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Worst Bank Ever

Atm took my money and they acting like they cant check the atm to try and get my money bank so pissed off customer service sucks and very care feel attitude towards getting my money in to my account... customer service and bank branch are on two different pages nothing but lies

Worst Bank Ever

Posted by: MV13 | Nov 14, 2019

stay away from his bank. they take your money and make it nearly impossible to get it back

Worst Bank

I have had one problem after the other. I am changing banks after 25 years. Recently I tried on line bill pay and the system is horrible and they are behind the times. Next they refused to give me my money when I was out of town and ehen I asked why, she said she couldnt tell me. She said no one can help me and I cannot have my money! We are closing all 4 accounts and she could. care less.Their rates are the worst of all the banks! I am beyond disgusted! Move on. Consumer beware.

Terrible Bank And Customer Service

Posted by: jbecker | Nov 8, 2019

I have my account with BMO for 3 years. It is HSA account through my employer otherwise I would never put a penny with those incompetent people. Took them 3 trials and over a month just to be able to get the PIN for my bank card. I have tried to change the address for the past year and of course they still can't do it. The best think is they locked my account and now they "need" the notarized copy of my ID. Dealing with them is completely ridiculous . I guess the new owner of the house is going to enjoy my bank statements. So if you are looking for the bank to put your money in, avoid this one. Not worth the headache at all.

Not Professional

Every time I go to make a deposit I sit there for a long time before getting help even though nobody else is in any of the drive throughs. They do not add up your checks and/or cash before depositing. Several times there have been errors. When I worked as a teller we were taught to add up all cash and checks TWICE before depositing or giving customer cash back. One time the teller gave me somebody else's deposit slip back. The online banking isn't very user friendly. We will be moving banks soon.

Thieves Unapologetic

Posted by: Bmosucjs | Sep 16, 2019

They constantly change the fees and features of accounts . Turns into full-time job to keep up. Stole $14 per month for year out of my account for maintenance. Scum!!!!!


If you will note before you trust any of your money with this institution that their rating , comparing 5 star ratings to 1 star rating is a NEGATIVE 1200%. Do you really want to do business with this bank?

25 1 Star Reviews

It is the decision of each person whether the BMO current account rates are worth the terrible website and customer service. I'll add my own experience to the other 1 star reviews to give further data for that decision.

It takes >30 minutes for Cust. Service to answer phone calls and there is no chat, email support for non-account holders, or a leave your number to receive a call back option.

My initial deposit from a linked external bank was rejected by the BMO website. No one in Cust. Serv. could explain/fix this after 2.5 hours of being bounced around to 4 different reps. One rep. actually transferred me to a recording that stated "Customer Service is now closed, please call back tomorrow". (I called back, waited another 30 minutes, and talked with yet another rep.)

Important account information is very hard to find on the web page, phone Cust. Serv. is time consuming and could not answer basic questions (the max. daily and monthly deposit/withdrawal limits are listed under "Legal" but nowhere in the 2 docs on the account website page.

Avoid For Business Account

Posted by: MarkLP | Sep 9, 2019

I was hopeful that BMO would provide a good experience. At this point, I would recommend ALL business accounts to AVOID. 1- For bill pays, they will randomly use a third party to pay bills. You therefore will not see the back of the check upon deposit. The date the check is taken out will be when the third party takes the money to pay. You will also not know when the third party has sent the money or to whom. 2- the bill pay sent a check once to another company who cashed it and now I have to declare fraud against that other company. This has happened more than once with this third party service. You will also have to spend HOURS on the phone trying to get to the bottom of these cases. BMO has good interest rates, but this is not worth it. They also don't allow outside business account linking. The manager of my local branch said someone in the business dept would follow up to see what they could do, but that didn't happen. I'm changing banks.


