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Banks and credit unions are battling it out for deposits...\r\nSee More\r\n


Banks and credit unions are battling it out for deposits. Competition among financial institutions provides investors a broad menu of choices when it comes to certificates of deposit (CDs). We track daily rates from thousands of institutions to help you compare the best CD rates and find the best deal on your next CD. This table compares CDs of all maturities, making it easy to find the highest CD rate regardless of term. The highest rate CD often doesn’t have the longest term.

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Banks and credit unions are battling it out for deposits. Competition among financial institutions provides investors a broad menu of choices when it comes to certificates of deposit (CDs). We track daily rates from thousands of institutions to help you compare the best CD rates and find the best deal on your next CD. This table compares CDs of all maturities, making it easy to find the highest CD rate regardless of term. The highest rate CD often doesn’t have the longest term.

\r\n","StateBlurb":"Compare certificate of deposit rates in [state]. Rates on CD products can vary greatly between banks. That is why we check both national and local banks every day to provide you with a wide selection of CD rates available in [state]. If we have missed a local bank in your area please contact us and let us know by using the email link below.","Active":true,"MinAmount":0.0000,"MaxAmount":999999999.0000,"MinTerm":1,"MaxTerm":9999,"AdditionalProducts":"2,1","Tags":"-youth,-club,-misc,-business,-relationship,-health","PageTitle":"Best CD Rates for [date] | DepositAccounts","StatePageTitle":"[state] Certificate of Deposit Rates","DefaultAmount":25000.0000,"Meta":"Compare CD rates for thousands of banks and credit unions in the U.S. to find the best certificates of deposit available.","StateMeta":"","Article":"","ShortName":"CD-Rates","IsSectionIdNull":false,"IsNameNull":false,"IsInformaCodeNull":false,"IsUrlNull":false,"IsBlurbNull":false,"IsStateBlurbNull":false,"IsActiveNull":false,"IsMinAmountNull":false,"IsMaxAmountNull":false,"IsMinTermNull":false,"IsMaxTermNull":false,"IsAdditionalProductsNull":false,"IsTagsNull":false,"IsPageTitleNull":false,"IsStatePageTitleNull":false,"IsDefaultAmountNull":false,"IsMetaNull":false,"IsStateMetaNull":false,"IsArticleNull":false,"IsShortNameNull":false,"FullUrl":"/cd/","TagArray":[],"NegativeTagArray":["youth","club","misc","business","relationship","health"]},"Ad":null,"NationalRate":3.9805,"Score":150.0},{"Account":{"CharterType":"","CharterDmas":"","CharterAffiliations":"","AdCopy":"","TrackingPixel":"","Tags":"","EstimatedEpc":0.0,"PromoText":"","BlendedApy":false,"EstimatedEarnings":0.0,"DisplayName":"Relationship Plus Money Market","ProductGroupId":0,"ProductGroupName":"","BankId":9108,"SectionId":5,"Id":386576,"BankUrl":"bmo-harris-bank.html","ProductName":"Relationship Plus Money Market","BankName":"BMO","Apy":1.0,"RewardRate":0.0,"MinAmount":0.0,"MaxAmount":999999999.0,"ClickUrl":"","LastUpdated":"2023-12-05T10:41:34.863","InstitutionType":"N","Term":0,"MaxTerm":0,"States":"AZ,FL,IL,IN,KS,MN,MO,WI","OnlineStates":"AZ,FL,IL,IN,KS,MN,MO,WI","OtherAccounts":null,"TierGroups":[{"DisplayName":"Deposit Rate","Tiers":[{"Apy":1.0,"Min":0.0,"Id":671006,"Max":999999999.0}],"Id":285898,"Tags":"","TierType":"deposit"}],"HqRates":true,"Ewp":0,"Variants":"","ReviewCount":120,"HasLogo":true,"FederallyInsured":true,"CuOpenStates":"","DmaCodes":",527,534,539,571,581,602,603,609,610,613,616,617,638,658,669,676,702,705,753,789,","Locations":512,"HasSelectedTier":false},"ComparisonAccount":null,"Product":{"Id":22,"SectionId":5,"Name":"Money Market Accounts","InformaCode":"DP02001","Url":"","Blurb":"
written by Ken Tumin | Updated on September 21, 2022

A money market account (MMA) has a unique set of features that makes it a hybrid of a savings account and a checking account. Money market accounts offer high interest rates, and also easy access to your money.


