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Slow Response For Beneficiary

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I was the sole beneficiary of an account at UFB (through Axos Bank), after the account holder passed away. After several calls and emails, it took Axos 7 days to reply back to me to confirm that they have received my emailed documents and that they require more documents to be mailed in. Other financial institutions that I was the beneficiary of, have contacted me at least within 2 days with instructions

I Did A Little Research Before Opening An Account

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Very few places I'm now finding show that you can only get early deposit on an essential account. So I've been patient for over a month waiting on early deposit to hit while my coworkers are getting paid Wednesday night and I don't see mine until Friday morning. I opened the account joint so my husband can access my check, but I am the only one who received a card. It take days to get any response and I am afraid to attempt to change my rewards to an essential account because I'm in serious need of my paycheck to go to the Dr. Rn.

Horrible Horrible Horrible

DO NOT USE THIS BANK. I would leave zero stars if possible. This bank has antiquated technology and does not follow cybersecurity best practices. I have to download, sign, and re-upload a paper form to send an outgoing wire transfer. This goes into a black hole of the "secure message center," which means zero communication back from them to confirm the wire has been processed. It's also not possible to see what messages/files I submitted, so no ability to verify anything went through. Calling customer service means a 20+ minute call only to be told the form wasn't done correctly!

Worst Bank For Car Loan Using Their App.

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Axis bank is the worst bank for doing any kind of business with online their mobile app is useless we’ve had a long with him for two years and once a year we have a problem always with their app. While processing your payment for your vehicle a ad of theirs will pop up wanting you to give them a rating this caused us to make a duplicate payment which I believe was intentional because it happened a year ago we called them disputed it one of the refund they would not give us the refund they stated it could take 30 days which is ridiculous we went online and did the request for payment reversal through their app and no one should have to wait 30 days for a refund they kept asking us if we wanted to apply that towards the next payment or how we wanted the money we told them repeatedly we wanted the money refunded promptly. This is the worst company to do any online business with. They said they can see 2 payments processing but are unable to do anything and it will take 30 days from when the money clears for them to refund. They do shady business practices. If they want a rating so bad then they should send a email with your payment reciept . Do not do business with them. Look at their reviews.

Full Of Red Flags

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Tried to open an investment account with AXOS one for us and one for our daughter. We were lucky their customer service and systems are so bad that after many red flags we decided not to move money into the accounts and close them. First their system doesn't work to open a joint account, there is the option but didn't work and they actually admitted it just doesn't work. Their customer service is difficult to reach and every person in customer service has different advice. One support person told us that one account (self directed investments) could be opened as joint while another told us not even to try because it does not work. We wanted to move money from bank in UK to the account in Axos and they gave us the wrong information and luckily the money went back to our UK bank. But for a Internet bank to have a major unresolved issue with their online systems that is already a huge red flag!!

Horrible Bank, Zero Stars

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Hold your hats this will be a long one. First and foremost, this is the WORST bank I have ever dealt with. It has ZERO customer service skills and pawns off their customer service to somewhere where they do not speak clear English AND there is a lag most of the time so you hear an echo or it's hard to hear them.
My experience started back when I was getting gas at a local gas station 2 towns over, not even 20 miles. I handed them my card to fuel up and it was promptly declined. NO EMAIL, NO TEXT. ok, So I pull out my credit card and pay that way. Incurring a credit card bill to worry about later.
Later on, I find that they had sent me an email hours later trying to confirm if I had indeed tried to purchase something. It was HOURS later. And because of me not knowing, they froze my card. FROM EVERY TRANSACTION!
I had no knowledge this whole stop payment thing until my ex husband tried to forward me some money via a cash app that was attached to Axos bank, to pay for storage rental we share. It was declined and I didn't even get any notification about that either.
Then I call after I check my bank balance a few days after and see the returned amount, I call AXOS and the woman on there could not understand one word I was saying. I said my ex husband tried to send me money and the payment was lock out and returned and she responded back "Your ex husband was trying to get into your bank account, and you want a new debit card?"
I was like "NO! Do you not understand what I am saying?" She was worthless as a CSR. She should be fired. It was like playing whisper down the lane.
Then I called another day, after I let the card sit frozen so I could make sure no charges were screwed up. I got someone and they said it is now not frozen and you can use the card. I did that night on my way home from work I stopped in MY town, same zip code as my residence and I tried to buy gas. What do you think happened. Yup, no call, no text and card frozen because of Fraud again.
So now I have money in there that is being held captive and they say I can use my card. I don't think so. These people that run this company don't care how people are treated.
Basically this company likes to pawn you off onto another person time and time again. If I'm speaking to the bank they say I need to speak to fraud and back and forth until your so frustrated that you pull your money out due to stupidity and incompetency.
There strategy and solve it all pattern they have is trying to get you to order a new ATM card thinking it will solve all your problems when it will not. I did that once and I still had an issue.
I have started the process to transfer all my funds from this so call institution. They are not worth the headache and time spent on the phone. They were worse that Verizon!

Zero Stars If Possible

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Avoid Axos bank. They decided spending money within the same week of recieving my full retirement fund was somehow fraudulent activety. The whole thing started because I wanted to buy a new pc and had to keep requesting debit limit extensions. The pc vender would take several days to charge and the maximum debit extension was 48hrs after a 24hr wait. You can imagine how well that worked out. So Axos wanted a slew of private documents sent to them with my face. Yet photos of my drivers license with the matching address of the account was not enough for them as proof.

Much longer story short: They paused my account for a week in the middle of bills and many other expenses. Then proceeded to empty my entire account without further explanation. Here I sit weeks later living on a credit card and my savings just somewhere in the wild. Best part is they locked the account completely and now I have no records either. Their support is basically pointless.

Avoid Axis bank. Beyond the worst experience possible.

Do Stay Well Away From AXOS

I have an Axos Invest account with pending withdrawals that have been pending for OVER TWO MONTHS NOW.

Auditor Wins Jury Case Against AXOS BANK

The federal jury hearing the case in the Southern District of California awarded Charles Matthew Erhart, the former auditor, $1 million in damages for emotional distress or harm to his reputation and $500,000 for defamatory statements about him.

The jury found that Erhart “reasonably believed” the bank’s conduct included: high deposit risk concentration; giving a misleading response to a subpoena from the Securities and Exchange Commission; failing to disclose subpoenas to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the bank’s regulator, in response to its request; and providing risky loans to criminals or politically exposed people, those who, because of their public positions or relationships, “may present a risk higher than other customers by having access to funds that may be the proceeds of corruption or other illicit activity,” according to bank regulators.

n another recent legal development, Axos agreed last month to pay $14.1 million to settle a securities fraud class action filed against the bank in 2015. That case was brought by the Houston Municipal Employees Pension System and was largely based on Erhart’s allegations.

You Will Regret Using This Bank!

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Do not say I didn't warn you...DO NOT USE!

Dealing with this bank is like the Nathan For You rebate episode. INTENTIONALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO ACCESS YOUR YOUR FUNDS. Where do I start? MY mother opened a IRA account about 13 years ago with about $1,000 to get credit on her tax return. In the past 5 or so years she had tried multiple times to call and get this account closed and access her funds. She was given the run around and so the money stayed.

