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Terrible Customer Service, Unhelpful Staff, Snaky Practices

No customer service and really unhelpful staff. I have to drag information out of them or I have to already know how to fix the problem before dealing with them. They are very unresponsive--there is virtually no email; you have to wait on the phone for a really long time for everything; and can't use a break or a lunch to handle any banking matters with them. I never get my mail from them--I have had to physically show up in person for the last 3 card replacements. I don't have time, i have to work and they are SO SLOW you can't do anything in under 15 minutes. Car loans with them are messy--you have to know how the process already works and watch them. They claimed they didn't have my insurance info and instead of calling, they sent me a letter that they assessed me $3204 and my car payment went from $343 to $616. Once I was able to understand what was happening and get my insurer to send proof, they refunded me $1700, and the payment is now $453. I get to deal with this during the holiday. I have been a member for a long time and no one even called me. I am on my app daily, no messages. Terrible, awful, greedy snakes. Also, don't make car payment early. I did that on my first payment and they told me I NEVER made a payment and threatened to repossess my car. I want to move but it's hard but maybe I can warn others. STAY AWAY. It's not worth it

Cut External Transfer Limits In Half

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Discovered I am now unable to move money around like last month. I used BECU as my hub bank; No more.

Limits were $20k/ea, $100K/mo
Limits now $10k/ea (unless you pay an extra service fee), $50K/mo

Nothing like feeling trapped to make you jump ship.

Worth Bank Ever

Evrysince I open an account here nothing but troubles, Every time I would like to deposit a check that will hold the check for 10 days making me late on my payments I called to let them know that I have deposited bigger checks before and they still say that it still has to clear this is nothing but headaches and really disappointed about this branch if you would like to have headache free go to a different institution Seattle credit Union canu Alaska credit Union or any other bank stay away from BECU

Horrible Customer Service. Careful

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After banking with BECU for OVER 15 years I moved out of state. After several months I chose to open an account in the state I now live and close my BECU account. When calling to close it, I was told I need to come into a branch (2500 miles away) or sign a form that is not readily available and mail it to them by USPS. I asked to use online services to close the account and was told this is not possible. I have not used a stamp in nearly 10 years with online services available everywhere including with them. But, they try to lock you into their institution. I now owe $75 in bank fees accrued over two months because I was unable to close the account. I’m flying to Seattle to close the account and save my credit.


Excellent Banking for Teens

I had an excellent experience opening a savings and checking account at BECU for my teen son who just got his first job. The customer service employee who assisted us was friendly, knowledgeable and very patient explaining the details about the account and helping my son set up both his ATM card and online banking account. The child/teen savings account gives generous interest for the first $500 and my son has enjoyed seeing his money grow. The website is easy to navigate and informative. We enjoy using a local credit union and are happy we chose BECU.

BECU credit union

I have had BECU for over 12 years and have been treated with nothing but respect and have been helped by people that have gone above the average in customer service.
Their rates have saved me thousands of dollars of interest, and after getting several car loans with them I have been very happy with their product.
I have been able to save more money by consolidating my services and have had help with every phase of my banking needs.
I am very happy with BECU and have urged many people to switch from regular banks to this great credit union.

All Around Good Credit Union

I have been a member of this credit union for 29 years. What I like best about this credit union is their online bill paying/check writing capabilities. For those businesses that don't accept credit cards (e.g., city street light charges, HOA dues), I can schedule a payment on line and they make the payment for me, which means I don't have to write a check or pay for a stamp to send it. I also use BECU's online bill paying services to send my monthly pledge to my church. Once a month, I get a notification that the payment is scheduled and then again when the payment has been made. Using this service also gives me a good record of my contributions - the church doesn't always get it right.

For most of the categories, I only gave them 4 stars because I don't use very many of their services, other than their online services and simple checking and savings accounts, so I cannot accurately review these services. I haven't actually talked to a credit union employee in over 5 years. I had an email exchange with their customer service 3 years ago, and that seemed to work. The first employee who responded didn't do a very good job, but when I wrote back for clarification I got a very clear response.

