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Dismissive, Cyclical, Inefficient

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Ya'll do not have good customer service as a company. I have been requesting replacement cards multiple times over and over and they don't get sent to my house despite me having USPS informed delivery to prove it. When I called about this, and explained that I cannot make wire transfers due to losing my disability benefits being a risk, I was told repeatedly that my only options were a wire transfer, in a tone that implies that I didn't hear them the first time. This company is unwilling to overnight or send cards through a carrier with even a normal timing and a tracking number to ensure that they are received by their clients. You might as well not even be banking with this company because all they're going to tell you to do is to transfer all of your money to another bank so that you can use it and have ATM access. There is no guarantee that you will ever get a debit card from them no matter how many times you send the card, and yes, they will charge you each time. Don't bother calling them about it, because all they're going to do is repeat the same two sentences to you as if you're not trying to explain a nuanced situation to them.

BTMX Aka Bankmobile

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I became acquainted with this institution through SNHU. In December of 22 I made a purchase on line and used my Bankmobile card to pay for the item. When it arrived it was not at all like what I ordered and after trying to resolve the matter myself disputed the item through Bankmobile. I provided them with all detailed information, documents etc and constantly demanded my refund. Last week I found out, when I called them, that Bankmobile sided with this fraudulent company and refused my refund. I was not provided with any information or documents to review or question. A supervisor called and I challenged their decision, told them this wasn't over and they have blocked all forms of communication from me. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. This action goes against all moral obligations to their customers.
I want people to know this financial institution is not acceptable.

Thank You Customer Service

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Thank you Karey and Mike for helping me login into my bank mobile account

Customer Service

I had and issue with a suspended account and Cathy was able to fix my issue, they were very helpful and quickly responded. I was able to get my account back.
Thanks again Cathy.

Mike From Bank Mobile

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Mike from BankMobile helped me greatly and was kind even though i was frustrated again sorry mike ??

Awesome That They Can Help Via DM

I lost important papers and Cathy was able to verify who I am and give me all the info I needed to set my preferences on my account. And it was so easy to just get on Twitter and DM for help! Like 200 stars for this bank honestly.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Had a few questions about my account. Responses were received very quickly, & all questions were answered. Thank you, Cathy!

Thank You Karey.

Informative, knowledge and quick service.

Great Customer Service

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I had a problem with my account and karey was very helpful and fast.

Great Customer Service!

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Had a problem with my account and messaged Cathy on the twitter support page and she fixed it right away! She was really a big help!

Problem Resolved!

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Cathy did an amazing job helping me out and letting me know how to be prepared for a situation like this in the future!

Awesome Customer Service!

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I was helped by Paul and he was very helpful and efficient with getting me logged back into my account!

Quick And Helpful!

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I contacted BankMobile through Twitter and Sary responded quickly. My problem was resolved in less than 5 minutes. Sary was polite and quick!

Mike And Sary

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Great work!! Very kind. They solved my problem very nicely and they were very helpful

Great Customer Service!

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Karey was fantastic in resolving an issue I had with a refund! She resolved the issue quickly and was so plesant!

Great Service From Karey

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I had some problems about changing my password and unlocking my account of bank of mobile. Until Karey helped with her awesome customer service. The information provided was pretty clear and helpful. I am very satisfied with the service.

Huge Thank You To Mike!

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I was on hold with BankMobile for over 2 hours trying to get my account unsuspended. I sent the company a message on Twitter and Mike answered expeditiously and had my account unsuspended in no time! I was really stressing because I had urgent updates to make for my refund preference. 0/10 for the customer service number. 10/10 for Mike!

Thank You Cathy!

I was ordering checks and wasn't sure what address I should enter for the bank, since it's changed hands several times over the years. I asked a question about this, and received a response in minutes. I live in a rural area where many places still want a paper check. Thank you for giving me peace of mind!

