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AVOID! Read! Fees! Hard Pull For EACH CD Even For Current Members

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I'm a member of over a dozen credit unions and I've NEVER experienced a worse place than Chartway. Be sure to READ THIS before you join them.
(1) FEES: Chartway requires you to have at least TWO types of accounts with them to avoid Fees, so you can't just have the savings account. When your CD matures you must immediately open up another one (or another type of account) to avoid this fee (one of many at Chartway).
(2) Hard Pull for EVERY CD -- even for existing members. Yes. You read right. Even if you have a CD with them already, if you want to open up another CD, you are treated as if you aren't a member, and a new Hard Pull is required. Otherwise you won't be allowed to open another CD.
(3) Not only that... Even for Current Members: EACH time you want to open a CD, not only do they do a New Hard Pull, but they will have to determine if you are "Approved" to have another CD with them. Yes, again you read right. As a member for 5 years who already had a CD with them, I was at first denied to open a 2nd small ($7k) CD with them. Had to appeal the decision for them to (finally) let me open a 2nd CD. Unbelievable.
(4) Hands down the worst CSR experience you will EVER have with any financial institution. Every place makes occasional mistakes and has problems. Trust me that your jaw will drop with the weeks and weeks you will waste in the unsuccessful attempt to just get one small thing done. Over and over. Each and every time. Every single time. Not an exaggeration.

Usually a good idea to stay with credit unions in case they have good deals in the future, even if you don't have anything but a savings account. NOT WITH CHARTWAY. (Remember their requirement to have a 2nd Account Type with them to avoid Fees). I don't want yet another Hard Pull, and no matter how good the rate, I never, ever want to interact with this outfit ever again. The DAY my CD matures I will immediately close my account -- and this is coming from someone who belongs to more than a dozen credit unions and usually stays with them just in case there's a good future deal.

You may not believe this review. But if you choose not to and you join them, you will be writing a review like this soon enough afterwards, trying to help others stop from making a bad decision.
You've been warned.

Astonishingly Bad

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Possibly the worst band I have dealt with. I did a referral bonus and was a literally an absolute nightmare, they tried to screw me on every turn. After 9 individual callsbeing told something different each time and weeks of waiting. I finally get told that I can basically screw off, and eventually decided to close my 4 accounts with them. This bank like most don’t really care about you but they strive to set an all new low. They set the bar so low that its a tripping hazard in hell.

Off Its Meds

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Update: a few days later emailed me an invitation to apply for the promotion! Not fooling me again!

Prior week: Entered the start of basic membership fields. Not allowed to proceed to Chex Systems questions before being told I am not eligible for this promotion (still being advertised as open nationwide.) No reason given.

Have excellent financials and was accepted the day before into another CU using same identification. Retired bank/credit union regulator so I know how to apply to a financial institution!

What A Joke.

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Reviewing the Tooele Utah branch, but I'm sure it's the same elsewhere.
So they removed all drive thru services, 2 atm's for your deposit needs, withdraw, etc. Used the deposit function and after 4 days without my deposit showing up I tried to reach the branch. You can't. You call their call center. Was transferred then to a voicemail. Left a message. No call back. Next day, same thing but told the customer service rep. I really needed to find out what happened to my deposit. Finally the asst. Manager called back. Problem, the person who had the keys to the night deposit had quit. No one else had a key. No notifications to customers, no sign on the one working atm. Just a load of excuses. Terrible credit union. Terrible customer service. Seriously, I would stay away from this so called credit union. Or as the asst. Manager said after voicing concern, (exact words) "well close your account and go somewhere else". I did.


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I’ve never dealt with more stupid and incompetent people or a bank ever. The mobile banking app is the worst I’ve ever had to use. They have to email you a paper that you have to sign in order to have auto pay. They are stupid and the horrible.

They Hold Your Cashed Check For 7 Days

When you go cash any kind of check, they will put it in your bank and let it hold for 7 days until it clears. I wish that they would eliminate this requirement at all times, because I need money immediately, not 7 days later.

Had To Leave

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I had been with Chartway for over 10 years.

