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Worse Credit Union Ever!! Do Not Do Business With Them!!

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Have my van loan with them for a year now and I send a Principle Only pymnt in EVERY month. They can't get it right, keep applying the payment to interest!!!! Yes INTEREST!!!! It's like pulling teeth to get them to correct it and this last time they basically refused to do it.. I'm out of here, refinancing with another Credit Union tomorrow. Customer service is awful and all they want is your money. I'd give them a zero if I could!!!!!

Wish I Could Give The. ZERO Stars

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Horrible customer service, they say one thing and do something else. Their automated teller is an absolute joke, their website is confusing and difficult to work with. I made a payment on the 28th, it was taken out of my bank on the 29th but didn't post on their end until the 2nd of the next month. So my credit suffered because they can't do their job in a timely manner? I've had numerous loans and never been treated like this. Trust me go with a different bank... just because they are a credit union means nothing, they are far worse than Caput One... which I've also had an auto loan with. Please listen to me and do not give these joker any business because to be frank they don't deserve it.

Burned By BFCU Automatic Payment Transfer System

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Absolutely the worst customer service , completely unrealistic means for resolving an issue with a major flaw in their system technology! Stay clear of this one!!

Horrible Customer Service

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Customer service is horrible. I had the worst experience of any company ever. Alia Davis and her boss Sativa M. Were literally the worst customer service agents i have ever spoke to for any company. I will be closing my accounts and switching banks because of their incompetence. All I wanted was I account number. I verified all my information, past all background checks and also gave them my account number for a different account I have with them. I am sure there are better and more qualified people that need jobs. Maybe this company should have some Integrity and let these two go and hire better candidates that actually care about their customers.

I Was Going To Open An Account With Them But...

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The few times I've had to call, the wait times are over 30 minutes each time I call. I have to work and can't be on hold that long. Imagine if I had an emergency and needed to reach someone? Apparently this credit union used to be amazing when it went by the name of Warren and went to hell once it became Blue. Read Yelp reviews. I was attracted by the high interest rate, but it's not worth the hassle and there are others out there with similar interest rates that are actually great and reliable. I applied to two other credit unions and one bank on the same day I applied for this one - they all had me signed up within days-except this credit union - they haven't even contacted me back. I've decided not to open with them and go with another credit union instead.

Unfair And Inconsistent Member Service

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I have been a long standing good member of Warren and now Blue Federal for approximately twenty years. This past Friday , 3/13/20 I visited the Cheyenne Dell Range Branch to cash a payroll check. It was a sizable check from Laramie County Government with my pay stub attached.

I presented the teller with all the correct ID and documentation to alleviate any concerns of it being fraudulent. When I advised the teller I wanted to cash the check she said she was only “aloud” to give me cash for half and I could return “tomorrow” for the remainder. They were limiting “cash withdrawals per day”

At my insistence she talked with a Manager and returned to the counter a few minutes later. She now said per the Manager I could get half of it in cash today. Additionally I would be required to “ submit a written request and wait seven days to return for the other half”

If this was due to the check possibly being fraudulent it would be understandable for them to place a temporary hold on all or some of the funds. That was not the case at all. I took the check back from her and took it to the bank it was written on where I cashed it with no issues. They processed the check quickly, cashed it in full and did not charge me anything at all.

A year or so ago I wrote a $300 check to a Friend. He went to the same Blue Federal branch to cash it. He was informed they were going to charge him $5.00 to cash it because he was not also a member. A few days later I spoke with a Manager. She informed me Warren and Now Blue has “always” charged to cash members checks written to non members. Having been a member for approximately twenty years I know that is not true.

The way Blue treats it’s members and overall business practices has solidified my resolve to discontinue all financial dealings with Blue. Furthermore I will recommend other members I know do the same.

When your wondering how Blue Federal Credit Union can afford to build its WORLD HEADQUARTERS here in Cheyenne this review may assist you with some answers.


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Wed Oct 23, 2019 I submitted application for Blue Credit Union membership with the aim of obtaining the 17 month, 2.75% CD they advertised. At end of my submission the site stated that they will answer within 48 hours. No response after 48 hours, so I called and was told to wait another day.
8 days later I call and was told they would call back. They called back & said they did a "checks" inquiry & found that I was not wanted as a member due to my "activity".
I get it. They want longtime members that do not chase rates. Fine.
I applied in good faith. Uploaded copies of my Driver's license. I asked when my personal info would be deleted.
Good rate, your call.

Frustrates Until You Are Blue In The Face!