Greatful For Facebook Messenger

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I had the pleasure of Karey & Mike helping me to reset my password. For weeks I try to contact the company by phone with no luck. The line was busy or “having technical difficulties”.I ran across a post on Facebook to try messenger. Karey & Mike were quick to response by Facebook messenger & very efficient. Thank you guys!

Cathy From Bank Mobile

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I’m just going to summarize what I want to say. BIG HELP!!!

Account Closed/ Opening A New Account

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Mike was really helpfully in getting my new account open after my other account was closed. Very professional and get the job done. Mike was very friendly and he kept me update to date throughout the whole process. I don’t know what I would’ve done if it wasn’t for Mike.

Thank You, Karey!

I've been faced with this error for the past week and the mobile support is pretty much non-existent for refunds(financial aid for students like me). Thankfully, the Twitter support pretty much helped me faster than I was expecting, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't automated either. Despite probably being busy, Karey was patient and cordial with me. Thanks for helping me start in solving this issue!

Cathy Is Fast And Furious!!

I tried to call but the automatic voicemail leave me frustrated. However, when I get into Facebook, Cathy helped me to reopen my account in just 2 minutes. Bank mobile worth -2 stars, but the customer service agent makes it back to 7 !


I needed help with my account, and I was on hold for 45 mins now trying to get ahold with customers service… well I went to Twitter and Jenny was such an amazing help!! She was super fast and easy to speak too, she answer all my questions I had and gave the best customer service. Thank you so much Jenny again for your amazing help!! You’re the best!!

Karey At Bankmobile

Karey was sweet & kind. She understood everything I was explaining to her and got back to me quick with a easy, calming solution. If I didn’t understand something, Karey would explain it in a way where I did.

Great Service

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After dealing with excessive hold times trying to call customer service, I tried the messenger option on Facebook. Cathy responded to me within minutes and was so helpful and kind. She made the process easier than I was expecting it to be!

Very Good ?

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Jenny was incredibly helpful when aiding me in retrieving my account as well as very kind and patient!

Facebook Assitance

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Karey was very helpful and quick to respond when needing assistance on my account and resetting it right away. I was very pleased with her service.

Twitter Assistance

Overall the best I got so lucky with Karey, she helped me all the way to the end, great job to her, thanks so much <3

Great Service

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Got my card locked after putting the wrong pin number too many times. Jenny was extremely helpful and the issue was resolved in no time.

Helped A Ton!

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Mike was very helpful with my sign-in issue.

Facebook Assistance

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Jenny is very helpful and very patient with problem solving.

Twitter Assistance

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Jenny was very helpful resetting my password.

Karey From Bankmobile Via Facebook/Messenger

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Karey was kind and quick to solve the problem I was having. She was the best helper.

Thank you so much!

Very Helpful

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I had a minor problem and Karey helped me take care of it super fast. ?????

Cathy From Bank Mobile Thru Via Facebook

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She was a great helper. Due to many attempts my account was disabled, she patiently helped me enable it. Great service??

Greet People

Jenny & Karey are the best rep for Bank Mobile. They explain to me about my account and when my money will be available. I wish all Rep. was like them.

Thank you,

Cathy From Bankmobile

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Hey man, I'm 18 and barely understand how things work, and I get confused very easily. This lady Cathy from bankmobile has been one of the best experiences with customer service that I've ever had in my life. She deserves a raise I'll tell ya. Anyways bankmobile is wonderful

Mike From Bankmobile

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I had several login problems with my account on BankMobile for my college. I chose to ask for assistance through Facebook, and Mike was the person who helped me. I am really pleased with Mike's customer service as he was really patient and kind to me, since it took quite awhile to solve my problems. All in all, Mike is the best!

Bank Moblie Twitter Assistance

Mike was very communicative, kind, and quick with solutions in trying to solve my issue.

Fee Waiver

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I communicated with Mr. Mike about my college refund. He was so helpful and nice. He was also very patient with me considering I was new to the bank.

