cannot believe I wasted my time on the wizard I should have just called somebody, yes?

I did.  The helpful CSR told me the form was online, and to just download it.

Second call: Rep realized you have to go thru the wizard, and told me they couldn't help me thru the wizard over the phone.

Third call: Rep told me I'd have to come into a branch to pick up a form.

Fourth call:  Finally got to a rep who noted he did not have access to blank withdrawal forms (really?) but would have the person in the IRA department email it to me.  Hours later it shows up, but it's the wrong form.  (and now it's after 5 pm so they're closed, I guess I get to start all over again tomorrow...)

Fifth call: I finally get the right form, and it requires that it be completed in the presence of a NOTARY. (also something I have never had to do with ANY other online bank or online transaction)

I'd tell you what happened on the sixth and subseqent calls, but the moderator probably wouldn't allow that type of language in a forum post.  Suffice to say it took days of hassle thru a bad website and inept CSR's to finally get my hands on my own money. 

I'm happy to say I'm done with Apple FCU.  Never again.


General Review After Being A Member For 6 Months.

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Pro's - Good rates on safety deposit boxes.

Con's - 6 day hold on large checks, they even put a 6 business day hold on a cashier check drawn on a bank right across the street (so they had 30K of my money for about 5 or 6 days). They said it needed a day or two to transfer/clear (true), but they said they had to hold due to forged cashier check issues???? But when I asked about calling their neighbor bank across the street where the cashier check had been generated, they said that wasn't sufficient proof. When I asked the manager if they could have someone walk it over across the street to verify it and shorten the hold time, they couldn't do that either for whatever reason. Staff is marginal, but very friendly and polite; branch manager is needed to do anything beyond simple deposits or withdrawals. I'm sure I have more negative surprises coming.

Overall assessment dash; Shop around before you select this as your credit union. It is unfortunate the regular banks have gone downhill so much and are even worse since the big ones gobbled up all the small ones.

I can see a CU switch on my part in the future.

Refinance For People Who Care About Their Credit Rating

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I've given Apple Federal a lot of business. One of them was the mortgage for my present home. It currently has a 6% interest rate and I am current with my payments. Now like many people because of my neighbors losing their job or what ever reason I have a few foreclosures in my neighborhood that has driven my property value down and I'm underwater but because I was responsible I put down a large down payment from the sale of my previous home and I'm only underwater by about 20k or so. I care about my credit score and I care about my neighbors bottom line and don't want to hurt them so like a good boy I am current on my payments. Now, I am quite willing to pay 100% of the principle. I love my split-level. However, when I repeatedly ask Apple Federal if they are willing to work with me I get whiplash from how quick they smile and say no. No rate adjustment, no VA program, no streamline re-fi..... Nothing. I realize its a bank who on their Facebook page claim to be a non-profit (Year, you can file that next to unicorns.) But if you think they will help you in your time of need I'm here to tell you that you will find yourself under the bus. I even asked them if I go buy a new SUV and finance through them would they re-calculate my loan and still they smile and tell me where to go. Do yourself a favor and find another place to bank.

Wonderful Service And Very Helpful

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My personal experience with Apple FCU has been great. I have 2 banks accounts with them and a car loan, personal loan, and credit card. They walked me through the step in each account. You can be sure that when my husband and I are ready to buy a house, we will finance it through Apple FCU. As for fees on bank accounts, I transfer money from my current bank account until I switch everything over, any way, I have not encountered any bank fees as of yet.

The Worst Bank Ever!!!

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I am so sorry I ever opened the account.

I did not know that credit unions were not regulated like banks. This allows them to get away with so much crap. I will take Citi, Bank of America or any other big bank over AFCU.

I have a car loan and multiple automatic deductions and deposits coming in from various sources. So unwinding the account is difficult but I will do it this month.

AFCU is the worst in fees. Their fees are ridiculous!!!! They hold checks for 5-7 days - no matter where the check is from and what state! This is to make sure you bounce a check! They make unauthorized withdrawals from your account. I have never had to watch a bank account as close as I do AFCU to make sure they do not hit me with ridiculous fees or withdrawals.

Want to file a complain, good luck! You can not speak to anyone beyond the branch manager. Beyond that you have to write to them using snail mail.

Bank of America, here I come. Good riddance AFCU!

Terrible Customer Service - Don't Expect Any Competence

If I could give them a 0, I would.

Upon purchasing a used vehicle in Sept. 2010, we were instructed to use AFCU for our loan. We were approved without issue and offered a decent interest rate. The staff in office was super friendly and courteous.

It's been downhill from there.

