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1 Year Certificate

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I was told I had to mail certain information after I applied online for their 1 yr CD paying 3.2%. Weeks went by and no call. I called over and over . . no answer and no way to leave a message. Finally, they answered and I was told they had received my information, but the rates had decreased and I would need to reapply.

I have never been involved with such a crappy bank. They should have to pay the highest rate for investors to put up with their unethical practices!

Be Careful - Agree With The Critical Reviews. Cdbank

I set up an application for a CD, two years, 3.2%. My application was confirmed 12 days ago with the promise of a follow up the next day. No word. I've left three phone messages and sent email. In the interim the rate has dropped to 2.8% and I've missed the opportunity to purchase a higher-rate CD elsewhere.

They may have been overwhelmed when they offered such good rates but that's no excuse for not sending some kind of further email - even if only a "We're buried in new business but will get to you." There's no autoresponse when leaving a phone message and none when sending an email.

I plan to stay away.

Excellent Customer Service.

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I can see some negative reviews here, but my personal experience with this Bank is GREAT!
Customer Service some time has waiting time, but name any bank that has not.
Customer Service people are knowledgeable and helpful. My special thanks are for two persons from Customer service who helped me much:
Lindsey Skinner and Felicia Williams.
Best regards to you, guys.

Read The Terms And Conditions

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I looked into CDBANK (parent bank is TBK Bank) because rates seemed good, but the T&C (Truth in Savings Disclosure) seemed to have some bad terms. I don't like doing business with banks that have the bad stuff in the fine print.

For example, default is for interest to be compounded semi-annually.

Also, early withdrawal penalties are 90 days for less than 1 year; 12 months for 1 year to less than 2 years. 12 months penalty for a 1 year CD!!! 18 months for 2 years to less than 3 years.

Terrible Bank. Avoid At All Costs.

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I opened a 9-month CD online. They said they mailed a paper copy twice, but I never received it. Finally they sent it via FedEx. Now that the time has come to redeem the CD, the only options for redemption are a mailed check or a wire. The redemption request must be mailed or faxed. Since I'm in the midst of moving and in view of the fact that there seems to be a problem with the mail between the bank and my location (as per the failure of the paper copy of the CD to arrive by mail) I opted for the wire option. Ifaxed the wire request 5/6 for redemption 5/8. On 5/13, funds were still sitting in the CD. Emailed on 5/11 to ask why there had been no action on the redemption and got no response. Called the bank 5/13 and only got voice mail. Called repeatedly, finally got a live person who transferred me to...voicemail! Called repeatedly again, asked for manager and got voicemail. Called again repeatedly, finally got a live person and I told them not to transfer me. I explained the situation, and she apparently got a message to the right person after I explained the situation. By the end of the day, I got a callback in which they confirmed the wire instructions and said they would wire the funds today and waive the wire fee. Hopefully the wire will be successful, and I will never have to deal with this sad excuse for a bank again.

Competitive 1-2 Year Rates, Systems & Customer Service Lacking

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Customer service is lacking apparently because of many new customers. No ACH out and no plans to later allow it. $10 wire fee out. No checking account to go with it. Additional accounts require duplicate sign ups & snail mailing paperwork.

They responded to my first email and my first phone call but after that, they did not always answer the phone did not respond to emails and even when they did answer they did not know what was going on.

They did not know they got my paperwork & check on a timely basis but when they finally admitted it I found it was dated when it should have been. (I sent it on a monday, they posted it on friday but I did not know until the following thursday and that took multiple calls to find out)

I am not sure if they backdated it to compensate for their issues or what. Dallas is where you send the paperwork & checks. The ladies who answer the phone are at a different location. Multiple calls inquiring about the status of my paperwork got me nowhere. I even got cut off a few times and they did not call me back. The last time they did call me back and finally confirmed they had gotten my paperwork. And gave me my account number and said I could sign into online banking the next day.

If they did not have a top rate, my review would have been far less charitable.

The 2 year CD has a high EWP but I cannot imagine needing or wanting to close it early so I did not let that stop me.