Mike From Bankmobile Via Facebook/Messenger

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Learned how to activate and have access to my temporary virtual card thanks to Mike. Fast replies and friendly service

Forgot To Update Address

I forgot to update my address so my checks were sent to the wrong address, and for safety reasons they do not allow forwarding. Totally my fault. But the customer service I received from Jenny was so amazing! The issue has since been resolved and within the same day at that, and my anxiety is gone. When you’re waiting on school money it can feel overwhelming if it’s delayed. Thank you to Jenny for your fast help!

Great Help With My Card!

Jenny assisted me with some troubles I had with my card. She did the whole process for me and was very patient. I appreciated her staying with me and being professional the whole time!
Thanks a lot Jenny!

Cathy From Bankmobile Through Twitter

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Needed help setting up a new account and Cathy was very kind and extremely helpful, my experience was exceptional.

Cathy From Bank Mobile Thru Via Facebook

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Cathy is amazing! she helped me change my email so that i could actually get my verification code within a few minutes. she was so quick and helpful, and really nice.

Karey From Bank Mobile Through Via Facebook.

I tried to reset my password and got stuck in the security questions section. BankMobile suspended my account after I fail to answer those questions. SO, I decided to contact customer service through Facebook and met Karey, and I just got access to my account in under 4 mins.

Karey From Bank Mobile Via Twitter!

I had a problem with logging in and tried calling customer service, but the lines were busy and was left on hold for 20 minutes, so I tried dming through twitter @AskBMD and I had my issue resolved fairly quickly!

Cathy At Bank Mobile Via Facebook

Cathy did an AMAZING job helping me with my refund from school! She was extremely nice, and she even updated me when my check was mailed out. I was extremely pleased with our interaction, and I would recommend this to everyone I know!

Mike At Bank Mobile Via Facebook

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Mike was very prompt, friendly, helpful, and thorough. A really good representative of the company.

Only issue was having to leave the site to check emails for verification and to my credit union app to get account information and then go back to Bank Mobile to paste the information in.

Karey From Bankmobile

Karey was a big help and answered all of my questions involving my bankmobile account! I also had a good experience last time as well. Customer service is amazing as always!

Paul From Bankmobile

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Paul helped me quickly and efficiently when I had trouble with my Bankmobile account! It was much faster to go through Twitter than calling and waiting on hold.

Bank Mobile Twitter Customer Service

Mike responded quickly and was overall amazing and made sure everything was supposed to be the way it was! Extremely happy with the customer service and how quickly everything was done!!!

FB Messenger

Mike, on Facebook messenger was so quick and responsive in helping with my situation. Haven’t been able to get my account activated for a year and within 5 minutes he already knew what needed to be done.
Definitely would consider using the messenger for a quick and easy response.

Twitter Assist By Paul

Paul was helpful and gave quick responses to numerous questions I had. It’s definitely better and easier to write a tweet to them if you need assistance.

Twitter Assistance

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Karey was very helpful and got my problem fixed very quickly! Was very happy with the customer service provided, easily some of the best I have ever received.

Karey Is Super Responsive And Informative

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I was able to reach Karey through BankMobile's Twitter DM's when my account was suspended and I forgot my password. Karey's quick response to my message and clear instructions made recovering my account a breeze. Thanks, Karey!

Karey Was An Amazing Help

Such a dear. She assisted me with figuring out about an issue with my enrollment status on the account and she guided me to the right help quick on Facebook which was an added bonus and reason to loving the help BMTX has to offer.

Mike Was Helpful

He helped me get into my account again after a error on my end, responded to my messages on Twitter quickly and efficiently, definitely five star service

Facebook Help

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Mike was very helpful with my account issue. He responded very timely through Facebook messenger and was extremely helpful!