The money market accounts listed in the table below are sorted according to rates, from highest to lowest. This table lets you compare money market accounts from banks and credit unions — use the filter box to customize your results. Read on to learn more about the history, distinct features and benefits of these accounts.

\r\n","StateBlurb":"Compare rates on [state] money market accounts. Every day, we check both the national banks and regional banks in [state] to provide you with the most current money market rates available. We try hard to list as many local banks as possible so if there is one you would like to see listed here, please let us know and we'll do our best to add it. ","Active":true,"MinAmount":10000.0000,"MaxAmount":24999.9900,"MinTerm":0,"MaxTerm":0,"AdditionalProducts":"","Tags":"-business,-youth,-club,-edu,-retirement,-misc,-relationship","PageTitle":"Money Market Account Rates in [date] | DepositAccounts","StatePageTitle":"[state] Money Market Accounts","DefaultAmount":10000.0000,"Meta":"Compare money market account rates on more than 14,000 of the most popular banks and credit unions in the U.S. Discover which institutiuons currently offer the best money market accounts.","StateMeta":"","Article":"","ShortName":"Money Market","IsSectionIdNull":false,"IsNameNull":false,"IsInformaCodeNull":false,"IsUrlNull":false,"IsBlurbNull":false,"IsStateBlurbNull":false,"IsActiveNull":false,"IsMinAmountNull":false,"IsMaxAmountNull":false,"IsMinTermNull":false,"IsMaxTermNull":false,"IsAdditionalProductsNull":false,"IsTagsNull":false,"IsPageTitleNull":false,"IsStatePageTitleNull":false,"IsDefaultAmountNull":false,"IsMetaNull":false,"IsStateMetaNull":false,"IsArticleNull":false,"IsShortNameNull":false,"FullUrl":"/moneymarket/","TagArray":[],"NegativeTagArray":["business","youth","club","edu","retirement","misc","relationship"]},"Ad":null,"NationalRate":0.8401,"Score":20.0},{"Account":{"CharterType":"","CharterDmas":"","CharterAffiliations":"","AdCopy":"","TrackingPixel":"","Tags":"","EstimatedEpc":0.0,"PromoText":"","BlendedApy":false,"EstimatedEarnings":0.0,"DisplayName":"BMO Harris Smart Advantage Account","ProductGroupId":0,"ProductGroupName":"","BankId":9108,"SectionId":3,"Id":327001,"BankUrl":"bmo-harris-bank.html","ProductName":"BMO Harris Smart Advantage Account","BankName":"BMO","Apy":0.0,"RewardRate":0.0,"MinAmount":0.0,"MaxAmount":999999999.0,"ClickUrl":"","LastUpdated":"2023-11-24T06:23:51.51","InstitutionType":"N","Term":0,"MaxTerm":0,"States":"AZ,FL,IL,IN,KS,MN,MO,WI","OnlineStates":"AZ,FL,IL,IN,KS,MN,MO,WI","OtherAccounts":null,"TierGroups":[{"DisplayName":"Deposit Rate","Tiers":[{"Apy":0.0,"Min":0.0,"Id":709698,"Max":999999999.0}],"Id":305624,"Tags":"","TierType":"deposit"}],"HqRates":true,"Ewp":0,"Variants":"","ReviewCount":120,"HasLogo":true,"FederallyInsured":true,"CuOpenStates":"","DmaCodes":",527,534,539,571,581,602,603,609,610,613,616,617,638,658,669,676,702,705,753,789,","Locations":512,"HasSelectedTier":false},"ComparisonAccount":null,"Product":{"Id":13,"SectionId":3,"Name":"Standard Checking Accounts","InformaCode":"DP01001","Url":"","Blurb":"
written by Ken Tumin | Updated on September 21, 2022

Checking accounts are a dime a dozen. Banking institutions offer checking accounts with branding such as Gold, Silver, Green, High Interest, Free, Student, Sports Teams, etc. The vast majority of Americans have, at some point, opened a checking account at one of the 14,000+ banking institutions across the country. The abundance of choices represents bonus features that accompany the primary purpose of checking: to provide security for cash and easy access to funds when needed to complete a transaction.


But which do you choose? Compare personal checking accounts from banks and credit unions. Below, you’ll also find some of the history, features and benefits of checking accounts.