So happy with BECU

My family always banked with Wells Fargo, but after the recent account opening scandal I was unhappy with how their CEO "apologized". Although we only recently moved to Washington we heard great things about BECU and decided to transfer our banking to them. My husband and I went into a branch near our work on our lunch break and it was quick and easy to get our accounts opened. They were helpful when my debit card was recently skimmed, they called to alert me to unusual purchases and did not hold me liable for the purchases that were not made by me. We love banking with them!

I love my credit union

I have had this credit union now for over 15 years, and have had nothing but the best of service and help from this institution. I have my car loan, line of credit, and banking and savings accounts with them. I don't have a lot of money, but what little I do have I trust that this credit union will always have my back. I don't trust banks or for-profit institutions and will never use them again after having used credit unions since I started using them a long time ago. With Boeing, I've found people who care, who listen and offer the right mix of checking and savings accounts for those of us with less money. Overall, I would highly recommend them.

A pleasant surprise

I have enjoyed my time with Boeing Employee's Credit Union. They've been extremely patient with me as I've never been savvy when it came to finances. Everything was incredibly easy to set up and I was thrilled to see that there wasn't a lot of expositional jargon at the beginning. The mobile app for the website can be problematic at times, because the website doesn't want to work here and there, but that's not much of a problem as I focus more on working from a computer. The transferring portion is easy as well, usually involving just a few clicks. I don't have much experience with competitive products and reasonable fees, as I've never really had an issue with those. Customer Service was more than happy to help me build a line of credit as well in order to build up my overall credit.

Great for me!

BECU has been very kind to me. I have had nothing but good experiences banking with them. I switched over from chase after getting sick and tired of getting charged fees just for withdrawing from my savings account! BECU has had none of those fees.

The savings account has treated me nicely, set up with direct deposit through my employer. Savings account with no minimum has been great as well, and the one time I overdrew, I was not charged any fees, they just took money out of the savings to cover it.

Have only interacted with in person customer service once before traveling abroad, and it ended up being unnecessary, as my debit card and checking account worked flawlessly in Canada. Basically, I would recommend BECU to anyone looking for a simple place to just store their money who doesn't want to be charged just to access it.

Solid Credit Union if you live in Washington State

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I have had good experiences with BECU, and have been banking with them since I was a teenager. They seem to be on par with other credit unions in terms of fees/interest, and I think they excel in the area of customer service. BECU has several large customer service locations, and each time I have gone to one I have been able to get help with my issues quickly and have dealt with helpful customer service agents (who always spoke very natural English, which is a must for me!). I've always visited their Everett location, which I think is the biggest one.

I have had success with BECU's mobile app as well, which allows you to cash checks from your phone. This is probably the most useful feature of the app and I use it all the time-- I never go into the bank to cash my checks anymore. This is a standard for large banks but not for all local credit unions.

Now that I live away from Washington state, BECU is a little less convenient because I can't go into the service locations. But if you live in Washington state, I would definitely recommend BECU!

The best credit union for Washington State consumers

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I have been a member of BECU credit union for over 8 years now, beginning when Washington Mutual was overtaken by Chase. They have been fantastic to work with for almost everything. I am incredibly happy with the ease of their online and mobile banking, and I only ever use their branches for ATM access or to utilize Notary services. In addition, it is really easy to set up a money market fund. I love the fact that I can see all of my accounts on one page and easily move money from one place to the other. They also offer bill pay, and will send checks to companies or individuals at your request.


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BECU has been a great credit union for my needs. I opened my saving and checking accounts with BECU back in 2011. I was able to refer someone so they got 25 dollars for me signing up with the credit union, and eventually someone used me to open their account and I got 25 dollars. They have paperless deposits at most of their ATM's and customer service has been prompt in returning my emails since I dislike calling people and businesses.

I have since moved to Texas where I have kept BECU as my main financial institution. Although BECU does not have ATMs here, they are linked with the Co-Op system of ATMs at several credit unions around the small town I live in. I can even deposit cash at one of the ATMs without having it to be a specific BECU ATM.