Posted by: TomBanks | Aug 2, 2019

Tried to open account for the promotion advertised and as previous comments indicate received the same very incompetent service BEYOND the scope of any bank experience, ever! Employees were extremely passive aggressive almost to a pathologically degree. They were snotty, unknowledgeable about their very own promotions, slow as sloths, and the men were decidedly CREEPY. Got so uncomfortable that EVERY SENSORY NERVE said Give It Up! This is a LOUSY Bank! NO ONE with a grain of sanity would bank here! You just know they will sleeze out of any account promotion bonus!!!! WARNING!!!!!

Not My Go To Bank.

Posted by: Chloejo | Apr 14, 2019

Tried to open cd. Management wouldn't honor only using partial amount of a cashiers check from previous bank.Poor customer service. DO NOT RECCOMMEND.

Don't Expect Them To Honor Any Promotion

Posted by: Matt123456 | Mar 5, 2019

Don't expect a Bonus.

Opened up an account with them about 5 months ago with their "Free $200 bonus". Went INTO the store, to insure that all the terms and conditions for the credit were explained to me. I was told that 2 direct deposits of $500 needed to be made, and that a form needed to be filled out. "So there are no minimum per month charges, anything else I need to do? Wow that's easy". I was told there was not, but you need to wait 4 months to get your credit. I'm like sure, seems like a long time but whatever.

5 months later I call them and I'm like, everything alright? "Sorry you have to make 10 card transactions within 90 days to qualify for this bonus" "I'm sorry what? I specifically asked if this was the case, and was told I had to do absolutely nothing but make those deposits and go into the branch to fill out paperwork"

So just a fair warning, banks that will employee BLATANT bait and switch techniques should not be trusted with your money.

Absolutely The Worst

I deal with numerous banks for my international businesses. BMO Harris has some integration advantages for international accounts, but the good ends right there. BMO Harris is incredibly bad. After 6 months, endless emails, and probably 10 hours on hold, I STILL cannot send a wire to China. All the forms have been filled out and signed. They just cannot accomplish it. They keep telling me to go in to the branch, but as I am a BMO Harris customer in Canada there is no branch. Twice I eventually talked to a very helpful person, who promised they'd take personal responsibility for the problem, and that they or someone else would get back to me shortly. No one ever got back to me. Second, hold times are the absolute worst, completely unacceptable. And every single time calling in is a nightmare. Typically - the person says they cannot help, and the next person cannot help, then the third person says I've been put through to the wrong department, then they transfer me back to the first place....and on it goes.

Online Banking Is Down Again

Posted by: Shay | Feb 2, 2019

Losing faith with the online banking feature. It's down for maintenance again tonight. I've never had a problem with Ally.

Heartaches And Pain

Posted by: Joemedina | Oct 28, 2018

My title describes it all worst bank ever do yourself a favor do not bank with BMO you will definitely lose money and time which both work hand-in-hand

Just Don't Do It!

Posted by: Mann9099 | Oct 27, 2018

I thought opening an account with BMO would be nice to eventually move all of my savings and other investment accounts potentially.
Whoa, am I glad I started slowly. I thought it would be good idea since they are close to my home and work. Never again will I base my decision on convenience. Took them three tries to finally get my signature card on file. Eventually things were fine, five bucks a month for a simple account. The only debits that I had out this account were my US Education Loan payment and the service fees. I had full trust in the fact that my balance would be perfectly fine with all debits and credits coming thru to the account. I didnt even know they were charging a fee for a paper statement! Who in the hell receives a paper statement anymore? I don't remember asking for a paper statement, why should I have to go and turn it off. You would think this BIG BANK would be trying to save funds on paper as well. When I called about it, the guy had no response other than "well it looks like another debit put you below the available amount needed to approve your transaction." And then proceeded to try and walk me thru turning off the paper statements since appearantly this BIG BANK doesn't have the capability to do it thru their own system! Do yourself a favor stick with what you already have no need and dealing with these unfortunate idiots.