I noticed that all of my calls to them for the last few weeks were on hold for over 20 minutes to get to CS. Not during busy periods, either.

I did tell management that their staffing for LONG HOLD TIMES is something they should be seeing with me having to complain and leave.

Please post problems about extended wait times on this web site. NOT EXCEPTIONS, but consistently occurring long hold times.

Maybe we can get some attention on this issue.

Hands Down, The Absolute Worst!

If I could leave a negative 5 star review, I would lower the score to that.

Some months back I had a recurring payment that I had to keep deleting because no matter how many times I manually deleted it, it just kept happening. Finally, I talked to a specialist (which in and of itself is no easy task because their automated system is HANDS DOWN the most ridiculously terrible system I have ever encountered, but more on that in a moment). So after they deleted it on their end, the recurring payment seemed to be gone, finally.

Months pass by and what do I see the other day but a random ACH payment that I did not set up and did not authorize. This time I was determined to get it resolved quickly so I logged in only to find no recurring payments were set up. I had already paid earlier this month and am ahead of my payments so needed answers because this unauthorized payment happened a day before my bank statement hit, giving me overdraft fees.

Back to the automated phone system... If you enjoy giving a 16 digit card number, multiple, multiple times then this is the system for you. First you give it to the automated voice, which interrupts constantly saying "Sorry, I didn't understand that". After you make it past this system you get to the actual routing options, which rarely list out the options you need. The first two times I had to call and call back again because the system routed me to the WRONG DEPARTMENT. I kid you not. The third and fourth times I finally reached "agents" whom, after asking me for my 16 digit number AGAIN (after you have already entered it to have the call transferred), then multiple security questions, BOTH transferred me BACK to the automated system to start this Twilight Zone-esque nightmare over again.

When all was said and done I was told that it's being requested that the accidental payment, which their system caused, would be refunded in 3 to 4 WEEKS. So they can take it out in one day, but it takes a month to reverse THEIR mistake.
When I asked about any overdraft charges this may cause I was told to take it up with my bank.

LOL, this is the most absurdly terrible service I have ever experienced. I can't wait to close this account and never look back.

Great Banking Option, Low Fees, Good Customer Service

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We have had a checking and savings account at Chartway Credit Union for a number of years and would definitely recommend it for its low fees, great customer service, and convenient locations! While this credit union does not offer the most competitive rates on CDs, etc., the Lifeplus Checking account has no fees as long as you keep a minimum average balance of $500/month in your account. I do business at one of the branches in Norfolk on a regular basis and the customer service is always good. I find the employees to be incredibly helpful and accommodating. It is easy to set up a direct deposit, which is same day, and the Lifeplus Checking Account comes with overdraft protection. In all of the time that I have banked at Chartway, I have never experienced any major problems. Chartway is a solid banking option for someone who is looking for a low cost, no-frills approach to managing your money via a checking and/or savings account.

It's A Fine Outstanding Credit Union

Nothing particularly special about this Credit Union I've been a member of Navy Federal longer, (30 years) and use them as a primary banking however, Chartway fills a void in that there are local branches in my area and I've used them for the last 18 years. In comparison to Navy Federal Credit Union Chartway products are just not as good as Navy federal. I'm more biased towards Navy Federal but Chartway does fill a physical brick-and-mortar void that I don't have with Navy Federal here in the Houston area.
Chartway Federal Credit Union has a military banking like feel to it the people I've dealt with in there are fairly competent pretty knowledgeable very helpful and friendly I have really no complaints about customer service in the physical branches here. I understand Chartway opened up from being a military-style credit union out of Norfolk Virginia so in many ways they are similar to Navy Federal but they just don't tally up to Navy Federal in terms of size, membership and assets. Also Chartway Federal Credit Union has had some dealings with charging hidden fees that Navy Federal does not do such as having a certain amount in your checking account or ATM withdrawals or just other fees that Navy Federal doesn't charge. Also to join their checking account you have to pay $15 whereas Navy Federal was only $5 so you have to keep Chartway honest at times. When it comes to home mortgages Navy Federal is hard to beat they have no PMI mortgage insurance loans, military Choice loans, VA loans, first time buyers, conventional loans many more options just far superior than that of Chartway. I've never used Chartway for loans I've always used Navy Federal for loans. I have also noticed that Chartway does not have as many as Co-op ATMs as out of Navy Federal though adequate enough. But Ican go to CVS and use Navy Federal machines in the Houston area where as Chartway relies more on using other credit unions or their branches I do have a checking and savings account with Chartway that I intend to keep and used for other purposes but my direct deposits, car loans and everything else my primary is Navy Federal. I have to respect Chartway in the fact that they have expanded to other states from Norfolk Virginia military roots in that they expanded into other fields of membership such as Airline employees, vicinity employees, kind of easier to join them. So I respect Chartway in that they have been survivors in a world where other huge credit unions like Navy Federal that is dominating in terms of size and membership, assets. Overall Chartway is a fine outstanding credit union, has gotten better, in the local Houston area. Much better than using banks.

