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Operates Unethically, You Will Be A Victim Too

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If you have an account at Centennial Bank, I would go first thing when the bank opens and pull out your money and close your account! This bank and the people in leadership are so deceptive. The negligence of this bank has caused great harm to my small business and my family. The corruption runs deep. I know I am not alone. The dishonesty and potentially criminal activity by this bank need to be exposed. If you would like to share your story of corruption or negligence by Happy State Bank or Centennial email: [email protected] and expose what is going on.
This lender completely mishandled my PPP loan causing a burden far beyond what any small business should have to experience in this program. They do not care about small businesses, and they bully anyone who calls out the corruption and use lawyers to intimate because they know small businesses are the weaker party. CEO & President Tracy French and COO John Stephen Tipton called me to discuss my situation. They said they would investigate and call me back. That was June 30, 2023. I never got a call back. Public records show Tracy French has a compensation package of about $1.6m and Stephen Tipton $987,979. I think they could afford to find time to return my call. If your money and business are at this bank you are contributing to their pockets getting deeper while further separating any care for integrity or ethical behavior towards small businesses. They have no problem ignoring the importance of following through on what they discussed they would do and have operated in complete bad faith with my situation with no accountability. The leadership in this bank has no morals but only finds joy when John Allison touts the success of deposits each quarter. As a client at this bank, you are only worth the dollar you have in the bank or what you bring to the bank. They don’t care about you, your small business, or the livelihood of your family. If you stay with this bank, it is only a matter of time before you are a victim of their corruption. The first step is to close your account and get out, the second is to email me with your experience and we can work together to expose what is going on and the harm they are causing to mom-and-pop small businesses that are still hurting from the COVID closures.

No Questions Answered Just A Run Around

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The fact that I over drafted my account and then my big check got put on a hold is terrible. If this was going to happen I wld of just cashed the check and deposited so I can pay my bills. This makes the second time something like this has happened but the first time u gave me the run around to 5 different people who still couldn't help worst service ever.


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Words cannot even begin to explain how much of a nightmare our first home buying experience was with Centennial bank. Our lender of choice, Tammy Espino quit the day we went under contract and our file was turned over to Jason Fields. Our closing was delayed due to Jason and unwriting’s lack of due diligence. On the day that should have been one of the happiest day of our lives, it instead ended with tears, because we were running the risk of losing our home and being homeless. I laid awake sobbing while looking into temporary hotels to move our family into. Throughout the process I had to turn in the same document multiple times because they either didn’t save them the first time, or decided they wanted the same document but in a different format. Four times I had to gather our bank statements, physically have the bank stamp and sign each page. I was a realtor for 5 years and have never seen such unnecessary requests. The underwriter waited until the week of closing to request documents, the loan officer, Jason didn’t even understand what they were asking for. Our Realtor had to step in to assist, and eventually the regional mortgage manager had to take over our file. Christine Benson, the regional mortgage manager made promises that she couldn’t keep and failed to mention she would be on vacation during the most crucial two days of our loan. Us and our Realtor had to fight to get our closing disclosure and we were finally able to close on our home! However, the night before closing we received a revised settlement statement, which was incorrect. I immediately text Christine about the error, a $4,000 difference in the amount we were to take to closing. Twice, she told me the revised CD was accurate. We close... two hours after closing Christine text me to say “my mistake,” and asked that we go back to the title company with another cashiers check in the amount of 4,000. How, how did she make that mistake after I pointed it out to her?! Jason Fields nor Christine Benson have NO business handleing anyone’s financial business. I wish I could say it ended there, however their mistakes lingered. One month AFTER closing, we were asked yet again to return to the title company because the lender had made a “mistake.” They had dated the mortgage and promissory note incorrectly and we had to re-sign, date, and initial the documents. They 100% ruined our first time home buying experience and I can only hope this review keeps anyone who reads it from going through what we did.