Posted by: Shalonta | Sep 29, 2018

BMO Harris is an awful bank to store your money if you need access to it. Froze my new account twice in one week. Today is Saturday and no one could help me until Monday. Well, what should I do until then? Oh by the way because I work Monday through Friday from 9-5, I won't be able to visit a branch until next Saturday. Thanks BMO. #donotbankwithbmo #davidcasper

Incompetent Personal Bankers

Posted by: Stanek | Sep 3, 2018

Awful. Incompetent personal bankers make every transaction an ordeal. Bank elsewhere.

It's A Good Bank

Posted by: LauraK | Sep 1, 2018

The worst experience I'm having with this bank! The bankers are frustrating, you say something they don't like, they get in there feelings and delay your requests just to inconvenience you more. Whenever you need something, you need to mail or fax in a request to get it, then you have to wait for approval, and if they feel like being nice, will send or transfer your request either later in the evening or early the next day. They're racist as well because whenever I have my husband (white man) going in to do business with them, they treat him very well, greeting him with a smile and helping him right away, before you know, he's already out the door feeling like the king he thinks he is. But when I walk in (Hispanic woman) I'm waiting for several minutes, I say the longest I've waited to be helped was half an hour when I obviously see employees standing to the side drinking their coffee, taking calls and talking to each other, I don't get greeted with a warm welcome, not even a smile, and all of a sudden, there's a problem with my request. An hour later they figure out the situation and send me on my way. My husbands brother goes in and is treated the same as my husband. My sister goes in for me and she's treated as poorly as I am. What is going on? My daughter was rushed to the hospital because she was having a seizure. The bill came in, of course medical insurance paid for half but it was hard to get the other half paid off because BMO was the only bank we transferred all our funds in, first they needed proof of her hospital bill and I just refused due to frustration while I would just ask my dad for help. But of course, as soon as my husband spoke to them, he got the funds right away. A friend of mine is mad at me because I told her about this bank in the first place. So she along with her father joined this bank as well, just to be going through what I was going through. We all found a credit union that we're all very satisfied with. Good bank for security purposes and financial advisory though

Worst Communication By Bankers

One of the worst communication observed and service provided...Please do not opt it...

Beware Of Hidden Fees And Language

I have outstanding credit however after two attempts at entering a password the bank would not allow me to take advantage of a specific interest rate. This is without a doubt the craziest most goofed up bank I have ever dealt with. Be careful, their disclosure fine print is filled with weird clauses which may create big problems for you. In my opinion there are many many other banks I have dealt with which avoid many pitfalls which may befall you if you use this bank.

After posting this review BMO initiated charges against me and will not provide me with a bill of particulars. What a corrupt way to do business. Too bad you can only go as low as one star as they deserve less. Just look at the number of negative reviews before you take a chance of doing business with this place. BEWARE of any transactions with this entity.

Opening An Online A/C Or CD

Posted by: ley | Mar 22, 2018

Here are the hassles:
- Does not offer provision for adding a beneficiary, so a/c is opened but one has to chase dept after dept to get the beneficiary form filled out, very painful run around.
- On termination of CD, one has to send a letter signed and a week later a cheque will be mailed, no wire convenience offered, so basically you stand to lose atleast one weeks of interest or perhaps more !
Just a bad deal across the board. Seniors beware !

Terrible Bank

Posted by: fbernsee | Feb 24, 2018

Went to open an IRA and this bank cannot open the account unless you have money in your hand. They do not offer an opportunity to transfer funds from another financial institution. How can they run a bank?

Good bank

Posted by: Benhamic | Dec 12, 2017

Bmo Harris is an amazing bank. They have overdraft protections, low banking fees, amazing customer service. I have overdrew my account a couple of times and I called them and they were able to remove all of the fees from overdrawing my account and I just owed how much I overdrew. They really care about you and will do whatever they can to help you.

Nothing Compelling

Opened a checking account for the $200 bonus they were offering. Had no issues with that, customer service is OK. Online banking looks about 10 years out of date, and the lack of ACH ability is a definite downside. Really, I couldn't find any reason to continue using them as a bank. Their deposit products, rates, and credit products are all sub-par compared to other banks and credit unions.