Finally I decided this was the week this account will get closed. $1000 is a $1000 and I refused to just leave it there and have the yearly account fees to eventually dwindle down to zero.

So Im looking at the annual notice they send. Got to say they seem to be intentionally making themselves hard to contact. This account statement HAS NO PHONE NUMBER no contact information. Just the name of the bank and the address in CA.

So I google the telephone number and give it a call. I reach someone that sounds like they are hanging out at home eating potato chips. I tell them we want to close the account. He mumbles eventually that's the retirement department and he will have to transfer me. He says he's going to put me on hold but what it sounds like he does is just set his phone dow. I hear talking in the background and he NEVER COMES BACK ON THE LIN. I eventually hang up.

I try to call back and am unable to get a live person. I leave a message. Keep calling and calling. Its during business hours but nothing is happening. I do this for the better part of an hour.

In the meantime I attempt to create an online account because the phone messages are all saying this is where "so much" can be accomplished. I enter in all my moms info and it says I am UNABLE TO COMPLETE THE ONLINE REGISTRATION and MUST speak with someone via phone to continue. GRRRRR

After about an hour and a half of this I finally get a gentleman that sounds like he is out of the country on the line. Says oh the reason why the online registration couldn't complete was that we need a photo ID of my mom on file. He was me send him pictures via email of my mom holding a picture of her id to an email address (which by the way would be IMPOSSIBLE FOR MANY ELDERLY TO ACCOMPLISH) and is something Ive never had to do with any of my online only accounts like I have with Ally.

He has me on hold as he "processes" it and HANGS UP ON ME INTENTIONALLY.

I call back and get another lady that is the most helpful. She processes the photo and says the real reason I can't create and online account is they have no email on file? That she needs to update this and we should be good to create and online account and once we have an online account we should be able to request an account closure.

She processes that YET I AM STILL UNABLE TO COMPLETE MY ONLINE REGISTRATION. It pauses on the second page on the registration where it has you accept their privacy practices. It says "must enter email" but there is not place on the page to enter an email. She says give it an hour and try again.

I say, "so are you telling me the only way a person can access their accounts with this bank account is not by phone, NOT by MAIL, not in person, BUT ONLY ONLINE?!? Is there not other way I can close this account?"

She says yes. Online is the only way. Not by mail form, Not by phone. I say what if a person isn't able to jump through these hoops? They just can't get their money? She says yes.

So eventually and for no reason for the delay, I am able to complete the registration and email a secure message about closing the account .

They get back to me in 2 days later and say that I need to complete this withdrawal form, attach it to a reply only to this conversation, and they can withdraw the funds...BUT THE FORM NEEDS TO BE NOTARIZED FIRST?!? ridiculous. Never have a needed a notarized form for an IRA withdrawal.

So I try to attach the form to the reply that I am apparently REQUIRED TO DO to process the request. (and ONLY to this specific conversation in the mailbox). The process is not intuitive and INTENTIONALLY RIDICULOUSLY DIFFICULT to do. There is no attach emblem. I have have to scout around. Say something wasn't helpful...and then the reply and attach option pops up. Trust me on this. Either this banks process sucks that much organically and unintentionally and you shouldn't deal with them or, as it seems to me, they intentionally make account closings and withdrawals impossible to do. And you shouldn't deal with them.

So we attach the form without the notary and say there shouldn't have to be one because if you read the form even the form says that's only needed of there is account changes requested in addition to withdrawal request.

Days later I get a message that says it had been processed and we DID just get the check.

So, If you want to go through something like this when the time comes to service your account have at it. But I cannot image the people that really need the money and have their life savings with this account dealing with this nonsense.

Very Bad Bank

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very bad bank , bad communication, bad service, waste of time

Axos Bank Is Stupid And A Waste Of Time

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I applied for small business account and submitted all the required documents , all the verifications completed by the bank , then I got a massage that my application is declined because documents not received. they are not saying what document is missing and they didn't ask for additional documents or ask for the missing document, they simply declined the application and ask me to apply again. I said , No way

Early Direct Deposit-- Another Lie

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Today is two days before I am supposed to receive my direct deposit. It should be in Axos hands but nothings as of yet.

Not a surprise. This bank is just one disappointment after another. I'm going back to Chase. There is no way I will ever trust one of these online banks after this fiasco.

What Happened, Axos Bank/Axos Invest?

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Axos Bank/Invest had been one of my favorite banks, up until Feb 2021, now it seems they don’t care about their customers.

I wrote this review back in 2020: "Hands down one of the better banking experiences I've had. Customer service is great and very informative when needed. Bill pay is great. Love the user interface, just an overall great experience and service."

Let's just say, things have gone downhill, heck under the hill at this point. I have had an issue with my account going on 3yrs now and no one can tell me what's going on. I eventually closed the account as much as I hated too, hoping to start from scratch. That didn’t go any better. The closed account is still there, I can access it, but that’s about it.

I opened a new account to replace that account and now, I can't access the account. Its not visible on the portal or in any of the drop down menus to transfer funds to or from.

I'm a patient person and have given them the benefit of the doubt. I've tried to contact them and make them aware of my issue in multiple ways.

I've emailed them directly to both support addresses, have sent secured messages through the bank portal, have posted multiple times on Facebook and Twitter.

Most recently as of Dec. 13th 2022, I received a response after posting to Facebook, I think…anyway, the response stated, that I would hear back from them in 3-5 days, as of today(Feb. 3rd 2023), I have not heard from them and have sent another follow up email like I had done on Jan. 4th 2023.

My most recent thought option to get some attention on my account, was to start a video channel…the year is still early though, so who knows.

Banking Here Is Impossible

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I've had to contact customer service 4 times in the week since I opened this account, and I'm officially giving up.

1. I couldn't use the online application form because some coding error was telling me my residential address was a P.O. box. So I called customer service, and apparently there's no way around it except for her to manually enter all of my information. I proceed to have the longest customer service call of my life, but the application goes through. (Also want to note that this is a joint account, and my partner's phone number was not accepted by the system. No reason given, just that the system was claiming the number invalid...)

2. The next day, I am unable to log in with the password I had literally created the day before and had already saved in my browser and used the day before. I had to call customer service AGAIN because the text message verification code to reset my password wasn't working. The agent was helpful, but...

3. On that call, I learned that my birthday was entered incorrectly by customer service the previous day, so I have to message the bank with a photo of my ID. Seriously? I told her my birthday probably 5 times on that call, and she confirmed it back to me. Whatever. I send the photo and they update it.

4. I try to add an external account to transfer money in, go through the whole process verifying it with my other bank and confirming it's me, etc. It seems like smooth sailing. Then, a day after I try to transfer money, I get an email saying my Axos account has been suspended until they receive a photo of a paper bank statement from this other bank. I sent it 3 days ago, and haven't heard anything since.

I just sent a message to customer service to close my account, and I'm interested to see how that process goes. Honestly, I should've given up after the online application failed me. Every step of banking here has been difficult and frustrating. I can't imagine how they keep customers.