Positive with Chartway

My interactions with Chartway Credit Union have been very positive. When my parents relocated, they opened an account at the credit union. They had to have some money wired when they were buying a new house. The manager personally phoned their other bank in another state to make arrangements for the funds transfer and made sure that it was expedited swiftly and smoothly. When I changed phones and had to reload the mobile banking app I emailed them through their site and they immediately sent me an ID to use to log in and validate my phone to connect to my mobile banking. I've been doing direct payroll deposit with them for years, and my direct deposits generally show up in my available balance at least one day prior to the date on the pay stub.

Family Oriented Banking

I have a savings and checking account with Chartway Federal Credit Union. The first thing I noticed when walking in for the first time is other customers talking to the bankers like family. They talked about kids, activities, and other while tying their needs for the reason you walk in the bank in the first place. When I inquired about opening a savings account, they set it up with ease. I like how transparent they are with the terms. Every other bank I went to seemed to pressure me into opening many type of accounts that I did not need. I only needed $5 to open a savings account, but I also decided to open up a checking account as well. The lady that helped me asked me what my financial situation was and broke down the best way to get a mortgage loan when I asked her, all before I officially signed up. She was very patient with my "dumb" questions and even gave me her personal cell for after hour calls. Chartway is the best banking experience I've had.

The online experience could use a little work however, but they have improved from when I first opened my account in 2013. The interface is a bit clunky, especially the member services section once you log in, but overall, it gets the job done.

Banking with Chartway Federal Credit Union

A few years ago, I use to bank with Chartway Federal Credit Union. I was with them, I think for about 5 years. To me, this bank wasn't any different than a commercial bank. The service was average. I did have a few instances where the teller, or banker could've been nicer. For example, I think I asked the teller about a strange charge on my checking account. She seemed disinterested, and simply gave me a "I don't know." Although it was an honest answer coming from her, she could've done better. Perhaps, investigated the charge, directed me towards someone who had more information, and what not. She should've went above and beyond. It sets excellent customer service apart from bad customer service. Again, the customer service was not bad, just average.

The fees were not bad, just average. They would charge you $0.75, if you used a pin to make purchases with your debit card. The bank I'm with now doesn't do that--it's a large commercial bank by the way. Be careful with getting an overdraft protection on your checking account. They charged high fees for each transaction, that caused an overdraft. I was charged over 500.00 in overdraft fees. On the other hand, the checking account fees were decent. I had a student checking account, and there was no monthly maintenance fee. There were no minimum requirements set for this account either. bad, just average. That debit card charge was ridiculous, and the overdraft fees were out of this world.

Their online banking was excellent. They have a Google App that can be downloaded to your cell phone. It was very convenient for me. I could check my account anytime I needed.

1 Week Lost Of Interst

Purchase there 1.77 11 month interest on dec 22 2015, but the date of cd did not start untill dec 30

Chartway Will Steal Your Money

Did you know that if someone hacks your account and withdrawals hundreds of dollars from your checking account that the people of Chartway will not refund you all of your money? Instead they will tell you that you are now a liability to them and they will charge you a liability fee. When you ask to speak to a manager they will put you on hold for 35 minutes and then direct you to a voicemail and you will leave a message and no one will call you back. They do not care about their customers. They do not care about protecting their customers money and they do not care about making sure that their customers feel taken care of.
I would recommend for your financial safety that you steer clear of this credit union.