My Experience.

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I hope that someone high up in the bank sees this.
I have been a member since i was like 12. So for 8 years. Recently I fell for a scam. A horrible scam. I was hoping that the bank could help me more but turns out that they won't. I understand where the bank is coming from that because money was spent out of my account that i owe it but that bank also needs to look into the whole thing more before they just start blaming one side. other banks would have stopped the scam from happening because they would have noticed that i wasn't the one doing the transactions by my how I've handle my banking in the past. apparently i was wrong in thinking that. This isnt a bank its a credit union that just wants to take money when things go south. A real bank would have stopped it.
Don't use this Credit union. It is not helpful when things get rough.

Customer service at it's best.

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I went to my local Boeing Credit Union to do a deposit, and couldn't deposit a money order without a deposit slip, so went to ask for one.
The gal that helped me, had to go online and check my account so we could add the account number on the slip.
As she was looking at my account, she mentioned to me that she could help me keep my payments down, by consolidating a loan and bring my payments down a couple of notches.
She went above and beyond the norm for me to help me keep my costs down.
I love this credit union. Wonderful beyond compare.

Great banking experience

Having come to BECU from a more nationally known banking chain, it has been a refreshing change for me. There are so few fees involved with each of the accounts that we have and there haven't been a lot of hidden restrictions that trip you up later in the game. Every person that we've spoken to at their main branch has been knowledgeable, of course, but also helpful and happy. They seem to actually enjoy their job which makes the connections with them even better! Their online account presence and BillPay system have also improved over time. Since I use those most often, I can personally speak to their positive functionality.

BECU Customer Service Is Horrible

BECU saves you pennies but wastes your time in a big way. So if your time means anything to you, avoid the BECU. Go to a real bank with a real banker and get your business completed efficiently or go to BECU and wait, and wait, and wait some more while their network of customer service people do nothing but transfer you and get wrapped around the axle and accomplish nothing while you wait, and wait, and wait some more.

Great experience over several years with BECU

I've been a member of BECU for over ten years. They were one of the first credit unions to give me a checking and savings account when I turned 18 and had hardly any banking experience. Conveniently, even after moving out of the area, I have had access to my BECU checking and savings accounts through their relationship with the credit union network. You can even make deposits into your checking and savings accounts using a photo of a check you're trying to deposit with your smart phone. They have competitive rates on their checking and savings accounts compared to other banks. Lastly, their customer service is available over the phone, instant message, or secure messaging which is very convenient when I have a quick question.

Great place to develop credit!

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I just have to say I love BECU. They have low interest rates for people who are just starting to develop their credit. Through my partner I was able to qualify for a low interest rate (4.8%) personal loan and was able to buy myself a car! It was an absolute shock that I could get an interest rate so low as a different corporation put me into a loan of 24.68%. I truly believe that BECU cares about its customers and does everything in their power to provide lower interest rates. I now own my car and am looking at homes with my partner. Once we have found a house we just cant live without we look forward to going to BECU and getting our next loan through them.

How can you lose with BECU (must be a Washington State Resident)

Who would have thought I say that Boeing would offer an amazing Credit Union not only to its own employees but to other Washington State residents. We assume most large companies don't care about people and just want to make a profit, but BECU has so many amazing services to help you that I can't speak highly enough about them. I was able to apply for an account on-line and was approved quite quickly. I can do almost everything on-line and even was able to quickly link into an account I have with another bank. The conditions to get interest on your bank account is simple. There are no fees on any services at all. The people who answer the phone at BECU when you have questions are very friendly and even helpful. I had never tried a credit union before but it seems they have all the same services but don't hassle you as much. This is also the first time I have a checking and savings account. They also offer very lucrative services for loans. They only disadvantage is there aren't as many branches as other banks as with a large deposit I have to go to their main locations.

I Love BECU!