They Will Never Keep Customers This Way

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Bait and switch. I immediately asked for my direct deposit to be sent here to make to 60 day bonus offer. My first deposit will be 3 days after the 60 day limit. I now scheduled some funds for the axos account so it isn't closed before the first direct deposit. But you can bet I will be spending new years days looking for a new bank.

Bad Bank For Good People

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Hi Folks, Sharing my experience in case it helps you avoid future pain. I signed up for Axos checking and savings, as I had some spare cash and they had some of the best interest rates that I could find. Like most banks, Axos had requirements regarding debit transactions and direct deposit minimums to achieve the max interest rate. My wife and I both signed up for checking and savings accounts with Axos and were directly depositing money into each other's accounts to balance our paycheck contributions. A few months after signing up, I received the following email from [email protected]

Email 1:
"We have noticed transactions in your personal account that appear to be in the name of a third party, . Please be advised that third-party transactions cannot be accepted into your account. Transactions of this nature will need to cease immediately, or we may have to close the account."

The automated email seemed unnecessarily hostile and threatening given I have over $200k in their bank between my accounts and my wife's accounts. As a reasonable human, I called to speak with a customer service rep to see if I could learn more and understand the concern. After an hour on the phone with the customer service rep, I was unable to get a straightforward answer. It was extremely frustrating between the language disconnect and call quality issue likely due to locality differences. The rep was kind enough though and not her fault she works for Axos. The best I could get is since my wife wasn't an "owner" on the account, she's not allowed to direct deposit money into the account. When I conceded to fix the issue and inquired about when "Axos may have to close the account" as it takes a few pay cycles to change direct deposit, the customer service rep couldn't answer how long. She asked me to send a note to the "higher ups" (actual quote from rep) to inquire about a grace period to comply with their demand. I sent the email while on the phone with the customer service rep and received the following response.

Email 2:
"Hello ,

We received your inquiry from the customer service department. At this time there is no exception to this policy. You are receiving funds not in your name on this account. If you receive another deposit, the account will be restricted until the credit is returned to the sender. Further neglect of this policy will result the account to be closed down and the funds will be sent via check to the address on file."

To reiterate, this is because my wife has a % of her paycheck directly depositing funds into my account. I politely thanked Axos customer service and informed them that I will be transferring all $114,960.38 in this specific checking account back to Chase. Additionally, I'll be closing the other accounts with Axos too because I don't need the hassle when there are many other banks with sufficiently similar programs. As much as I dislike Chase, they haven't been hostile or threatening to close my account...yet. Hope this information helps and be careful whom you do business with.

Literally one month after signing up for the Axos high yield savings and checking accounts, the payout amounts changed reduced by ~50% due to a decrease in their maximum balance limits. It makes their service super deceptive seeming. With all of these issue in combination the risk doesn't seem worth the reward.

Axos AXED Me

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First, sent a wire to a contractor in NYC, went through okay, no red flags. Days later, received email from Axos using a hostile tone to warn me my account would be closed for suspicious activity. Called customer svc, got no real explanation.

A few weeks later, received a YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE CANCELED email. No explanation whatsoever. It said, "we will not inform you of the reason and there is no further discussion on the matter..."

Called customer svc. They didn't have any idea, said it *might* be the wire.

Never been treated like this by any other financial institution and I'm 67 years old.

Stay Away! It's Not Worth A Good Rate!

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Thought I had found my bank of the future. Shopped around, looked for competitive mortgage loan companies, found them. Had a great loan officer, who was patient, answered questions, on top of things, had me sold. Even sold me on the checking account.

Then the wheels came off. I wasn't important anymore. Among the issues:
1 - A horrible loan processor. I had to ask constantly for updates. Missed the closing date that was established 45 days earlier. Blamed the appraisal company that Axos hired rather than owning it. I kept getting requests for information already provided.
2 - The manager who seemed to understand my frustration but provided little help. Between loan processor and manager, had 10 hours of coverage to get things done, but it crawled along. Made request for concessions (if the appraiser screwed up that you hired, why should I have to pay for it?) Crickets.
3 - Got an option to leave a review. I did, and I laid out very specific cases. Even have the emails to prove everything I said. Even emailed the VP on the survey personally to give additional detail. Crickets.
4 - Web site issues trying to link accounts. They can't duplicate. Okay. Sent screen shots. Said they were working on it. That was 3 weeks ago. Crickets.
5 - Deposits take a minimum of 5 days to clear. New accounts 7. My local bank makes funds available next day in most cases, even with mobile deposit. What is Axos doing with my money for the additional 4 days?

Bottom line...stay away. Use them for leverage at best, I had another mortgage company willing to match their rate but I thought that was dirty to get the best rate up front them only to match with another company, but at this point, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Horrible Service

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I've had several problems depositing money into my account at this bank. The first time I "mispelled" something on the back of the check, so I had to overnight them the check, which then took 7 days to clear. The second time the check was made out to an alternate form of my legal name; they called this a "third party check," and refused to deposit it. They had no way to resolve this situation, simply telling me to deposit the money someplace else and then transfer it to my account at axos.

The second instance actually forced me to delay the closing on a house, which turned into a major financial disaster, ultimately costing me several tens of thousands of dollars. Also, in the second instance, they didn't bother to call, email, or even message me through their secure app to tell me there was a problem, nor would they try to resolve the issue. They said "our deposit people do not have any way to contact customers."

Each time you ask for a supervisor, they will tell you "there is no-one available, but we will schedule a call back in 48 hours." They always call back when they know you will not answer the phone, such as 2AM your time zone, then claim to have settled the problem.


The Worst Of The Worst.. This Bank Should Not Exist!

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1. Can't reach customer service for 2 weeks straight. Nobody EVER picks up the phone. EVER!

2. When call, you gets lost in menus, and the system hangs up.

3. Option for "keep your place in line, and be called back" is a LIE. Nobody calls you back EVER.

4. You can't even sign up for online access.

This is just the beginning. I am not going to spend any more time on these f__kers.

Bank should be scorched off the earth, and sued like there is no tomorrow, so they "get a message"!

Good Luck; You're Gonna Need It.

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Totally inept. Seriously, don't bank with these people, you will regret it.
Opened a chat window during business hours on a weekday and the bot told me nobody was online, I needed to call the "customer service" number. Called, selected the call-back option "to retain your place in line and receive a call back when it's your turn." Waited three hours in the middle of the day with no phone call. Called customer service again, waited 90 minutes on hold without speaking to anyone, and was hung up on. This has been the status quo for weeks now.
I've also been trying to get them to stop sending me paper statements for a year and a half now. Docusigned and emailed back the same form three separate times, confirmed receipt, and still receiving paper statements. They claim you can make the selection online, but none of the four browsers I've used to access their site show this option. Really makes you feel great about leaving your money with these people.
On the rare occasion when I've been able to speak to a human they've often been rude and unhelpful.
Seriously, this bank is awful. Bank somewhere else. You can find the same or better rates for any product, and retain your sanity on top of it.

The WORST Banking Experience Of My Life!!!