Out Of Country Coins CHECK THEM!!

Just as a heads up if you go to get coins every week for laundry or other reasons please be mindful to check all of your rolls of coins while you are there because recently we have revied Canadian coin that are obviously not usable here. Just to save you a ride to the curency exchange becaus it can be a hassle. Other than that we have not really had a problem with chartway.

Chartway Review

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Chartway is a federal credit union that I came across some time ago. I opened a Certificates of Deposits with this institution. I was drawn to them because of their rate of return. The rate that they were offering was 2.50% which, was way higher than any other Certificates of Deposits that I had seen. I was also quite impressed with that fact that I could transfer my funds from another bank without incurring fees. I continue to use Chartway specifically for their Certificates of Deposits as I have found them to have better rates and are more reliable than others. I can not comment too much on customer service because I have only had to email them on one occasion. I will say that they were prompt in responding to my inquiry and I called them initially to open the account. They were very courteous and answered all the questions that I had. I have since recommended the Chartway Federal Credit Union to others.

My Experience with Chartway Federal Credit Union

My husband is active duty Navy, so we lived in Virginia Beach, VA for a little over two years. While living there, we wanted to get an account with a local bank or credit union. After doing some research, we decided to visit Chartway Federal Credit Union by the Lynnhaven Mall. Upon arriving, the customer service representatives greeted us and asked how they could help us. We told them that we wanted some information on their banking services, but that we would not be joining their credit union until we had a chance to compare to a few other places in person. They were still very helpful and friendly, and never tried to rush us even though they knew we would not be signing anything that day. After comparing them to a few other places, we both decided that Chartway Federal Credit Union was the best place for us. The customer service representative remembered us by name and greeted us as soon as we entered. We were able to sign up that day for a checking account, savings account, and we were given information for various lending services in case we would ever need one. We never had any issues with bogus charges or fees. Interest rates were always very competitive. We visited multiple branches while living in the area, and never had a bad experience. All of their employees are always knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. The lines always move in a timely manner, even on popular paydays like the 1st, 15th, and Fridays. I love how professional this credit union is and was very upset when we moved to a new state that did not have Chartway Federal Credit Union branches. The fees are minimal compared to most other places so it is always disappointing when I see charges with our new credit union that I know that Chartway Federal Credit Union would not have charged me.

Small but Able

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I opened up a checking and savings account at Chartway Federal Credit Union due to my military connections. Chartway was recommended to me by a colleague after I had a bad experience with my bank at the time.

The quality of customer service at Chartway was at a much higher level than the "big banks" I have used in the past. From the moment I opened my checking account I was impressed by the patience of the teller, their knowledge of the credit union and ability to answer my various questions, and their genuine excitement to have a new member.

Membership to Chartway just requires opening a Prime Share savings account with $5. I was pleased that I could then open my checking account with just a $15 deposit. I started my membership with Chartway with only $20, instead of the $50 required by my previous bank. I opened a "Best Value" checking account because Chartway does not require the member to maintain a minimum balance, and because of the free online banking and free online bill pay. I do all of my banking online and with my previous bank I was being charged a service fee for internet banking.

I would not recommend Chartway for people who are uncomfortable with online/electronic banking. The are much fewer locations than other banks, the hours of operation are much shorter, and some accounts actually have a limit to how many teller transactions you can make. If you are tech-savvy and too busy to hit the bank, like myself, Chartway is a great option.

Nothing special, but adequate

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My experience with this bank has been fine. When I relocated for a new job, I opened an account with them in my new city. I had used a very small local bank before and chose Chartway on my company's recommendation. They don't have particularly special services, but they feel kind of hometownish and the customer service has been very good. I have to travel abroad occasionally and get robbed with transaction fees (about 3.00-5.00 per transaction), but it hasn't been annoying enough to try and switch banks. The only features of this bank I've used are checking and savings . For my checking there's only a minimum balance requirement if you want to accrue interest on it, and otherwise there's a $100 minimum balance for the savings account. All in all, pretty reasonable and normal. Their online banking system is okay, though I've had a few issues being locked out of my account seemingly for no reason. Customer service was usually able to resolve it fairly quickly.