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My experience with BECU has been nothing but positive. I needed to switch bank because my previous bank was charging me monthly fees without my knowledge. I heard great things about BECU so I wanted to try it. It was fairly easy to sign up. I showed up in business hours in one of their locations and there are bank associates available to help you. I didn't have to wait for long only 5 minutes. The bank associate that helped me was patient and answered all my questions and concern. He signed me up in less than 30 minutes and I get my bank card right away, how cool is that? I don't even need to wait 2 weeks. The only thing I needed was a $5 minimum in my savings account. I can have $0 in my checking and never get charge for it. I even get to open a credit line and set it up to where it will automatically fund my checking if my balance goes negative. It was stress free, easy, and convenient. I was concerned at first that they don't have bank tellers available in their branches and that you used ATMs but after a month I got used to it and actually preferred that I don't have to deal with bank tellers. It was convenient that I can take out money whenever I want even on Sundays. I can change the limit I can withdraw in my account. In business hours, I have bank associates that are available to help me with concerns and questions I might have. If I need to I can go to one of the main branches like the Everett BECU branch and have an actual bank teller. I recommend this bank to anyone that wants a bank that doesn't charge you ridiculous fees, straightforward, and great customer service. This is a great local bank to have in Washington. I am glad that I switched bank, I just wish I knew this bank was this awesome sooner!

First Tech Federal CU

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I have been banking with BECU for about 15 years now and generally have been very pleased with them.

Their website and mobile app are excellent and give me all I need to do my daily banking. They offer many free services such as free checking and free bill pay service and even offer interest on the balance in your checking account.

The only caveat is that they only offer standard services. They have a limited offering when it comes to credit cards (especially rewards plan), no international currency services and limited loan services (though if all you need is an auto loan or a mortgage they'll help you out).

So if you're banking needs are standard you'll have a great experience with them and will save some fee money.

Not Accountable Not Trustworthy

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BECU will not notify you if their poorly maintained security rules are triggered. You will just find out sometime later that an important service you purchased from a reliable company has not been honored. Since they have no tracking of these issues their staff is instructed to help you understand that it is your fault. When you ask for a tracking number to investigate further.. You get this answer. "you MIGHT be called by a customer service person at sometime."
Nobody has called yet.
This has happened to me Multiple times, costing my family and business thousands.

Account Given Away!

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Despite monthly contact on the BECU website, my account was declared inactive and closed, the contents sent to the state! BECU claims to have sent a letter warning me several months ago. I received nothing and despite having not only current mailing address but also email address and phone number, no attempt was made to reach me, not even a message using their own website. The result of two messages to "customer service" (a misnomer if there ever was one): I was blown off.

Nothing but Good Experiences with BECU

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I've been a member of several credit unions over the years but BECU is among the best. I especially appreciate their customer service, which has been excellent pretty much any time I've gone in to a branch or called over the phone. There was one experience in particular where my debit card information was stolen while I was traveling, and they caught a fraudulent transaction before it went through, notified me by phone and then followed up with me again. I always feel valued and well treated, even when I have questions that might be silly. I use their mobile banking app all the time, and their check deposit through the app is SUPER easy to use and makes life easier for someone like me who has a job that doesn't offer direct deposit. One quirk I've found is that most of their branches are run a bit differently than what you'd find at a bank. When you arrive, you put your name on a list and then sit in a waiting area, and when you're called you go and sit at a desk with the employee. This can sometimes feel a little weird or inconvenient when you want something that should be fast or easy, but it also gives me the feeling that I'm more than just a checking account number. I highly, highly recommend this credit union.

Best banking choice

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BECU is an outstanding local credit union that truly treats people as individuals. While I now do the majority of my banking through their iPhone app I am still greeted by name in the branch closest to me. The mobile app is fantastic! I can deposit checks to any of my accounts through picture capture as well as check balances, transfer balances and pay bills. I love this credit union and their low rates will keep me as a customer.