Twitter Assistance *MUCH* Better Than Trying To Use Phone

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When I signed up for bankmobile vibe through my university I accidentally misspelled my email (due to it being a new email to me), and had no way to confirm my account. The phone service for help seemed pretty much impossible for me because I was in limbo between having and not having an account. However, on twitter through their Ask BMD account I got a super quick reply, and my account was fixed very quickly. Mike, who was my tech, helped super quickly and was very professional!

Transfer Problem Resolved

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I had trouble with a transfer and Mike was very helpful in the situation. It took probably less that 10 minutes to get it all sorted out! Thank you Mike!

Account Recovery A Painless Experience Thanks To Mike

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I forget my passwords all too often these days, and so inevitably I find myself spending an inordinate amount of time on hold on the phone waiting for operators to help me retrieve them. This experience was the exception. It's 10:00 P.M where I reside, and I was just able to log onto BMT's Facebook page, send a quick message, and regain access to my account all within five minutes. I would like to thank Mike, the customer service representative who aided me, for his quick and courteous handling of my situation.

Jenny Was Extremely Helpful

Jenny helped me reset my password when I had a difficult time unlocking my account. Perfect service.

Fantastic Support From Jenny

I questioned if a check had been sent and/or cashed for my school refund. Jenny responded quickly and accurately and was able to help me. Turns out, I did cash the check and didn't remember. :D But I appreciate the very professional and quick help from Jenny.

Phenomenal Customer Service

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I was having difficulties with recollecting my login details for hours before I finally decided to reach out to customer care. I'm glad I did. Karey responded to every message promptly, ensured that I was able to clearly specify the problem and resolved it. All with impeccable courtesy and professionalism.

Thank you, Karey and BankMobile!

Karey Is A Superstar Helper!

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I had a quick question about my refund status and Karey was able to clear things up for me in a timely manner. Very polite and swift response time over direct messages. Thank you Karey!

Customer Service

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I appreciate the kind way of responding quickly to my questions and helping me by giving me effective answers !!

Thanks to Schmittinger, Michael and in general to all customer service !!

Got My Refund

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Setting up my profile was easy and got my refund as promised.

Awesome, Very Helpful

I had been having issues with the mobile deposit since the get go, but never contacted anyone to help me. Finally I decided to contact someone and have this issue resolved. Michael Schmittinger Jr. was very helpful. Fixed the issue and answered any questions I had. Thank you

Re: Questions And Concerns

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I had a few questions about funds being sent back into my account after canceling an order, and Karey was so pleasant and helpful in answering all my questions and concerns and even giving me even more helpful additional information, which I really appreciated. Not only was it kind and helpful, but she responded in such a timely manner which was also really, really great!!

Simply The Best

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I am so thankful I was able to open an account with BankMobile several years ago when I was a student. Since then I can get my paycheck deposited early and do not get charged at Target’s ATM each time I take out MY money. Great Bank

Terrific Customer Service!

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BankMobile’s customer service team is phenomenal! Anytime I am having issues, the team is always very professional, polite and knowledgeable.

Easy To Set Up Profile!

The website is really easy to navigate. Once I received my personal code, I was able to set up my profile and select my refund preference. I haven’t had any issues since.

Thank You Bankmobile!

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My experience with BankMobile has been the best! I had a question about my account and they quickly answered my questions when I called. The agent was very knowledgeable and polite.

I have recommended BankMobile to all my friends and family. Thank you BankMobile!


Apparently colleges and universities transfer any tuition overpayments or credits to this "bank". Then you have to go through them to get your refund back. I had never even heard of BankMobile so when I rec'd an email stating that I needed to go to their website to initiate the transfer of my money to my bank account, I clicked the link to find out more details. After clicking through the process, I realized they were trying to get me to open a bank account so I stopped what I was doing and called them. After 30 minutes or back and forth, the representative was finally able to walk me through how to enter my personal bank account information so the funds can be directly deposited to my personal account in 2-3 days. And after 9 days, it's still not there. So today I just spent literally an hour on the phone doing three way calls with my daughter (because they wouldn't tell me anything because I'm not the account holder) only to find out that they DID open an account in her name despite being told not to open it and despite not providing any supporting documents like her social security card and drivers license and now in order for me to get MY MONEY back, she has to close the account that she never authorized to be opened and then they will MAIL HER a refund check and they have no way to deposit the funds directly into our bank account. So now we have to wait another 5-7 business days for our trusted United States Postal Service to deliver the refund check made out to my college student who is away at college. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH THEM! If you can avoid dealing with them, do it at all costs. Absolutely ludicrous.