Bad Start For The Customer

First I googled basic questions on 3 or 4 banks close to my home , the company I have worked for numerous times uses the bank as well . I never have had a problem with the staff inside or the drive thru . Well I did this online with a 100 dollars , as required then I was thinking in few days I would have a debit card . Well that never occurred so I grew curious and reached out to a bank employee they said I should have it in that week so in real life that’s week 2 . Not business days , when I had to make another deposit and no debit card , in which I started to grow suspicious because by this time a whole week had gone by . Knowing I had to make my online payment to Santandar , credit card bill and pay rent and insurance typically paid all on line with debit card. No not with this damn bank . Working as a private contractor meaning I provide a service and am paid , and I do all the work, this highly inconvenienced me . My time is one of the only things I have that is mine and 100% most important to me . So really I started opening the account on the on the Friday the 7th , the bank made me wait till a Monday before it approved the account was approved. So the bank actually says the 11th , but it’s time to think about customer time not business time and the mail works on Saturday. So as this story continues I had to go withdraw the money back out of the bank and pay fees to pay bills . Ridiculous most banks print debit cards right in there bank no not this one . Here it is almost payday again ,I m so fired up and disappointed. So what if I get the debit card it’s just the 25th more than likely I d have givenup on ever seeing this bank work and put convince in my life . Let’s here your experience .

Bad Banking Practices!

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I made my account $0 balance on 9/25. The teller was suppose to close my account, but didn't close it. Now I received another over draft statement debited on 10/8, and they say I am responsible for paying it!

Worst Customer Service

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Worst customer service! The girl I spoke with was so rude, I've never been treated so poorly. I couldn't hear her very well because one of our phones was cutting out. When I asked nicely what it was that she said, she yelled at me and her voice was dripping with attitude. She acted annoyed the whole time to be talking to me, and treated me as though I was ignorant. I was so flustered I couldn't even remember all that I needed to ask her about my account. I just wanted to get off the phone, I was so humiliated and hurt to be treated that way.


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Worst bank ever. Rude staff. They have no privacy at all. I had proof that one of their tellers was looking at my bank account. They knew exactly how much I deposit and how much I took out. There are two branches around me. I only went to the branch this teller was at once. So how did they know all this information? I spoke to the manager and she asked the teller if they looked at my account. Told my name and everything!! So of course they lied and said no. I told the manager how unprofessional that was of them and how I could be scared because this person knows where I live. And the manager had the audacity to say "Well they seem like a nice person, I don't think they would do harm." After that this person started harassing me and stating money facts about my family!! This person is still there and I had to close my account and still pay the fee!! Ridiculous. They need better managers, better staff that knows how to keep confidential information private. These people are working at a place that holds our money and basically our whole life. I do not need the whole world knowing my information. Disgusted with this bank.


Unfortunately this is one of the worst bank out there. They were much better as Liberty Bank, unexplainable overdraft fees and traps, along with poor make this place a total despair. When you call a branch you are connected to a call center rather than the actual branch. The only bright spot about this establishment some of the tellers at my branch are quite pleasant and helpful. Take your business somewhere else.

Lacking In Communications And Customer Service.

I had a pleasant years long relationship with Centennial on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay. Then they started changing branch managers about as often as hairdressers change shops. A burst of bad customer service and bad communications caused me to move my three accounts elsewhere.

Centennial Bank Review

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Banking with Centennial Bank is a great decision. When they acquired Liberty Bank of Arkansas, I had been a customer there for nearly ten years. I was concerned about changes that would be made, but Centennial Bank made the transition very smooth and were helpful in the process. They are always quick to answer any questions I have. I love that my debit card was made immediately right there in the bank. Also, they have an assortment of cards to choose from, and I always get compliments on mine. I currently have a savings account and a checking account. I am able to do all my banking online, which is very convenient. The interest rate on my savings account is pretty low, but it's comparable to other banking institutions in my area.