I worked for eight years in a bank in another country and NEVER did I see such an atrocity as what I endured with Axos Bank! That is all I will say because I am sure if I gave details of my experience, they would find ways to retaliate against me! NEVER TRUST AXOS BANK FOR ANYTHING!!! I wish I had found this website before I opened an account with them.

AXOS Is A Mistake

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Don't do it. It's a mess of a bank and it's impossible to get mistakes fixed. They asked me to email them the same form three times - to two different email accounts??? It's an online bank - surely there is better solution. I had to call customer service nearly every day for two weeks until the issues were resolved. A customer service agent called me by the wrong name three times (which is not reassuring). I think Axos needs to realize that being an online bank does not justify being absolutely terrible at resolving problems. They have a policy that customers can not speak to anyone but the front line service teams - no managers, no resolution teams, no actual bankers. It's a mistake. When you do hear from specialists, it's totally anonymous and on their (very slow) timeline. The anonymity is fine except when they've made mistakes and you really need them resolved. It's just a very unpleasant and problematic bank. I definitely don't trust them with my money.

Worst Financial Institution

I opened an account solely for the 0.60% APY on money market accounts. After having the account for 2 months, without warning it went down to 0.25%. They told me that that just happens and that I needed to get it below $25,000 to get the 0.60% back. I did this (over a few months because they have maximum monthly withdrawals) and no increased APY rate. I messaged them again and they told me that I had to open up a different account now to get that APY rate.
I had the worst experience with customer service. They are not helpful. I feel bad for the employees because I legitimately believe they do not have answers for what this bank is doing to their customers.
Please steer clear of AXOS and it's sister companies.


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I've had this account for about 6 months and there was 1 debit I did not recognize - so they cancelled my card rather than investigate it. they continued to send me a form to fill out that did not work. so they recharged the amount to my account! THEN, I never knew if I would get money when I went to the ATM - I would tagged for fraud alert and have to jump through hoops to prove it was me. THE SAME ATM I ALWAYS USE!. Then when I would make on-line purchases using this card it would arbitrarily be denied as potential fraud. i've been embarrassed by this bank long enough. RUN, RUN, RUN!!!!!

This Bank Is AMAZING - Cannot Understand The Bad Reviews

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bank. They don’t even advertise all of their cool features. First you can use any Allpoint Atm at CVS to withdraw and DEPOSIT cash for FREE. Up to $1000 per transaction. NOT per day. Per transaction. So I can move a lot of money for free. The cash is always in my account and available in seconds. They have paper checks, in and out wire transfers, FDIC insured, bill pay, and will increase your daily limits for large transactions upon request. They have tons of banking products and their app is awesome. NO FEES EVER I cannot say enough good things. So happy.

Direct Deposit For Accounts

This institution does not accept P2P through billpay. Does anyone know what they will accept for DD? Both reward checking and essential checking require billpay. Was told DD through billpay marked P2P will not count.


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I question if Axos is truly even a bank. I’m sure once the OCC, FDIC, and FDCPA regulators audit this place they will be closed. There are too many compliance violations to list. They break nearly all consumer protection servicing standards. Im shocked that’s Axos hasn’t already been served with a class action lawsuit. Short-term manipulative profits with long term legal consequences is a common theme among criminals! STAY AWAY, YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

Stay Away They Don't Do What They Say

I had to jump through hoop after hoop to get the savings account in the trust's name. Then they put a 10 day hold on my ACH transfers. Yes thats right an electronic bank transfer that they took out immediatly and they held my money for 10 days. Then they changed the terms from .61 APY to .25 APY with no notice. Then when I tried to transfer the funds back to my bank and close out the account I found out they have a 5,000.00 per MONTH limit on transfers out. So they have my money HOSTAGE AND A 60,000.00 ACCOUNT BALANCE WILL TAKE ME 12 MONTHS TO GET BACK OUT!!! After 6 phone calls and numerous emails etc. I still can't get my money out!


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I applied for a unsecured personal loan on 5-15-2021 online and received a missed called from the personal loan department. I called the number back he left on my voicemail and ask him what credit bureau did they do a hard pull from? He told me that they pulled all 3 credit bureaus which couldn’t be correct, because all lenders have a 1 main credit bureau they pull from. He told me that they do a soft pull through Experian and a hard pull from all 3 credit bureaus. I told him that is impossible, because all personal loan companies just have 1 credit bureau they pull from. He started raising his voice being rude, and became very combative. He told me that he never heard of a company pulling 1 credit bureau doing a hard pull, and started yelling in the phone. I told him that I didn’t like his attitude behind me just inquiring about my credit. He hung up the phone in my face, and when I called the number back it kept going to voicemail. Then I tried to log onto my account online, and all of a sudden NOW I AM LOCKED OUT OF MY ONLINE ACCT. He locked me out of my online account, and probably cancelled the loan application! Lol I have never in my life experienced such rude, and condensing employees at a company like this ever before! This is literally insane for a employee to have such horrible customer service, not be educated on giving a customer the correct information regarding their credit, and hanging up in my face in totally unacceptable. At first I didn’t even think this was a legitimate company, because I didn’t find any reviews online up until now. I wouldn’t dare want to do business with a company that treat customers in such a manner. Now I see what all of the reviews are saying are true about the customer service, and all of the issues with the online portal. So when a employee mistreats you, and talk crazy to you they will disable your online account making it difficult for you to log in. My online account was working just fine until RYAN IN THE PERSONAL LOAN DEPT hung up in my face. Now all of a sudden I have no access to my online account and I need to call customer service. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AT ALL COST BECAUSE THEY ARE THE WORSE!

Money Market Rate Lowered Immediately?

I opened a money market account with them a month ago because it was .6%. Now, after going to all that trouble, it is down to .25%. LESS THAN HALF! I know the rates are variable, but other bank rates have gone UP this same month. What a ripoff.


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Worst bank account EVER!!! They will constantly freeze your card for "fraud alerts". Avoid this "bank" like the plague. I personally had my card frozen 3-5 times a week for simple online purchases and gas station purchases. I already pulled all of my money out of Axos and went with my local credit union. It has been a month since the move, and I have not had any problems since with debit card transactions. If you are OK calling Axos 3-5 times a week to verify your purchases go with them, if not, go somewhere else and do yourself a favor.

Horrible Bank That Harms Its Customers!

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I have a personal checking account with Axos and so far it's been fine except that for some reason my debit card won't activate. My husband's did activate so we've just been using his. I decided to open a business checking account with them since the personal account was going pretty well. But it's been 3 days and I have no update about the status of opening my account and the required $1,000 deposit to open an account is just in limbo, with me not able to access it or to know if I even have an account or what is happening to my initial funding amount.

Also their website froze when I was doing the application process. For an "online" bank they should have a stable website and they should take the funds quickly and approve accounts quickly, like PayPal or Stripe does, but instead they take forever for the money to go through- way longer than traditional banks. Save yourself the hassle and just go to a credit union where you can open an account and fund it and have access to the money that very same day.

I was worried about how long it was taking so I googled Axos and see all these bad reviews. I was willing to wait a bit longer before making a judgment but it's honestly depressing how many people have had similar bad experiences with them and instead of truly trying to help customers they just jerk us around and make us wait to find out about or access our own money.