Untrustworthy, Corrupt Or Incompetent Bank

Posted by: tbc3 | Jun 16, 2017

Whether this bank is intentionally deceitful, or just completely incompetent, you should NOT bank with BMO Harris.

I opened a checking account and a savings account for a $500 bonus ($300 for the checking, and the remaining $200 for the bonus). I have done this with several banks, and BMO Harris is the only bank I have ever had a problem with every customer service representative giving different information, and consistently being wrong.

When opening an account with a promotional code, there is no confirmation like every other bank seems to have. I even asked my banker for this page, and was informed that they don't do that, but have to take the physical code and hand it in.

I called the day I opened the account, and was informed that due to the process of submitting promo codes, they couldn't confirm whether it was applied, and that I would need to call back in a few days. I called back a week and a half alter and confirmed the promo code was indeed applied. Hallelujah.

The bonus was based on 90 days activity, and was supposed to be credited approximately 120 days after account opening.

A few days after the 120 days passed, I called in to check the status. Different reps gave me different answers:

* The bonuses will take 1-2 weeks after the 120 days for it to post
* The bonuses are based on statement closing, and I would have to wait for the checking and savings statement dates for them to appear
* The bonuses require manual review and escalation

After 8+ phonecalls (including several calls where they asked me what the promo code was again and what the terms were), I have the checking bonus finally deposited, but still missing the other portion of the bonus. Now they are stating to wait another 10 days.

I have family that have BMO Harris as well, and apparently they have issues mailing tax forms to the correct recipient, and include full account numbers of the documents they sent to the wrong customers.

Needless to say, I would NEVER trust my money with this bank. Whether this is intentionally deceiving and stealing from their customers, or just horrible management and systems for doing business, I predict a few Wells Fargo implosion for this bank in the future.

Worst Bank I've Ever Had

Posted by: EricaErin | May 3, 2017

Terrible customer service and endless fees. I used BMO in Canada and it is nothing like BMO Harris. You're honestly better off with any other bank.

Easy to navigate online site and mobile app

Using Harris' website is very user friendly (although on the home page, sometimes when you're trying to click on the login box it disappears - I found that if your mouse hovers over the navigation bar it will disappear, so best to go around the edge of the page). I can easily check balance on each of my account, transfer money between accounts and bill pay with just a few clicks. The mobile app is even better - it was recently upgraded - and there are buttons for deposit (I love not having to go to the bank to deposit a check), bill pay, transfer money and people pay. I have had a few issues with minimums on the accounts changing and getting a fee when a balance dropped below a certain amount (for a checking account), but when I went in and explained I didn't realized the minimum had changed, they waived the fee. It seems like the longer you have an account, the more likely the rules regarding the account will change, so it's important to check statements or ask periodically. The experience I had with opening a CD was seamless and simple. Whenever I have to go to a branch, I find the employees to be very courteous and helpful, and there are usually no lines.

Serves No Purpose

Posted by: cdfree | Mar 22, 2017

Not really sure what the point of this bank is. Retail & small business customers get the incompetent customer service of a large bank with electronic banking capabilities that are 7-8 years behind big bank industry standard. Hate to say it but Chase is better in every way.

Did not feel the love...

Posted by: Jenzz | Nov 16, 2016

We have dealt with BMO for many years. A few years ago we had the unfortunate opportunity to find out that accounts will now be charged for inactivity. What a sham! It is my money, seriously, how hard is it to let it sit?! Any time I have to go into my local bank for help with my savings or checking, I might find that I have to wait a number of hours or even days for attention. It also bothers me that the savings account rates are so low. Each time I visit the bank, the staff tries to "sell" me on the idea of opening another account to get better interest rates. When I see the low interest rates, I can see t is not worth my time. The low rates are discouraging, and while they are the norm, there was a time BMO led the banks with great rates.