Worst Customer Service Around

I opened an account that was supposed to be unable to go into the negative and charge 11.00 per month for a few months. I stopped using the card with 3 dollars on it and they still charged the 11.00, 3 more times, putting me in the negative 30 dollars and closing the account. I just realized it and went to the bank to settle the matter. They were rude and unhelpful and the "manager" stood in the middle of the bank and talked loudly about my situation in front of everyone. Unprofessional, unhelpful and they will take money without ever telling you anything. Terrible experience.

A great bank

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Banking with Centennial has been an absolute pleasure. The main reason I switched to them is because they are one of the few banks offering free checking accounts. It's nice to have all your accounts without fees. Plus their customer service is superbly top notch. Any time I have had issues they were able to sort them out really quick. Once when I was in financial trouble, they helped save me $60 in overdraft fees. Overall, there is no bank I like more than Centennial. They're great.

Poor Customer Service

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I started a checking account electronically. After submitting my information, I never received any email confirming the submission, and I waited 48+ hours, without hearing from anyone, before calling the customer service number to confirm that my information was received and approved. The CSR transferred me to the branch manager for the branch I chose as our home branch. She was not friendly or courteous. She was obviously annoyed at my phone call and said she had not had time to work on getting my account set up and would contact me once she had. She called the morning of the following business day. She had a better attitude. I went in later in the week to sign papers and make a deposit. The manager wasn't there, but I had a very nice lady help me. All the while, another employee loudly chatted me up and was telling me how great banking with Arvest (her own bank) is (huh?). On Friday, we were told our online banking would be accessible and ready for set up the following Monday. It was not, and we called. A call to our own branch was transferred to another branch when no one answered. The person who took the call at the other branch said out info for online banking must have been put in after cut off on Friday so that would be why it was not yet available to us but would be by Tuesday. It is now Wednesday. We still do not have access to online banking. We were told by a CSR that our paperwork was never submitted & the user name given to us was incorrect. We have now been told they would begin working to get our online banking set up and it will be ready by Friday (2 more days). I don't know if the issues we've had are because the branch we chose to use is just terrible or if it is a combination of their entire system, but I will be pulling our money out (before we get more entrenched) and finding a good bank to do business with. If this is how the relationship begins, imagine how bad it will get. The bank we have been with has great customer service, and we've never had a problem. We just have decided to go with a local bank and to not continue to pay a monthly fee for a checking acct.

Stole My Money

Opened a $200 free business checking. Didn't use the account. Got a letter saying the account was going dormant and would be subject to fees if I didn't write a check. I called Centennial and was told I had 90 days to close the account. Two weeks later, I wrote a check for the entire amount and deposited it in another account. Centennial wouldn't let the check go through. I wrote them a letter, instructing them to close the account immediately and send me the balance. Last night I received a check for $26. Glad I didn't open a larger account with them.

Worst Bank Ever!

This bank took over my wonderful local bank six months ago. Within three months, they had cancelled my debit card twice because the account security had been breached and false transactions posted. They did not notify me either time. I found out when I was trying to buy items in stores and payment was rejected!

So I decided to change banks. I inactivated all my online bill payees at Centennial and set them up in my new bank.

At the end of the month, I got an e-mail from Centennial saying my mortgage payment had been attempted via online billpay and had been returned for NSF. I didn't think anything of it, since there were only 65 cents in the account at that point. I checked the online bill pay, and the payee was showing as inactive. However, six days later, I got ANOTHER notice saying the same thing! I logged in again and deleted the payment as well as confirming the payee was still showing as inactive. My husband called and told them what had happened. They insisted that it was not Centennial bill pay, but a "pull" ACH from the mortgage bank. I checked online with the mortgage bank and they did not show any ACH transactions or any payments from Centennial.

Then, six MORE days later, I got an e-mail from Centennial telling me that they had PAID my mortgage payment and dunning me for the amount of the payment! They are being very nasty and rude about this and insisting that it is not their fault. I have agreed to repay them once my mortgage banker shows the payment as credited to my next mortgage payment due, but they are harrassing me with anonymous e-mails instructing me to call their bill payment collections number, which then puts me on hold for a long time until I hang up.

Avoid this bank like the plague! They are shady and irresponsible

My Account

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