I don't think "banks" should be allowed to operate like this towards their consumers and if this is the future of "internet banking" then I want no part of it. I'm so sorry to read all these sad stories people are posting about Axos. People should sue Axos for how badly they treat customers and how they keep the money for so long with no recourse. I will be avoiding Axos and I recommend you do too!


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Never received my debit card after a month, I’ve messaged and called to no avail. Today I reached someone and was told it was sent to the wrong address even though I was told it was sent to the correct address a month earlier. Now, after a month they want me to send them a utility bill?? They already have my drivers license. And try transferring money, that’s a whole new level of jumping thru hoops. I made several deposits and couldn’t access any of my money for over three weeks doing a transfer. Beware!

WORST Online Bank I Have Ever Used

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I am shocked that axos bank gets recommended as one of the top online banks?Their system is like taking you back to banking in the 90's. Best part- you can not even download your bank statements. They also do not email bank statements. So- if you need bank statements for any type of business records/ loans. Forget it. They only have txt documents that dont even list axos bank anywhere

SHY Away - Most Intrusive And Enjoying Process

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I tried 3 times to open a Business account;
1. Each time upon getting to the end the site kicked me out with "for your security your timed out"
2. The amount of personal info and Business being required is beyond of any other bank requirements.
3. Sending an email asking for assistance and clarification - was never replied and answered.

All in all - i had to use a regular brick and mortar bank.

Shy away from this bank

Axos Is A Cancer

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The Axos name is a clear indicator of toxicity. They have two modes of operation: They either buy existent criminal enterprises like UFB Direct (check out those reviews ??) to make it clear to the world they should be avoided like the plague, or they buy progressive products like WiseBanyan and run their good name into the ground.

If you see an Axos product run far far away. If Axos acquires a company/product you use, get out ASAP. You are not a customer to them, they are not doing business with you. You are a walking wallet who they need to keep no promises to.

On A Scale Of 1 To 10, I Would Say 2. At Best

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I refinanced my home loan with this bank several weeks ago. To make the story short: I would have preferred to stay with my old bank and paid more in interest....
Not only my mortgage process was beyond bad, I was also signed up for a "Loan Rewards Account". No disclosures have been provided, not information on benefits, fees, features - NOT A THING.
Called loan servicing the other day, and they transferred me over to account servicing. Account servicing, in turn, wanted to transfer me back to loan servicing, but "Oopsie", loan servicing was already closed....Of note: Loan Servicing is open 9 to 5 , Monday to Friday. Is it 1995??? Also, have been on hold with the loan servicing for 39 minutes, suffering through infomercials of how great Axos is. Chat is unavailable as well...

AXOS Bank Review

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Excellent service both online and phone. Recently sent fraud alert and caught an issue. New card issued within a day
Phone support was professional and thorough..I would recommend this institution to anyone looking for excellent customer service.

Terrible Customer Service

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I tried emailing axos bank and axos invest. need to move my money. I tried linking my bank account and transferring money multiple times. Its been several days with no response.

Looks like they like to delete reviews.
I posted this yesterday and it was deleted. Posting again

TWO Days To Speak To A Manager

Setting up an account, I received a message that I needed to phone in to complete. I did and at that point received excellent customer service. She helped me set up a joint account while maintaining the email I had used to set up an individual account. All was set. I got off the phone and a little while later I followed the email prompts to register my account.

Account registration was not possible. When I got to the terms & conditions page, it just gave me a red box "Request Invalid" and would not let me move forward with registration.

Evo, their electronic assistant, does not know anything about how to help.

Customer service rep day 1 (I was denied the info of his name) accessed my browser via the cobrowse link (they must have a lot of problems if this is a button on their main page!). When he couldn't help, he said he wanted to go back so he could SEE MY PASSWORD! No way, dude. He thought I couldn't follow the complicated rules of setting up a pw.

Customer service rep day 2 (Helenya) indicated that perhaps being an "older" customer was the cause of the problem. I'm 49 which she knew from my having to verify with my DOB.

It took her ~30 minutes to write up a case to have my account closed which...wait for it... WILL TAKE 1-3 business day!

I have accounts with several mainstream banks and while they each have issues, nothing like this.

Worst Bank Ever

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I opened up an account and closed my other bank account. My former bank sent them a letter that the account is closed. Axos went on a war path demanding that I show ownership of the account even though they already had the funds (23K). I sent them a tax document showing my account number and name. They were not satisfied and wanted more documents even though I provided exactly what they asked for. ADDITIONALLY, MY ATM CARD NEVER WORKED. I called several times for resolution to no avail. I had NO access to my money. When I questioned them, they closed my account. Horrible customer service. DONT open an account in this bank. Better to put your money under your mattress.


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READ THIS BEFORE USING YOUR AXOS DEBIT CARD! I have used my debit card and ended up not getting the service I paid for. The merchant would not issue a refund and would not respond, so I initiated a dispute with Axos on 12/8/20. As of today (1/23/21), Axos has not resolved the issue and has not refunded the charge. I will NEVER deal with this bank again!

Missing Thousands Of $$

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I've been using this account for a couple years now. When I did not receive a $500 credit I was expecting back & was given proof that was put back into my account from other company is when I pulled my last 3 months statement up OMFG After then viewing my direct deposits from employment that show what I was given & mat hing it to what Axos Bank showed was deposited There is over $5000 missing ?? I've contacted customer service where there option does not allow you to even wait on hold & then going the fraud avenue The rep after hour of waiting on hold hung up on me. I've called the police due to the theft of my $ & my tangible loss taken However that still does not give me my $ back ?? idk what to do

"So Far Sooooo Good"

I recently opened an account with Axos Bank, and appreciate my experience with all. Looking at the President & CEO's Info. (Greg Garrabrants) was/ is Impressive - linked on their web site at "About Us."
As he, two of my life's closest and most respected friends also attended Northwestern University, a small part of Mr. Garrabrants experience.

You Are Not Allowed To Share Your Bad Experience

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Axos 1 star reviews keep getting wiped no matter how legitimate and polite. No matter how concise and revised!

Worst Bank In 45 Years Of Banking

This is the worst bank I've ever done business with in 45 years: All kinds of restriction accessing my funds...daily limits, monthly limits; terrible customer service; Conflicting information: first, fill out, sign and fax/email a wire transfer form, then "we don't accept these anymore, you must request one online" etc. etc. DON'T USE THIS BANK IF YOU WANT TO AVOID HEADACHES.

Axos Acts Like They Don't Want Your Business

I just had a terrible experience trying to open an account with this bank that I thought I'd share.

I was recently shopping for two new banks for SAVINGS deposits (not a loan or credit). I opened an account with a competitor, and they immediately approved the account and processed a deposit request (no human intervention required). Fully up and running in 2 days, all good there.