Worst Bank I Have Ever Used.

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My school forced me to open an account with this bank in order to receive financial aid. Their customer service is very subpar. They source out to call centers in other countries where the representatives have problems understanding simple language and concepts. Simple questions take ten times longer than they should due to the fact that they refuse to help you before verifying your account. Do not ever try to use your BankMobile card at hotels. I once had $3,000 taken from my account for a simple two night stay at a holiday inn while on vacation. I got the money back, but having my account essentially drained while on vacation completely ruined my trip. This bank is the worst bank that I have ever used.


Posted by: |

Worst experience through a bank ever will never go through them again rude staff and horrid everything.

Bank Mobile , When You Hear The Name RUN;

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They shouldn't be listed under banks at all however , they should have a listing readily available under a cult! I didn't weigh out my options please learn a lesson from me and use another means to access you're funds. Bank Mobile has the upmost rudest , unhelpful and the list goes on customer service I have ever encountered in my life. Upon setting up my account I made a simple typo in my email instead of the correct edu I accidentally put eud that's an obvious typo to a non existent email address. Upon forgetting my password I contacted customer service and while trying to explain what had happened and after giving them everything except the apparel I was wearing they were unable to verify my phone provider!!! I literally gave them every piece of information that I possibly could , and because they couldn't verify that at&t were indeed my provider they were not able to be of assistance with no help left me holding the bag of a suspended account that held my funds. I tried to ask why I had to set up security questions upon the opening of this account if I wasn't at any point going to be ask any of the questions and wasn't able to request to use my security questions to validate who I am! I became very agitated because all the while I'm trying to get an answer to my question I keep being talked over and I mean to the point I yelled please will you listen to me for a moment , I was so disgusted with this bank as I had never in my entire life had to deal with such customer service. I was told to mail in my forms for identification and I gave them full explanation of why I seriously needed to go another route instead if that long of a wait time of having to use snail mail and they absolutely wasn't hearing it. I had to ask multiple times for a supervisor before myself having to boldly state that I had ask multiple times to be risky spoken over and ignored . Going on week two with no avail , every way I turn it's a dead in with this bank! ALL OVER A THREE LETTER TYPO! THIS BANK WILL BE REPORTED! In ending I just hope that the schools that have a contract with this cult take their students into consideration and find another bank to contract student loans with and to anyone considering , don't just flat out don't!

Experience With Bankmobile

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I wouldn't recommend this bank to anyone! When there's a problem you will always have to wait hours for customer service just to get someone that barely speaks English. Call representatives are rude and are huge liars. You'd be lucky to get your problems solved.

This bank also closed my account without a word to me, and gave me the run around about my remaining balance, which they eventually mailed after 3 weeks. They also made it hard for me to cash that check of my remaining balance. They closed my account because some disputes that were made that I didn't authorize. This bank is a joke! After sending emails saying how my account was reinstated (I guess they thought that it was funny, knowing they didn't reinstate my account. I would put my money in a safe before I trust this bank with it.


This bank is the worst!! I had someone steal my account and they never notified me or denied the charges. I found out after 6 transactions and reported almost $3k In transfers that I didn't do. It was one after another to different accounts freshly added and they didn't suspect a thing or notify me!! Now after filling a report they say they won't give my money back to me because nothing looked suspicious. They will steal your money like they stole almost $3,000 from me. DON'T TRUST THEM!!! I'm filing a police report and with the BBB and whoever will listen. If anyone knows how I can get my money back from this bank please help me.