We purchased a home awhile ago now and as a normal moving procedure went to transfer our cars registration. My car went extremely smooth with a bank we used to have in PA, my husbands car; however, has been a nightmare.

WV DMV asks you to fill out a paper with the lien holder's information and fax number for them to request title. I called AFCU and they instructed me to deposit $20.00 into our account we had opened to take out a loan. Easy enough. I set up the transfer with our local bank, which took a few days, but no biggie.

I waited a few weeks and decided to call my DMV since I had yet to hear they received the title. They had not. So I called AFCU and they proceeded to tell me it is held by a 3rd party and it would take 30 days. So I waited some more.

I let the 30 days pass and forgot to call until about a week after that. DMV still had received nothing. I called AFCU again and proceeded to get the first of many "runaround" calls.

I got a different answer every time I called, but according to the majority it should only be a few more weeks, the 3rd party company "must be" backed up. Okay, fine.

Can you see where this is going? Still no title received by the DMV. I call AFCU AGAIN and finally was able to get to someone who knew what they were talking about. They instructed me that the reason I had yet to receive it was because I had not deposited enough into the bank needed to be $25.00 not $20.00 because there needs to be $5.00 in the account at all times to be in "good-standing". Well that's nice to know NOW!

So by this time we had switched to another bank, so I had to set up THAT account to transfer the $5.00. Which I did. They instructed me that it would STILL take 30 days. Fine.

Guess what? It's been almost 60 days if not more and I am STILL without title.

If any AFCU customer service sees this, please expect a ton of phone calls for the next week+ until the DMV has my title. I am tired of not driving my car because of your incompetence!! Get your **** together!!    

Nice People And Great Rates

I like the young lady that greets me each time I enter my branch, and the nice young man who handles my money.  They are professional and always ask about my children like a good neighbor. 

Beyond the personal service, I find that they have great rates on car loans (have 2 with them) and mortgages.  It does cost me $5 a month to have money transferred to my daughter, but other than that the checking account is FREE!  I'm not sure what the other reviewer is doing that gets so many fees.  The ATMS are FREE to use, they give cashiers checks for FREE and I can always talk to a counseler about how to manage my money.


Poor Service And FEES GLORE

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Wish there was a rating selction for "0" stars.

Be ready for crazy fees on everything.  4-6 day holds on all deposits over $500 even if you have thousands above your deposit in your account.  If you have one deposit of 2 checks with a total over $500, you'll have a 4-6 day hold.   I’ve deposited these checks for over 5 years when this was a local FCU without a hold.  Now Apple puts a hold on the check because you walked into the branch.

Want to transfer funds to another bank?  Well there is a huge fee for that.  Receive electronic transfers from other banks; there is a hold on that.

Have more than one account (i.e., personal, business, joint, etc), you can only have one bill payee account per SSN#.  This makes it really difficult to address your business tax needs. 

So you want to talk to someone because something isn't right with your account?  Good Luck with that!  Call that local number, enter your account number, enter your pass code, listen to this huge menu selection, finally press "0" for operator, get music, then a ring, cool, your call has been transferred.  Then you discover it’s a recording asking for the very same info again, enter your account number again, enter your pass code again... it’s a joke, you’re in a loop never to reach a sole… until you call the 800#.  Now that you have that real "person" they are not authorized to help you because you are to stupid to have a checking account, "please bring your copy to our branch office" to discuss this".

This place is a mess


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I just joined the Winchester branch a week ago. So far.... Great. My last bank denied my credit card application. I had a 738 FICO score through TransUnion. I guess that wasn't high enough for them. Because the bank denied my credit card application, it dropped my FICO through TransUnion score down to a 720.. or at least I think that's what caused the drop. Apple Federal approved my application, and stamped a credit card right there on the spot... and at a lower interest rate.. MUCH LOWER. They also pay me a MUCH higher interest rate on the money I keep in my Advantage Checking.. a half percent I think... I probably will never use a bank again.. Credit Unions are the way to go!


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Extremely Frustrating. They do not have an account opening process that works correctly.

I was in the middle of the application process and the system logged me off. Next it said this was a duplicate app and therefore couldn't open the account. Then it said type in the confirmation code which I never received. After being placed on hold numerous times, I finally got the confirmation code verbally. Yea!

Not so fast. I had to check off I had read the disclosure forms, which I did. The system timed me out. I tried again 8 times (yes, I am persistent) and it sent me in a loop. Finally spoke with a CSR who said that it has happened to others. They are emailing the app to me which I will have to sign and send back.

So if you have hours to invest, go ahead. Otherwise, find another less frustrating bank.

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