Great credit union, good service

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BECU has been a great credit union for me. They have very little fees, and treat you with respect and dignity. The only thing that I would suggest they need improvement on is their mobile experience. They have a mobile app, but it is sometimes buggy or slow. The user interface on the app isn't the greatest, but it does the job. They have great customer service and I am always greeted with a smile and they help me with what I need. I am a very satisfied customer of BECU and I plan to stay with them for my credit union needs. Checking and savings accounts with them are free, and I would very much so recommend BECU to my family and friends who are looking for a credit union to do business with.

The only financial partner I need

I have been a customer of BECU since I was 18 years old. They have always held all of my savings and checking accounts, CDs, money market accounts and even my only credit card. They have provided three auto loans for me, too. It is very easy to interact with the staff at the numerous neighborhood financial centers. I never pay any fees for ATMs or checking accounts and the savings interest rates are competitive which is a huge value over the national banks. BECU has always been ahead of technology. They had dialup access in the pre-Internet days and now offer check deposit via their iPhone/iPad app. I recommend BECU to everyone and I recommend it to you, too.

Love, Love, Love Love BECU

I've been around BECU for a while but I like the community feel that you get when you go into the same few banks and staff know who you are. The other day someone actually said Hi and used the proper pronunciation of my name. Made me smile!

A Good Beginning Credit Union

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This is my first credit union that I've been with and I must say that I've had nothing but pleasant experiences with them. Granted, it isn't the most well-designed credit union when it comes to customer service or website design, but it is very easy to get along with those who are working within the company. They have been very understanding for my situation as I'm in college so NSF fees (and a very few at that) have been the only minor marks on my record.


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I love my bank, BECU. They have all the technology as corporate banks, but half the hassle. They also have hundreds of co-op ATMs all over america which makes shopping easier when on vacation!

becu for everyone!

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BECU is the best credit union i have ever banked with. They have all the technology as other banks, but do not charge you fees like banks.

A Solid Financial Partner

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We closed our account with Chase after the take over of WAMU. We were very unhappy with the practices we were seeing develop at Chase. We have had nothing but positive experiences with BECU. We recommend this move to all who are interested. We believe it is our responsibility to understand all financial contracts we enter into. The interest we earn on our savings and checking accounts is significantly better than we were earning at Chase.


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Terrible customer support.  Takes a long time for them to return your calls or E-mails.  The management team that approves your loan.  Does not believe anything you say.  Totally unsatisfied with their services. 

The $9 Billion Stalker

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I guess the first time you are violated is always the worst. I will avoid the dark alleys where the creeps of BECU stalk their victims. The very sage advice I got from the last BECU guy I spoke to (Bigwig) is don't have both your checking account and credit card with BECU. I will follow this and get a checking account elsewhere.

Maybe credit unions shouldn't hire long time bankers for high positions. It appears that at least one Bigwig is bringing Bank of America and Seafirst practices to directly bear on their work at BECU. Credit Unions are supposed to more about the members than the money, as BECU's motto claims. Maybe you should hire people who are not typical greedy bankers, who only do typical greedy banker things like stalking somebody's checking account to grab whatever measly amount happens to be deposited in there. That money was a gift to me to help me through a rough period. It is despicable to stalk somebody until you see they have a little bit of money and then mug them and take every last dime. 

BECU needs to bring in some compassionate financial personnel, if such people exist, and set up strong guidelines for when you go into someone's checking account. Taking a person's survival money will do nothing but generate pain extreme animosity. I used to love BECU until I saw their dark malevolent side.   

Is all this worth the 270 bucks you stole, creeps? I even pointed out to Bigwig that BECU has already spent way more than this just in his time on the phone with me, which he confirmed.  I was greatly insulted when he told me he could appreciate what I was going through...what a load of crap. I am sure that, as the privileged person he is, he has never been close to being able to appreciate this. Doesn't BECU have any bean counters to determine that although you have the "right" to do certain ugly things to your account holders, it is not in your PR or financial interest to do so? Also, do you not smell what's cooking all over the world in regards to large financial institutions, post-recession?