My hope is they will work thru their customer service issues and in 2 years have top rates again.
Or at least wave the wire transfer out fee.

I sent checks because their system had no way to allow X from one place and Y from another place without opening multiple CDs and duplicate snail mail paperwork. Even your basic information has to be reentered for each new CD I'm told.


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Somehow I managed to navigate through this mess of a bank website and open one CD. A week or so later I tried to open another CD and the fun began. First I received a phone call from one of their representatives saying I had tried to open a CD under their limit. When I finally got their attention, I notified the rep she was speaking to the wrong person. She apologized and said something about the same last name. I continued to attempt to open the second CD for over 2 weeks. I called every number I could find for them numerous times, only to get voicemail and never a returned called. I emailed numerous times to email addresses I was given by the rep and on their website. Never a returned email. The second CD was never funded and I assume never opened. I find it hard to comprehend that the CEO of this bank would allow this type of service under their watch. Great advertised rate, but definitely not worth the effort. Avoid this bank.

Complete Waste Of Time

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CD Bank is by far, and that is saying quite a bit, the worst bank to deal with for anything. The online application uses a horrible verification system and would not allow opening the new account without calling in. After first being given the wrong number to call, I tried to reach someone at least a dozen times. No one return our calls or e-mails. After finally getting in touch with someone, they could not assist or escalate the request. Finally spoke with someone and we supplied info the site would not accept. Was told to try the on-line application in an hour but all day long we could not get the info into their system. CD Bank is too shoddy and unprofessional to earn our business. We were ready to deposit quite a bit into their CDs but my money is going to Andrews Credit Union instead. I urge you to avoid CD Bank at all costs as you may never see your money again.

Waste Of Time

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Rarely have I been misled by a "Tumin tip", but this online bank takes the cake! Have read the other comments and they are spot on. Personal experience suggests that when there are difficulties opening an account online or with messages left with the institution that go unanswered, it is best to STAY AWAY! The few bps supposedly "offered" are not worth the frustration (and/or lost interest income). These people are not ready for "prime time".

No Contact Person Available, Dysfunctional Application Process

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This bank's application system is dysfunctional. I attempted to open a CD application. The software crashed several times during this process. When I tried to contact CD Bank at the phone number listed no one answered. Attempts to contact the sponsoring bank, TBK Bank, also failed.

Finally I was able to reach a 'manager' at one of TBK Bank's branches. The woman I spoke to was not aware of CD Bank (!) even though their website directs all CD applications to CD Bank's site.

This behavior does not inspire confidence in prospective customers.

No Identity

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I tried three times to open a cd ; each time I was told
they couldn't verify my identity even though I entered
all the required information .

The Web Page Needs Work

The web page for an application has a privacy policy that you are to read and click on the box to show you have read it. There is no box to check, so that is as far as you can go in the application. I've emailed them and hopefully they will fix it when they realize they are not getting any applications. (UPDATE) I'm still trying to complete the application. After talking with them, it turns out that their system and Chrome do not interact well. They recommend using Safari or Internet Explorer.

Their Website Wont Let Me Open A Cd! What's The Point?

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I tried to open a CD through this bank’s website. I got sent to TBK Bank. Clicked on “Apply in minutes”. So far, when trying to apply for a CD, I’ve gotten 2 different screens from TBK Bank. One screen asks how you learned about the bank. Doesn’t matter what you answer, you get sent in an “expired page” loop. Another screen try opens to a page that asks what state you reside in but the only options are CO,KS, TX, Ill, IA & other. I click other and get sent to the same “create new application” link/page which sends me on the same “session expired” loop. For an internet bank, their website is not helping them get new customers. Moving on to the next high interest cd bank ….

Warning - No ACH!

You can only move money out of their products by a check through snail mail or pay an exorbitant wire fee.

Warning EWP = Severe Loss Of Principal

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On a 12-month CD this bank has the most aggressive early withdrawal penalty that I've seen thus far. "Early Withdrawal Penalty (Days) 365". You will loose a chunk of your principal if you have to get your funds out prior to CD term expiring.

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