The Fast Refund Isn't Worth It.

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Sure, you get refund quickly but get ready to deal with a ton of nonsense! You're charged a monthly fee, there's no linking to modern apps like Venmo, getting cash is a hassle and there's charges for that too. Bill pay is a joke, Just save yourself. Wait a few more days for your school refund and save yourself headaches. I thought a mobile bank would be good to have but I'm just annoyed. If you join a credit union, your refund gets there just as fast. No need to deal with this bank.

Bordering On Illegal

This bank should be forced to stop doing business be made accountable for the terrible way they handle our money causing personnel financial issues and hardship. They must think the money they work with is theirs by the way they make it unavailable. I don't know what exactly to do however I plan to do something with Better Business Bureau or someone. Stay away from this bank.

Tell Your School NO THANKS.. Find A Better Bank.

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I have banked with customers bank for 4 years. At first it was okay, but now that they're trying to go public they have made a bunch of changes that make banking there very inconvenient. It's a mobile banking account that doesn't cater to mobile banking or students. 7-8 days to do a deposit is dumb.

The Worst Banking Service I've Ever Dealt With

If I would've known then what I know now, I would have NEVER used this service. They are terrible. The only perk is getting your refund early. THAT'S IT! I was issued a new debit card and have not received it yet. It's been well over the allotted time. I called to let them know and the lady says to check the post office and have a good day. Wth?? No other bank operates like these people. Now the money i have in this account it on a virtual debit card. I have switched back to my ACH. I will just gladly wait a couple extra days for my refund instead of dealing with this crap. Their customer service is a joke.

Very Poor Service

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I wanted to speak to a representative and it took me many prompts and a very long wait time to speak to someone. When I was connected I was connected to someone who couldn't speak English well. She couldn't tell me much but wanted to sell me their products and reasons why I should stay with them. They charge a monthly fee and ATM withdrawal fee unless you sign up for some monthly deposit agreement from an outside account. Poor products, services and way to treat their customers when they don't even have any physical branches. I'd stay away this so called bank.


Posted by: |

I am so frustrated and angry at what this bank has done to me, I was issued a refund check by my school and BankMobile (without my consent) mailed the check to an address I had never listed with them! Now I try to have them rectify their mistake and I just keep getting excuse after excuse. They made me complete loads of paperwork and file a police report only to then tell me they were doing it all as a “courtesy to me” this has been going on for almost a year now. I’m so disgusted!

Bad Not Good

Posted by: |

This business is not a good source for people school money. They put your information in wrong an they holds your money until you send information to them and when you send info to them they say stuff like it was blurry. I don't know whats going on with this Bank Mobile but they tell you different things over and over. I fainted after I talked the Supervisor on October 24, 2020 at 3:00 because they stress me out so bad.
Holmes Community College talked to the customer service Supervisor on Friday October 23, 2020 and ask him what do I need to get my refund to my own bank account. He said she can email it to them and then when she email it to them, I called them and they said that it was blurry and I have to send it to them again.
They said my birthday was wrong in their system, so i said to check the Social Security Number it is better than the birthdate. Anybody can have the same birthdate but they can't have the same Social Security.
What i need to do with this company?

Fraud Alert

I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to get a refund from BankMobile since July when they contacted me that there were unclaimed funds in an account. After NUMEROUS phone calls, faxes, and follow-ups (I have documented all of it), they keep making excuses and asking for the same documentation over and over, or making up something new to delay sending me the refund (hoping I'll give up). DITCH this fraudulent bank. My next move TODAY is reporting them to the Federal Reserve Commission and the Federal Trade Commission, but I wanted to alert potential customers first -- R.U.N.!!!