Opened A CD Account

I recently opened a CD account with BMO Harris Bank. They do not have an online application, so I had to do it all verbally on the phone with one of their reps, which was inconvenient, and I had no way to verify if the information was being entered correctly. I had to wait until I received their documentation in snail mail with the account number, etc. before I could mail them back a check to fund the CD--no ACH funding. They said they would lock the interest rate on the CD until they received the check, but I had nothing in writing stating so. The rep I dealt with was very polite and respectful, but clearly needed more training about opening CD accounts. It all worked out in the end, but not the easiest way to take out a CD, either. They need to catch up with the other internet banks and offer online applications and ACH funding of the account.

Solid Canadian Bank In US

Posted by: Thomas777 | Aug 10, 2016

Overall, BMO Harris is a good bank, with a strong and stable parent company, BMO. However, I feel their products are less competitive then their American counterparts. Many of their products seem more..."international" where everything has a charge or fee. Perhaps we are too use to getting everything for free?

Keep An Eye On Your Accounts...

I was a longtime customer of M&I before Harris BMO takeover. Since BMO, they take "service fees" out of my checking account every month. Each time they admit it is an error but they keep on doing it. If I didn't frequently check on my account, Harris BMO would get away with ripping me off each month. I am looking for another bank which is too bad because I am known to the staff at my local branch and really like them.

Long Time BMO Harris Customer Review

Posted by: ColinG. | Oct 28, 2014

I am a long time customer of BMO Harris, and have found their banking "experience" to be very good overall. First of all, I find their customer service to be exceptional. Every time I have had an issue with a transaction, or needed to talk to a personal banker, I was taken care of immediately and even had multiple follow-up phone calls to make sure I was satisfied with their service. There's also no checking account fees which is nice. Their banking app is also very useful for depositing checks via photo. The only issue I have with this bank is locations. They don't have an abundant amount of locations, and I travel often, so it's slightly inconvenient if I need to stop in at a bank while traveling. other than that, they are a great bank to bank with.

Would Give 0 Stars If It Were Possible.

Have been trying, without success, to set up online access for a school's account for the School Board Treasurer and 3 employees. The banker at the branch suggested the Treasurer just share his login and password with the rest of us (yipes, there goes his fiduciary responsibility).
We've already opened an account with another bank and will close this account as soon as the last check clears-I just hope we have online access by then so we can figure out when that is.

Worst Bank Ever!!!!

BMO Harris acquired the bank I had all my accounts with for 30 plus years-M&I Bank. I was all in with M&I and had all my checking, savings, mortgage, line of credit, credit card, online banking, bill pay and brokerage accounts with them. Of course, all of this stuff moved to BMO Harris when they acquired M&I.
The first thing BMO Harris did was kick me out of Private Banking. Some idiot VP just sent me a letter and said I needed to work with branch personnel moving forward. Next, they called me and said they wanted to close my line of credit account because I was not using it enough.
The online services (online banking, bill pay) were terrible compared to the services I had previously.
At this point, I have closed all my accounts with these clowns and have moved everything to Wells Fargo. I found it absolutely astounding that as I moved all my money and closed all the accounts, no one from BMO Harris ever called me to see if there was a problem.
The morons from BMO (Bank of Montreal) are used to having a monopoly like they do up in Canada. And they don't have a flipping clue what customer friendly means. I find it ironic that the Bank's byline is "We're here to help". What a crock!!!

BMO Banking By Morons

Posted by: Telfa7 | Aug 11, 2014

I have been with this bank for over 16 years now with my current account. Since BMO has taken over M&I the service has plummeted, while the charges and incompetency have increased. Their onine account information is inaccurate by their own supervisor's admission, so why then do they promote it. Everything is done "automatically by computer," but who programs and inputs information into those computers? There are constantly charges appearing on my account, and transactions after normal business hours, who ever heard of transactions occurring around midnight, while my deposits and transactions always seem to be delayed. Moreover, their check system is archaic, and most of the time now my parents can't even use checks at many businesses like Walmart and Petsmart, and neither bank nor business seems to know why. "Well, there might be problems integrating into the U.S. Banking system;-(" There is constant turnover of employees, and the ones that are there are too busy socializing to help the customers, or are downright rude. The Bank may be run by morons, but I won't be one that continues to use them.