I had been a customer for more than 5 years and had a 5 yr finally paid car loan. For this past months I have encountered many changes, poor customer service. Just closed a personal loan after dealing with poorly trained and uneducated employee, And even spoke to the manager who is also inconsiderate and tolerate employees' mistakes. If I didn't ask for an apology she don't even apologized to me. (THAT SHOWS HER UNPROFESSIONAL MANNER)

Chartway Federal is a legit bank, nice service

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Chartway Federal Credit Union has been a great experience for me, thus far, with just a few hiccups. I primarily use the bank on Holland Rd in Virginia Beach, VA. for my checking needs, and have found the process to be very simple. In particular, I found ATM use to be easy if you have a card with the bank, however if you dont - say you have a Paypal business card for example, you will be subject to some hefty fees since it is out of the bank's network. Because it is a credit union, there are also specific guidelines for gaining membership that tend to make customer service feel more like a "family" feel rather than feeling like a sheep among other sheep at larger, more reputable banks. That praise is for the branch itself - if there were any qualms, I would say that it would come in the form of telephone customer service, which in the few times I have had to use it, took a bit longer than I would have liked. Still, overall, it is worth my time and money to stay at Chartway Federal and I intend to bank there for much longer into the future.

They No Longer Have Branches In Florida!

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Their website is outdated and you must live in VA Beach.

ATM Issue

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One Sunday morning during the summer I went to the ATM machine to make a five hundred dollar withdrawal. I planned on using the money for something later on in the week.I put my ATM card in the machine entered my pass code and the amount of the withdrawal which was five hundred dollars. The ATM machine registered a five hundred dollar withdrawal but only dispensed eighty dollars to me.Luckily I did not need the funds that day since the daily limit for withdrawals is five hundred dollars.and would be unable to withdraw any additional funds. Since it was Sunday their was no one available in customer service to explain the situation to. Monday morning I went to the Chartway branch on General Booth Blvd. in Virginia Beach. I explained to the teller that I made a withdrawal from the ATM machine Sunday at the Farm Fresh supermarket for five hundred dollars and only received eighty dollars. She had me fill out a form to dispute the transaction. My account was immediately credited the difference of four hundred twenty dollars pending the investigation of the transaction. It took a couple of weeks to resolve the matter. Eventually I received a letter in the mail stating that the ATM machine did not dispense my total withdrawal and the four hundred twenty dollars was now credited back to me.

Awful Business!

Don't do business with these people. My boyfriend served 6 years in the Navy and just got out this May. He finally landed himself a job last week and finally started getting back on his feet after a lot of financial issues. While he was overseas from March to late April, he had someone as his power of attorney to pay his bills while he was unable to. He gave Chartway the paperwork concerning that before he went out to sea, and the person he had appointed as his power of attorney did not pay his bills as she was supposed to. The bank repossessed his car last night with NO warning, but insisted they tried contacting him, which was a blatant lie. He now has no car to get to work with, and they want $2200 from him to get his car back and $873 for the cost of the tow. He explained about the power of attorney not paying his bills and that they should have that paperwork, and they denied ever having any record of the paperwork, which is another lie. They also did not care to work with him despite him just being able to find a job. The woman he dealt with was very rude and coarse with him and gave him a very hard time. Meanwhile he deals with mild PTSD and is just trying to get his life on track. This bank doesn't care about veterans, they care about money. DO NOT BANK WITH THESE MONSTERS.

Not The Bank To Go To For Refinancing!

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I have been a customer for over 10 years! This past year have encountered many changes poor Customer service and new fees! Just closed on a refinance after dealing with poorly trained and Uneducated employees over the last 6 months! It has been a nightmare and one that I would NOT recommend to anyone!

Horrible Experience With This Bank!