The only BECU person who has displayed an ounce of common sense and integrity, is the front line person dealing with my vitriol for BECU. I apologize for the possibly true but perhaps unwarranted insults my first email contained. This person correctly understood from the start that my anger was not with them and responded appropriately each time. Perhaps empathy had something to do with it.

One Of The Best Credit Unions

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I have to say that BECU is one of the best credit unions. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and do all my business with BECU via the web. The on-line access is great and you can do pretty much everything via the Internet. If I have to go to a branch, I have a shared branch close to me. I can do electronic deposits by scanning a check on my home scanner and even do a deposit on-line. If I need help, I make a phone call and they are always very helpful.

Recently I set-up savings accounts for each of my grandchildren and I can move funds from my accounts to the grandkids accounts on-line, simply and easily.

I wish more credit unions were like BECU.


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My husband signed a master business application when he cosigned a car loan when our kid was a teen. We were not told that a master application gave him access to our credit line and lasts for seven years! We found that out the hard way; which neither our son nor we were told. That was paid off and 2 years later he applies for a credit card online. OF COURSE THEY GAVE HIM A CARD with $5K LIMIT! BECU they sent him a card with out our knowledge, and our name on the account but not the card! Even when the bill came it did not have my husband's name on it!!!! It was tied to our credit line without us knowing that every thing our son requested as far as loans and credit cards was tied to our credit EVEN after the original loan was paid off!!!! Once we realized it we went to BECU and demanded to be removed and destroy the master app, which they said they did. They canceled the application but not the account, which I said I wanted both done-whatever it took!!!!! After I was perfectly clear we in no way were to be tied to our sons credit and vice-versa. They told me is was taken care of. However they continued his credit card with my husbands name on it. They never shut it down or transferred the balance as we all requested! Even when the card was a zero balance!!! My son had gone with me to BECU, KIRKLAND to change his card and we were told it was done, then 2 years later I receive a collection notice!!!!!!!!, when the card was paid off, they did not closed it. They just sent him a new card!!!!! He assumed it was a different account since the account number was changed, wouldn't you? but NO it was the same account!!!!!! NOW we can not get a good rate on our mortgage!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE SECOND TIME WE HAVE BEEN VIOLATED IN THIS CREDIT CRUNCH BY BECU KIRKALND BRANCH- WITH THE SAME MANAGER... BEWARE WHAT THEY TELL YOU MAY NOT BE TRUE THEY WILL NEVER OWN UP TO THEIR MISTAKES

BECU Is The Best!

I was lucky enough to be able to bank with BECU before they went public, since my father retired from Boeing after many years. I had previously had very negative experiences with banks, from simple incompetence to greed all the way to having bank managers actually lie to me regarding my account. When I switched to BECU, I was shocked and pleased at how efficient, well trained, friendly and eager to help all the employees are and have continued to be. I won't bank with a regular "bank" ever again.


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I have found the BECU website to be useful and easy to use. The site is an excellent way to manage the funds in your accounts, pay bills, and make loan payments.

Great Place To Do Buisness

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Boeing Emplyees Credit Union is great credit union.  I have banked through multiple other banks before I finally found a place that I was happy with and realized that a credit union is way better then any bank. They have some of the best rates on checkings and savings accounts.  The tellers are always freindlly and they respect your time by getting out of there as soon as possible.  Another great benefit is there atm's do not cost you anything, that is rare.  One drawback of this is there is not enough of the atms around, but if you know where they are ahead of time you will be fine.  I have also done two car loans through them and was extremly satisfied with the entire process.  All in all Boeing Employees Credit Union is a great place to leave your money, you will be happy and you don't even need to work for Boeing to bank there.



Going The Extra Mile

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The tellers and management at BECU have always gone the extra mile for me and my friends i have referred to them. A friend of mine purchased a vehicle from Oregon the loan included the tax and licensing fee's. The car dealer kept the fees and refused to turn them over to to Washington state like they were suppose to. BECU loan department payed the tax and licensing for the vehicle and they went and recovered the money from the car dealer. Two thumbs up for the employees of BECU. thanks Patrick

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