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I applied online over a week ago for a 5 year CD @ 3%. They kept coming back asking for more documents to be downloaded (driver's license, Social Security card, W2 statement, -- and more things than any other bank, credit union or broker ever asked for). With a high credit score and clean banking record, I kept asking them to let me fund the account before rates dropped. As time passed with no answer from them they did lower rates. And even then after more than a week they still don't reply. If it's this much trouble putting in a substantial deposit, I'm glad I won't have to worry sometime in the future about how hard they will make it to get my money back! Blue Federal Credit Union can sing the blues without me.

Over Charging Customer

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beware of Blue Credit Union, when you request a five day pay off amount and you have your back do a bill pay to ensure it is payed within does 5 days, Blue Credit Union will sit on the payment to let interest accumulate so they can continue collecting free extra money from there customers, great way to do business

Huge Dissappointment

They were great before they were bought out by Blue. Now they're horrible. No compassion, horrible customer service (on the phone), no leniency, etc.. I live in another state now and only continued my service with them because they were so good...and then they got bought out. I gave them a couple of years with my business but, I'm done!! They give credit unions a bad name!

Misleading 4% Reward Checking

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You have to bank with Blue over 15 years to get the 4%! It's a point system that they don't tell you over the phone. Don't be like me and order checks move your money give out all of your information just to find out your getting .05%. STAY AWAY!! They lied to me over the phone and you won't find out until 30 days after trying what rate you will receive.

Credit Check

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Must have 3 or less credit checks in the past 2 years to qualify (per chex) opening an account


As previously mentioned, the APY is a gimmick. Blue designed an impossibly complex "point" system that, in theory, could earn up to 4%. The requirement to earn said points includes being a member for several years, taking out multiple loans in addition to the debit/ACH requirements. More annoying, they have weird transfer limits on the amount one can deposit within a 3 month period (meaning it took a least 4 months to reach $10,000 from a Chase account I was eager to close). Additionally, lucrative 5% savings account is a bit of a gotcha as well, in the event you exceed the $1000 at any point in the month (including the earned APY earned on the last day) you forfeit the 5% and settle for 0.01% FOR THE WHOLE THING - not just funds over the threshold. Currently in the procss of closing the account (albeit slowly due to transfer limitations). #moveon


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As a Long member of Warren Federal Credit Union, I strongly advise you to stay away from this bank. Financial services have changed for the worse. Customer service is horrible. You have been warned!

Stop The Insanity !

Bad Bad Bad ! Don't sign up with this Credit Union! I was hung up on for about 10th time.
They keep putting my Debit Card into Fraud... I can't pay bills... even though there is $3000.00 in my account.

It's Not 4%

Blue FCU's 4% APY reward checking account actually requires you to open 6 (six!) other accounts with them, such as a credit card, mortgage, and unsecured loan. Otherwise, you get 2%.

I finally figured this out in the middle of the application process (after they pulled my credit "to verify my identity") so I'm giving up on them.

The whole thing reminds me of Wells Fargo's wrongdoing.

Blue FCU

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We became members of Blue FCU recently after our previous credit union merged with this group. I was a little anxious about the merger because of the necessity to be able to access funds and be able to pay bills. I was pleasantly surprised, first by the volume of information that was sent out to prior to the merger, and secondly because the merger seemed to go off without a hitch. We didn't experience any interruption in banking service during the merger process. I was able to easily switch my direct deposit as well as my direct withdrawal bills over to the Blue FCU information. For me, a bank is successful if I don't have to take the time to visit a branch or speak with someone. I prefer to do everything online, and am able to do this effectively and efficiently with Blue FCU. Very happy with our credit union!

Vehicle Loan

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This credit union is not helpful at all they have lost multipule payments of mine will be going to a different credit union! Before I have to send in my next payment I would not recomend this credit union id rather go to a bank and have a higher intrest rate then deal with warrens headaches and unorganized business.

Terrible Organization

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What a dysfunctional and disorganized organization! They have had my loan a month and I'm already refinancing it with a reputable organization! I hope no one has to do business with this organization in the future!

Great Bank!

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I have to say this is truly one of the best banks out there. They are friendly, reliable and are always trying to save you money. Eric Miller is great! I live in PA and he treats me like I am a local high profile customer! He is great at returning calls and keepig his word. Bill Hollman is great, he truly shows why he is in a high position! The only bad thing is that I dont get a payment book or a bill for my loan, but their service makes up for it!! I feel like family even though I live in PA!

My thanks goes out to the whole Warren FCU team!!

Chris M.

Wexford, PA

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