\r\n","StateBlurb":"Compare rates on personal checking accounts in [state].. Our system checks the rates of many national banks as well as regional banks in [state] every day to provide you with a single list of current interest bearing checking account rates in your area. If we have missed a local bank in your area please let us know by using the email link below.","Active":true,"MinAmount":100.0000,"MaxAmount":999999999.0000,"MinTerm":0,"MaxTerm":0,"AdditionalProducts":"","Tags":"-reward,-business,-health,-youth,-club,-misc,-relationship,-cashback","PageTitle":"Compare Checking Account Rates in [date] | DepositAccounts","StatePageTitle":"[state] Checking Account Rates","DefaultAmount":10000.0000,"Meta":"Compare checking account rates for thousands of banks and credit unions across the country and discover which have the best checking accounts available.","StateMeta":"","Article":"","ShortName":"Checking","IsSectionIdNull":false,"IsNameNull":false,"IsInformaCodeNull":false,"IsUrlNull":false,"IsBlurbNull":false,"IsStateBlurbNull":false,"IsActiveNull":false,"IsMinAmountNull":false,"IsMaxAmountNull":false,"IsMinTermNull":false,"IsMaxTermNull":false,"IsAdditionalProductsNull":false,"IsTagsNull":false,"IsPageTitleNull":false,"IsStatePageTitleNull":false,"IsDefaultAmountNull":false,"IsMetaNull":false,"IsStateMetaNull":false,"IsArticleNull":false,"IsShortNameNull":false,"FullUrl":"/checking/","TagArray":[],"NegativeTagArray":["reward","business","health","youth","club","misc","relationship","cashback"]},"Ad":null,"NationalRate":0.2458,"Score":20.0}];

Overview / Commentary
111 West Monroe Street
Chicago, IL 60603

BMO is headquartered in CHICAGO and is the largest bank in the state of Illinois. It is also the 14th largest bank in the nation. It was established in 1947 and as of June of 2023, it had grown to 20,183 employees at 1,054 locations. BMO's savings rates are 9X the national average, and it boasts an A+ health rating.

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The large regional bank, BMO Harris (BMO), has been offering competitive online savings account and CD rates in the last few months.

BMO Harris (Check Your Zip Code) - 1/14/2023

Special CD Rates (looks like good nationwide but check your zip first) 13 mo 4.00% 25 mo 4.10% 35 mo 4.30% 45 mo 4.40% 59 mo 4.50% Only good outside Illinois and maybe other states where BMO has branches (check zip code at ) . 12 month - 60 month all at 4.50% EWP ranges from 180 days - 545 days (very high) Their redemption/maturity process is manual and requires depositor to call them and request a physical check be mailed to their address on file. No scheduling or ACH payments out. They will mail a separate check for each CD redeemed. Good rates from an old brick and mortar Money Center bank aside from the above observations. hat tip to JamesStewart for posting on the 59 month 4.5% on Dec 12th in an old thread.

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10/29/18 - BMO Harris Ups 60-Month Special CD Rate
3/25/18 - 3% 5 Year CD As Of March 25
2/26/18 - BMO Harris Bank Has A Special Rate 60-Month CD
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3/13/09 - 3.00% 10-Month CD & 3.75% 39-Month CD at AMCORE Bank in IL & WI
1/20/09 - 4.00% 39-Month CD and 3.50% 10-Month CD at Amcore Bank in IL and WI
10/24/08 - 4.50% 7-Month / 5.10% 60-Month CD at Harris Bank
7/19/08 - 5.00% 39-Month / 4.00% 19-Month CD at an IL/WI Bank (Amcore)
5/24/08 - 4.70% 60-Month / 3.60% 20-Month CD at M&I Bank
4/20/08 - 4.50% 60-Month CD at M&I Bank
1/9/06 - CD Specials (5% 13-mo) at an Indiana Bank

Reviews (120)

My BMO Experience

We have been associated with BMO since 2019.Bmo and all their associates have always been there to help us with any of our financial issues. Their rates on CDs and money markets have always been competitive. Someone from BMO has always been available to assist us when any financial issues come up. Either by phone or by stopping by our local BMO bank in person.They always have time for us.Looking forward to being associated with them in years to come

Did not feel the love...