Literally don't use this if you care about yourself at all! I was robbed and lose my phone, wallet, and phone along with other things. My Bankmobile Vibe card was in my wallet. Somehow, the person who took my things was able to OVERDRAFT my card that isn't supposed to be able to be overdrafted. So I call customer care, and am immediately told call volumes are higher than usual. I get 10 minutes of recorded messages trying to get me to handle my issue online, and then the automated message finally gives me the option to get a call back when it is my turn. I choose this option, and then NEVER get a call back. So today, 4 days later, I call again. I get the same immediate message that call volumes are higher than usual. Listen to the recorded message forever again, and when I am finally put into the que, I am only on hold for 2 minutes. I explain the situation to a person who's accent I can hardly understand, not a problem, she gets my account unlocked and password reset. Cool. But then she transfers me to another department to deal with the unauthorized charges and overdraft. The next person I talk to, who has the same heavy accent, needs me to explain the entire issue, along with all of my information again, promptly transfers me back to the department I originally called. This person almost sounds identical to the first woman I talked to, but with a different name. I tell her the full story, all of my information again, and at this point I'm 25 minutes into the call. The woman cancels my card and asks me if I would like to have a new one sent to me? Yes, of course. She then tells me it will be a $10 charge to pay for shipping to replace my stolen card! So I ask her about the overdraft, and if I can have it removed, considering the card wasn't supposed to have that option, and the fact that it was due to theft. She proceeds to try to explain to me how I can pay the overdraft back. So I ask her if she is serious, am I really going to be penalized for having all of my stuff stolen? This bank IS NOT REAL! The customer service is a joke. Trust me, don't trust your money with Bankmobile Vibe. Have your refund sent to your regular bank account and wait the extra 2 days!!!

Horrible Bank

Do not care about their customers and their customer service is awful. DO NOT USE BANKMOBILE

Sadistic Bank

Posted by: |

They were once known as HigherOne. They either got bought out or rebranded as Bankmobile.

They have gotten worse. A merchant figured out their statute of limitations and used it to trick me out of my money with no recourse. They then snarkily told me on the phone that getting a school refund doesn't mean I am a student. My school got on their case for that.

I had another dispute with a merchant back in May 2018. The merchant agreed to the charge back mid June. Bankmobile claims that the merchant hasn't responded to their inquiry but the merchant gave me documentation showing that was a lie. Their response was to tell me that even though my money is ready to pull, they will be holding the money(less than $120) till the end of July because they feel like it. While this was going on I ran out of money and has been starving for weeks and was told that it was ok to starve while they negligently hold my money.

My school released my money this Monday before 2PM. 2 PM if you don't know is when banks consider it a new day. Bankmobile has yet to release my money. Thanks to 4th July, no banks are gonna be processing anything Wednesday so that means I won't see a penny til Thursday. I needed that money for my mother's birthday, to eat, for Fourth July celebrations, and most importantly to pay my rent. I now have financial penalties due to their sadistic asses. I even had a health check up and them starving me is causing me health issues.

I try to get in contact with the higher ups but conveniently the manager is never in. Just a useless supervisor who is only there to be a broken record.

Bankmobile is literal killing me and doing it with a smile.

Fast Forward, looks like bankmobile is trying to have the truth of my experience silenced.


Posted by: |

I will be moving every dime of my money out of this account and banking elsewhere! This organization makes it extremely difficult for you to access your own funds, customer service is garbage, and the website features are constantly subjected to some sort of malfunction or inaccessible to begin with. DO NOT BANK WITH THIS ORGANIZATION!!!!!! It is not worth the hassles and headaches... please keep your money with a legitimate and reputable financial organization. To Bank Mobile/Higher One/Customer's Bank, I do not want to hear from any of your representatives with a BS response to this post now that my grievances with your company have been presented via the internet; after providing giving your customer service department the benefit of the doubt after painstakingly innumerable and undeserved occasions, There is absolutely NOTHING that you can do at this point to rectify my issues with your company. I will be discouraging whomever I possibly can from banking with or keeping money at your organization!

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