BMO Harris Review

Posted by: Matt14 | Jul 23, 2014

I have been banking with BMO Harris (previously M&I) for about ten years now, and I don't have a whole lot of negative things to say. Every time I walk into the bank I always feel welcomed and wanted. The tellers are extraordinary at their jobs, and make me feel appreciated as a customer. I also really like the mobile app that BMO has, as it is extremely user friendly. My favorite part of the app and bank is that I can do a mobile deposit on my checks that I receive, and they have an extremely fast approval time so that I don't even have to go to the bank if I don't have time.

Screwed Again By BMO HARRIS BANK

I banked with M&I BANK for 20+ years and never had a problem. Then they were acquired by BMO HARRIS and it all went down hill.

In the past I spent four hours on the phone with BMO HARRIS due to a compromised account at their bank. Their security department told me what to do and what I needed the local branch to do. I went to the branch and they refused to take the action I was told to have them take. Whet back the next day and complained to the manager who stated they have had other complaints about the person who was taking care of me. So, why is he still there? That next day they took the actions that they were instructed to by their own security department and told me if there was any thing else to come directly to the branch manager. Accounts were closed because of the fact they had been compromised. Other accounts were left open.

One of the accounts left open was a home equality line of credit which had a balance. A few months ago I paid off that balance. Last month I created a new balance because I needed some quick cash. All payments have always been on time and the high four figure balance was paid in full as I said. Today I receive a letter in the mail stating they will be closing this account and that it needs to be paid in full by September 2014. They are willing to reopen a new account at a much higher interest rate if that helps me out.

I have had nothing but a string of bad experiences since M & I Bank was acquired by BMO Harris. I'm done with them. Going back to the local credit unions who want and appreciate your business. Hoping they go back to Canada!

Service Levels Falling

Posted by: Cheermom | Jan 17, 2013

My family has many accounts with Harris (over 9) We use to have our mortgage through them as well. For 2 years we have been trying to refinance. we have a upper 700 credit rating. But 2 years they strong us along. a friend referred me to a broker who was able to get it done within 45 days with an amazing rate.

We also experience issue with customer service. You can never reach anyone on the phone to get assistance. Even for something sinple. You go into the branch and they cant even get ahold of their support.... seriously dont waste your time.....



Posted by: RUGAARO | Jan 8, 2013

Do not be fooled by BMO Harris advertising.  You can't trust what they tell you.  I had a line of credit set up with them for years for 150 k.  Their account rep assured that it would be renewed without any problems.  After several attemps to get it renewed they turned around, with no explaination and shut my company off.  They demanded payment right away and then proceeded to clear out my company and personal assets with no explaination.  They eventually forced my company out of business and me into personal bankruptcy.

If you are looking for an impersonal bank who doesn't care about it's customers, then BMO Harris is the bank for you.  On the other hand if you are looking for a bank that will lend you a hand, go any where else but BMO Harris.


Terrible Service

Posted by: jamie | Nov 29, 2012

I have now had several opportunities to interact with Harris or BMO Harris and bottom line is they are about as personal as a firing squad. I will NEVER bank with this organization. They made me wire, for a fee, funds to close on a house and would not take a cashiers check. When my mother died she had a line of credit out. The day she passed they closed the line and immediately charged fees and interest with no opportunity to pay it off. The would not even tell you the amount until you jumped through hoops. Please, Please, for your own benefit, bank anywhere but here.

Great Customer Service For 3 Years

Posted by: MarineMan | Jul 6, 2010

Never have had an issue with opening/closing accounts

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