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My son has a car loan thru Chartway and he has some trouble with the payments ( long story) and his car was repo'ed . After contacting Chartway customer service and doing a online chat i wanted to find out what was due so i could get the car back from repossession. I didnt want the pay-off amount i wanted to know what was due currently to get the loan up to date and what fees were included. I had to contact Chartway for 2 DAYS to get the correct answer. I  spoke to the ladies in collections who were rude, over talked you on the phone, interrupted  you and  I was hung up on. After that unprofessional and inexcuseable behavior from these " ladies" i contacted the manager- "Al" . He called me back and was rude and unprofessional and argumentative with me on the phone. I did get the amt I requested after 2 days of going back and forth with the people in the collections dept. They are rude and unprofessional people that work for this company and i would like to think that not all of them are like this. I did get my son's car back but i am not sure if i will do business with them again after the way i was treated and talked to.

Be Very Careful

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If you are someone with lower income be very careful.  Make sure that you read over all the fees and constantly check if they are creating more.  Chartway has a a very bad habit of nickeling and diming you to death with odd miscellaneous fees.  You have to pay for service over the phone.  If you actually need a teller to do their job there is a fee.  They say no overdraft fees but if you overdraft there is a fee of 27 dollars they call it something else and another 4 dollar fee attached to that.  Currently there are 37 potential fees ranging from .75 cents to 180 dollars.   They don’t care about their lower income clients you will only face headaches and sometimes and empty dinner table.  Be careful.      

Small But Not Too Small...

I have been with Chartway for a couple years and they have been very helpful.   Getting support can be a challenge on their busy days, but they respond well via email and chat.   

I have become a supporter of the Thrive Movement and decided to take my funds out of the mega banks that have caused so many of the worlds economic issues.   Chartway is small, but they service the customer and that's what is important.   When banks get too big they become greedy and thats not good for anyone.   

I am slowly moving the majority of my assets into Chartway, and funding local growth. 

Newly Discovered Hidden Fees

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I was always very happy with being a Chartway Member, I've had many personal and auto loans through Chartway. However, now with all these "new" fees, I am seriously considering switching. I found out today that you are only allowed 6 transactions per month on line before you are charged a $6 fee, also if you go to a branch and use a teller to make any transactions/withdrawals more than 6 times per month again, the $6 fee is charged. I do not understand why Chartway has now decided to charge members for ridiculous fees. I'm most upset that when you use ebranch there is a maximum transaction before the fee is assessed. I often transfer money from checking into savings, if we're not using a "teller/live" person how is it fair to be charged? Also, when and where were these fees posted? This new upgrade doesn't seem member friendly.

Very unhappy customer.

Chartway Federal Credit Union Customer Service

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Twenty plus year member.  Have had very bad luck / circumstances with this Credit Union.  Very hard to get a human on the phone, and when you do, takes an enormous amount of time to resolve issue.   Recently, took 16 days to restore e account access.  Then billpay went haywire.  I had to go into main office, situation still not resolved to my satisfaction.   I am leaving Chartway once I get twenty plus years worth of autopays and direct deposits shifted to another Credit Union.

Great Credit Union. Needs More Locations.

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I have been with Chartway Federal Credit Union since I was in high school. I have nothing but good things to say about them because I have had no problems with them. Since they are a relatively not well known bank nationwide I feel that I get more attention from them. Their customer service is top of the line and they solve any problems or questions I have promptly. If I had to say one negative thing about them it would be that they don't have a lot of branches outside the Hampton Roads area. I recently moved to Richmond, VA for graduate school and there is no Chartway branch in this area so whenever I need money from an ATM I always get charged .75 cents. I know it is not much, but I would of liked to go to a specific Chartway ATM and pull out money. Other than that bump in the road, I will probably stick with Chartway for many more years to come.

I Live In Rhode Island And Have Recently Opened Several Cds With Chartway At Very Good Rates

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I live in Rhode Island and have recently opened several CDs with Chartway at very good rates.  They do require a checking account in order to receive a .25% "bonus" rate.  You are NOT required, however, to actually order checks.  I am extremely happy with the service I have received from the institution and highly recommend Chartway.

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