Then, I tried to open with Axos. Filled out the online form. Their system didn't work for uploading a driver's license photo, so I had to manually enter the info. On completion, the system said it would have to be reviewed by a human, and they'd get back to me. 5-6 hours later, I got a cold "sorry, we cannot verify your identity so we've declined your account" email. No info on WHY, no way to follow up. Just a cold, hard decline. Seriously??? So I called the bank. I got a very nice lady who apologized profusely for my experience and worked her tail off to try to find my application ID, which didn't come up with my email address or SSN. She finally found it by going through some email log system, opened a ticket, and said someone from the processing department would call me within 24 hours. I got no call. Instead, I got another email telling me my credit file was locked and if I wanted an account with them, I'd have to start all over again and do a global unlock so anyone in the world could read it. Note that the other bank had ZERO problems verifying my identity.

While they have high rates, Axos acts like they are doing you a favor *letting* you be their customer. Instead, they should be courting customers -- acting like customers have money to give them and they actually want to receive that money and succeed in business. Instead, they simply act like they don't care. This whole thing could have been avoided had they simply contacted me and tried to work through the issues. This isn't really the kind of company I care to do business with. We aren't talking about chump change here, so it's really their loss. I'll just go with a competitor.

Great Bank!

I love Axos! After quite a bit of banking research I found Axos, and I'm extremely happy with them! The 24/7 customer service is awesome, no fees, the app is simple and very easy to use, and the account was easy to open! I definitely recommend Axos

Glad I Stayed!

Customer service has been excellent. Rates are consistently good. In fact, I have moved most of my money from CapitalOne for the better rates and much better service with Axos.

My daughter's kids account allowed her to learn and earn. The account transitioned to regular MMSavings went smoothly when she reached 18.

I was a Bank of Internet customer. When Axos acquired BofI, there were some transition problems and I almost left. I am glad I stayed.

Really Downhill. Debit Card Doesn't Work!

I have been a customer since BOFI days.

Recently, I have been having difficulty with my card.

It especially happens at gas pumps.

The ones with chip readers are horrible!

The card then freezes and I can't use it until I reset from home.

It's not a funding issue.

In looking into it, several times, I've been told that since it's a debit card, I can't use it as a credit card.

Since some chip readers don't give you that option, I find this unreliable.

I have accounts at 2 other banks and don't experience this issue.

Here is one of several replies.

"Hope you are having a great day. Thank you for choosing Bank of Internet for your banking needs and for being a valuable customer. Our cards are specifically debit cards, it is always best to swipe the card as debit. If the merchant is not able to swipe the card as debit, this can place a 30 minute restriction on the debit card for trying to bypass the security of entering the PIN. We apologize for the inconvenience, but unfortunately we are not able to control the technology the merchant uses to swipe the card.

We appreciate your business and commit to providing superior banking products, support and services.

Best Regards,

Bank of Internet Customer Service"

Here is the review I posted at BBB.

I used to love this bank. I've been with them over 30 years.
Incredibly good support. Always helpful.

I detest this bank now. I'm working on moving everything, thirty years' worth, elsewhere.

I've been informed, after having my card rejected numerous times, that I may no longer use my debit card as a credit card.

In other words, I try to get gas where there is only a chip reader and no buttons or choices, I have to use my other bank.

I've been rejected at grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores.

I asked if the chip could be faulty. No. It's acting according to their imbecilic plan.

After 30 happy years, I have to say GO ELSEWHERE!!!! "

I don't know if this is a new state of the arts.
I like to go out with my license and bank card and keys.

I can't do that now.

Scammed Me Out Of My Money

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In the beginning they were very nice but once they have my money not my money stuck in their bank and I am unable to get my money back from them biggest bank scammers ever don’t trust this bank at all just go to a regular bank or you can meet someone face-to-face be very careful $1500 of my money is gone and I cannot get it back

Axos - Avoid Like The Plague

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Believe the bad reviews.
When Axos bought Nationwide Bank in 2018 competence plummeted along with renewal interest rates. As my CDs mature I've been transferring them to banks with far better interest rates. I've transferred CDs from local banks, online banks, credit unions and this is by far the worst bank I've ever dealt with. Generally transfers of CD funds from one institution to another are easy. With all paperwork properly completed and forwarded by the day of an IRA CD's maturity I expected a timely transfer. After no response the receiving institution faxed the paperwork AGAIN. Still no response. After 3 weeks of this nonsense I was told by an Axos agent that yet another form was required by Axos. I immediately emailed the form they requested (after telling the agent it didn't seem like an appropriate form for my IRA CD transfer) then told oops! wrong form, not needed after all. Multiple phone calls, emails later I was then told NO forms had ever been received to initiate the transfer. I then had the receiving institution a fax a THIRD copy of the paperwork. Finally, Axos said they received the paperwork and would send the funds. I have zero confidence this will happen. If you want your $ held hostage to their incompetence sign up today!

Worst Bank Ever!

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We wanted to have our matured Jumbo CD funds ACH transferred to the SAME VERIFIED BANK we were having the monthly interest wired to. Took 7 phone calls (think of the time on hold waiting), an attempt at a chat ("We'll get back to you in 24-48 hours"), 2 faxes, and frustration beyond words - "we can't give you a phone number or transfer you to the wire department", "we don't send the funds on the date of maturity" (despite an email from the saying they were going to), "we send them the next day so we can pay the interest". They really just want to send you a check, just like they did in the Pony Express days. DO NOT USE THIS BANK. We have used at least forty banks over the years and this one is the WORST!!! Plenty of good ones out there....

Also A Horrible, Terrifying Experience

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I have been an Axos customer for some months. Today, I received the email below.

"At this time, the Bank has made the decision to end our banking relationship. Third party activity is strictly prohibited. The recent tax credit posting to your account on 2/26/20, payable to William Ramirez, will be returned.

As indicated in your Deposit Account Agreement accepted during account application, "The Bank reserves the right to close your account for any reason, without cause, or notice."

This decision is final. All account access is disabled.

Any remaining funds will be mailed to your address on file.

Best Regards,

Axos Bank™ Customer Service"

I do not understand this. My name was on the tax refund, as well as my husband. I had no way to know this would be an issue, as I could only find reference in your documentation about "third party" checks. This is NOT the case here. I added my husband to the Axos account months ago.

Every dollar we have is in your bank, over $5,000 after all direct deposits come in. We trusted you to act fairly. I have anther direct deposit that I cannot stop that will be coming tomorrow. I need to have this account working, or I cannot pay my rent.

Why couldn't you contact me? Literally, the account was working early this afternoon, then 20 minutes later, nothing. I can provide proof that my name is on the tax refund information. Is it possible you can transfer the money out, to another bank of ours?

Please help us. I am beyond freaked out, over the line to hysterical. PLEASE help us.

Horrible Experience

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The website and and ads make this bank look so tech forward but their applications and service in practice are horrible. Closing my account this week. So hard to do simple banking requests. Stay away!

Recommend You NOT Do Business With AXOS

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Axos customer service never processed an address change from August '19, so no notice on a maturing November '19 CD received. Result, a 68 year-old retired school teacher was penalized $2.5K+ for want of being a couple weeks late and the need to pay hospice bills. Great PR effort. (But know that Axos will break their own T+Cs when it is to their advantage.)

Adding insult to injury, Axos auto-renewed the CD at less than half their advertised rate!!! That was simply a sleazy, while-your-back-was-turned move that no bank should ever be allowed to set as a standard practice. But as their customer service department was quick to point out "Sir, we don't need to send you anything (before a CD matures and auto-renews) anyway."

