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Remember That Old Tina Turner Song?

Simply the best!

Well it is the exact opposite with this bank. They are simply the WORST.

Customer service, terrible. Communication (If you actually get to speak to someone in mortgages), terrible. BS excuses when they do something wrong (which happens A LOT), terrible. Knowledge of what they are servicing, terrible. If you love suffering from migraine's from inefficiencies and runaround then this is the bank for you!

Don't Use Them....They'll Get You On Fee's !

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Horrible customer service!
I was charged a $64.50 late fee even though I paid my mortgage through there on line website on the 16th deadline. I called there customer service at the Walla Walla branch and they could not help me. I paid off my mortgage the next business day and also my line of credit...luckily I could do this! They lost my business and any future house purchases (I have 10 rental houses i was thinking of refinancing with them) , all because there customer service basically cared less about me and they would not remove the fee that should never of been assessed. Even there home loan manager told me that they never remove late fees...Really? I would think twice about getting a loan with them...
Jeremie 2-2021

Completely Wrong Balances At Night Resulting In Overdrafts

As early/mid 2019, Banner Bank's website, phone system, and debit card system are wildly inaccurate at night due to 'nightly processing' and whatever vendor they outsource to.

I raised this issue, and it was confirmed by K.B., a VP at Banner Bank, but only after dealing with several layers of customer service that were both 1) completely uninformed and in denial of their problem, and 2) tone-deaf/arrogant in their replies, including this particular VP.

I echo other review's complaints about their outsourced fraud prevention. It's needlessly frustrating, and requires WAY too much effort on the customer end to unblock a merchant, transaction, or your entire card.

I don't know why anyone would use a bank that isn't willing to provide accurate balance figures, regardless of time of day. There are plenty other banks/CU that refund ATM fees.

Banner Bank is a great local bank!

I have banked with Banner Bank since 2013. Originally i opened a small savings account because of a free 50$ promotion they were offering but i was impressed by their customer service and soon i switched my main accounts to them. The fees were considerably less than Bank Of America where i was previously at, especially for monthly services. Also the customer service line was very easy to get a hold of a live person and not be put on hold and have to run through a bunch of computer operated phone menus. After four years with them I still recommend Banner Bank to all the people i know.

My experience with Banner bank.

I have banked with this community bank for about 3 years now, and I am very happy with them. They do not have all the bells and whistles like the big banks do, but are on a more personal level with me. I like the people who work at my local branch and they know me by name. I feel like a part of their family and that they just do not want my money like most of the big banks do. I chose this bank after being with a major bank for a long time, and find that I really appreciate the personal attention that I receive, and this will make me continue using this community bank for many years to come.

Horrible Customer Service

We have worked with banner bank for the last 3 months on our heloc loan. We have had contradicting information, lost paperwork, phone calls that weren't returned and emails that went unanswered. Despite doing everything we could to determine all fees in advance, a $800 fee was added on the day of closing that should have been communicated earlier. We will never use Banner again.

Great bank, not convenient enough for me

I signed up for a checking and savings account with Banner Bank a few years ago when they were running a $50 free promotion. I wanted the free money, but I was also trying to find an alternative to the big bank I've been using since I was a teenager. I used the account for a few months but there were so few ATMs when I needed them and I never set up direct deposit so I ran out of money in the account and just sort of let it linger. I still have the account; I just never really use it. I still have checks for it somewhere. I hate the big banks but I love having ATMs wherever I need them, and mobile check deposit (which Banner didn't have at the time but might now). Banner just didn't have the conveniences that I needed. I ended up going with BECU, because they have a whole network of ATMs and are also local.

When Created Initial Checking Also Created Another Account I Did Not Agree Nor Sign For. Legal?

Went in to open a Connected Checking Account for 50.00 after seeing an advertisement and the branch was in my neighborhood. I even closed out my other bank because of the offer for a free monthly checking account. I made this clear when I went in to the branch and spoke with Mrs. Johnson who "helped" me open my account.
I was signed up for a checking and saving account and had money transferred to this account without my knowledge nor did I ever create it myself. Again, I only signed up for the connected savings. A balance of $100 was maintained of my money they placed into this savings account I did not agree to or create and if it dropped below that I was to accrue frees. I am unsure as to why they went ahead and created a savings account and is disreputable, underhanded and probably not legal. It created problems with my payments and when made aware I spent hours out of my life having to resolve this issue due to no fault of my own.

I also went in to the branch to deposit money in to my account and the teller wouldn't even get off the phone and seemed to be having a volatile emotionally charged conversation they were immersed in and acted as if I was disturbing her. She didn't even pay attention and just took my money and gave me a receipt there was no dialog or exchange other than me giving her my debit card. I asked if everything is ok and she just nodded and turned away to continue her phone call. I had never witnessed that in a bank before or any place of business for that matter and was the worst customer service I had ever experienced especially when dealing with a bank and money.

This entire fiasco was brought to my attention just today as I could not make a payments online as it was declined although I knew I had enough money to cover the cost. I talked to someone on the phone and they would not close out the saving account even though I never signed any paperwork nor agreed to it. They told me I needed to go into the bank and close out an account I personally never opened in the first place. I asked them what is the logic in that and if they had ever heard of banks setting up accounts for their customers without their consent and putting their money it in or if they thought that was a legal practice. Finally they said they would close out the savings account but at a "future date" as opposed to closing it out as I spoke with them. Obviously I have no reason to believe them and told the csr that. They agreed to transfer all of my money to my checking account and then told me I could accrue fees on this savings account in my name they made.Terrible business practices that again, are very dubious.

In addition, the people who work at the branch are clueless and socially inept. Signing people up for accounts, transferring money is unscrupulous and unethical. They deserve grief for doing such. The customer service I experienced was pathetic and embarrassing. I don't know if this experience is a reflection of the bank as a whole and isn't my concern. The people I dealt with who represented this bank caused me to waste my time trying to resolve issues I should not have had to do, set me up for an account which I never agreed to and took time out of my life having to deal with their idiocy and caused me problems that shouldn't have ever risen in the first place.

Simple & Great Banking!

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I've had banner bank since I was 18, and I am now 26. They've been able to cater to anything I have needed from them. I have loved their no ATM fee's in particular. So anywhere I go, if I need cash, I don't have to worry about the dreadful fee's. This has probably saved me hundreds of dollars over the years. Their app has been improving a lot too. I can deposit checks right from the app which is SUPER CONVENIENT. I don't go into the storefronts often, but when I do, the lines are short and the service is very helpful. I've never had an issue with them in 8 years. For a local bank, I strongly recommend them if you live on the west side of the US.

Awesome Community Bank!

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I have banked with Banner Bank in Spokane, WA for 5 years.  My wife, kids and I bank with the Downtown branch on 3rd and could not say enough for thier excellent customer service!! There was a little rough patch in the service there before the new Manager took over, but she has since hired a great crew that that takes care of my banking needs, are always friendly and are downright good people.  I would recommend Banner Bank to any of my friends or family, also, I have to mention that if I go to any other Banner Bank branch, I am always treated wonderfully.

Thanks for the great service!

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