Posted by: |

We have dealt with BMO for many years. A few years ago we had the unfortunate opportunity to find out that accounts will now be charged for inactivity. What a sham! It is my money, seriously, how hard is it to let it sit?! Any time I have to go into my local bank for help with my savings or checking, I might find that I have to wait a number of hours or even days for attention. It also bothers me that the savings account rates are so low. Each time I visit the bank, the staff tries to "sell" me on the idea of opening another account to get better interest rates. When I see the low interest rates, I can see t is not worth my time. The low rates are discouraging, and while they are the norm, there was a time BMO led the banks with great rates.

They Frequently Asks Me To Verify Identity

Posted by: |

For example, if I initialize a transfer from Bank-A to BMO, BMO put my transfer On-Hold and lock my account, asks me to verify my Identity.

So I called them and my Identity got verified.

I started another transfer from Bank-A to BMO, my transfer got On-Hold AGAIN and BMO asked me to verify my identity AGAIN.

A phone call may take 30 or more minutes.


Restricted my Zelle so I can't use it with any other bank and keeps bouncing me back to Zelle. DO NOt BANK WITH BMO



Health Grade Components

FDIC Certificate #16571
Year Established1947
Primary RegulatorOCC
Profit Margin
Return on Assets - YTD-0.07%
Return on Equity - YTD-0.56%
Annual Interest Income$5.99B
Assets and Liabilities
AssetsQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$263.3B$163.2B
LoansQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$154.3B$93.19B
DepositsQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$202.2B$133.3B
Equity CapitalQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$31.98B$15.40B
Loan Loss AllowanceQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$2.37B$779.8MM
Unbacked Noncurrent LoansQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$996.8MM$476.4MM
Real Estate OwnedQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$15.9MM$5.2MM
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Always verify rates and promotions with the bank or credit union. We are not BMO; we are a rate comparison website and cannot provide official rates or promotions.

* The APY shown varies based on the deposit amount. Expand the listing to see APYs for other deposit amounts.

† The rates for some products vary by region. In these cases we have listed the rates for the region closest to the bank's headquarters.

BMO Savings Account Rates

4.50%--Online Savings Account
0.03%--IRA Premium Savers
0.01%--Savings Builder

BMO Money Market Rates

3.56%$250k-Relationship Plus Money Market - Premier Package
3.04%$100k$250kRelationship Plus Money Market - Platinum Package
2.02%$25k$100kRelationship Plus Money Market - Gold Package
1.00%--Relationship Plus Money Market

BMO Checking Account Rates

0.01%--BMO Relationship Checking
0.01%--BMO Relationship Checking - Silver (<25k combined balance)
0.01%--BMO Relationship Checking - Gold (25k-<100k combined balance)
0.01%--BMO Relationship Checking - Platinum (100k-<250k combined balance)
0.01%--BMO Relationship Checking - Premier (250k+ combined balance)
0.00%--BMO Harris Smart Advantage Account

BMO CD Rates

5.25%$1k-13 Month CD Special
5.00%$1k-25 Month CD Special
4.75%$1k-59 Month CD Special
4.75%$1k-35 Month CD Special
4.75%$1k-45 Month CD Special
0.25%$1k-60 Month CD
0.15%$1k-48 Month CD
0.10%$1k-36 Month CD
0.05%$1k-3 Month CD
0.05%$1k-6 Month CD
0.05%$1k-9 Month CD
0.05%$1k-12 Month CD
0.05%$1k-18 Month CD
0.05%$1k-24 Month CD
0.05%$1k-30 Month CD
0.05%$100k-1 Month CD
0.05%$100k-2 Month CD


0.25%$1k-60 Month IRA
0.15%$1k-48 Month IRA
0.10%$1k-36 Month IRA
0.05%$1k-3 Month IRA
0.05%$1k-6 Month IRA
0.05%$1k-9 Month IRA
0.05%$1k-12 Month IRA
0.05%$1k-18 Month IRA
0.05%$1k-24 Month IRA
0.05%$1k-30 Month IRA


The financial institution, product, and APY (Annual Percentage Yield) data displayed on this website is gathered from various sources and may not reflect all of the offers available in your region. Although we strive to provide the most accurate data possible, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. The content displayed is for general information purposes only; always verify account details and availability with the financial institution before opening an account. Contact [email protected] to report inaccurate info or to request offers be included in this website. We are not affiliated with the financial institutions included in this website.