Axos deserves its BBB rating of B. I recommend not doing business with Axos, or with Nationwide who sold out their customers to this outfit. Axos Bank does NOT "empower customers to make real progress toward their goals," it strangles them!

What’S Not To Like?

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Competitive rates. Low fees. Prompt, polite and efficient customer service. This bank is a hidden gem.

They Appear To Be Operating On 19Th Century Technology

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opened an account on dec. 13, funded it with a check drawn on an account at the third-largest mutual fund company in the world. The money finally became available on Christmas day. Apparently there was a problem with mining the ore or smelting the metal, or possibly with stamping out the coins before turning them over to the Pony Express. The debit card still hasn't appeared as of Dec. 31. The whole damned operation could have been accomplished in two minutes with a dozen mouse clicks and ledger entries. Customer service was utterly useless. Stay away.

Nonprofit Business Checking And Money Market

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Originally opened the account under Bank of internet. They apparently changed the account terms on us, but never informed us and never sent the updated disclosure. After 2 years of contesting erroneous bank fees on mobile deposits, I was finally sent the "new" Axos disclosure, dated from 2018, (um, hello, why the heck was I never sent this?) where it states in fine print on p 33 that mobile deposits are considered 2 items, not one. So if you signed up thinking that you would have 50 free transactions per month, you're really only getting 25 if you do all deposits. Oh, and there's NO OTHER WAY TO DEPOSIT THOSE CHECKS. Now I need to take this new information to our board and decide whether we're keeping the accounts. The interest on our accounts has been great, but you pay for it in the amount of time you spend with customer service trying to get things fixed.

Business Checking Deposits

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Made a deposit of a third party check into my small business account and the nightmare started! they cashed the check but never released the funds to my account!
When asked them to return the check to me, they gave me two choices; either to ask the issuer to cancel the check or get them a hypnotized letter from the check owner authorizing my firm to cash the check. Traveled to a different state to obtain the notarized letter! Sent it by email as they requested, now they are asking me to send the original letter and check to their loss prevention for review! i am afraid they will keep the check and the funds!
Any advise is appreciated!

Worst Bank I Have Ever Used

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Absolutely the worst bank I have ever used in my life. Stay away - you have been warned. It is nearly impossible to get anything done, such as receiving a debit card, receiving checks, making a transfer, etc.

You must call and email multiple times to perform even the simplest task because they are so disorganized on the back end.

A simple transfer between accounts can take days whereas you can do this instantly with other larger banks.

It took me over two months to open an account and I still don't have the account number. I have emailed them six times in the last two weeks and I have not received one response. I emailed two previous people I worked with whose specific email addresses I have - I received an automatic response from one of them that they are out of the office for the next two weeks and zero responses from the other individual. I emailed their customer service email address four times and received no response whatsoever. I try my best to avoid calling them since I am usually transferred multiple times and then sometimes disconnected after being on hold for 30 minutes.

This bank has some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. They are clearly understaffed and more concerned about growth and opening new accounts then keeping their existing customers happy. I STRONGLY recommend you avoid this bank unless you have NO OTHER OPTIONS. You have been warned. Working with them has been an absolute disaster.

Good Previous Rate.

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Opened an account with them a couple of months ago through Axos/Nationwide. Decent rate. They try. I'm patient. Eventually got everything right. A different person each time I called....they.had a hard time figuring out where my FedExed money one person who would take ownership of my account. They really need to assign a representative for a jumbo CD.

Business Checking A Joke

Just told Axos to pack sand after taking the time to set up 2 business accounts with them. I am a real estate investor and need a checking account for each property. First complaint.... A separate logon for EACH account. Second complaint.... the logon process involves 2 pages so saving you're passwords on your computer and doing auto logon will not work. If you do not remember each password you have to look it up. This makes it impossible to use financial management tools as well because they can not import the transactions. Third complaint is the interface page. I have to send money and transfer a lot. I want to just see my account info but noooooo you have to pull up a statement to get the routing and acct numbers. So I left.... even before doing any transactions because like a bad date.... its time to bail.

Good Bank (Need More Chars)

I've been a customer since 2012 and haven't had any problems. Customer service via chat is always super-helpful and fast.

Super Happy

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I've been a customer of Axos for over 3 years and haven't had the same experience as the other reviewers. I LOVE using any ATM without worrying about fees, I find the livechat really convenient to get an answer, and their platform is pretty slick with some neat functionalities.. Sometime, I wonder why I didn't switch earlier

More Disappointed By The Day

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Things under Bank of Internet (BofI) started out great. Responsive, friendly customer service, nice features, easy to get set up and start using, and great rates. No fees, and ALL ATM fees reimbursed. Really cool. Then it took months for them to get Android Pay (supporting the other 85% of smart phone users - hello!) Then they became Axos and the real decline began. They got rid of PopMoney. They got rid of the financial management tools they had. Today I learned the back breaker. I can't use them with Venmo. I'm now shopping again (Ally, anyone?), and maybe I'll even go back to my good old credit union.

Horrible Horrible Company

They have horrible technology.
They do not care about their customers.
The company has systematic issues that will not be resolved soon.

Axos Bank does not have the resources and employees to run a proper operation. It is a joke of a bank, so stay away and never look back.

Horrible Bank - Dont Keep Even A Penny Here

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As other reviewers have mentioned, our business account was closed too with out any notice. Customer service wouldnt let us talk to any supervisor or manager. We are a small business and funds that we needed to run the business was stuck in a check which was sent by snail mail. We were out of funds for a total of 12 days. 7 days for mail and 5 days for the new bank to clear the check. Incurred late fees from credit card companies and our APR went high. This horrible bank wouldnt even wire transfer the funds to the new account. God forbid if you have a fraudulent transaction guess how helpful this bank is going to be.

Axos Bank Is Horrible!!!

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I had my checking account at Axos bank for more than 10 years, and was a very satisfied customer. In March 2019, I received an email from them stating that they would close my account in 30 days, without providing any further explanation. I called them, and they refused to explain why they were doing this. I'm sure you think this is the craziest thing you ever heard of, and that's exactly what I thought. You can google this issue, and you will find all the other customers whose account Axos has closed for no reason whatsoever.

I urge you not to open an account with them, because they may close your account for no reason, just like they closed my account.

Do Not Bank Here!!!

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They hold mobile deposits for 5 business days no matter the amount!! Yes for even $10.00 but they held MY $200.00 for a whole week!!! You sit on their website usually for a good bit before getting to chat with someone's more trouble trying to call them!!

Wow This 'Bank' Is Bad.

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40 minute hold times, then I get hung up on.

Just trying to activate a debit card.

I've now cut up the debit card and will never consider Axos or UFB Direct again.



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My account at Nationwide was transferred to AXOS Bank, the experience has been HORRIBLE.
Long hold on customer support calls, misinformation given by representative, no reasonable time response to my questions, lack of follow up. After all the bad experiences I closed may account and filled out the AXOS wire transfer form which had to be faxed, the AXOS fax line was busy for multiple attempts, WOW!
Waiting now to see if I'll receive my funds in a timely fashion.

Don't Use If On East Coast

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Axos Bank says they are a nationwide bank, but only open during west coast times. Such a headache waiting 1/2 day for them to open. Can't reach customer service or anything until they get in the office west coast time.

Moving my accounts after significant issues getting them open. Online banking technical glitches galore. They might be good in a few years after they mature into a larger bank able to better service customers.

Not Recommend

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not recommend due to unresponsive service

Closed My Account For No Reason And No Explanation

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I received the following form letter from Axos bank, after banking with them for over a year and a half:
Hello. In accordance with your Deposit Account Agreement with Axos Bank™, please be advised that we have elected to close your accounts. All related services will be terminated in 3 business days, and the effective date of the closing will be 10 business days from the date of this email.
We suggest you cease making deposits to, and writing checks against, your account at this time. After all outstanding items have cleared; a check payable to the current account holder(s) in the amount of any remaining balance (less any outstanding fees, service or other charges) will be sent to your mailing address on file. Please make other arrangements for any automated transactions such as direct deposits and prearranged ACH credits and debits.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions concerning this letter. Best Regards, Axos Bank Customer Service.

I emailed them why they closed it and all they said was they had no information to give me. How can this bank get away with closing people’s accounts just like that out of the blue with no warning? They don’t even have the decency to tell the person why or address them by their name!

They just notify you in a form email that they are going to close it. Don’t people have a right to know why their account is being closed?

I had a business bank account with Axos, formerly Bofi Federal Bank, for a year and a half, and this is the thanks I get for doing business with their bank. They close my account for no reason.

They have no idea how inconvenient this is. It put my business operations on hold, I have to scramble around to find a new business bank account, and they also say not to make any withdrawals or write any checks on my account, so I can’t even get my own money out of there.
I have to wait for 10 days for them to send me a check of my remaining balance. What if I need that money for something in the meantime?

On top of that, I wrote to the deposit operations about a problem I had with a check that had a stop payment on it, that I believe was stolen out of my account because there was no reason for a stop payment to be put on it, and then they also charged me a chargeback of 10$, and after I ask for help about what to do and getting my money back, instead of getting any help or investigating, they turn around and close my account! I have no idea if that may have been why.

Then it says in their form letter: ‘Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions concerning this letter’. So I ask them why my account is being closed and they can’t tell me!

What kind of bank is this? How do they stay in business? Do not open an account with this bank!


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As a Nationwide Bank CD holder I didn't have any trouble getting my account set up at the time Nationwide was transferred to Axos Bank (referred to as Nationwide Bank as powered by Axos Bank), and I found the account dashboard to be much improved. When my CD matured, I checked Axos Bank rates which are much lower than other banks, so I closed it. What I didn't realize is there are a different set of rates for what is still called Nationwide Bank powered by Axos Bank than there are for Axos Bank, and much better rates at that. Had I known, I would have kept the CD there. And it looks like one can still open a CD under Nationwide/Axos Bank and get the better rates than what Axos Bank offers. Confusing.

Terrible Customer Service

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I switched to this bank due to the interest rates being so good. Well you will be screwed out of interest if you count on them doing automatic transfers from one account to another that you set up online. I have been fighting with them to get this corrected and to provide me with the missed interest in savings. So far they have not fixed it and they have not called me back. I spent another 30+ minutes on the phone with them and told them if I don't hear back by close of business tomorrow I will transfer all of my accounts back to Capitol One where had no problems to begin with. This is an ongoing issue and not a one time issue so don't expect an ONLINE bank to have a website that works like it is supposed to. Set up three transfers from one account into 3 other accounts and only one happens on a consistent basis the other two seem to never be done and I have made 2 calls to customer service and on chat session with no HELP what so ever. DO NOT GO WITH THIS BANK!!!!!

Account Closed!

Hello Cynthia,
At this time, the Bank has made the decision to end our Banking relationship.
As indicated in your Deposit Account Agreement that was accepted during the Account Application, "The Bank
reserves the right to close your account for any reason, without cause, or notice."
This decision is final and we appreciate your interest in Axos Bank. All access to your account(s) has been disabled.
Any remaining funds will be mailed to your address on file.
Best Regards,
Axos Bank Customer Service

I was a customer with BOFI which they took over this fall since 2012 with no issues. I was given no warning or reason and now have to borrow money to live until next payday or they send my money or get a credit card.

Clueless And Lousy

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So sorry that I didn't take the opportunity to close out my CD when I had the chance, when Nationwide sold the biz to AXOS. AXOS is completely incompetent. First, they had trouble transferring my accounts from Nationwide, so I couldn't see my accounts for days on end, and regardless of reaching out to them, never actually heard back...just eventually I was able to log in, and see them. But, now, they show that they are truly idiotic: I'll just attach the correspondence, and you can judge for yourself. I made an inquiry about procedure, and got a response that was a complete disconnect from my question:
I wrote: How do I instruct AXOS during my 10 day grace period, to close the CD and move the funds to my Checking account? (I'm a Nationwide customer) Will a phone call do, or do you need a form or something in writing/ If in writing, does it have to be mailed in, or will an email or secure message via this message center suffice?

They answered: Hello Sally, We regret to hear that you are considering closing your account. Before I officially submit the closeout request and in an effort to retain your business, I am hoping you can provide me any of your feedback or concerns regarding our pricing, processes and/or services so I can personally address them. We would love the opportunity to keep your business with our bank! At your earliest convenience if you could reply to this message with some additional information we would be more than happy to further assist you.

I can't wait to leave this moronic bank.


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I opened a checking and savings account online. The online process was pretty straightforward and painless. The bank has gone to great pains to make everything look slick and sophisticated. Their account offerings are also very attractive at the surface. From the get go, there was a hiccup in their account on-boarding process which caused me to be unable to use the mobile deposit feature. An online message to their customer care took three days for a reply. A call to customer service was lukewarm at best. The representative could only tell me that the account opening process hadn't completed, and that she couldn't provide me with more information. She did advise me that she was going to send an email up the chain for the issue to be researched and that I would receive a phone call back when the issue was resolved. The issue did get resolved, but no follow-up phone call was ever received. I submitted an online deposit successfully. The confirmation email I received advised me that a 5 day business hold would be in effect for the deposit, but since the account was less than 30 days old, the deposit would be held for a total of 7 business days. Their motto is, "Banking evolved". In my opinion it's more like "banking devolved".

End Relationship

At this time, the Bank has made the decision to end our banking relationship.

As indicated in your Deposit Account Agreement accepted during account application, "The Bank reserves the right to close your account for any reason, without cause, or notice."

This decision is final. All account access is disabled.

Any remaining funds will be mailed to your address on file.

Best Regards,

Axos Bank™ Customer Service

I dont know what kind of information this bank is getting about their prospective customers. but when they accidently open an account for somebody they sure send a jacked up letter to you. out of the blue. I opened an account online and recieved a debit card and everything then out of the blue got the aforementioned letter. I told them i wouldnt bank with them with their own money. the right hand obviously doesnt know what the left hands doing, and i wouldnt want them in charge of anything of mine

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